Next deadline for Greece Sunday

The next deadline for Greece – Sunday

According to the results of yesterday’s
meeting of the leaders of the eurozone countries was
It decided to hold this Sunday
new emergency summit that already there
finally decide the fate of Greece. But
ministers themselves about the chances of rescue
the country from defaulting very pessimistic.

"The harsh reality
It is that we have five days to
In order to find a permanent solution,
– said the chairman of Evrosoveta Donald
Tusk. – If we can not come to
agreement, this could lead to
Greece bankruptcy and the collapse of its banking

Tuesday’s meeting
Leaders of the eurozone countries was held in
rather tense atmosphere. creditors
accused the Greek Prime Minister Alexis
Tsipras escalation in tension in
the entire European region, in the absence of
wishes to commend the efforts of the European
taxpayers to save the Greek
economy and undermining mutual trust,
as Bloomberg reports.
"Party at the expense of the rest of fits
by the end. Europe and the euro zone is not exactly
We are willing to pay for irresponsible
the behavior of the Greek government".
– said the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite.

Perhaps, in order to save
Greece needed now "miracle".
said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.
"I am very pessimistic and
anxiously waiting for an answer to the question of whether
whether Greece wants to really make
new proposals, whether it is ready to look for
way out", – he said.

The head of the European Commission
Jean-Klod Yunker said that the Eurogroup
ready for the negative developments:
"We have a script with all the details
in case of Grexit. All is ready".

ECB President Mario Draghi
said yesterday that Greek banks
able to survive until the end of the week, but it is unlikely
stretched longer, writes Financial Times. If
prospects for the signing of the agreement is not
will the ECB do to stop future
week extra support banks

It is expected that the specific
action from the Greek government’s plan
will present today, while the Eurogroup
consider the proposals on Saturday,
and on Sunday the final
a decision on Greece will be at the summit of EU leaders.

It should be noted that the lenders
They are now demanding from Greece tougher
budget cuts and reforms,
than previously, before the referendum, writes The Wall
Street Journal. Financial Times confirms that
new conditions much harsher those on
that Greece could still negotiate a couple
weeks ago.

However, participants
Summit promise to give Greece
short-term financing to
she was able to pay off the loan on July 20
ECB, writes WSJ. Tsipras speak today
before MEPs to
Athens explain negotiating position
with international lenders.

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