Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

Technical analysis of the levels of Pivot 05.07.

Today’s session, the pair began to trade above the Pivot 1.13510, but now it has gone down and is trading near the support level of 1.13276. Pivot levels are indicative of the narrow nature of today’s trading, so expect the pair movement within the lateral movement. Support levels: 1.13276, 1.13106, 1.12872. Resistance Levels: 1.13680, 1.13914, 1.14084

The pair is located near the first support level of 1.29038. Indicators on the H4 is reduced, indicating the strengthening of the US currency. Today, from a pair of forward or consolidation, or continuation of decrease in the area of ​​1.28. As soon as the second resistance level is broken, the pair will grow in a bearish natsroennyh. Support levels: 1.29038, 1.28850, 1.28580. Resistance Levels: 1.29496, 1.29766, 1.29954

The pair approached the upper border of the ascending channel and is trading in the first resistance 113.144. RSI shows the growth of the pair. Waiting pair growth to 114.372. Further possible corrective decline. If this level is broken – forward gain bullish trend. Support levels: 112.8863, 112.4757, 112.2173. Resistance Levels: 113.5553, 113.8137, 114.2243

The pair continues to decline and is now located under the level of Pivot 0,76256. LEDs also indicate the continuation of decrease in pair. If the pair breaks the lower boundary of the rising channel, the pair will be relevant bearish. If not – we expect growth in the region of the first resistance and then back. Support levels: 0.75690, 0.75338, 0.74772. Resistance Levels: 0.76608, 0.77174, 0.77526.

05.07. fundamental analysis

The focus today:

The index of business activity in the UK services sector
The publication of the Fed minutes.

Yesterday in the US celebrated Independence Day, in addition, there were no new economic data, so the trades were carried out in small volumes, and decreased risk appetite. However, the US dollar index rising for a fourth day.

European stock markets ended the day lower on low activity of American traders and soft speech ECB economist Peter Pratt. However, the pace of the ECB’s economic growth is still favorable, so there is a high likelihood of tighter monetary policy in the long run.

The price of crude oil “Brent” peaked on June 7.

Growing geopolitical tensions over North Korea, which said it successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. In response, the US, together with South Korea launched its missiles in the coastal waters.

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