ATR Indicators of currency market

ATR. Indicators of the currency market

When you just start
to trade in the Forex market, then you absorb virtually all
information like a sponge. And over time, this information becomes so
a lot of that comes a point when you need to go through your entire
“Loft” look at that there is a more critical eye.
I suggest you do it periodically, it helps once and for all forget about
useless indicators.

Maybe I’m too critical and perhaps not all Forex Indicators
useless, but because at stake is money. And then the correct interpretation
indicators that we use in our trade is the key to successful

Average True Range (ATR)

Ask yourself if the “turkey” is built on the code is not logical, is it possible to
its use in commerce? Previously, I thought that, yes – on the condition
correct interpretation. Over time, however, my opinion has changed,
no matter how you interpret the readings of the indicator, if it
code is not logical, you at least complicate its technical analysis. And How
maximum deposit will merge.

Today I’ll show you how I see the popular ATR indicator. is he
really very popular among traders and investors. This “turkey”
It shows the current volatility of the asset and helps calculate
implied volatility – to some extent. I’ll show you that from
ATR calculation can be removed – to remove what I call a meaningless code
does not affect the reading of the indicator.

calculation of ATR

This built-in “turkey» MT4 terminal, so far we do not go and
take the description of the manual.

True Range (True Range (TR)) is the greatest of the following three

  1. The difference between the current maximum and minimum.
  2. The difference between the closing price of the previous and the current maximum.
  3. The difference between the closing price of the previous and the current minimum.

The above calculation of the true range, but then calculates the average
(Average) – from (TR). Now look at the picture carefully … read more

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