IMF suddenly broke off negotiations with Greece

IMF suddenly broke off negotiations with Greece on Thursday night

evening of the International Monetary Fund
suddenly withdrew their representatives
from Brussels, where once held
rescue program round of talks
Greece from bankruptcy and a Classified
defaulting on its debts.

IMF explained this step by the fact that the negotiations,
in fact, stuck in place, and differences
the parties are too big, and these
differences relate to minor,
and the basic provisions of the transaction. Press Secretary
IMF, Gerri Rays, said that until
agreement, the parties are too far away. Now the IMF is waiting for steps forward on Greece.

growing: last night the president
EU Donald Tusk in the strongest possible terms
He commented that “the time for games is over.”

source WSJ
field say that it is quite possible,
meeting in Brussels was the last
attempt to make a deal possible.

June ends Assistance Program
Greece, and at the same time the country should be
to pay EUR 1.6 billion to the IMF. analysts
and political circles believe that Athens
I can not find the money, if not
get help from the new “trio”
(European Commission, ECB, IMF). June 18, a regular meeting of eurozone finance ministers, and many market experts expect that on it will decide the fate of Greece.

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