On Wednesday US stock markets showed increase

On Wednesday, the US stock markets showed an increase, while the Nasdaq rose to a new high

yesterday American
stock markets closed in positive territory after
a sharp decline on Tuesday, as
reports Bloomberg. So, by the end of
trading the index Dow Jones Industrial Average rose
0.67% – to the level of 18162,99, Standard Poor’s 500
grew by 0.92% – to the level of 2123.48, but the index
Nasdaq Composite rose by 1.47% – to the level of 5106.59.
The index showed new highs at the end of
trades and all thanks to the growth of Apple shares
(1.87%) and the Microsoft (2.19%).

On Wednesday, the value of shares
Broadcom Corp. rose by 22%, when the
News of the impending purchase of the manufacturer
Semiconductor company Avago Technologies
Ltd. Shares of Intel Corp. increased by 1,83%, Nvidia Corp. and
Micron Technology Inc. – more than 2.9%. The leaders
growth were noted as Visa (+ 1,39%)
and Goldman Sachs (+ 1,3%).

Growth stocks maintained appeared optimistic
talks about market participants
Greece with its creditors. I said yesterday,
that Athens begin to develop the project
agreements with creditors. Looks like,
the government agreed to make
changes in the pension system and
has come up with a long-term solution to the problem
Greek debt.

"main picture
market – jump up on news
Greece, – says Managing Director
Robert W. Baird Co. Maykl Antonelli. – At the
time traders focused on two
factors – the development of the situation in Greece
and actions of the Federal Reserve".

Yesterday also rose
shares of Bank of America Corp., Citigroup and JPMorgan – more
than 1%.

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