Ruble is awash with oil Ministry of Finance and

The ruble is awash with oil: Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank in a depression

A record fall in prices
oil led to the fall of the ruble against the
dollar. WTI crude oil has fallen in price
immediately by 4.5% – day record drop
for 2 years. It seems that such a drastic reduction
It was due to the new IEA report.

At the same time the dollar
again expensive – in a pair USD / RUB ratio
It came to 41 rubles. Experts predict
In the near future the dollar may
rise in price by 2 rubles.

It is not the first week
Oil prices fall in the trade
session, especially sudden changes occur
against the publication of new economic
data and reports. Even yesterday, oil
immediately fell by 4.5%, and since the early fall
(Since June), oil prices fell
already at 20%. Analysts say oil
and will continue to fall, losing in the price of another
up to $ 10 per barrel.

This afternoon, oil
Brent crude fell to $ 83.85, is now trading
at $ 84.69 per barrel.
The fall provoked by the data
international energy
agency, which downgraded
global demand for oil at the end of 2014
year to 0.2 million b / d – to 92.4 b / s. And this is the worst
the figure for five years. It is, in its
turn, has revised its forecasts
after the announcement by the Saudi
Arabia, which “has no objection
decrease to $ 80 per barrel “in the coming
two years.

According to the newspaper The Wall
Street Journal, after such a fall in prices
oil in the US will drop the price of gasoline
approximately 15% ($ 3.17 a gallon for about
33.9 rubles. per liter), some even say,
that the price will be even lower – up to $ 3 per gallon.
In Russia, the price of gasoline (according to Rosstat
on 10/06/14) averaged 33.2 rubles. and
price increases.

Dollar on Wednesday took
another milestone – 41 rubles. for one dollar.
This happened in early trading when
individual transactions took place above the mark
41 rubles, and it became a new absolute

Ruble is awash with oil Ministry of Finance and

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is still
sells the currency of international reserves.
Yesterday, for example, the Central Bank raised border
currency corridor by 35 cents – up to 45.7
Ruble. It turns out that for shifting 5
kopecks spend $ 350 million accumulated
interventions – experts estimate. But
this support is not enough. Ministry of Finance
during the month promises to connect
to support the ruble, he starts spending
currency deposit auctions – reports
Head of the Ministry Anton Siluanov.

Where that is the “bottom” of the ruble
– no one can guess. By
results of the “Times” edition of the survey,
experts gave disappointing forecasts
– “bottom there.”

deputy chief management
Treasury Bank of Settlements and Savings
Ivan Farafonov believes that the “bottom” – this
“42,5-43 rubles to the dollar.” He also said,
that the central bank to support the ruble
in addition to the need to change interventions
standards (for example, limit the open
currency position) to prevent
banks to buy large speculative
amounts of foreign currency.

“It is not excluded that ruble
It may go down in value even before the 42-43 USD / RUB. –
predicts the deputy director
Investment and Trade Department
“Absolut Bank” Andrei Zaitsev. – But,
the feelings, the situation in the market should
change. This may contribute
tax payments and the sale of foreign currency
earnings by exporters. He also said,
that now it is impossible to say at what
marks fall of the ruble will stop.

“Bottom” as such, no,
– sums up the analyst of the Criminal Code “Alfa Capital”
Andrew Schenck. – To what level can
fall in oil price to say exactly
it is impossible, but we can see the short-term
and lower levels, than we see
now. In the meantime, the price of oil falls,
will be reduced and the ruble. Especially because
demand for the dollar remains high and
the problem of dollar liquidity shortage
– urgent. “

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