Results and forecasts

Results and forecasts.

From Sergey Egishyants review:

Agency S P suddenly downgraded Britain’s rating to negative – planned referendum on the exit from the EU, which risks. Greek saga is infinite – the EU and the IMF in a rage, Athens did not yield to the Prime Tsipras in the midst of discussions, I decided to fly to Russia. US Fed did not change its monetary policy – and the text of the memorandum was a bit more positive about the economy; but clarity on further actions the Fed neither he nor the press conference Yellen is not made – everything still depends on the economic performance of the next few months, so a raise is not predetermined in September, but it is not excluded; forecasts of central bankers promise one (probability 25%) or two (75%) increase of the base interest until the end of the year – even more expected in March, two (40%) or three (60%) of the tightening instrument. The Bank of Japan, Swiss National Bank and their counterparts from Indonesia have left everything as it was – however, the Japanese have also decided to go to a conference format that has already passed the Fed and the ECB: 8 meetings per year, the regular publication of reports and forecasts of the Board members. Central Bank of Norway cut the rate by 0.25% to 1.00%, eager to spur the economy and slightly drop the crown home. the last meeting of the Bank of England routinely empty (the balance in the composition of the Board of the former); the same document Reserve Bank of Australia continued to complain about the problems of the economy and threaten the new reduced rates.

Even the stormy vicissitudes of the Greek could not seriously move leading courses – all waiting for the verdict of the Fed, after which the dollar has fallen, but rather moderate. As expected, the BOJ Kuroda reiterated that in a speech last week, he "I had not at all mean that the market thought" – but really nothing against the yen fall had not. Like its Australian colleagues against lowering the Aussie – the minutes of the meeting of the Central Bank continues to complain about the high cost of home currency, hindering economic growth. Ruble still has grown slightly due to the quite positive oil cautious tactics of the Bank of Russia and the lack of fresh shocks.

Stock markets. The Chinese continue to fly with increasing amplitude – Shanghai stock exchange that takes off on a long-term peak, the stone falls with him a whole week she had lost 13.3% – then there will be more! Western exchanges behave solidly, but also because of the twitch of Greece; however, the Fed gave (at least Americans) a good reason for a new wave of optimism.

News next week.

Results and forecasts

On Monday, a meeting of the Heads of Government of the EU, the ECB, the IMF on Greek debt. If you do not agree, must wait for June 30th. The day when Greece will have to pay the money the IMF. On the same day the program ends for Greece by the ECB.


According to CME, at the site of FX Options to set records in terms of options on a pair EUR / USD. Just about the maximum cost of insurance by reducing the EUR / USD rate reported by Bloomberg. Big Money “podstelil straw” and to hedge currency risks, to sit back and watch this circus from the side.

In a network across an article where some hot head writes that once the euro falls against the backdrop of the Greek negative, therefore, the course needs to grow. I would like to remind such optimists that the exchange rate – it is the supply / demand balance, which itself owes nothing. The market is not only the professional players, but also ordinary customers of forex exchanger. A lot of money do not play roulette market. It should be considered.

Results and forecasts

From a technical point of view there is a potential for break-up and to hang down from the level of resistance. Risk or not, provided the projected weak news background, everyone decides for himself.


Results and forecasts

Pound in the uptrend. I do not see the possibility to take a long position in the direction of the trend.

Australian dollar.

Results and forecasts

Consolidation broken up. If formed 3w up and be able to get ahead of the curve, I will consider the possibility to take a long position. While the goal of 220 points is too small to enter into long under those conditions.

The New Zealand dollar.

Results and forecasts

In a downtrend. Perhaps it formed a small consolidation, which can be used as a continuation of the trend.

Canadian dollar.

Results and forecasts

As part of reducing the potential to further reduce down on schedule. If the potential down clearly manifest in the next couple of days, I will look for an opportunity to enter on a pullback down in paragraphs 80-120.


Results and forecasts

In my view, while the potential to further reduce down on schedule there.

Results and forecasts

Nikkei found support though as yet reversal pattern up not painted.

Results and forecasts

US indices also not yet decided clearly with the trend, and may be in consolidation for a long time. Therefore, in my opinion, as long as the yen to have the technical foundation to further reduce down on schedule.


Results and forecasts

While gold broke up on the news for the dollar, but the good model is not a good goal.

Results and forecasts

In the long term, can form large model “head and shoulders” down. In this regard it will be interesting situation with other precious metal:

Results and forecasts

Good entry of 3w was in the direction of the downward trend:

Results and forecasts

Palladium do not sell, just watch.

German DAX.

Results and forecasts

DAX can form two waves continuing downward trend and down in the area of ​​50% long-recoil upward trend. In the area of ​​50% rollback may occur buying interest from long-term investors.


Results and forecasts

WTI crude oil is consolidating within a broad sideways trend. Fundamental factors in favor of the resumption of the upward trend, I have not known.

A small digression.

One comment I wrote that all this information is useless without figures. I want to explain about the numbers. the level of risk each trader determines itself. Entry points for price extremes every man looks at his charts DC. About placement of stops and work with models, I wrote in detail on its website and in comments to trade on the forum since 2011. Who can all understand and then make their own decisions. Those who think he does not want my course materials will be useless. Just do not waste your time on them.

All successful trading.

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