Milch Cow Hedge

Milch Cow Hedge

Advisor MILCH COW HEDGE version 1.12 works primarily on the hedging strategy. Councilor advantage is to use every opportunity in any direction. Not only opens the transaction, but chooses the right time to close open positions in order to start trading again.

Advisor recommended for high volatility currency pairs, such as GBPAUD, AUDCAD

Testing advisor for the period from 01.01.2016 on 12.09.2016 has shown a doubling of bills four times

Councilor interface allows the user to open orders and close them manually

It is also possible to close all open positions at the touch of a mouse. To do this, stop and restart a job counselor his

  • Currencies: advisor to work on any currency pair, but for best results, use it on AUDCAD, GBPAUD
  • Working timeframe: Advisor works on any time frame for all periods
  • The minimal deposit and leverage: The minimal leverage of 1: 100, Deposit: 65000 USD – Lot 0.1, 6500 USD – Lot 0.01, 650 USD – ECN-account and Lot 10 cents or the equivalent
  • Recommended broker and spread: Spread < 4 points

There are no specific requirements for the broker, but it is strongly recommended to work on the account ECN-broker.

More information can be obtained on request from the “Discussion” section.


  • Lots – fixed lot size
  • StepPoint – pitch between the hedging orders in points;
  • ChangeStepAfter – increasing the distance between the hedging orders after a certain number of orders. 20 means the addition of one pip every twenty orders 100 means a fixed distance between the orders;
  • Win_Currency – take profit on the currency, while achieving close all open positions in that currency;
  • Win_ All_Currencies – take profit for all orders, while achieving all open positions will be closed;
  • SaveAcount – Minimum balance of trade;
  • Start_Hour – the start time of trade;
  • End_Hour – during the Trade Deadline;
  • Autochoselot – enable / disable the automatic calculation of the size of the lot;
  • Autoclosedaily – enable / disable automatic daily closing orders;
  • Pushing s or S – immediately opens an order to sell, closed manually
  • Pressing b or B – immediately opened a buy order, closing manually
  • Trade ON button – enable / disable the advisor;
  • Sell ​​Only button – allow only sell orders;
  • Buy Only Button – only allow orders to buy;
  • Close All Sell button – to close all sell orders;
  • Close All Buy button – to close all orders to buy;
  • Button Close All Trade – close all orders;

Milch Cow Hedge

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