Expert Daily HighLow ITrend LaGuerre Juice

Expert Daily HighLow ITrend LaGuerre Juice

The expert uses a scalper trading sictemu “Daily
high / low “.

First level exhibited max and min previous shopping
day. Once the max the previous trading day breaks in between
plus or minus one or two points, it opens a position to buy. If it breaks
min of the previous trading day in a range of plus or minus one or two points,
open position for sale.

strategy signals can filter indicator PSAR, I_Trend, La Guerre and Juice:

  • Indicator I_trend. When the red line goes up when
    it crosses the green line, you should open a short position. If
    green line goes down, crossing the red, it is a signal for long
  • Indicator La Guerre. When the indicator line located
    below 0.75, sale, open, and if the line is above 0.15,
    open purchase.
  • Indicator Juice. It shows the volatility of the market. If
    its red line, opening a new transaction should be avoided.
  • Indicator PSAR. Determines the direction of the trend.

Expert input parameters

  • delta – a range of max and min of the previous trading day,
    which opened position.
  • TimeFrame – the timeframe over which the signals are formed
  • TimeFrameFilterPSAR – timeframe, which identifies
    the trend via PSAR indicator.
  • StopLoss – Stop Loss orders.
  • Profit – Take
    Profit orders.
  • EnableITrend – inclusion I_trend indicator signals.
  • EnableLaGuerre – inclusion of La Guerre indicator signals.
  • EnableJuice – inclusion Juice indicator signals.
  • EnablePSAR – inclusion PSAR indicator signals.
  • Trailing – if true, turns on
    trading on a trailing stop. Step trailing stop is adjusted TrailingStop parameter.
  • TrailingStop – move the trailing stop.

The default settings are exposed to trade the pair EURUSD.

Expert Daily HighLow ITrend LaGuerre Juice

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