PipFinite Trading Simulator

PipFinite Trading Simulator

Pipfinite offers unique, high-quality and affordable trading tools.

Our tools can not fit your trading style, so we strongly recommend that you start getting to know them a demo version for MT4. Please test indicator before buying.

Product reviews are welcome. We hope that the light will be useful to you.


This tool is a combination of trade simulator and panel for real trading. Two powerful tools for the price of one!

Trade Simulator – Create and practice your strategy with the help of the test on the history of the strategy tester MetaTrader

real trade panel – Perform your strategies in the real market using the same function as in the trade simulator.

Limitation of free trial version:

  • Only 3 of the transaction in a single simulation
  • One indicator is attached

Purchase the full version to remove the functionality restrictions

The main functions of the simulator shown in this video


PipFinite Trading Simulator – is a complete solution for improving your manual trading. Although the actual trade is the best way of learning, to obtain sufficient experience can take months or even years. The simulator allows you to speed up the training, saving you time and effort. Simply select any date in the past and start again from the market that day.

  • Simulator Trade and Commerce panel combined in one powerful tool
  • You can significantly improve simulation using manual trading skills
  • Perform your strategies in the real market with confidence, using it as a commercial panel
  • You can improve your strategy / system
  • You can gain confidence in trading and decision-making
  • Select any tool, timeframe and time period for the simulation
  • You can use any standard or custom MetaTrader indicator
  • You can use the templates
  • You can slow down, speed up or pause the simulation at any time
  • You get charts balance / equity, and access to trade stories
  • Trading results can be saved as HTML-report


Features found in testing on the history and forward the same test. This helps users to get acquainted with the interface and execute trades in the real market with ease.

  • Simulator that runs on real markets
  • Trade and pending orders
  • Stop-loss and take-profit
  • modification of orders
    • quick edit
    • Transactions list box
  • Automatic and manual translation into the black
  • Trailing Stops
  • Partial closure of orders
  • A window with a list of transactions and detailed information on each of them
  • multiple line orders averaging
  • Setting item size
  • Displays the profit of money and points
  • Instant translation of graphics from the foreground to the background and back
  • Adjustable color and position of the window
  • Adjustable simulation speed
  • Adjusting the default settings before modeling
  • Moving a window with the mouse
  • user-friendly interface
    • Setting scale simulator at your schedule
    • Warning error on the screen
  • The initial default value can change before starting the simulation

Links to video

Watch in high definition format

  • Dashboard (link)
  • market orders (link)
  • pending orders (link)
  • modification of orders (link)
  • Modification of Orders via transactions list (Click Here)
  • breakeven (link)
  • Trailing Stop (link)
  • averaging line (link)
  • Modification  (link)
  • Closing orders (link)

How to improve results

Other tools to help you in your trading, you can find here.

PipFinite Trading Simulator


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Ruble goes beyond oil what are future prospects

Ruble goes beyond oil – what are the future prospects?

Ruble for the second day
It shows strong growth – despite
the presence of several positive
reasons, the main thing is growing
in the price of oil.

Remember last
Friday, the Russian ruble was still under
strong pressure – when announced
the decision of the central bank cut its key
rate to 15% and the ruble began to fall sharply
together with dollar reached the level 72.
Analysts then stirred up and
almost began to bury the “wooden”
although in fact the central bank has done all

And – lo and behold – reduction
rates in Russia coincided with a new rally
the oil market. By the evening of the oil
Futures rose sharply by almost 7% and
Ruble went after them, and by the end of
Session played all the daily losses.

This week started
very positive for the oil and the ruble – and
at the end of Tuesday’s oil has been trading
at a maximum since the beginning of the year (Brent
It closed at $ 56.98,
investing.com of data).
Ruble, of course, a little behind in
dynamics, but still ahead. While on
he has almost no pressure there, it
say and in the Central Bank. And all
geopolitical and other risks have
laid in the price (and they cost a dollar
are about 15-20 rubles.).

"Here the risks are not purely
economic, geopolitical laid here
risks – namely, strengthening the sanctions,
disconnecting from SWIFT, increased tension
Ukraine, Obama’s statements – that’s all
here. Here, the economy just rubles
16 should be removed from the dollar, and then it was
would normally", – says Alexander
Kareevsky economic commentator.

In the future, it all depends
oil – and here something might happen
anything. As for
long-term forecasts, there is a very
different variants. And one of them – oil
It can grow even up to $ 100,
and up to $ 200 or more per barrel.
The same forecast has recently expressed by the head
OPEC, Mr. Al-Badri: "oil never
It will no longer be worth a hundred dollars …
Because it would cost two hundred

And in that case
will the ruble? Some simple calculations give
us the answer – the ruble in the area of ​​17 rubles. behind
dollar. By the way, technical analysis is also
It allows such levels to the national
currency. Now we have to wait to
This prediction came true.

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Complete Price Action Kit

Complete Price Action Kit

Whether you trade in harmonic patterns, candles or breakthroughs?

Complete Price Action Kit – complete set of tools covering virtually all harmonic and candlestick patterns. There are also tools for trading breakouts.


  • Support for more than 10 harmonic patterns.
  • Support for more than 16 candlestick patterns.
  • break detector.
  • Drawing projections harmonic price (Harmonic Price Projections), and the potential reversal zones (Potential Reversal Zones, PRZ).
  • Alerting System.

harmonic patterns

What is it and how to use them?

Harmonic pattern (harmonic model) is a set Fibonacci that measure recurring human emotions in the market and used to gain an advantage. The number and ratio of harmonic patterns are based on the Fibonacci sequence, sometimes referred to as “the fingerprints of God” Data Stability relations in nature -. This is the property that gives you an advantage when working with harmonic patterns you predict the price and estimate of probability..

The indicator reveals the following patterns:

  • 5-0
  • AB = CD
  • Butterfly
  • Bat
  • Alternative bat
  • Crab
  • The deep-water crab
  • Monogram
  • Gartley
  • Shark
  • three movements

For more information on patterns

  • Party D pattern can be redrawn as it expands.
  • You can trade in harmonic patterns breakouts (using breakthroughs detector for confirmation). You can also trade on the channel breakthroughs (Keltner, Donchian, turtles, etc.) or price projections (PRZ).
  • In addition, the transaction can be performed with the simultaneous formation of unidirectional harmonic and candlestick patterns on the same bar. I call it the “harmonic convergence-candle” (Harmonic-Candlestick convergence).

candlestick patterns

What is it and how to use them?

Price analysis in the form of candles originated in Japan in the eighteenth century before the Europeans began to use bars and Tic Tac Toe. Candles well shows the ratio of supply and demand on the market, allowing you to see the prevailing mood and trade with the trend.

The indicator shows the following candlestick patterns:

  • abandoned baby
  • doji
  • Absorption
  • Evening Star
  • Morning Star
  • Capturing the belt
  • Hammer
  • inverted hammer
  • Hanged
  • Harami
  • Falling star
  • dark clouds
  • penetrating candle
  • Break tasuki
  • Three white soldiers
  • Three Black Crows
  • Bull / bear jump

For more information on candles

  • You can trade on the candlestick pattern breakout (use breakthroughs detector for confirmation).
  • Candle breakout signal is not confirmed break detector will likely false.

break detector

break detector (breakout detector) is an indicator to confirm the break in different trading systems. The indicator shows a breakthrough beyond the price range, comparing the current price movement and its movement for the past X days (X value is adjusted in the input parameters).


  • Show Harmonic Patterns: enable / disable the display of harmonic patterns in the chart.
  • Show Harmonic Labels: enable / disable designation harmonic patterns in the chart.
  • Enable Price Projections (PRZ): enable / disable the potential reversal zone
  • Harmonic Pattern Amplitude: display patterns with reversal points (swing points). The amplitude is the minimum period between adjacent points of reversal. The wider the amplitude, the larger patterns can be detected.
  • Minimum Harmonic Pattern Accuracy (%): minimum accuracy for the generated harmonic patterns
  • show candlestick patterns: enable / disable the candlestick patterns
  • Show candlestick Labels: enable / disable designation candlestick patterns
  • Enable Breakout Detector: enable / disable breakout indicator
  • Breakout Detector Period: period in X days, which compares the current price.
  • Alert Me on Breakout: enable / disable notification of a breakthrough
  • Alert Me on Harmonic Pattern: enable / disable the notification of the harmonic pattern.
  • Alert Me on Candlestick pattern: enable / disable notification of candlestick pattern.

Complete Price Action Kit


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ING On ruble affects approximation of tax period

ING: On the ruble affects an approximation of the tax period

Having lost to the dollar about 0.7% on yesterday’s close, the ruble became an outsider among the major EMEA currencies. But amid the drop in oil prices to $ 61-62 / bbl to yesterday’s lows of $ 58 / bbl this loss seem insignificant. As a result, the main pressure in oil prices was broadcast predominantly in a lower ruble price of raw materials. Support to the ruble had massive sales from exporters, who confidently closed the continued demand for the currency. Probably affects the approach of the tax period, according to the chief economist at ING in Russia and CIS Dmitry Polevoy. We also note that the options market in recent days resumed decline in implied volatility (from 35-40% to 29-33% for a period of 1 to 12 months.), Suggesting further stabilization of expectations in the ruble. Such dynamics improves the attractiveness "hedge" risks in the ruble. Central Bank will hold two auctions of foreign currency loans secured by rights claims in dollars for a period of 28 and 365 days, with a limit of $ 4 billion., And $ 1 billion. And min. rates ranging from 0.9235% to 1.4209%. Judging by the dynamics of the spread between the interest rate securities and swaps, which yesterday remained in the red, short-term shortage of dollar liquidity in the market is not observed.

Read completely

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Argo CandlesMT4

argo CandlesMT4

The idea to create this instrument was the frequent use of
in different strategies as a signal to enter the market (or the completion signals
beginning wave) crossing “MA” a short period (3-9), or going beyond the “Channel
standard deviation. “In this display is such a signal change color candles
(Bar) to the opposite. Scaling is automatic
Depending on the number of visible bars. The possibility of inclusion
warning signal and sending it to the Email.

After its analysis
work it turned out that he can independently be a simple heart
trend strategy on TF H1-H4 and above, where used for filtering transactions “MA” long period.

For correct display of the indicator in the Settings window “Properties”
it is necessary to specify the “color line” – None, and when displaying the “Candlesticks” put the kind of “line.”


  • Length – similar to the parameter deviations StdDev Channel.
  • Nbars – the amount of calculated bars.
  • Candles – candles or bars.
  • AlertON – warning signal.
  • EmailON – sending to Email.

Argo CandlesMT4

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NZDUSD pair are missing drivers for active move

NZD / USD: the pair are missing drivers for active movement

Current trend

currency pair quotes Thursday NZD / USD sharply corrected
after rising on Wednesday. The price again dropped to a mark of 0.7520 (level of correction
Fibonacci 50.0%) and currently continues to be near her. It should be noted,
that support for the New Zealand currency have milk prices, which continue
grow ten consecutive weeks. According to the auction Global Dairy Trade
over the past two weeks they have grown by 10.1%. Furthermore, the pressure on
US dollar have a mood of members of the Federal Open Market Committee
The Fed, which in the majority in favor of retaining the minimum rates in the
for a long time.

Support and Resistance

From a technical point of view, the key is still seen as a mark
0.7520. If the price of whacks from it and strikes the level 0.7535 (the middle line
indicator “Bollinger Bands”), the growth may continue to 0.7560 marks
and 0.7600 (level
61.8%) Fibonacci correction. If the price fixes
below the level of 0.7520, the quotation marks may drop to 0.7500 and 0.7445.

Technical indicators show opposite signals.
Bollinger bands are directed horizontally. Histogram MACD is in the positive zone, its volume is reduced. lines
Stochastic directed upwards.

Support levels: 0.7520, 0.7445.

Resistance levels: 0.7535, 0.7560, 0.7600.

trading recommendations

The purchases can be included with
objectives 0.7560 and 0.7600, but long positions can be opened only
after the breakdown level of 0.7535 price. Short positions should be open in the
If the price falls below 0.7520. The purpose of these positions will be the level of 0.7445.

NZDUSD pair are missing drivers for active move

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Diver BBands

Diver BBands

Divergence forming BBands (hereinafter referred to as “Diver”) – is based on Bollinger Bands (Bollinger Bands ®, BB).

Classical (ordinary) and Reverse (hidden) Divergence – your choice:

  • Adjustable size and all parameters
  • Flexible settings, including the abolition of the levels (optional alerts, arrows indicate in which direction to trade)
  • Is not redrawn (set CalcOnOpenBar= False)
  • “SetIndexBuffer” for all variables (it can be used as advisors)
  • The auto-determination of the 4- and 5-digit quotes
  • Not demanding to resources (does not overload the MT4 terminal)

usual Classical Divergence BBands defined by such characteristics:

  • BEAR Deaver: price chart forms a higher maximum than the previous one (and the indicator graph – lower maximum)
  • Bovine Deaver: price chart forms a lower low than the previous one (and the indicator graph – higher minimum)

As a rule, the occurrence of classical divergence means the completion of movement (weakening strength of the trend) and the possibility of a strong correction or a complete reversal of the market. The larger the timeframe chart, the stronger the signal.

The second type is called Divergence BBands reversible ( “Hidden”) Divergence. She points to a continuation of the trend, and it is possible to identify on such grounds:

  • BEAR Deaver: price chart forms a lower high than the previous maximum (a graph indicator – a higher maximum)
  • Deaver bullish: the price chart forms a higher low than the previous minimum (and the graph indicator -Lower minimum).

It should be noted that reversing BBands divergence is relatively rare, but the reliability of the signal mining is very high.


  • CalcOnOpenBar – if true current use (unsealed) for determining bar Deaver
  • DrawStandardDiv – If true, allow classic Deaver
  • DrawReversalDiv – If true, allow reversible Deaver
  • Bands_Period – BBands computing option
  • Bands_shift – BBands computing option
  • Bands_Dev – BBands computing option
  • BullishDiv_ResetAbove – cancel the bullish Deaver, if the indicator has crossed this level
  • BearishDiv_ResetBelow – cancel BEAR Deaver, if the indicator has crossed this level

Deaver parameters:

  • MaxBars – the number of bars to draw the graph Deaver (reduces the load on the terminal MT4)
  • DivWidth_MinBars – the minimum horizontal distance between two extremes
  • DivWidth_MaxBars – the maximum horizontal distance between the two extremes
  • DivHeight_MinPips – the minimum vertical distance between the two extremes
  • DivHeight_MaxPips – the maximum vertical distance between the two extremes

Parameters Extrema Deaver:

  • Chart_LeftTop_BarsL – the number of bars that form the left extreme value prices (left part of the price of a fractal)
  • Chart_LeftTop_BarsR – the number of bars that form the left extreme value prices (right-hand side of the price of a fractal)
  • Chart_RightTop_BarsL – the number of bars that form the right extreme value prices (left part of the price of a fractal)
  • Chart_RightTop_BarsR – the number of bars that form the right extreme value prices (right-hand side of the price of a fractal)
  • Ind_LeftTop_BarsL – the number of bars forming the left extremum of the display (left part of the fractal indicator)
  • Ind_LeftTop_BarsR – the number of bars forming the left extremum of the display (the right part of the fractal indicator)
  • Ind_RightTop_BarsL – the number of bars forming a right extremum display (left part of the fractal indicator)
  • Ind_RightTop_BarsR – the number of bars forming a right indicator extremum (the right part of the fractal indicator)
  • LeftTops_MaxBarsDiff – an additional gap (in bars) to the price and the indicator could form a left extremum
  • RightTops_MaxBarsDiff – additional gap (bars) to the price and the indicator could form a right extremum

Diver BBands

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