Asian markets were mixed on Thursday China once

Asian markets were mixed on Thursday, China once again fell

Today, the stock
exchanges Asia-Pacific region
indices showed multidirectional
movement – some indicators were
followed by the US market, other
They fell again. So, Chinese stocks in
once again become cheaper after yesterday
Rally – merchants lower rates, which
made with borrowed money except
of the volume of transactions also decreased
due to the suspension of trading in shares 513

Following the auction, the consolidated
region MSCI Asia Pacific Index rose 0.5%.
Japan’s Nikkei 225 rose by the end of the session
1.08%, the broader index Topix – on
0.81%, Australian S P / ASX 200 rose
0.81%, Taiwan’s Taiex – 1.03%. In the same time
Hong Kong’s Hang Seng fell by 0.64%
Chinese Shanghai Composite – 2.2%, and South Korea
Kospi lost 0.91%.

IMF chief Christine Lagarde
recently said that the Chinese economy
to cope with the collapse of the stock market, and no one
I should not be surprised that the authorities were
forced to take measures to maintain
market. According to the IMF forecast, the growth of China’s GDP
this year will be 6.8%. according to the latest
reports, investors have learned that
Industrial production in Japan rose in June
2% (after declining by 3.9% in May), while
analysts expected increase of only

Japanese shares
mobile operator NTT DoCoMo today
rebounded by 5%, as results of the second
quarter exceeded analysts‘ forecasts.
Industrial conglomerate Hitachi increased
capitalization at 8% because net
profit in the second quarter soared
31% due to higher revenues and lower
the price of oil. Nintendo shares rose in
Thursday at 9.1%, but the shares fell Panasonic
5.4% due to the fact that the company’s results will not
Experts justify hopes. share price
South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. I fell on
3.6% because its profit was weaker

The company PetroChina Co.
today lost 1.4% due to cost
falling oil prices. shares of Chinese
Shipowners Expensive waiting
reduction in fuel costs – Cosco Shipping
It added 4.5%.

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