Binary Options Copier Remote

Binary Options Copier Remote

Program Binary Options Copier Remote It allows you to copy trades of binary options between different accounts MetaTrader 4 installed on different computers. This is ideal for signal providers, who want to share their trade with other traders around the world.

Provider can give up to 10 free licenses to receive signals. This means that 10 users can copy a signal provider using a free product Binary Options Receiver Free. Starting from the 11th, the recipient must be purchased separately Binary Options Receiver Pro Copy provider trades. This feature allows the service provider to attract more users to copy the trades / signals.

Two modes are available: remote (Remote) to work with different computers on the Internet, and local (Local) to work on a single computer.

Demo version: Demo Version for testing can be downloaded here:



  • A single tool for the delivery and receipt transactions.
  • Two modes of operation: Remote (accounts on different computers) and local (accounts on the same computer).
  • Different trading protocols: trade (up transactions) and alert (send and receive notifications only).
  • Support multi-mode with multiple providers and recipients through an extended ACL.
  • Each account can be both supplier and recipient, so that accounts can copy each other by two-way transactions. It forms a network of common transactions.
  • On account of the recipient can still trade manually or use other advisors without any conflicts between them.
  • Automatic recognition and synchronization binary options with different brokers.
  • Special characters setting (eg, EURUSDbo–> EURUSDbi etc.).
  • Settings of the lot size.
  • Filtering for copying on types of orders.
  • Possibility to copy back.
  • Automatic notifications sent to the recipient on the phone and by e-mail when new activity on the account.
  • Restore previous settings, and state after closing the terminal or turn off the computer.
  • Control panel in real time.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.


  • When you first start, you must add the address “” a trusted URL in MT4 to allow access to the Internet.
  • Place the copier on any chart in MetaTrader 4 supplier, select the role of “Provider”, and then to the recipient “Receiver List” list, add the account number of copied trades. Your transaction will be copied only to the accounts specified in the list.
  • Go back to the main panel and change the status to Enable.
  • Install the program in the MetaTrader 4 receiver.

Settings & Options

  • Choose your role: Choice of roles for the current account. Select one of two roles: Provider (source transactions) and Receiver (recipient of transactions).
  • Provider List: A list of suppliers’ invoices, deal with that will be copied.
  • Global / Local mode: Remote or local mode. Global mode lets you copy trade between accounts in different locations on the Internet. In local trade regime can only be copied between accounts on the same computer / server.
  • Transmission data: choice of method of sending / receiving data. Available types of “Trade” (transactions on the account of the recipient repeated transactions on the account of the supplier) and the “Alert” (the recipient will only be transmitted signals). The priority range is a provider if the provider chooses “Trade”, the recipient may receive a transaction or signals for selection; If the supplier chooses “Alert”, then the receiver can receive only a signal regardless of the selection.
  • Max. slippage: Maximum allowable slippage to copy transactions. Prices of different brokers may vary, so if the current price on the account of the recipient exceeds the maximum slipping compared with the entry price on the account of the supplier, the deal will not be copied. This prevents unwanted slippage of copied trades, especially in times of high volatility (eg, during the news release).
  • Open trade timeout: Maximum waiting time during which the transaction can be copied from the account of the supplier at the expense of the recipient. If the opening of the transaction from the supplier more time passed, the transaction will not be copied. This setting avoids the outdated copy transactions if the account / destination terminal, for some reason, some time is not available. For example, Trade timeout parameter = 60 seconds. If the recipient will suddenly become unavailable during the opening of the order and the connection will be restored within 60 seconds, the order will be copied. But if you will take more than 60 seconds, this order will be ignored.
  • Set lotsize by: The size of the installation method of the lot to be copied transactions on the account the recipient. There are 4 options:
    • Fixed lotsize: Fixed lot size. On account of the receiver to be used independently of the fixed lot in the lot size and the source balance recipient.
    • Scaled with provider’s balance: Lot size in proportion to the beneficiary as a proportion of the balance of the account will be billed. For example: in the source item = 0.5 with a balance of $ 1000 -> the beneficiary’s account at $ 2000 auction will be equal to 1.0.
    • Multiply with provider’s volume: Lot size on account of the beneficiary will be equal to the size of the vendor bid multiplied by a certain factor.
    • Ratio with receiver’s balance: Calculating the lot size of the recipient on the basis of a certain ratio, depending on the account balance. For example: establish lot size 0.1 $ 1000 for each sheet, then at 2000 $ 0.2 Lot will be traded, at $ 500 – 0.05.
  • Max. lotsize: The maximum size of the lot at the opening of the transaction. This will prevent the opening of transactions with the increased size of the lot, which can lead to unwanted losses.
  • Order filter: Select the type of orders for copying. The filter is available as a provider and recipient, but the choice of provider is a priority. There are several options:
    • CALL orders: Copy CALL types of orders.
    • PUT orders: PUT type up orders.
    • Custom pair: Sending / receiving user deals only steam (used in conjunction with one of the types listed above).
    • Inverted copy: All filtered transactions will be reversed when sending / receiving: CALL<->PUT.

Binary Options Copier Remote

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