Hammeringautomated trading system designed to work on any currency pairs. When trading used modes multicurrency and single currency.

To make trading decisions Advisor uses indicator signals Slope Direction Line.

Description of settings.

  • Profit_Percent_AccountEquity = 0.4; – profit margins as a percentage of available funds
  • Fix_AccountEquity = 0; – compulsory level of available funds
  • FIX_PROFIT = 1000; – compulsory level of profit
  • period = 55; – indicator period.
  • FilterNumber = 2; – filter indicator.
  • ma_method = 3; – averaging method for the indicator.
  • applied_price = 0; – the price used for the indicator.
  • TF = 15; – the period of the graph for the indicator.
  • PAIRS = “EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY”; – a set of currency pairs for multicurrency trading.
  • MagicNumber = 6; – ID advisor orders
  • TrailingStart = 9.5; – Profit level in points. Starting trawl level which occurs after trawl, trawl other words included.
  • TrailingStop = 0.5; – fixed size trawl in the deposit currency
  • TrailingStep = 0.5; – trawl step in the deposit currency
  • LossClose = 2500000; – the level of protection at the loss, close all orders upon receipt of loss in points
  • Lots = 0; – the size of the fixed volume, for k = 0 operates MM (Money management)
  • Risk = 0.3; – the percentage of risk when calculating the amount of the transaction work if Lots = 0.
  • PIP_LOCK = 13; – the level of drawdown starting position at which lokiruyuschaya position in points will be opened.
  • koef_LOT_LOCK = 2; – multiplication factor for the lot lokiruyuschey position.
  • PIP_AV = 13; – the level of drawdown last position (if Lok), wherein the averaging order to be opened
  • Level_Order = 13; – the level of the current price for pending orders.
  • koef_LOT_AV = 2; – multiplier Lot averaging warrant.
  • Slippage = 30; – the maximum allowable slippage
  • MarketWatch = false; – broker operation mode, if the broker does not exhibit the SL and TP, along with open positions and only modification method.
  • ALERT = true; – audible warning of exceeding the maximum lot.
  • Revers = false; – reverse indicator signals

The operating principle of the adviser

Entering the market takes place in the presence of signals from the indicator Slope Direction Line. EA opens the starting position. If the starting position is drawdown in points equal to or more settings PIP_LOCK, – opens lokiruyuschaya position.

Lokiruyuschie or averaging the position of having a drawdown in points greater than or equal PIP_AV parameter will be averaged and pending orders BUYSTOP SELLSTOP. profit fixation occurs by virtual trawling in points. When multi-currency trading are counted by the number of total points for all currency pairs on which there is trade.

Multi-mode forex advisor

For multicurrency Expert Advisor in the external setting PAIRS must be prescribed by a comma those currency pairs, which will be adviser to trade, for example: PAIRS = EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY. This means that the EA will work only on this 4th selected currency pairs, and the Advisor is installed on only one !!! currency pair, as all currency pairs should be open to review of the market.

Monocurrency mode forex advisor

Advisor can conduct trade without multicurrency regime on several currency pairs. To do this, you need to set up PAIRS prescribe that one currency pair, on which he will work. For example, you need to trade on 4 currency pairs with each of the independent trade adviser. To do this, PAIRS setting prescribes the currency pair EURUSD and MagicNumber setting = 1 and set the adviser only in the currency pair EURUSD. The same steps apply for the other 3 currency pairs, setting MagicNumber setting different from the previous (= 2, 3, 4, etc.). So we will set the 4th advisor – one for each currency pair.


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