FireBall Scalping

FireBall Scalping

General information about my advisor:

  • Method – scalping for ticks and time.
  • timeframe – any.
  • indicators – not used.
  • Benefits – , High-frequency trading, trade in large volume (good for accounts with bonuses and discounts), low drawdown, high profit factor.
  • requirements – small spread, good VPS or a good internet connection, a powerful enough computer or server.
  • symbols – EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.
  • Broker – STP / ECN.

I have ideas for improving my first counselor (TheNext1) so as to make it the most powerful adviser in the Market, and it seems to me that scalping may be the best way to do this.

I publish my second counselor FireBall Scalp only for scalpers!

In the Forex market, the sharp price movements occur every day, if not every hour. This is a chance for scalpers to quickly enter the market and come out a small profit! But scalping activity is very difficult for a trader for the following reasons: there are no good brokers in the accounts of limitations, network latency between the terminal and the trading server. There are also many large traders (banks, institutional, large brokers, etc.), always acting faster than ordinary traders!

Fireball Scalp can track the sharp movements in the Forex market (under normal conditions and high volatility), quickly to make payments, to open and close the big volume. My advisor can do it very quickly, in less than 100 milliseconds, or tick, so he can keep track of any changes in price!

My advisor gives you the opportunity to choose the best settings for real trading. For example, the time range to calculate the rates of motion, the maximum number of ticks within a range value breakthrough time delay for checks, etc.

Currently, EA trades only on the EURUSD, GPBUSD and USDJPY.

FireBall Scalping

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