Waves 3EMA Martingale

Waves 3EMA Martingale

Expert Waves 3EMA Martingale a series of “Simple trading strategies based on moving averages.” Here is a brief description. A more detailed description can be found on my blog TRADING WAY.

To form the three standard signals used EMA indicator with fast, medium and slow periods. All operations are carried out on formed bars current timeframe.

In this version, the expert added to the possibility of the protective level Stop Loss in bezubytka zone. It is also possible to include the function of volume control type martingale position when in the case of losing the next transaction is opened with a volume loss trade multiplied by said external factor parameters.

The expert can be used in semi-automatic trading. The position can be opened manually, and to provide expert support positions. Since trade Martingale method can be dangerous, the position can be closed manually when the current income over past losses.

List of expert settings:

  • Fast Indicator Period – Fast display period EMA (with a smaller period).
  • Medium Indicator Period – average period indicator EMA (with an average period).
  • Slow Indicator Period – period of slow indicator EMA (long period).
  • Difference Bars – calculating the number of bars for the current value of deviation from the previous slow indicator.
  • Difference – The difference (in points) between the values ​​of the current values ​​from the previous slow EMA value that is the specified parameter Difference Bars the number of bars ago. If you set a value of zero, the filter will not be considered.
  • Take Profit – distance in points from the entry point to the level of profit-taking. If you set a value of zero, the level of profit will not be installed.
  • Stop Loss – distance in points from the entry point for the protective layer. If you set a value of zero, then the security level will be established.
  • Trailing Stop – a step in the points for the modification of the protective layer toward profit. The level is calculated from the highs (High) for Sell positions and lows from (Low) for Buy positions. If you set a value of zero, then modification of the protective layer will not be made.
  • Reverse – in this parameter, you can specify whether to use the position reverse, if there is a signal in the opposite direction.
  • Break Even Stop Loss – distance, in points, which must pass the price to install Stop Loss to breakeven. A value of zero disables this feature.
  • Break Even Offset – distance, in points, on which will be installed Stop Loss bezubytka in the region with respect to the current price position.
  • Lot – position volume.
  • Martingale Coefficient – with a losing position will be opened next multiplying by this factor. If the value is less than or equal to 1, the volume equal to the specified positions in the parameter Lot.
  • Initial Deposit – This parameter is used to define which
    the value of the deposit size to include dynamic analysis of the lot to open
    position. Thus, the volume of open positions will be proportional
    The deposit amount, which allows the expert to increase faster
    profit. A zero value in this parameter disables the dynamic calculation
  • Maximum Lot Size – here you need to specify
    the maximum amount for the open positions. Perhaps, after reaching
    it is advisable to deposit a certain quantity proportional to stop
    calculation of the lot. Some traders use such tactics to
    aggressive acceleration of the deposit, starting with a small amount, then to
    move into a more conservative mode, not increasing risks for the growth of


to open a position signal is considered to be true if the following conditions are fulfilled:

For positions BUY:

  1. Fast EMA is above average EMA, and the average is above the slow EMA EMA.
  2. Medium and slow EMA directed upwards (rising).
  3. The third condition can be one of two things:
  • The closing price of the bar formed below the fast EMA and above average EMA (this condition is shown in the figure below).
  • Formed bar fast EMA crosses from bottom to top.

For the position SELL:

  1. Fast EMA below the average EMA, the average EMA below the slow EMA.
  2. Medium and slow EMA sent down (falls).
  3. The third condition can be one of two things:
  • The closing price of the bar formed above the fast EMA and below average EMA (this condition is shown in the figure below).
  • Formed bar fast EMA crosses up and down.

Additional parameters and features:

In the expert, there are two additional options:

  • On / Off Info Panel – turns on / off information and trading on the chart panel.
  • Setting “On The Fly” – setting ( “on the fly”) enables / disables control parameters online trading panel.

Here’s one expert testing results Waves 3EMA Martingale. It is possible to use custom criteria to optimize the parameters (Custom Max). The formula I’m not going to disclose.

The same result can be 4-ex-hour (H4) timeframe, the symbol EURUSD, the default settings.
Waves 3EMA Martingale

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