Supply and Demand Multi Timeframe Indicator

Supply and Demand Multi Timeframe Indicator

This indicator is a multiple timeframe version of indicator Supply and Demand. It allows you to analyze the graph, using the law of supply and demand in different time frames simultaneously. You can see in which areas the price of buying and selling took place and identify the most profitable locations for opening positions. The basis of the indicator uses the principle of the fractal market.

Zone on the chart indicate the places where the existence of a strong buyer or seller has forced the price to turn around and change direction. The display several types of zones calculation available. The color and type of display areas is adjusted according to your wishes. Have the option of showing the band gap in pips, font size and color that you can change. Also there is the possibility of including as a warning at the touch zone is only one timeframe and with the specified settings.

indicator settings

  • Print zones only after full outside bar close – display level only in the absence of contact with the candidate area;
  • Type of zone – the principle of calculating the area:
    1. StandartZones – the border zone is calculated by the average value of the price of opening and closing the adjacent bars;
    2. ZonesWithFullCandles – zone boundary is calculated as the minimum of the bar, the proposal for a zone, or a maximum of the bar that generated the demand zone, respectively;
    3. ZonesWithWicksOnly – zone boundary is calculated as the highest value among the closing prices bar opening, form a sentence zone, and the lowest for the area of ​​demand, respectively;
    4. CertainZoneWidth – a certain band width.


  • Width of zone – the width of the zone in pips (used only if CertainZoneWidth selected as Type of zone);
  • Draw zones on chart – the possibility of non-display areas on the graph at a value of false;
  • Colour of Supply levels – the color zones of the proposal;
  • Colour of Demand levels – demand color zones;
  • Draw zones with background – fill areas with color or not;
  • Show the zone width – display zone width (pip);
  • Font size of zone width display – font size band width;
  • Colour of zone size display – font color band width;
  • Timeframe of additional zones – timeframe of additional demand and supply areas;
  • Colour of additional TF Supply levels – the color of the zones offer additional timeframe;
  • Colour of additional TF Demand levels – color zones demand additional timeframe;
  • Draw additional zones with background – fill areas with color or not;
  • Turn on the alerter – enable notifications when touching the demand or supply areas;
  • Alert only when price is in both TF zones – notify only when the price in the areas of both timeframes.

Supply and Demand Multi Timeframe Indicator

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