Droidjojo Forex Strategy EURUSD

Droidjojo Forex Strategy EURUSD

Please note:

  1. The work of the adviser limited pair EURUSD, parameters are optimized for the EURUSD. However, there is a version for the USDJPY, if you need it. There is also a version that includes a pair of USDJPY and EURUSD in one advisor with 25% discount.
  2. This EA trades only on the daily charts, set it to the chart EURUSD Daily (D1).

Advisor Droidjojo Forex Strategy uses Droidjojo Forex Indicator light and combined with commercial hedging strategy, therefore, is the strategy of the swing trading and hedging.

If you are not familiar with the Forex Indicator is the indicator Droidjojo, I recommend that you first download it from Market MQL4 (keyword: Droidjojo Forex Indicator) and watch how he finds strong trends, trend reversals and Detrended / unstable market.

Councilor strategy is quite simple. When he discovers a long trend (green bars), it opens up an order buy limit, and when the trend is short (red bars), it opens a warrant sell limit. But when it detects detrended / volatile market it opens up the opposite position. For example, when the orange bar positive value, it opens a warrant sell limit, and when the negative – open orders buy limit.

Why do we still need to combine it with a hedging strategy? The reason is this: For example, when the market was in a long trend and a buy order was still floating in the negative position, the price suddenly turned. In this situation, the adviser opens the order is buy stop, and the sell stop. Waiting until the price reaches one of the pending orders. If you reach the sell stop, it was a perfect hedging long-short position. It then waits for market direction. When the price is below the opening price, and the trend is detected, the adviser will close a short position (hedge position). From this profit. Then the price will rise, so that it will be possible to close long positions and also profit.

parameters advisor

  • lots: Lots by default 0.1, you can change on micro-lots 0.01 If you have a micro account, or to any other value.
  • MM: capital management, default “true”, therefore, the above value of lots will not be used or affected. Thus, to use this option the user value of lots should be changed to “false”.
  • Risk: The risk of default is 5%. This value will be used in the “MM” equal to “true”. Please read the following descriptions of how the adviser calculates the value of the lots on the basis of risk.
  • MagicNumber: The value of magic numbers by default. Please change it to a different value if you are working with the other advisers in the same magic number.

A method of calculating the value of the lot on the basis of risk

This is a mathematical formula to obtain the value of the lot on the basis of risk,

Lots = MathFloor ((AccountFreeMargin () * AccountLeverage () * Risk * Point * 100) / (Ask * MarketInfo (Symbol (), MODE_LOTSIZE) * MarketInfo (Symbol (), MODE_MINLOT)))
* MarketInfo (Symbol (), MODE_MINLOT);

But if the value of lots smaller than the minimum lot by default, the value of the lot is put to the minimum.

if (Lots < MarketInfo (Symbol (), MODE_MINLOT)) Lots = MarketInfo (Symbol (), MODE_MINLOT);

My recommendations

Please use capital control or set to “MM” equal to “true” and stick to the risk of no more than 10%. Do not be greedy, it is not the adviser for aggressive scalping, and for long-term swing trading in combination with the hedging strategy. Therefore, the minimum free margin for 0.1 lots is $ 5,000, or if you have less than $ 1000, please use the micro lot 0.01 of the lot.

Droidjojo Forex Strategy EURUSD

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