America stock on Thursday dropped slightly no

America stock on Thursday dropped slightly: no progress in Greece

stock indexes fell yesterday
0.1-0.2% due to the lack of progress in
negotiations on Greek debt, writes
Bloomberg. Thus, the index Dow Jones Industrial Average in the
Thursday fell by 0.2% – to the level of 18,126.12,
Standard Poor’s 500 fell by 0.13% – to 2120.79,
and the Nasdaq Composite fell by 0.17% – to the level of
5097.98. Investors are concerned that Athens
I do not have time to sign
lenders bailout agreement before
fall due on the IMF loan payments.
Recall, Greece from June 5 to 19 would
to pay the debt to the IMF in the amount of almost
€ 1.6 billion, and the market is worried that
the country can not do that because of the
lack of money in the treasury.

market awaits today important reports that
may again give a signal to the timing of raising
Fed rates. Among these reports – the data
from the US Department of Commerce to change
GDP in I quarter
(Revised figures), and Michigan
University today publishes Confidence
consumers to the economy of the country in May.

On Thursday,
US indexes are influenced
news from the US and a strong labor market
decrease in the Chinese stock market,
when the PBOC withdrew
a significant amount of liquidity
financial system. According to
US labor market, the number of Americans
who applied for unemployment benefits
for the first time, last week increased by
7 ths., That surprise
analysts who had expected a decline
4 thousand.

According to the results
trading stock quotes Costco Wholesale Corp.
It fell by 0.8% because of the retailer’s revenue
in I quarter
not justified forecasts. Shares of Broadcom Corp. decreased 1.6% when held news
that Avago Technologies Ltd. Broadcom buys
for $ 37 billion.

The leaders
growth were the shares of DuPont Company (+ 0.93%),
Intel (+ 0,89%), Pfizer (+ 0,41%), Merck Co (+ 0,4%) and General
Electric (+ 0,4%). McDonald`s lost in trading yesterday
1,36%, Boeing – 0,47%, and JPMorgan decreased by 0.41%.

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