A Black Box

A Black Box

This expert finds the optimal point for buying and selling,
using optimized standard deviation optimized
Exponential Moving Average
. He buys when the relative
prices optimally are low and sell when the relative prices optimally
high. Advisor then tightens entry point via trailing stop
optimized for ATR and beyond:

  1. Trailing or
  2. when they reach the opposite optimal cluster.

Check out the comments on the results of testing.

The efficiency of the system is associated with way analysis and confirm optimal points prior to the transaction. The expert integrated methodology that the author has used for 21 years (I’m trading on a live account!). The basic premise of this method is that the market has
a trend most of the time range between the optimum point. And although the trend trading can be very profitable, there are many opportunities for profit and in the intervals. With the help of longer timeframes, the system can also catch the trend.

The default settings are optimized for the EURUSD H1. If necessary, I can provide you with your layout settings.

Before using the skills you need to optimize (from 1 month to 1 year
on history). You can easily do this, since the expert has 7 only variables, of which only four can be optimized. In the tester, select the timeframe and the product.

Input parameters

  • lots: Lot Size (only one entry)
  • Stop loss: not optimize (must specify the initial value, such as 150, and a trailing ATR automatically tuned)
  • Take profit: not optimize (I prefer to leave to 0, and the ATR trailing maximize profits or minimize losses)
  • Bands Period: periods strips parameter to be optimized, typically between 15 and 25
  • Deviation: deviation parameter to be optimized, typically between 2 and 3 (from step 0.1)
  • ATR Period: period ATR, parameter to be optimized, typically between 50 and 120
  • ATR Multiple: parameter to be optimized, typically between 2 and 4 (with 0.1 increments)
  • Close on MA Cross: closure of the intersection of the moving average, the default False (to lock in profits on a sliding)
  • Magic Number: any number
  • Write screenshot: arrow in the transaction

Once you have found the optimal settings, set your counselor and live your life.

The system does not use hard stops. I recommend using a virtual server.

If an advisor does not trade in, turn it off during the speech of the head of the Federal Reserve and the ECB leadership speech.

Enjoy your use!

A Black Box


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