Reversal Informer

If it was a classic candlestick patterns, it would generate a lot more wrong signals. The most significant is the filter itself candle. The strength of the candle is governed! All ratios candles to be set up, and the shadow is not taken into account. Calculation candles relations based on the value of the ATR (a value can also be changed, although the default is 20). Candle confirmation must be set to at least X% of the value ATR20 (ATR20 value for a given timeframe). If you want to set a trend filter (MA, Pivot, Kijun-Sen), select the value and direction – in the direction of the trend or against it. The signals are available in both directions. When the candle confirmation reaches its value, it will not disappear and will not be redrawn.

Features: Alerts, sending emails, notifications, screen shots, 2 signaling session (from – to), test modules (use the second ind and set test_mode equally true; it moves the arrow and change the color, making it ideal for comparing different options.) .


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