FFx Stochastic Divergences

FFx Stochastic Divergences

The aim of this new version of the standard MT4 indicator included in the delivery platform is to display the pane in several timeframes of the same indicator and its differences. See. The example in the figure below.

However, light is not reflected as a simple MTF indicator. It is a real LED display on its timeframe.

Available settings in the indicator FFx Divergences:

  • Selection for displaying timeframe (from M1 to MN)
  • Setting the width (number of bars) for each timeframe window
  • A pop-up notification / sound / email / push-notification (Stochastic crosses the signal line and / or stochastic inputs / outputs of OBOS zones)
  • Enable / disable notification directly on the graph
  • Setting of all colors
  • And also, of course, all the usual setup of the standard indicator

How to configure notifications

In the pop-up window, select the desired parameters and notification mode (tip and / or sound and / or email and / or push-notification)

Then click on the graph on the call icon (or symbol ‘A’). The color change. The color change from red to green means that the alert is activated; from green to red – alert is disabled.

FFx Stochastic Divergences

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