Fibonacci Pivot Point

Fibonacci Pivot Point

Fibonacci Pivot Point

Every professional trader knows about the support and resistance lines.

This important line indicating the places where the market price.

The indicator is calculated by the line of the Fibonacci (Fibonacci method).


  • The indicator draws daily, weekly and monthly pivots.
  • Calculates lines R1, R2, R3, S1, S2, S3 and the pivot line.
  • It does not depend on the timeframe and does not change when you change.
  • Displays any number of the previous pivot.
  • It is possible to shift the starting point of pivot.
  • It is possible to show / hide any data.
  • You can customize any colors.


  • Pivot Time Frame (Timeframe pivot) can be daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Pivot Time Shift: Pivot shift forward in time with the step 30
    minutes to a maximum of 11 hours. Example: If you select 11 hours, pivots
    displayed every day from 11:00.
  • Draw Previous Days Pivot: Number of previous days,
    which displays the pivots. Example: 0 means that the pivot is
    displayed only for today. 2 means that the pivot
    It displayed for today, yesterday and the day before yesterday day.
  • Show Pivot Info: Show / hide comments in the upper left corner of the chart.
  • Show Pivot Lines: Hide / unhide line pivot, support and resistance.
  • Show Mid-Points: Hide / show the midpoint.
  • Resistances: Choose the color for the lines of resistance.
  • Pivot: Choose the color for the line pivot.
  • Supports: Choose the color for the lines of support.
  • Vertical Line: Choose the color of the vertical line representing the start of the pivot.
  • Mid-Points: Choose the color of the lines of midpoints.

* Passing through these links, you will learn more about the types of pivot: Link1, Link2, Link3 (in English).

** Note: For accuracy display, make sure that your schedules are updated on all timeframes.

Fibonacci Pivot Point

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China is opposed to Fed to raise rates in near

China is opposed to the Fed to raise rates in the near future

Time to improve
key interest rates in the United States has not yet come,
given the difficult situation in the world
economy, – said Minister of Finance
Lu Tszivey of China in an interview
edition of China Business News. "United
States have not yet reached the transition point
to raise interest rates, and due to
its international responsibility
they can not raise rates"-
the minister said.

Lu Tszivey sure
The United States should be aware of "a responsibility
on a global scale" for their actions,
because the dollar is the main
reserve currency in the world. But developed
Ministers accused the world
weaknesses – their alleged economic growth
It is too slow and they do not
create a sufficient demand.

By the way, members of the management
The Fed is still going to raise rates
end of this year. "And the timing of the first
hike, and further
adjustment of benchmark rates
Federal funds will depend heavily on
from future developments in the economy"-
He said vice-president of the US
central bank Stenli Fisher. In his opinion,
the US economy is not yet creating enough
jobs to move to
maximum employment and inflation.

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Dollar at three week low due to doubts about Fed

Dollar at three-week low due to doubts about the Fed

On Monday
Dollar held in three weeks
lows against a basket of major
currency. The main anchor for him to serve
doubts about the potential for rising interest
US Fed rates. At 16.22 MSK dollar index
is a mark of 94.81 points, down
0.13% compared with the start of trading

0.06% and is at the level of 120.14?.
EURUSD added
0.09% to reach 1.1369
$. GBPUSD added
0.25% to 1.5366.

The Fed has become increasingly cautious and
vague, and the recent increase in
while FOMC members
doubt say about the chances of rates of growth
December. The reason for this uncertainty
It becomes mainly the situation in the
emerging markets, and especially
– concern about Chinese slowing
(And, as a result, a slowdown in the global

The Fed lowered US rhetoric
currency by almost 10 cents to the euro
this year’s highs.

Draghi reiterated that he was ready on Friday
change the size, structure and
the duration of the current program
ECB buying up assets. This is slightly reduced
steam for the euro rally. forecasts large
Banks are different: HSBC
growth to $ 1.18;
JP Morgan and
morgan Stanley
see the situation on the EURUSD
within a few months, and of Barclays,
Deutsche Bank and
goldman Sachs
fall to parity with the dollar and more
next year.

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Supply and Demand Multi Timeframe Indicator

Supply and Demand Multi Timeframe Indicator

This indicator is a multiple timeframe version of indicator Supply and Demand. It allows you to analyze the graph, using the law of supply and demand in different time frames simultaneously. You can see in which areas the price of buying and selling took place and identify the most profitable locations for opening positions. The basis of the indicator uses the principle of the fractal market.

Zone on the chart indicate the places where the existence of a strong buyer or seller has forced the price to turn around and change direction. The display several types of zones calculation available. The color and type of display areas is adjusted according to your wishes. Have the option of showing the band gap in pips, font size and color that you can change. Also there is the possibility of including as a warning at the touch zone is only one timeframe and with the specified settings.

indicator settings

  • Print zones only after full outside bar close – display level only in the absence of contact with the candidate area;
  • Type of zone – the principle of calculating the area:
    1. StandartZones – the border zone is calculated by the average value of the price of opening and closing the adjacent bars;
    2. ZonesWithFullCandles – zone boundary is calculated as the minimum of the bar, the proposal for a zone, or a maximum of the bar that generated the demand zone, respectively;
    3. ZonesWithWicksOnly – zone boundary is calculated as the highest value among the closing prices bar opening, form a sentence zone, and the lowest for the area of ​​demand, respectively;
    4. CertainZoneWidth – a certain band width.


  • Width of zone – the width of the zone in pips (used only if CertainZoneWidth selected as Type of zone);
  • Draw zones on chart – the possibility of non-display areas on the graph at a value of false;
  • Colour of Supply levels – the color zones of the proposal;
  • Colour of Demand levels – demand color zones;
  • Draw zones with background – fill areas with color or not;
  • Show the zone width – display zone width (pip);
  • Font size of zone width display – font size band width;
  • Colour of zone size display – font color band width;
  • Timeframe of additional zones – timeframe of additional demand and supply areas;
  • Colour of additional TF Supply levels – the color of the zones offer additional timeframe;
  • Colour of additional TF Demand levels – color zones demand additional timeframe;
  • Draw additional zones with background – fill areas with color or not;
  • Turn on the alerter – enable notifications when touching the demand or supply areas;
  • Alert only when price is in both TF zones – notify only when the price in the areas of both timeframes.

Supply and Demand Multi Timeframe Indicator

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Control Trading Williams Filtered

Control Trading Williams Filtered

Advisor based on conditions perekuplennosti / pereprodannosti entry according to Williams% indicator (Williams percentage range).

Orders are opened when Williams% intersects signal component indicator (simple moving average).

The system includes five filters, allowing you to adapt the strategy to different market conditions.



  • 01_Williams Period. Period Williams%.
  • 01_Williams Signal. Signal period Williams%.
  • 01_Williams Slow. Slow period.
  • 02_Signals only on OpenCandle (recommended). If true, trade occurs only at the opening of the new spark.
  • 03_Signals wait to Filters activation. When true when orders are opened confirmation signal filters.
  • 04_Strong Williams Crosses only. Use three candles instead of two to confirm Williams signals.


  • 10_EMA Trend (0 – disabled). EMA period for filtering signals in accordance with the trend. At 0 signals are not filtered.
  • 10_EMA Inverted. If true, the filter works against the trend, allowing you to open orders to buy at a price below the EMA and sell orders at a price higher than the EMA.
  • 11_OB / OS Trades only. When true orders are opened only when the signals at levels perekuplennosti and pereprodannosti (<-80).
  • 11_OB / OS Inverted. If true, the filter works against the trend, allowing you to open sell orders in the overbought zone and warrants to purchase – oversold.
  • 12_BBands Period (0 – disabled). Period Bollinger bands. Trading is allowed only outside the band: purchases – above bands, sales – below. At 0 signals are not filtered.
  • 12_BBands Deviation. Deviation Bollinger bands.
  • 12_BBands Inverted. If true, the filter works against the trend, allowing buying when the price is below the band, and selling when the price is higher.
  • 13_STARC BANDS Period (0 – disabled). STARC bands period EMA. As is the case with Bollinger bands, instead of standard deviation is used ATR. At 0 signals are not filtered.
  • 13_STARC BANDS ATR period. ATR bands of the period.
  • 13_STARC BANDS Multiplier. ATR multiplier to calculate the bands.
  • 13_STARC BANDS Inverted. If true, the filter works against the trend, allowing the sale when the price is above the strips, and buying when the price is lower.
  • 14_Stochastic% D (0 – off). Period Stochastic% D. The filter allows the purchase only when the Stochastic above signal, and sell when the Stochastic below. At 0 signals are not filtered.
  • 14_Stochastic% K. Stochastic% K period.
  • 14_Stochastic Slowing. Delay period Stochastic.
  • 14_Stochastic Inverted. If true, the filter works against the trend, allowing purchases when Stochastic below the signal, and selling when the Stochastic above.

position management

  • 20_TakeProfit (Ticks / Pips). The level of take profit in ticks broker. When 0 Take Profit is not in use.
  • 21_StopLoss (Ticks / Pips). Stop-loss level in ticks broker. At 0 stop-loss is not used.
  • 22_Break Even (Ticks / Pips). Bezubytka level in ticks broker. When 0 breakeven is not used.
  • 23_Trailing (Ticks / Pips). Distance trailing in ticks broker. When trailing 0 is not used.
  • 24_Trailing EMA Period (0 – disabled). Trailing with EMA. When trailing 0 is not used.
  • 24_Trailing EMA (Ticks / Pips). The distance to the trailing EMA in ticks broker.
  • 25_Signal finish protection (Ticks / Pips). Distance stop loss when Williams signal change trend in ticks broker.
  • 24_Close when signals finishes. Close order when changing trend in accordance with signals Williams.
  • 25_Shift order on signal changes. If true, signals to buy close any open orders for sale and sell signals close any orders to buy.

Capital Management

  • 30_Lot Size. lot size
  • 31_Allow multiple buy / sell orders. Allow to buy and sell at the same time.
  • 32_Mult. orders max acumulated lot size. The maximum lot size for simultaneous purchases and sales.
  • 33_Max. Slippage. The maximum allowable slippage.
  • 34_Max. Spread (Ticks / Pips). The maximum allowable spread.
  • 35_Magic Number. The magic number for the simultaneous operation of multiple trading systems.

other settings

  • 50_Orders comment. Comments to the warrants.
  • 51_Alert on orders. Display alerts when you open orders.
  • 52_Sound on orders. Audioalerty opening of orders.
  • 53_Email alert for orders. Alerts by e-mail (you want to configure in MT4).
  • 54_Mobile message on orders. Mobile notifications when you open orders (need to configure in MT4).

We strongly recommend that you test your advisor on the story to get the best settings / options for each character, and then to work on a demo account before you start working with real money.
Control Trading Williams Filtered

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Gold rose on weak Chinese PMI and retired Tsipras

Gold rose on weak Chinese PMI and retired Tsipras

Today, after
disappointing statistics
Chinese PMI in
Production of gold on
global trading has increased in price. downturn
production in the economy number 2 in the world
It has caused concern for traders
slowing global economic
system. Today, all stocks fall
markets, investors remained slightly
options for investment. therefore
they are willing to buy safe-haven assets –
primarily gold. During
Asian session, quotes rose
1 166,00, to 13.49 MSK troy ounce of gold
December delivery a little passed
position and is priced at $ 1 153.10.

For more
support gold this week had
publication of the Fed “minutes”, of which
Market experts could conclude
that the rate of growth may be delayed
until December. The dollar fell today to
a basket of currencies, and in these situations, the gold
usually more expensive – as it is today.

Demand for gold
and reinforced by events in the eurozone:
there is growing uncertainty
politically and economically
after Alexis Tsipras has filed a
resigned in the hope of strengthening his power
in the parliamentary elections.

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Gekko ADX Plus

Gekko ADX Plus

Indicator Average Directional Index Gekko – a modified version of the famous indicator ADX. The indicator combines the standard ADX indicator calculations with different input signals and warning of potential entry and exit points.

Input parameters

  • Period: period calculating ADX;
  • PlotSignalType: method for calculating input signal (swing):
    • 1- ShowSwingsOnTrendLevel: Shows the confirmation signal trend;
    • 2- ShowSwingsOnTrendLevelDirection: shows the signals and the confirmation of the trend input direction (long or short);
    • 3- ShowSwingsOnPosAndNegDI: It shows long and short signals to the input / output based on the intersections and DI + DI- and confirmation of the trend;
  • Trend Level – level to confirm the formation of a trend.
  • Plays a sound when there is a swing – Set to true to play a sound indicator in MetaTrader detection swing, notifying entry / exit points.
  • Write Logs On Terminal Window – if true, the indicator will add entries to swing signals to the experts log;
  • Send Mobile Push Notifications – if true, will be sent to push-notification signals to your smartphone;
  • Send E-Mail Alerts – if true, you will be notified by e-mail, it is necessary to configure the terminal.

Good luck trading!

Donate part of their profits to any good purpose, “Money comes only if you have for what they earn.”

Gekko ADX Plus

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