Inside Bar Indicator

Inside Bar Indicator

Inner Bar (Inside Bar) – a very popular candlestick pattern.

Inside Bar Indicator can be used for Forex trading, binary options and any kind of asset.

This indicator reveals the inner bars on the chart and provides alerts.

Input parameters of the indicator

  • Symbol: icon type displayed on the graph when a pattern Inside Bar
  • CustomCode: character code to be used as a custom icon (works only with Symbol = _Custom)
  • Position: position of the icon relative to the candle (candles above or below)
  • Distance: distance from the top or bottom of the candle to display the icon, in pixels
  • UseAlerts (true / false): inclusion notifications
  • PopAlerts (true / false): notification pop-up window
  • EmailAlerts (true / false): send notifications via email
  • PushAlers (true / false): send push-notifications
  • SoundAlerts (true / false): notification sound
  • SoundFile – audio file for audio alerts.

The size and color of the arrows are set to Color indicator tab.

Inside Bar Indicator can be used with any kind of assets and on any timeframe.

trading rules

The inner bar can be used to trade a reversal or a breakdown.

A reversal can be traded after the rising (or falling) trend when the price reaches the resistance (or support) level. As soon as the inner bar, open transaction in the breakdown of a minimum (maximum) of the preceding bar. Stop-loss can be installed on top of (at a minimum) of the previous bar.

For trade the puncture, the inner bar may appear during an upward (or downward) trend. The deal can be opened as soon as the breakdown occurs the maximum (minimum) of the previous bar. Stop-loss can be set to a minimum (top) of the previous bar.

You can use the Fx Levels indicator to draw levels of support and resistance on the chart:

Inside Bar Indicator

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