GoodTrade – this is the first expert,
which was bought at the store. For 2-year anniversary of the placement advisor released to coincide with the 2nd version, which is fully updated logic
work of an expert. It is now being used in a new universal GoodTrade
shopping signal suitable for any
trading instruments and working for long periods of time. By default, the expert is set to the currency pair GBPUSD. Try Adviser on other
trading tools. Tune, optimize the parameters according to the value
indicated in parentheses (Start-Stop-Step).

Strategy “Martingale” and averaging in the expert GoodTrade not used!

Adjustable parameters:

  • Magic – Number to identify an expert of his position;
  • Order Comment – Note the order;
  • max Spread – Maximum acceptable spread from open positions in points;
  • Slippage – The maximum acceptable slippage when trading operations in points;
  • Stop Loss – The level of acceptance of losses from opening price in points;
  • Take Profit – The level of profit-taking from the opening price in points;
  • Min% Profit – Hidden Take Profit. The minimum possible level of profit-taking. Calculated as a percentage of the Take Profit;
  • Max% Loss – hidden Stop
    Loss. The highest possible level of acceptance of loss in the event of
    corresponding signal. Calculated as a percentage of the Stop Loss;
  • Fix Lot – Fixed lot / v position. If Fix Lot > MM% Lot or Fix Lot = 0, then uses MM% Lot;
  • MM% Lot – The percentage of free margin for the calculation of the lot / volume position;
  • requote Attempts – The number of transaction attempts with Requote;
  • Parameter 1  Parameter 6 – trading signal parameters;
  • Min Seconds Position Life – The minimum life time open positions in seconds;
  • Order Filling Type – order execution type.


  • It supports 3-5 digit quotes.
  • Powered by the graph of any period.

From the author:

The expert will be constantly improved.


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