Partial Close EA

Partial Close EA

The easiest-to-use adviser Partial Close EA (From Rimantas Petrauskas).

Note: Partial Close EA does not work in the tester MT4 strategies.

For testing the expert use demo:

The basic idea is advisor application to the partially closed positions. Advisor automatically finds your open market positions and applies the partial closure in accordance with your settings.

For those who do not know what partial closure: this is just the closure of your position. For example, if the size of your trading lot is 1.2, and you have closed 25% of it (which is 0.3), you still have an open transaction with lot size of 0.9 and profit from deals with lot size 0 3, you just closed. Of course, this action can make them manually, but if you want to program your MT4 so, you need a Partial Close EA.

How to Use Partial Close EA?

Advisor must be attached to a separate schedule, and it is partially closes all transactions selected through a magic number or transaction. Advisor spots of the transaction currency pair (tool) to which it was attached. Default Advisor partially close any market order on the currency pair (Instrument), to which it is attached. Advisor can be applied to couples / tools is the Forex market, for example in the stock or commodity markets, etc. To do this, use CustomPipSizes function (see. Below).

Input parameters Partial Close

  • ManageMagicNumber – Advisor to the partial closure applies to transactions with your chosen magic number. At zero value of this parameter advisor operates manually open transactions. If the value of this parameter 1 (negative value) advisor manages all current account transactions (default value).
  • ManageTradeNumber – Adviser uses partial closing of the transaction to the specified number. When this parameter advisor ignores ManageMagicNumber option.
  • ManageTradeWithComment – Advisor uses partial closure only to transactions with the selected text in the “Comment” field. If the value of parameter “777”, the adviser manages transactions comprising said “comment”. For example, “1777” or “777” or “777 565, but not the” 7737 “or transaction without comment.
  • PartialCloseCount – Adviser uses partial closure of X number of times. Set value of zero for partial closing off function.
  • PartialCloseOnHoldPips – Advisor to the partial closure begins when the transaction profit of X pips. At zero advisor partial closure begins when the first target profit (PartialCloseStepPips). If the value of this option in the pips 50 and PartialCloseStepPips = 50 pips EA will expect the achievement profits 20 + 20 = 70 pips to close the first part of the transaction.
  • PartialCloseStepPips – Adviser uses partial closure of every X pips. If the value of this option in the pips 20 and PartialCloseCount = 3 advisor applies a partial closing of 3 times every 20 pips. This means that TA1 = 20 pips, TP2 = 40 pips and TA3 = 60 pips.
  • PartialCloseStepPercent – Advisor closes X% of the transaction. The percentage of the lot size is calculated from its initial size.
  • PartialCloseBreakEvenAfter – the number of partially closed through which the adviser moves the stop loss point bezubytka (opening price + a few pips to cover the Commission). A value of zero means there is no point bezubytka.
  • CustomPipSizes – this option was added in the absence brokers pips standard sizes for the indices or other neforeksnyh pairs. This option allows you to override the amount of pips that is automatically recognized advisor. In 99% of cases Advisor shows good results on all cylinders Forex, but when working with neforeksnymi couples should be aware that brokers may have different sizes pips. For example, one broker NAS100 may be quoted with 1 decimal place, and the other broker – with two marks. Here is an example of an entry in the list pips sizes, separated by commas: XAUUSD = 0.1, XAGUSD = 0.01, WTI = 0.1
  • When using the advisor on neforeksnyh pairs adjust CustomPipSizes option according to your broker configuration. Unfortunately, I can not help in setting this option since it can require its value for each broker.
  • SlippageClosePips – Set sliding exit counselor of the market (closing the deal). Please note that not all brokers use it. Setting also does not work on ECN-accounts. If you do not know how to use it, just leave the setting as is.


Rimantas Petrauskas (Rimantas Petrauskas) – software engineer and algorithmic forex trader.

Partial Close EA

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