Popular methods of cheating Forex brokers

Popular methods of cheating Forex brokers

In this article you will learn how to cheat the traders. Also, in addition, we will discuss how to calculate the “kitchen.”

trader fraud techniques

Kitchen – is a company that underestimates or overestimates the market quotes and trades with their money or client (depending on the specific situation) makes a profit at the expense of loss of traders. You prove it is unlikely to be able, but will be aware of the real cause of his failure.

  • violation specified in advance trading conditions about the size of the spread, its extension (usually at night or on the news). In order to protect yourself – Be sure to install the control light spreads.
  • requotes – a change request quotes prices for the currency in the amount of time between the request (to a deal) and execution.
  • If “Kitchen” He is seeing that the trader will work on the current transaction – it artificially It may break the bond at a terminal (Also with the same you may encounter during the news release). Most often, the connection appears again after a few minutes or after your transaction will close on loss.
    Thus deceived those traders stop loss which put very close to the price.
  • Working with pending orders often use slip method (Order will be executed at a price different from that requested by you), which ultimately threatens the trader loss of his deposit. Take a screenshot of the monitor screen, which all will be captured the moment the price change, you might prove his innocence technical support.

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Camarilla Projection

camarilla Projection

In 1989, during the day trading Nick Scott, a successful trader in bonds, found that the Camarilla equation uses a truism characteristic to define market action, namely the fact that the majority of the time series tend to go back to the mean. In other words, when the market has a large spread between the high and low of the previous day, he seeks to turn around and go back to the previous day’s close. Camarilla Equation uses complex mathematics to deduce 8 levels using only yesterday’s opening price, high, low and close. However, these levels affect its accuracy against day trading even experienced traders who know about the support and resistance levels, reversal, etc.

Input parameters

  • Limit – limiting the number of bars for the calculation
  • Support / Resistance – color lines and text

Camarilla Projection

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YPY EA Amet PRO – innovative multi-trading robot, representing a mutually beneficial symbiosis between the two trading systems Math Catcher and Immortalis (which are combined in the virtual level for more effective trade) and is carried out automatically trade with the real levels of Take profit and Stop loss.

This expert developer adapted for short-term trading under the current market (the last 36 months trading) through regular updates.

Version “PRO” trading robot YPY EA Amet It recommended for multi-currency trading on the following instruments: GBPUSD, EURGBP, AUDUSD, USDCAD, XAUUSD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, AUDCAD. timeframe: M15

This trading system uses a smooth dynamic auction for virtual commerce, but with different restrictions and compulsory closure. it distinguishes by Martingale systems such as the expert will not wait forever rollback prices and will always be to severely restrict losses.

The cost of renting will be periodically increased along with the growth of return on the developer monitoring.

Key features

  1. Fully automated trading;
  2. No need for optimization;
  3. Easy to use, no extra settings;
  4. Protective levels of real and stoploss takeprofit;
  5. Additional protection against abnormal movements of market prices.

Description of the main expert settings

  • TradeMode = Trade / Pausetrade / Stoptrade:
    • Trade – trade regime;
    • Pausetrade – when this mode is enabled shopping complex continues to support already open orders without finding new entry points with a view to progressively complete the trade on the account;
    • Stoptrade – when this mode is enabled shopping mall immediately exits the trade by closing all its orders.
  • AutoMM – system, which automatically calculates the lot on the size of the free equity, taking into account the deposit currency:
    • Extreme / High / Medium / Low / Minimum – levels of risk;
    • OFF – disables the automatic money management, and allows the user to customize the lot size manually using parameter Lot.

Closing Orders expert otherwise prohibited, as well as expert transfer to another terminal without the files it creates in the MQL4 folder Files.

  • VirtualLot – the lot size of the virtual trading (maximum 0.1);
  • MinLeverage – the minimum size of the leverage required for the opening of new orders;
  • MinMarginLevel – the minimum level of account margin percentage required for the opening of new orders;
  • Slippage – the maximum allowable slippage at the opening of the order;
  • GMTOffset – in this parameter for each user needs necessarily set the current shift in hours of your trading server time relative to GMT;
  • MaxDrawdown – the maximum size of the total equity drawdown all of their orders in the currency of the deposit, at which shut down all their orders on all instruments (trade will be automatically restarted on the next trading day).


  • User self-testing, determines the risks and the instruments used for each new version of the expert. It recommended to read the work of expert in the tester terminal and strategies on demo account;
  • trade expert uses the explicit control of the opening bars;
  • It is recommended to always use the most recent version. To update the latest version of the expert’s enough to download and install on your schedule instead of the former, all previously open orders will be accompanied by a new version properly;
  • The expert must be installed separately on each graph tradable instrument;
  • The product does not comply with the rules of FIFO;
  • of trading conditions Requirements:
    • Any broker and any type of accounts;
    • Recommended leverage of 1: 100 or more;
    • limiting the number of simultaneously opened orders on the account not less than 200;
    • Minimum / Recommended Deposit: $ 1,000 / $ 10,000 and above (cents for cent accounts).


IPA Investments LTD – specializes in innovative software development in the field of trading for their own needs, as well as the implementation of corporate objectives.



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Triple Moving Average tfmt5

Triple Moving Average tfmt5

Expert uses three moving averages and open position when all three moving averages slide move in the same direction. After the fast moving average crosses back Advisor comes out of the position. You can select the moving average with fewer bars to catch the short-term trend, or increase the number of bars in the moving averages for long-term trends.

Note:The input values ​​are not optimized default. Test Expert on demo and set the input parameters in accordance with acceptable risk and objectives. Trend-tracking systems are based on long-term probabilities. Although such systems have lower winning performance, profitability comes from the big trends, such systems are limited to losses and profits built up. Testing symbols portfolio showed that the profit trend symbols compensate for small losses and can provide income when other symbols of the trend is not observed.

Inputs and pyramidal system:

Expert enters the market when the fast moving average is outside the average moving average and the average in turn – outside of the slowest moving average. For examples, see the screenshots. If the parameter value Max Units is greater than 1, additional inputs pyramid steps ATR will be used specified in the variable ATR between Pyramids.


Advisor out of the market when the fast moving average crosses back to the middle moving average. Output Closed moving average of the previous bar.

The size and position of the foot:

Expert calculates the position using the method percent volatility (Percent Volatility), which is directly connected with the feet. Stop using the input variables and ATR_Periods Stop_Range_ATR to calculate the ATR, and then multiplies these two values ​​to set foot on the distance from the entry price. Stops are not programmed in the position, but closes the adviser position if the price reaches the stop value. Since through the pyramid system adds additional lots, feet move in line with the last entry price. On the basis of the stop values, and the parameter Risk_Percent account information (tick size, lot size, number of decimal points, etc.) when choosing the size of the distance from the position is used to stop the entry price level in monetary terms as well as the number of lots is considered to you within a specified percentage. This allows you to work equally with each character, price and volatility. As you change the size of the account at the expense of profit or drawdown position size will change according to the change in the account.

Input parameters:

  • Short_MA – the number of bars for building fast simple moving average (fewer bars).
  • Middle_MA – the number of bars for the construction of medium simple moving average.
  • Long_MA – the number of bars for the construction of a slow simple moving average (a larger number of bars).
  • Risk_Percent – risk percentage for each position at the closing of the foot. For example: if a risk percentage should be equal to 2% of the equity, select 2 for this parameter.
  • ATR_Periods – the number of bars to calculate the ATR.
  • Stop_Range_ATR – this value will be multiplied by ATR to determine foot distance from the entry price.
  • Max_Units – the maximum number of positions of inputs (including the first initial input) on the pyramidal system with an increase in profit for the position.
  • ATR_between_Pyramids – this value will be multiplied by ATR and used to calculate when to add the following position in the pyramid. For example: Specify a value of 1.5 the following entry on the pyramid system occurs when the price reaches the entry price plus (1.5 * ATR) for long positions and the input price minus (1.5 * ATR) for short positions.
  • Slippage – allowable slippage when entering a position.
  • Reduction_Percent – value by which to reduce the equity to calculate the position size. For example: during drawdowns can be specified in this parameter 20 and the position size is 20% smaller. sizing function will determine the size of the equity position of 80% from the real values ​​for risk reduction before the end of the drawdown.

Triple Moving Average tfmt5

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Channel Projection

Channel Projection

Fibonacci correction levels – is a term used in the technical analysis relating to the support region (price will not go below) or resistance (the price will not go above). Fibonacci retracement levels of use horizontal lines to indicate areas of support or resistance at the key Fibonacci levels, after which the trend will continue in the original direction. To create these levels first trend line is constructed between the maximum and minimum points, and then the vertical distance divided by key values ​​Fibonacci 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8% and 100%.

Fibonacci correction – a very popular tool among many traders use technical analysis, the ability to identify strategic places for trade opening, installation level take-profit and stop-loss. correction term is used in many indicators, such as levels of Tyrone, Gartley patterns, Elliott Wave Theory, and more. After a significant price movement up or down, the new support and resistance levels are often found on these lines or near them.

Input parameters

  • Limit – limiting the number of bars for the calculation
  • AlertON – enable alerts
  • Times – It shows the projection of the time
  • CLR – change the color of the lines

Channel Projection

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Oil prices are at previous level

Oil prices are at the previous level

oil prices stabilized on Wednesday as investors awaited news from Vienna, where OPEC and other exporting countries members discussed the likelihood of extending the raw material production rate in the first quarter of next year.

Crude oil brand Brent LCOc1 rose 10 cents a barrel to $ 54.25. US crude CLc1 was flat at $ 51.47.

Both brands sroy oil gained more than 10% of the May lows, which reached less than $ 50 per barrel, up by consensus that the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and other producers will maintain strict limits on oil production in an effort to stop global overproduction.

OPEC has promised to cut supply by 1.8 million barrels per day until June of this year, and is expected to decide on Thursday to extend the reduction to nine months.

"It may be three, six or nine months"- quoted by the Iranian news agency the words spoken by Iranian Oil Minister, Bijan Zanganeh

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BONDS Regions of Russian Federation in hurry

BONDS: Regions of the Russian Federation in a hurry to the market, `heated&# 39; surplus

Several regions of the Russian Federation have announced plans to enter the bond market before the summer lull, deciding under the conditions of excess liquidity in the market does not wait for a possible reduction of the cost of the Bank of Russia loans in mid-June.

“The market is now warmed up, – said on the phone the deputy chief of earnings management and the government debt of the Volgograd Region Marina Kopaneva. – The market did not immediately react to the decision of the Central Bank to change the key rate. A couple of weeks is nothing to give. “

Russian bond rates falling on the background of monetary easing policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the surplus liquidity in the banking sector. The yield on bonds of the Moscow region fell by more than 100 basis points, reaching a low of 8.50 percent since the location in November.

Earlier this week, Yaroslavl region held a placement of 10-year bonds for 7.5 billion rubles, and the authorities of the Volgograd region on Friday to hold an auction of bonds by 10 billion rubles. Samara and Belgorod regions in June, also intend to raise funds on the market.

“Regions that are allowed to fiscal rules seek to take advantage of excess liquidity in the bond market and the continuing demand for paper to replace the bonds more expensive to service bank loans to finance projects in the conditions when the Ministry of Finance stingy on funding because of the budget deficit,” – wrote email CEO of Sputnik AM Alexander Losev.

See also: Central Bank: inflation expectations in May fell to 10.3% from 11% in April.

  • “The moment is now good, but we believe that the key rate will be reduced, and the yield will be lower, because inflation is already in the region of 4 per cent, so the later one could take and cheaper” – said on the phone the portfolio manager of the Criminal Code “Alfa Capital” Eugene Zhornist
    • "It is important that the trend continues and the key rate will come to 6.5-7%"
  • coupon benchmark 7-year amortization bonds of Volgograd region at auction June 2 is 9.2-9.5 per cent per annum, the placement volume – 10 billion rubles
  • Samara region will offer on June 9 auction of 7-year depreciation of 10 billion rubles bonds
    • Benchmark rate of the 1st coupon: 8.4-8.6 per cent per annum
    • Possible reduction in the key rate would not allow the Samara Region to raise funds more cheaply because it is already priced in; if the Central Bank keep rates may start correction: Deputy Finance Minister Elena control Zyabkina email
  • Belgorod region June 20 will begin placement of 7-year depreciation of bonds is 4 billion rubles
  • According to the median forecast of analysts and economists surveyed by Bloomberg, the CBR will reduce the rate on June 16 by 25 basis points to 9 per cent per annum

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