Multi Strategy Trade Panel Demo

Multi Strategy Trade Panel Demo

Trade panel implementing several strategies

  • One of the most advanced commercial panels.
  • Advanced algorithm and a rich user interface allows you to apply different strategies.

Features entry strategies into the market (in the demo version is available only BREAKOUT ENTRY):

  1. Retracement% Entry – rebound value (Retracement%).
  2. Previous High / Low Retracement Entry previous input to maximum / minimum rebound
  3. Breakout Entry – enable / disable the function stops at the maximum / minimum current candle and stop trading the breakout during the Asian session.
  4. Manual Entry – the entry price and the stop-loss to enter the market by hand.

Principle of operation

  • You can set the target level.
  • You can manually set a goal or as a ratio of risk to profit (In the demo is only available second)
  • In the second case, you can set the risk-factor for profit.
  • When manually selecting the target value can be set a target price.
  • The lot size can be set in parameter Account%: a fixed,% of the deposit and selected manually.

Trading risk is associated with the determination of lot size and is calculated by the following parameters:

  • Account% – % Of the balance to automatically calculate and display the trading risk (in the demo version is available only parameter ACCOUNT%)
  • Fixed $ Risk – Lot fixed in US dollars.
  • Manual Lot Size – lot size is set manually.
  • Trailing Stop Options – enable / disable the trailing stop. Setting up a Trailing Stop. available settings (In the demo version is available only option ONLY RISK / REWARD TRAILING):
    1. Risk / Reward Trailing – indicate the ratio of risk to reward.
    2. Trail by EMA – period EMA
    3. Candlestick Trail – Trailing candles inside or after the closing of the candle with the trend
  • Separate control of capital

Also choose Execute Long Trade for orders to buy or Execute Short Trade for sell orders.

Input parameters

  • Default Percentage Risk – % Default risk
  • Default Risk – The default risk
  • Default Lot Size – the default size of the lot
  • Default Risk Reward – the ratio of risk to the default profit
  • Default RR Trail – Trailing risk to default profit
  • Default EMA Trail – Trailing by default EMA
  • Show Last Event On Chart – display the last event in the graph (true / false)
  • SL Add Pips – stop loss in pips
  • Breakout Entry Add Pips – input at the break in pips
  • Magic Number – magic number
  • Trade Comment – Add a comment

Multi Strategy Trade Panel Demo

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