Indexes in Europe and US crumble oil is cheaper

Indexes in Europe and the US crumble, oil is cheaper, gold rises in price

  • Opening
    trading on the American Stock Exchange
    It was marked by the collapse of the “Big Three.”
    By 16.50 MSK Dow Jones lost
    3.94%, have fallen by 650 points; S P
    500 fell by 3.97; Nasdaq
    – the leader of the fall, he
    red already at 4.09%. Wall Street
    included in the correction area. investor panic
    associated with the global economic
    recession: today is deeply in the red zone
    traded Asia, China demonstrated
    severe economic downturn and the collapse of stock
  • European
    indices also strongly decreased: to 16.54 DAX
    lost 5.72%; FTSE
    100 minus 5%; CAC
    40 lost 6.77%. Consolidated
    the index of industrial enterprises in Europe
    Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 has fallen off
    to 6.46%.
  • collapsed
    the price of commodities: to 17.00 Brent
    It fell by 5.51% to $ 42.96
    a barrel. WTI lost
    5.32% and costs $ 38.30
    per barrel for October delivery.
    Continue depreciate copper, aluminum,
    platinum, palladium and silver.
  • AT
    the situation has gone up sharply
    gold: it is now in positive territory at 0.45%, troy
    Ounce December delivery costs 1
    164.80 dollar. In the short term,
    against the background of a general panic in the markets,
    safe-haven assets – such as gold,
    the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc –
    They look very attractive to
    investors. USDJPY fell
    already at 3.45%, the dollar is now worth 117.81 yen,
    This seven-month low.

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