Trendexx EA – fully automatic advisor hour of trading on the forex market. This is a typical “representative type” trend of robots who profit from large movements, with small losses or small get out on zero. Its distinguishing feature is the determination of the trend indicator by the built-volatility. Closing orders can be exposed on the stop-loss and take-profit, or can be used trailing orders or market closing on using its own algorithm. Advisor seeks input on the direction of the trend to “hunt” for large movements.

Expert is designed for long-term performance in different market conditions, but may take some time to return to the profit. As with any system, it is recommended to optimize the parameters every 2-3 months for best results. Optimization should be performed for each tool used separately.


  • Easy to use – minimum settings
  • Advisor does not use such systems as the Martingale, averaging, hedging and arbitrage
  • Always use Stoploss and Takeprofit
  • minimum deposit $ 50
  • Automatic selection of the size of the lot
  • Conservative money management
  • Works around the clock
  • It does not require off on weekends and holidays
  • No need to disable the robot during the news
  • Fully automated trading
  • It works on any pairs
  • Account type – any


  • TakeProfit – fixed take-profit points, 0-off.
  • StopLoss – a fixed stop-loss points, 0-off.
  • TrailingStop – distance trailing, 0-off.
  • CloseOrderMarket – closing of positions on the market.
  • Auto_MM – automatic calculation of the lot (0.01 for every $ 100 deposit). Default – enabled.
  • FixLot – fixed lot. It works only when switched off Auto_MM.
  • Risk – the maximum risk per trade for the calculation of the value of the dynamic of the lot. Suitable values ​​from 0 to 100, default – 1.
  • Digits_5 – It must be enabled, if you have the 5-digit account (enabled – default).
  • Magic – ID for collaboration with other experts.


  • Platform: MetaTrader 4
  • The recommended type of account: any
  • Recommended couples: majors
  • Currency pairs: any
  • Timeframe: M30, H1
  • Working hours: around the clock


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Today market focus of publication of US GDP for

Today, the market focus of the publication of US GDP for the fourth quarter of last year. What can we expect from it?

GDP data are among the most important for decision-making on interest rates. Good data will increase the probability of an early increase, as the US dollar again will go to growth. Negative data return value of the dollar to a 5-month lows. And tomorrow the closing of the first quarter can provoke and break through that in the long term will lead to a change in trading ranges in most currency pairs the US dollar. If you try to predict what will come out data, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the data is not the first. They are published three times, reviewed each subsequent month after the end of the quarter, or rather even say translated. So today‘s data will already be final. The previous two publications showed 1.9% of GDP for the fourth quarter, the forecast of 2.2% in February and 2.1% in March. That is forecast for each month is reduced, and the data and go below it. forecast again today lowered to 2.0%, and 0.1%. But if will come again 1.9%, the market will take it as a negative, and the dollar once again to conquer lows. And then you have to choose, for any currency pair with the dollar up to the transaction. Publication 15:30 (GMT).

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Price Action Strength Indicator

Price Action Strength Indicator

Price Action Strength indicator uses available market data in its purest form (price action) and on that basis determine the effect of market movements. Reading price action and measuring its strength are the subjective factors on the acquisition of this skill will take years. The purpose of this indicator is to make reading price action force as objective as possible.

It is much more advanced indicator, compared to standard oscillators, because in addition to the price movement and its direction Price Action Strength indicator analyzes the characteristics of movement. This allows you to see the market through the eyes of an experienced trader on the price action.

The new version of Price Action Strength uses the same values ​​as version 1.0, but version 2.0 is able to determine market sentiment. There are 2 possible mood:

  • Humor prediction / reversal, which is calculated based on the last peaks / troughs price compared with the value of Price Action Strength;
  • Mood continuation / pulse, the pulse is calculated on the basis of values ​​and Price Action Strength.

The new version is a certain mood is used to generate the arrows on the chart, which indicate the likely direction of future market movements based solely on the analysis of price action.

In the new version, there are 3 kinds of arrows / buffers (one for each direction) in addition to the two buffers that were present in 1.0:

  • strength buffer ‘Strength’ It calculates the relative strength of price action compared with a specified number of past bars (Period). The information is visualized using a line in a separate window. The upward movement of the line indicates the bullish effect of the price action, the downward movement indicates a bearish effect of the price action. The higher the line, the more bullish price action is the strength, the lower line, the more bearish is a force;
  • overlapping buffer ‘Overlap’ It calculates the relative overlap of the current bar compared with the specified number of previous candle (Period). The information is visualized as a histogram. The higher the bar graph, the stronger the strength of price action, taking into account overlapping bars. In other words, the above histogram, the minimal overlap exists between the bars, which means that the price of a particular direction, it does not oscillate, which indicates strong motion;
  • reversal buffer ‘Reversal’ denoted fine up / down arrow. Reversal arrow indicates that the likely price reversal. Signals a reversal produce the most false signals, but if they are true, they predict the strongest movement. When trading these signals it is recommended to use the risk reward ratio is not less than 2;
  • continue buffer ‘Continuation’ denoted by an oblique arrow. Continue arrows indicate that the market is gaining momentum in the corresponding direction. These signals often occur during the current trend. They are intended for use as an auxiliary indication that the market is likely to continue to move in this direction. continuation signals provide the most accurate predictions, but following them market movements are often small. It is recommended to use these signals for building trades with the trend or scalping;
  • confirmation buffer ‘Confirmation’ denoted by the thick arrow up / down. confirmation Arrows displayed when one candle at a time there are signals of a reversal and continuation. This indicates a very probable movement.

Note! All arrows appear at the opening of the candles, on which they are located, and not redrawn!

indicator arrows can be used as an independent trading system, meaning you can make deals with the appearance of the arrows. You can also use the arrows to determine the sentiment in the market, as price action analysis gives a fairly accurate prediction of the likely future direction of the market.

Price Action Strength 2.0 works on all timeframes and symbols, but it is recommended to use higher timeframes (H4 and above), since the principles of price action analysis work better on higher timeframes.

Input parameters

  • Period‘- the number of bars for historical comparisons of current values.
  • 0-line threshold‘- threshold for buffer’ Strength ‘, which is used for determining the mood acknowledgment / pulse.
  • Momentum sentiment candles span‘- the number of spark detection mood acknowledgment / pulse. If within this amount of candles buffer ‘Strength’ commit a certain percentage of positive / negative changes, it will be assumed that the market there is impetus in this direction.
  • Momentum sentiment%‘- percentage of positive / negative changes of buffer’ Strength ‘for a specified number of candles from the previous parameter required for confirmation pulse in this direction.
  • Fractal size‘- fractal dimension in one direction. Used to determine the mood of forecasting / reversal.
  • ZigZag confirmation bars‘- the number of closures needed to comply with ZigZag level to cope with the redraw. Principles of ZigZag indicator used to determine the mood of forecasting / reversal.
  • Depth‘- for the depth of ZigZag.
  • Deviation‘- deviation ZigZag indicator.
  • Backstep‘- the number of bars for the history of ZigZag.
  • Show once‘- if true, the arrow must alternate. For example, after the confirmation of bovine arrow should appear confirming the bearish arrow that could appear next bull confirming the shooter. When the indicator shows all false signals by the mood as they are discovered.
  • Show predicting sentiment change‘- if true the graph shows an arrow predicting mood.
  • Show continuation sentiment change‘- if true the graph shows an arrow to continue mood.
  • Show confirming sentiment change‘- if true the graph shows arrows confirmation mood.
  • Alerts‘- in the true meaning of the appearance of any of the arrows, the indicator will file screen notifications in MetaTrader 4, indicating the name of the character on which the event occurred.
  • Push notifications‘- in the true meaning of the appearance of any of the arrows, the indicator will send push-notifications to the mobile terminal indicating the name of the character on which the event occurred.
  • Emails‘- in the true meaning of the appearance of any of the arrows, the indicator will send a message by e-mail indicating the name of the character on which the event occurred.

Price Action Strength Indicator


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Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

EUR / USD. 30.03. The pair may rebound to 1.0795.

The pair continued a downward trend, developed since the beginning of this week. The last trading day ended for the euro decline. Yesterday was officially launched the process of entering the UK from the EU. The euro fell after a cross, which has suffered because of statements by the Minister of Finance of Britain. In his speech, Philip Hammond expressed confidence that Brexit will not develop on the hard scenario. Currently the pair is trading below the level of 1.0758. Candles are disposed between MA with periods of 20, 50 and 100, 200. MACD tends to the negative region. RSI is near oversold zone. Forecast for today offers the pair to 1.0795. However, perhaps the development of alternative scenario – if the pair drops below level 1.0740, it will continue to fall to the level of 1.0628.

Analyst from company ForexMart

USD / JPY. 30.03. The pair is testing 111.00.

Currency pair USD / JPY has formed a “doji” directly at the level of 111.00. During yesterday’s trading the bulls were unable to strengthen the offensive, they need to rise above 111.50 to reverse the trend, but the forces have not yet enough. There is a good chance that the data on US GDP in the fourth quarter against the background of the right to the end of the month will help to strengthen the US currency. Now we see the uncertainty in the market and re-test the resistance level of 111.00 in the case of negative data waiting reduce to 110.00.

Analyst from company ForexMart

USD / RUB. 30.03. Ruble updated highs around 56.

Ruble continues to strengthen as a result of expensive oil. News about reduction of oil production in Libya, 20% gave Brent quotations confident “bull” pulse. Moreover, the weekly report from the US Department of Energy showed a lower than expected increase in the hydrocarbon reserves in the United States. These factors sent the price of oil at around $ 52.30 per barrel. Additional support for the Russian currency have asked the Ministry of Finance, which was taken OFZ at 45 billion rubles. In this regard, the dollar was able to update all the lows and fell to the level of 56.10 rubles.

Stochastic approaching oversold (23,90%), MACD indicator appreciated below zero when growing down bars. Bollinger bands exhibit negligible volatility expansion channel. We expect today the dollar falling even lower, to 55.80 rubles.

Analyst from company ForexMart

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Fxwirepro Xagusd rebounds from key resistance

Fxwirepro: Xag / usd rebounds from the key resistance at around $ 18.32, it is better to sell on rally

  • XAG / USD is currently trading near $ 18.20.
  • Intraday high was taken at around $ 18.32, and the minimum – at $ 18.19.
  • Intraday trend will continue bearish as long as the pair held a line of resistance around $ 18.32.
  • Full closure above $ 18.28privedet testing key resistance levels $ 18.32 / $ 18.40 / $ 18.48 / $ 18.72, respectively.
  • On the other hand, a daily close below the stamps $ 18.28 carry off parity down to key support areas $ 18.17 / $ 18.00 / $ 17.90 / $ 17.72 / $ 17.51 ​​/ $ 17.42 / $ 17.22 / $ 17.09 / $ 16.87 / $ 16.65, respectively.
  • Analysis of the daily trading schedule showed that the 20-day, 30-day and 55-day EMA is directed upwards, thus confirming the bullish market. Current downward movement – only a short-term correction of the trend.

It is recommended to get up in short positions for the XAG / USD at around $ 18.22, with a stop-loss $ 18.32 and a target level of $ 18.00.

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Ruble maintains gains against dollar

Ruble maintains gains against the dollar

The Russian ruble on Thursday, 6 April, strengthened against the US dollar and lower against the single European currency.

Pair USD / RUB trading at 56.32 item with a decrease of 0.1%, and the pair EUR / RUB strengthened by 0.2% and is at a value of 60.07 points.

According to analysts, in the background of rising in price of oil in rubles now there are all chances to continue to strengthen, but this does not happen, because market participants are extremely cautious before the start of today’s meeting, President Hu and US President.

The Russian stock market at the beginning of the meeting will be closed already, so if you have some progress in the global markets, they will win back tomorrow.

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Bressert BlueLine20 Momentum Line

Bressert BlueLine20 Momentum Line

Bressert BlueLine20 Momentum indicator is designed to analyze the market in the long term. You can make transactions for the purchase and sale of the purchase and sale market lines, and use the middle line lzk buying or selling, and holding position. We used the original stochastic calculations, as well as customized calculations for one of the lines called Bressert Blue Line (blue line Bressert).

Input parameters

  • DSTLen = 20
  • BuyLine = 20
  • SellLine = 80

DSTlen – the number of bars used to calculate values. The higher the value, the smoother the line is.

BuyLine and SellLine – line shown in the chart to track the lines touch display.

Present in all the indicators Bressert. We recommend to download free demo version and a convenience store.

Bressert BlueLine20 Momentum Line

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