Yesterday suspended trading on NYSE why it is

Yesterday suspended trading on the NYSE: why it is an alarming signal for the investors?

During trading on
US stock markets on Wednesday
approximately at 18:32 MSK was suspended
trading on the New York Stock Exchange
(NYSE). Bargaining
broke all the valuable exchange securities
for half an hour due to technical problems
Connection to the system. all outstanding
Orders were canceled; according to
representatives of stock exchanges, it was not
cyber attacks, and internal technical
problem. But analysts MarketWatch
I believe that should not be so
lightly to this case.

According to them, a sudden
and unexplained termination of trading in
environment for investors should be
signal. Even if the NYSE and not become a victim
cyberterrorism, but simply ran
with another technical glitch, and the market
I was forced to press "OFF", this
It signals the market vulnerability
which is now almost fully electronic
and strongly depends on the operating equipment.

What’s worse – computer
United Airlines network yesterday also noted
technical failure, because of which had to
two hours to detain all aircraft
company. Plus, they say, on
Time stopped working publications website
The Wall Street Journal.

"Anyone who has
the computer knows what happened to him from time to time
accidents happen – absolutely nothing,
– said Maykl Goldshteyn, professor
at Babson College and a former economist at the NYSE. – Therefore
in a world in which we live now
time happens is that airlines
and the major stock exchanges due to serious
problems with computers make
people nervous". but Goldstein
says that we need to think about it, but as a general
looks cyber attack? Maybe that

For the NYSE yesterday glitch
should be particularly disturbing, given
investigation of landslide "Flash Crash"
In 2010, when the stock fell, according to
regulator, due to the work of one trader
in the UK, who “made a mistake”
exposing a warrant. Supposed
the offender, by the way, has not yet been named.

To be sure,
that there is a big difference between
potential cyber attacks and failure
computer fair to ask,
as generally safe and reliable
exchanges, whether NYSE, ICE, CME and
Nasdaq? The survey shows that the market is not
trust in these markets. Last summer, for
example, the best market expressed disbelief 64% and 75% of respondents
TV channel CNBC respondents believe
that the market "falsified".

Events environment should
give pause to investors who depend
of trading systems and highly complex
Exchanges system. For those who invest in
long term, special
it does not create excitement, but for those who
trades regularly – including brokers and
fund managers, working on
behalf of clients – such situations
cause for concern, really.

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