Double Moving Average tfmt5

Double Moving Average tfmt5

This system is based on two moving averages, it is not all the time in the market. Positions open in the direction crossing the moving averages, the price is closed from the outside of fast moving average. The position is closed when the price closes in on the inside of the fast moving average.

Note: the input values ​​are not optimized default. Test Expert on demo and set the input parameters in accordance with acceptable risk and objectives. Trend-tracking systems are based on long-term probabilities. Although such systems have lower winning performance, profitability comes from the big trends, such systems are limited to losses and profits built up. Testing symbols portfolio showed that the profit trend symbols compensate for small losses and can provide income when other symbols of the trend is not observed.

Inputs and pyramidal system

entry criteria for checking the direction of the intersection of moving averages ensures that the bar is completely outside the fast moving average, and confirms that the fast moving average of the previous bar has improved compared to the moving average over the bar before. If the parameter value Max Units is greater than 1, additional inputs pyramid steps ATR will be used specified in the variable ATR between Pyramids.


Advisor closes the position when the price goes back into the fast moving average in the direction of the slow moving average.

The size and position of the foot

Expert calculates the size of the position based on the value of volatility, it is directly connected with the feet. For stops ATR_Periods parameters used for calculating Stop_Range_ATR and ATR, which are then multiplied by a certain factor to set the size to the stop level of the opening. Stops are not encoded in the position, but closes the adviser position when the price reaches the stop value. Since the volume can be increased at the position of the pyramid system, the foot move in accordance with the last entry price. On the basis of the stop values, and the parameter Risk_Percent account information (tick size, lot size, number of decimal points, etc.) when choosing the size of the distance from the position is used to stop the entry price level in monetary terms as well as the number of lots is considered to you within a specified percentage. This allows to work with any character, price and volatility. Since the size of the account is changed, the position resolution will also be set in accordance with the changes.

Input parameters

  • Short_MA – the number of bars for the construction of the fast moving average (fewer bars).
  • Long_MA – the number of bars for the construction of the slow moving average (a larger number of bars).
  • Risk_Percent – the percentage of risk for each position at the closing of the foot. For example: if a risk percentage should be equal to 2% of the equity, select 2 for this parameter.
  • ATR_Periods – the number of bars to calculate the ATR.
  • Stop_Range_ATR – This value will be multiplied by ATR to determine foot distance from the entry price. For example: if the stop should be at a distance of 2 * ATR on the price, enter 2 in this parameter.
  • Max_Units – the maximum number of positions of inputs (including the first initial input) on the pyramidal system with an increase in profit for the position.
  • ATR_between_Pyramids – This value will be multiplied by ATR and used to calculate when to add the following position in the pyramid. For example: Specify a value of 1.5 the following entry on the pyramid system occurs when the price reaches the entry price plus (1.5 * ATR) for long positions and the input price minus (1.5 * ATR) for short positions.
  • slip – allowable slippage when entering a position.
  • Reduction_Percent – the value by which to reduce the equity to calculate the position size. For example: during drawdowns can be specified in this parameter 20 and the position size is 20% smaller. sizing function will determine the size of the equity position of 80% from the actual value in order to reduce risks to an end drawdown.

Double Moving Average tfmt5

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