FxGlow Phase Index

FxGlow Phase Index

This unique indicator calculates the level of the market and displays it as a histogram.

The algorithm uses the integrated pulse filters, power and rate.

Expected results

To achieve more accurate results, use this tool to supplement your trading system. It works best in combination with the right strategy.


To confirm the rollback of signals may be used together with the indicator FxGlow Retrace Pulse

You can see the strategy in this video: https://youtu.be/cRyBGMV_Ugg

Increase the possibility of the opposite signal, using this indicator with FxGlow Climax Counter

Check out the strategy by clicking on the video link: https://youtu.be/LuP42obr-HI

Key Features

  • Defines market levels
  • Determines the strength of the trend
  • The algorithm adapts to changes in price action
  • It is not redrawn after the close of the current bar
  • NOT recalculated
  • The signals at the close of the bar
  • It works on all cylinders
  • It works on all timeframes
  • It can be used with expert advisors
  • It has the functions of a pop-up notification, the notification e-mail, push-notification and sound alerts


  • Period – the number of bars used for calculation of the indicator
  • Maximum History Bars – the maximum number of bars used historic
  • Display Histogram Legend – show the signature of the symbols
  • Activate Alert Box – use the pop-up notification
  • Activate Email Alert – sending notifications via email
  • Activate Push Notification – send push-notifications
  • Activate Sound Alerts – sound notification
  • Sound Alert File Name – the name of the sound file

Instructions for use

  • uptrend
    • Flat Uptrend = Trend absent. The price action is not clear
    • Steady Uptrend = You can buy. The price action confirms the uptrend
    • Impulsive Uptrend = serious signs of the need to make a purchase. Reinforced bullish
  • downtrend
    • Flat Downtrend = Trend absent. direction changeable
    • Steady Downtrend = You can sell.
    • Impulsive Downtrend = serious signs of the need to make a sale. Reinforced bearish


The indicator is designed for a variety of manual trading methods.

First try the free demo version to test its effectiveness in combination with your trading systems.

FxGlow Phase Index


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CAP News Trading MT5

CAP News Trading MT5

You need to open a pending order at the time of withdrawal or pending news / market order at a specific time? Then CAP News Trading It designed for you. adviser CAP News Trading It opens the pending orders at a specific time or date, allowing you to eliminate the human factor and improve your trading. It is especially useful for news traders who open a pending order before the news release.

Expert performs the following functions

  • Opens deferred / market orders at a certain distance from the current price of a single click on the panel.
  • Can open pending / market orders at a specific time and day of the week (such as a weekly schedule).
  • Deletes one of pending orders at opposite triggered (OCO) (optional).
  • Removes / closes deferred / market orders on a specified date / time (optional).
  • Advisor can work on a pair or index.
  • Powered by 4- and 5-digit quotes.

Other interesting features

  • trade panel in one click.
  • Test counselor can work in strategy tester in the “Visualization” mode.
  • You can specify the maximum spread at the opening of a pending order (useful for news traders).
  • Integrated control of capital: autodetect lot size (optional).
  • You can set a pending order for a floating price.
  • The ability to delete a pending order, if the opposite pending order is activated (True / False).

Some important input parameters

orders settings

  • PendingOrderType type pending order (stop / limit).
  • PendingBuy – FALSE if the adviser does not open a pending buy order.
  • PendingSell FALSE if the adviser does not open pending order to sell.
  • Open Pending Order Base On – version of the calculation advisor price level of a pending order.
    1. Fix Distance – at a fixed distance from the current price.
    2. High / Low Level – on the basis of the maximum / minimum for a selected number of candles.
    3. Last Factal Level – on the basis of values ​​of the upper / lower fractal.
  • PendingDistance – the distance between the current price and pending order to sell (stop / limit).
  • Number of Candle for High / Low Level – the number of candles on the current calculation of the pending order.
  • OCO TRUE if a pending order is deleted if triggered opposite pending order. Example: At a certain time adviser opened two pending orders – BuyStop and SellStop. When triggered BuyStop, SellStop removed.
  • BuyAtMarketPrice TRUE when the adviser opens a market (not deferred) transaction for the purchase.
  • SellAtMarketPrice TRUE when the adviser opens a market (not deferred) transaction for sale.

Setting the weekly chart of warrants

  • OrderOpenWeeklySchedule TRUE if advisor opens a pending / market order on the basis of said parameter below.
  • TradeOpenTime time. You can define several time values. (. Format: Hours: minutes: seconds If the format is incorrect, the parameter will not work EXAMPLE multiple values ​​specified time “11: 60: 00; 08: 00: 59; 12: 14: 59”.).
  • MondayTrade-FridayTrade – TRUE if the deal allowed from Monday to Friday.

Setting orders of dates

  • OrderOpenByDate TRUE if advisor opens a pending order based on said parameter below.
  • TradeOpenDate_1-8 specific date and time for the opening of a pending order. You can set 8 different time and date values ​​(for example: “2013.01.02 00:00:00”).

Additional settings of pending orders

  • ExpirationInSeconds the expiry date of the pending order (in seconds).
  • PendingOrderFloating TRUE if the pending order “floats” along with the current price to its operation.
  • FloatingResetInSeconds the restart of the “floating” mode (floating reset time), in seconds.

The daily cease trading

  • ActiveDailyCloseTime TRUE, deleted orders / market orders are closed after a predetermined time.
  • Delete Pending Order After Expiration TRUE, orders are deleted after a predetermined time.
  • Close Open Order After Expiration TRUE, the transaction closed after a predetermined time.
  • PendingOrderFloating – if TRUE, pending orders “float” around the current price to warrant activation.
  • FloatingResetInSeconds – resetting the floating time order of seconds.


Parameter [TradeOpenTime] It works with data in a specific format. If the format is incorrect, this option will not work. By specifying time, specify a value in the format Hours: Minutes: Seconds (Use symbol “:” to separate hours, minutes and seconds. Do not use spaces). If you want to ask a few values ​​of the time, use the symbol “;” to separate one value from another.

Example: “11: 60: 00; 08: 00: 59; 12: 14: 59”. Here we have three values: “11:60:00”, “8:00:59” and “12:14:59”, separated from each other by “;”. Do not add spaces.

All the parameters are calculated in paragraphs rather than in pips.


Capilta Forex Solutions

CAP News Trading MT5

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Precision Support Resistance MT4

Precision Support Resistance MT4

Support and resistance – important price levels on the intraday market. These levels are usually tested price, after which it continues to move, or lead to a reversal of the trend. For experienced traders the exact definition of support / resistance levels is difficult to overestimate. many popular trading strategies are built on their basis (for example, trade on the breakout / bounce). Precision Support and Resistance for professional traders. In addition to accurately determine the levels of S / R, the indicator has a number of additional features: spark detection for decision making, internal plugs for calculating probability analysis reversals (Pivot) and staircase strategy (Ladder). Each of these tools can be turned on / off.

1. Support and Resistance

To calculate the support / resistance levels used density and geometry. The accuracy of the determination of levels depends on the breakout force or rebound.

2. Recognition of candles to make decisions

candles recognition module informs the trader about a possible strong movement. Key candle is usually appears in front of a strong reversal or a continuation of the strong current trend. You need to be especially careful if the price is at an important level of support / resistance.

3. Calculation of the internal candles (Intra)

Candles Intra – statistical prediction of the future closing price ranges within the predictable future. Displaying levels of 1%, 5%, 10%, 32%, 50%, 80%. The indicator plots a couple of lines above and below the opening price of the current candle. The probability of 50% means that the chance of the closing price of the bar is – 50% of the opening price of the candle. You can accurately estimate when the price touches the support / resistance level, moving average, Bollinger bands, etc.

4. Analysis of reversals (Pivot)

In the indicator turns using standard analytical methods. Analysis of turns used for two purposes. First, the levels can be used to turn a double confirmation of support and resistance levels. Secondly, they can be used to confirm the approximate trend. For example, the price closed yesterday between the S1 and the S2, then it is possible to judge the falling trend. Built-in analysis reveals only turns fluorescent U-turns, to display, you can choose the number of days required.

5. Strategy ladder (Ladder)

ladder strategy answers the question, what is the probability that the price will be closed for a certain level. For example, you believe that the level of 1.2400 is important, and you want to find out what are the chances that the price closes above this important level. Use a ladder strategy to calculate the probability.


The default settings are suitable for most characters and timeframes. It recommended that you use them. The process of changing parameters is simple and self-explanatory.


You can use the Precision Support Resistance as a self-contained instrument for trading on the break or bounce. The indicator can be used on any timeframe with different levels of performance. You can also use the products listed below, but only after the development of Precision Support Resistance.

  • Harmonic Pattern Plus MT4
  • Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner MT4
  • Price breakout Pattern Scanner MT4
  • Sideways Market Statistical Analyzer MT4
  • Fundamental Trade Manager MT4

Precision Support Resistance MT4


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Draws range indicator channel (High-Low) 5 intermediate levels based on the Fibonacci (38.2, 23.6, 50, 61.8).

Input parameters of the indicator:

  • periods: the number of bars for the calculation channel.
  • showupper: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the highest peak, “False” to hide).
  • showlower: True / False ( “True” to display the price of the lowest minimum, “False” to hide).
  • showfirst: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of Level 1, “False” to hide).
  • showsecond: True / False ( “True” to display the prices Level 2, “False” to hide).
  • showthird: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the third level, “False” to hide).
  • showfourth: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the 4th level, “False” to hide).
  • showfifth: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of level 5, “False” to hide).
  • ColorUpper: Color display price the highest high.
  • pricewidthUpper: The display size of the price of the highest peak.
  • ColorLower: Color display price of the lowest minimum.
  • pricewidthLower: The display size of the price of the lowest minimum.
  • ColorSecond: Color display price level 2.
  • pricewidthSecond: The display size of the price level 2.
  • ColorThird: Color display prices third level.
  • pricewidthThird: The display size of the price of the 3rd level.
  • ColorFourth: Color display prices level 4.
  • pricewidthFourth: The display size of the price of the 4th level.
  • ColorFifth: Color display price level 5.
  • pricewidthFifth: The display size of the price level 5.
  • ma: method of calculation of moving averages (simple, exponential, smoothed, linear weighted).
  • calculation: calculation mode.
    • Range: The channel is calculated using the highest highs and the lowest lows.
    • StDev: Channel calculated using the standard deviation.

You can adjust the line (color, style, width).

0 Red 1. 0
1. Red 1. 0
2 PaleTurquoise 1. 0
3 DarkGray 1. 0
4 DarkOrchid 1. 0
5 Chocolate 1. 0
6 Turquoise 1. 0
7 Blue 1. 0

In the above table shows the default settings that you can configure.


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ATR Indicators of currency market

ATR. Indicators of the currency market

When you just start
to trade in the Forex market, then you absorb virtually all
information like a sponge. And over time, this information becomes so
a lot of that comes a point when you need to go through your entire
“Loft” look at that there is a more critical eye.
I suggest you do it periodically, it helps once and for all forget about
useless indicators.

Maybe I’m too critical and perhaps not all Forex Indicators
useless, but because at stake is money. And then the correct interpretation
indicators that we use in our trade is the key to successful

Average True Range (ATR)

Ask yourself if the “turkey” is built on the code is not logical, is it possible to
its use in commerce? Previously, I thought that, yes – on the condition
correct interpretation. Over time, however, my opinion has changed,
no matter how you interpret the readings of the indicator, if it
code is not logical, you at least complicate its technical analysis. And How
maximum deposit will merge.

Today I’ll show you how I see the popular ATR indicator. is he
really very popular among traders and investors. This “turkey”
It shows the current volatility of the asset and helps calculate
implied volatility – to some extent. I’ll show you that from
ATR calculation can be removed – to remove what I call a meaningless code
does not affect the reading of the indicator.

calculation of ATR

This built-in “turkey» MT4 terminal, so far we do not go and
take the description of the manual.

True Range (True Range (TR)) is the greatest of the following three

  1. The difference between the current maximum and minimum.
  2. The difference between the closing price of the previous and the current maximum.
  3. The difference between the closing price of the previous and the current minimum.

The above calculation of the true range, but then calculates the average
(Average) – from (TR). Now look at the picture carefully … read more

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Dashboard Super Three MA Demo

Dashboard Super Three MA Demo

Dashboard Super Three MA Demo – This demo version of the product Dashboard Super Three MA, link, has full functionality of the paid version except for the following:

  • Fixed timeframe moving averages M5
  • Not available single filter

The system generates trade signals based on the analysis of the price action and three adjustable moving average. Due to the timeframe, the period and the price calculation are set moving, this panel you can create a trading system using virtually any moving average on 28 currency pairs.

In comments to the product I added more information about trading on the moving average.

Dashboard Super Three MA – It is intuitive and easy to use graphical tool that allows you to:

  • Monitor 28 pairs with one panel.
  • Track pair 28 and enter into commercial transactions on the signals on the basis of moving averages (see. Screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).
  • Automatically accompanied by a warrant.
  • Track positions for all trading pairs.

entry rules

A description of the numbers and symbols

  • Number:
    • 0: the current price
    • 1: Moving Average 1
    • 2: Moving Average 2
    • 3: Moving Average 3
  • Trigger: signal by an intersection
  • Trigger01: the intersection of price and Moving Average 1. The intersection of up->green panel; down->red
  • Trigger12: intersection MA1 and Moving Average 2. Intersection up->green panel; down->red
  • Filter_S: one-component filter signal trending
    • Filter_S1: trend for the Moving Average 1
      • MA1trend up (current MA1>= Previous MA1) -> green panel
      • MA1 trend downward (current MA1<previous MA1) -> red bar
  • Filter_D: two-filter signal trending
    • Filter_D01: the trend for the price-MA1
      • The growing trend of price-MA1 (current price>= Previous MA1) -> green panel
      • falling trend for the price-MA1 (current price<previous MA1) -> red bar

Details of the screenshots 2, 3, 4 and 5

In order to cover the work, you must do the following.

Important steps before using the Dashboard

  1. Download history of all 28 pairs. For easy loading history with one drag and drop using the free product here.
  2. All 28 characters must be available in the symbol box.
  3. The panel looked clear and accurate, it is recommended to use a black pattern. See. Screenshot 6.

Input parameters

  • Use AutoTrade – use automated trading
  • Send Alert upon Signal – an alert when a signal
  • Send Notification upon Signal – to send notification when the signal
  • Single pair Take-profit in pips – takeprofit one pair in pips
  • Single pair Stop-loss in pips – stop-loss for one pair in pips
  • Use trigger Price cross MA1 / Price cross MA2 / Price cross MA3 / MA1 cross MA2 / MA1 cross MA3 / M2 cross MA3 – signals from the intersection
  • Use Price / Moving Average1 / 2/3 as Single Trend Filter – simple trend filter
  • Use Price-MA1 / Price-MA2 / Price-MA3 / MA1-MA2 / MA1-MA3 / MA2-MA3 as Double Trend Filter – double trend filter
  • MA Time-frame of MA1 / MA2 / MA3 – timeframe moving averages
  • MA Period of MA1 / 2/3 – period moving average
  • MA Method of MA1 / 2/3 – method of calculation of moving averages
  • MA Applied Price of MA1 / 2/3 – price calculation of moving averages
  • Magic Number – magic number
  • Lot Size – Lot Size
  • Basket Take-profit in $ – total take profit of $
  • Basket Stop-loss in $ – the overall stop loss of $
  • Max Spread – the maximum spread
  • Trading Session – trading session, the session is the order will not be sent
    • Close all trades after session (s) – zakrytvat all transactions after the closing session
  • Note: Use the local time of your computer, rather than the server time.
  • Session Input – session, see the descriptions of other products (Dashboard Super Currency Strength).
  • Time-frame of new chart – new chart timeframe
  • Suffix – character suffix
  • prefix – the prefix characters
  • X_axis – the location of the X-axis
  • Y_axis – location on axis Y

Objects panel

See. Screenshots from 7 to 11.

  1. Select Button currency
    • armature->disabled
    • Zheltaya->is included
  2. currency pair button
    • Click on the button to open a new window with the graph of the corresponding pair
  3. Spread Column: the current spread of each pair
  4. signal / status filter panel
    • Use: panel yellow
    • Do not use: black
  5. status signals
    • Intersection up -> green panel
    • Intersection down -> red bar
    • No crossing -> white panel
  6. Status Filter_S filter
    • The trend is up ->green panel
    • Down trend ->red bar
  7. Status Filter_D filter
    • The trend is up ->green panel
    • Down trend ->red bar
  8. For a description of the remaining elements cm. Description of other products (Dashboard Super Currency Strength)

If you have any individual request and / or suggestion, contact me.
Dashboard Super Three MA Demo

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Ruble is awash with oil Ministry of Finance and

The ruble is awash with oil: Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank in a depression

A record fall in prices
oil led to the fall of the ruble against the
dollar. WTI crude oil has fallen in price
immediately by 4.5% – day record drop
for 2 years. It seems that such a drastic reduction
It was due to the new IEA report.

At the same time the dollar
again expensive – in a pair USD / RUB ratio
It came to 41 rubles. Experts predict
In the near future the dollar may
rise in price by 2 rubles.

It is not the first week
Oil prices fall in the trade
session, especially sudden changes occur
against the publication of new economic
data and reports. Even yesterday, oil
immediately fell by 4.5%, and since the early fall
(Since June), oil prices fell
already at 20%. Analysts say oil
and will continue to fall, losing in the price of another
up to $ 10 per barrel.

This afternoon, oil
Brent crude fell to $ 83.85, is now trading
at $ 84.69 per barrel.
The fall provoked by the data
international energy
agency, which downgraded
global demand for oil at the end of 2014
year to 0.2 million b / d – to 92.4 b / s. And this is the worst
the figure for five years. It is, in its
turn, has revised its forecasts
after the announcement by the Saudi
Arabia, which “has no objection
decrease to $ 80 per barrel “in the coming
two years.

According to the newspaper The Wall
Street Journal, after such a fall in prices
oil in the US will drop the price of gasoline
approximately 15% ($ 3.17 a gallon for about
33.9 rubles. per liter), some even say,
that the price will be even lower – up to $ 3 per gallon.
In Russia, the price of gasoline (according to Rosstat
on 10/06/14) averaged 33.2 rubles. and
price increases.

Dollar on Wednesday took
another milestone – 41 rubles. for one dollar.
This happened in early trading when
individual transactions took place above the mark
41 rubles, and it became a new absolute

Ruble is awash with oil Ministry of Finance and

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is still
sells the currency of international reserves.
Yesterday, for example, the Central Bank raised border
currency corridor by 35 cents – up to 45.7
Ruble. It turns out that for shifting 5
kopecks spend $ 350 million accumulated
interventions – experts estimate. But
this support is not enough. Ministry of Finance
during the month promises to connect
to support the ruble, he starts spending
currency deposit auctions – reports
Head of the Ministry Anton Siluanov.

Where that is the “bottom” of the ruble
– no one can guess. By
results of the “Times” edition of the survey,
experts gave disappointing forecasts
– “bottom there.”

deputy chief management
Treasury Bank of Settlements and Savings
Ivan Farafonov believes that the “bottom” – this
“42,5-43 rubles to the dollar.” He also said,
that the central bank to support the ruble
in addition to the need to change interventions
standards (for example, limit the open
currency position) to prevent
banks to buy large speculative
amounts of foreign currency.

“It is not excluded that ruble
It may go down in value even before the 42-43 USD / RUB. –
predicts the deputy director
Investment and Trade Department
“Absolut Bank” Andrei Zaitsev. – But,
the feelings, the situation in the market should
change. This may contribute
tax payments and the sale of foreign currency
earnings by exporters. He also said,
that now it is impossible to say at what
marks fall of the ruble will stop.

“Bottom” as such, no,
– sums up the analyst of the Criminal Code “Alfa Capital”
Andrew Schenck. – To what level can
fall in oil price to say exactly
it is impossible, but we can see the short-term
and lower levels, than we see
now. In the meantime, the price of oil falls,
will be reduced and the ruble. Especially because
demand for the dollar remains high and
the problem of dollar liquidity shortage
– urgent. “

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