Trading on US stock markets started in red

Trading on the US stock markets started in the red

On Tuesday
evening, an hour after the opening bell
US stock indices show
negative movement. indicators
fall on weak reports from China and after the statement head of the IMF Christine Lagarde on
deterioration in the global economic outlook.

that although China is
the recession of the catalyst, a number of fundamental
US stock market as factors
deteriorated, – says the analyst of stock
Markets Miller Tabak Co. in New York, Matt
Mali. – Revenues of many companies suffered
in the second quarter of weakening
China’s economy, and the situation is only here
worsens. Investors are losing confidence,
because they see problems not only on
the stock market, but also in the economy".

Lagarde said today that the prospects
the development of the world economy became worse
compared with the July forecast fund.
"Traders may place too
important Chinese data,
but the state of the market rather
adverse, and thus we get
new negative signals", – he said,
Chief Investment Officer of R A
Research Asset Management AG in Zurich Otto Vaser.
According to him, these are
a warning signal for
The Federal Reserve System, which
hold a regular meeting on 16-17
of September.

By 17:27 MSK
index Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 2.03%
Standard Poor’s 500 declined 1.96%, while the Nasdaq
Composite fell 1.74%.

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