Next session of divination What awaits us on

The next session of divination. What awaits us on Wednesday?

Today publishes its accounts Boeing Company. This giant aircraft industry is not only growing steadily in price, but also pays dividends to its shareholders. The forward-looking expectations – the addition of $ 2.01 per share. Recently it became known that the United Arab Emirates entered into a deal with the company: sheikhs took 150 aircraft. It – a guarantee that the “Boeing” in the near future will be working in a very intense time, and from a lack of orders to suffer just will not.

It fell slightly during the past
day: the situation with Ukraine is on
place, investors are a little bolder and
again invested in riskier
assets. However, if the rhetoric
European, Russian and American
Leaders slip at least one new
impolite note – Precious Metals
again confidently rush up. how
the immediate aim for gold analysts
assume $ 1,320 per troy

the same sentiment and the oil markets.
If Russian oil exports will
limited – for oil prices to rise. Till
nothing happens, and the downward
the trend continues. Oil bearing point
Brent crude is now
regarded as 106.80, and the nearest
goal – to 107,90 dollars per barrel.

All too tied to the currency markets
geopolitical situation. EUR / USD
creeping down, the European
economy weakens (business activity
in Germany it is clearly demonstrated).
The immediate aim of EUR / USD is determined
some pessimistic analysts
as the 1.4330 – and it is very unpleasant story
for the European currency.

GBP / USD waiting
news about monetary policy
Britain. MPC will release today the minutes
its recently held meeting,
and from it will become clearer as the lead
English control yourself and when
expected to raise interest rates.
But here there is a “god from the machine” in the form of
recently published a report on the net
public sector debt
Great Britain. He has reached 77% of GDP (this
a maximum of the last year), so
tightening of monetary policy and
raising rates leaves sideways in the first
all of Britain itself. All these factors
together, we predict that the pair
GBP / USD can go to the area

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