CBR can to support initiative for release of

CBR can to support the initiative for the release of the banks with the base license from the IFRS reporting

The Bank of Russia is ready to consider the release of the banks with the base license from the statements according to international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and can support him. This was stated by the head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Elvira Nabiullina at a meeting of the Association of Banks “Russia”.

“We are ready to consider this issue. If we see that for counterparty banks with a base license this reporting (IFRS – Ed.). Is not of interest, the regulator has its opportunity to receive information about the status of these banks – then we can support this initiative, “- she said, adding that the proposal requires detailed consideration.

Since 2018 the Central Bank will introduce a proportional control of the banking sector. In particular, it provides for the creation of two-tier banking system in Russia: banks with a universal license (minimum capital requirements in the amount of 1 billion rubles) and banks with a base license (the minimum amount of own funds amount to 300 million rubles).

Banks with a universal license will be able to carry out a full range of banking operations and will need to comply with the full list of regulatory requirements. For credit institutions with the basic license will apply simplified regulation, they will not be able to conduct operations with foreign legal entities, foreign entities which are not legal entities under international law, as well as foreign individuals.

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Omega Scalping System Trend Histogram

Omega Scalping System Trend Histogram

The indicator is a complex four-way histogram. Opening position in a predetermined direction may coincide with primary colors of all pixels vertically. The color point is fixed after the close of the current bar and is not redrawn. The initial parameters are set for M15 timeframe. I recommend to use in conjunction with other indicators system “Omega”.


  • Maximum bars to calc – calculating the number of bars indicator (to save PC resources)
  • 1st ind period – period calculating a first indicator
  • 1st ind smoothing period – first indicator smoothing period
  • 1st ind smoothing method – method of smoothing the first indicator
  • 2nd ind period1 – second calculation period indicator
  • 2nd ind period2 – second calculation period indicator
  • 2nd ind price1 – Price used the second indicator
  • 2nd ind price2 – Price used the second indicator
  • 2nd ind mul – second coefficient indicator
  • 2nd ind calc mode – calculating a second mode indicator
  • 3rd ind period1 – third calculation period indicator
  • 3rd ind period2 – third calculation period indicator
  • 3rd ind period3 – third calculation period indicator
  • 3rd ind period4 – third calculation period indicator
  • 3rd ind price1 – Price used the third indicator
  • 3rd ind price2 – Price used the third indicator
  • 3rd ind price3 – Price used the third indicator
  • 3rd ind price4 – Price used the third indicator
  • 3rd ind mode – mode of calculation of the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing1 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing2 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing3 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing4 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing5 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing6 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind mul1 – third coefficient indicator
  • 3rd ind mul2 – third coefficient indicator
  • 4th ind period1 – fourth calculation period indicator
  • 4th ind period2 – fourth calculation period indicator
  • 4th ind smoothing – the fourth indicator smoothing method
  • 4th ind price – used the fourth indicator price
  • Arrows up symbol code – character code histogram up
  • Arrows down symbol code – character histogram down code

Omega Scalping System Trend Histogram

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Market in Russia is growing despite fall in world

The market in Russia is growing, despite the fall in world stock exchanges

Trading on the Russian stock market opened higher on Friday, and 10:15 MSK MICEX index rose to 1341.11 points (+ 0.57%), the RTS rose to 1160.04 points (+ 0.18%). It rose sharply in the stock price of Russian producers of meat and dairy products and fish.
In the market today dominates the positive yesterday, which will open up the growth of the Russian stock exchange, despite the drop in prices in the Asian markets, the US and Europe.
The leaders of growth stocks of food group "Cherkizovo" (+ 8.29%), food retailer "Dixie" (+ 1.56%), a pharmaceutical company "Pharmstandard" (+ 0.99%), operator "MTS" (+ 0.92%).

Also rising share prices of domestic food producers and fish that gain a competitive advantage from the prohibition of imports of meat, milk and fish. In particular, increasing the company’s shares "Russian sea" (+ 35.6%), groups "Razguliay" (+ 32.9%), meat processing plant Ostankinsky (+ 18.5%) "Glavtorgprodukta" (+ 30%).
In the largest decline the stock today "Mechel" (-10,54%), Polymetal (-3,87%), "Megaphone" (-3.14%) "Bashneft" (-2.99%), ROS "System" (-2.46%).
Speculators on the Russian market on the eve caught the mood and evaluated the statements of politicians and EU farmers in response to the Government of the Russian Federation published the sanctions list of products that are prohibited from being imported into the Russian Federation.
Since the publication of the list of the Russian stock indices have fallen by 1.5-2% on Thursday, but in the afternoon the situation has stabilized, and prices of Russian stocks began to grow.

The closing index levels have kept the previous trading day: MICEX lost symbolic 0,08%, RTS has lost a little more – 0.25%.
The leaders of growth on Thursday were shares of Polymetal (+ 4,69%), AFK "System" (+ 3.4%) "Bashneft" (+ 2.59%) "PEAK" (+ 2.51%) "Rusal" (+ 2.38%). The leaders of the fall were shares "Mechel" (-7.4%), retailer "Magnet" (-5.18%) "Surgutneftegaz" (-2.98%).
As it turned out, the EU and the United States were not ready to the Russian ban on the products, exports of which are very important for the EU and US economies. Hardest hit EU farmers, which even require the EU authorities to compensate for the loss.
Statements by representatives of the EU and the United States remain fragmented and confused. In this case, the Russian authorities have submitted consolidated program of support and development of agricultural production in Russia, which in such circumstances to get a good chance to take the market and increase supply in the absence of competitors.
Oil prices began a rapid growth after the US decision airstrikes on positions of anti-government forces in Iraq, which ranks second in terms of production among the oil producing countries of OPEC.

Today, as of 10:30 MSK, world oil prices have risen sharply by about $ 1 on the stock exchanges in London and New York.
Gold prices continue to rise for a third day. The trend in the decline was replaced by a rising trend: on Wednesday was an increase of 1.44%, yesterday – by 0.39%. Today, the price of gold rose by 0.56%.
Players are seeing an increase of geopolitical risks (in Iraq, Ukraine) and increasing uncertainty in the markets and in such circumstances usually pay money in safer assets – gold and US government bonds, the yield on which is reduced in the last few days with this demand.

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Fast Copy MT5 demo

Fast Copy MT5 demo

Fast Copy MT5 It allows you to copy transactions between different accounts in the MetaTrader 5 (netting) (hedge) and MetaTrader 4 in any direction and amount, as quickly and easily (no loading system).

MT4> MT5 MT4> MT4 MT5> MT5 MT5> MT4

Fast Copy MT5 demo – is intended to familiarize with the program has limited functionality.

Familiarize yourself with the program functions as well as download the full version without limitations, you can on the link below:

Fast Copy MT4https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/18932
Fast Copy MT5 – https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/18920

Fast Copy MT5 demo


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Ministry of Finance will buy shares of VTB and

The Ministry of Finance will buy the shares of VTB and Rosselkhozbank 239 billion

Ministry of Finance
Russia plans to spend on VTB and
Rosselkhozbank 239 billion rubles.
The funds will be used to increase
capital of credit institutions
first level.

The Ministry of Finance will buy shares
VTB and Rosselkhozbank to 239.04 billion
rubles. For the purchase of shares directed
NWF returned after
these credit institutions execution
as well as of "Bank of Moscow" and VTB 24
obligations to repay the subordinated
credits (loans) to Vnesheconombank
RIA Novosti reported with reference to the report

Previously, loans were
granted in accordance with the law
"On additional measures to support the
Russian financial system".

Shares are not involved
on the open market and are not part of
any stock indices, because
that the share issue will take place
first. Because of this, in the documents are not
subject to the requirements for the inclusion of
shares of legal entities in the quotation
a list of at least one stock exchange
and lists of securities used
for the calculation of stock index – RTS

Recall the two banks –
VTB and Rosselkhozbank – fell in July
under the EU sanctions and the United States that prohibit
medium- and long-term organizations
financing in these countries.

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System of technical analysis

The system of technical analysis


Technical analysis system developed in 2 clicks:

To do this, use the tool 2 = our profile = and = inblog with the plugin * print * =

In graph 2 clicks analyzed dispatch = in profile and then a = = = inblog

thereby spending a minimum of time on technical analysis!

Very comfortably!

* Ideally -ischu way to the online broadcast schedules, even without me ,,

but as long as this option is the most convenient

I wish you success ! With you, Victor

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8 Things that have forgotten to tell presentation

8 things that have forgotten to tell the presentation of Apple Watch and iPhone 6

during yesterday
Apple two-hour presentation
managed to fit a lot of information,
but still to Apple executives there are still a lot of questions.
Introducing eight things that are
Tim Kuk still has to shed some light.

8 Things that have forgotten to tell presentation

Key details
Apple Watch.
Apple executives detail
It described the design and features
Software of this watch,
however, some crucial details
It remained unclear. First, we
We do not know when exactly they go. “AT
this is the only – the beginning of next year ”
bone, which we threw. Apple
He says that the watch will be produced
in two sizes – 38 mm and
42 mm, but no one tells us about their
thickness or weight. We know that the device
It will use a combination of cool
inductive charging with magnetic plug
(Like the MacBook), but the main
we do not know – how long will
enough of this charge, and this is – a factor
great importance.

8 Things that have forgotten to tell presentation

Apple TV: at
rumors circulated about the two for many years
new category of Apple products,
which could mark
the beginning of the era of the Cook in the company. products
the – clock and TV. We got
hours, but not the TV! The only thing
mention of this was a postscript,
when Cook mentioned how he likes
control Apple TV box using
his watch. Nice little tease
but the complete absence of demonstration

8 Things that have forgotten to tell presentation

Apple spent $ 114 million
a factory for production in Arizona
synthetic sapphire (very durable
type of glass). Considering how many
this glass will be available
corporations, some analysts expected.
That Apple will use
material in each new product. At the
while the new iPhone
really is the “lid
lenses sapphire “on
cameras, still the screen is made of
“Glass reinforced ion-beam treatment”
said Phil Schiller, senior vice president,
International Marketing Apple.
This means that dropping your
brand new iPhone on the concrete floor, you still
still run the risk of becoming a person who
It will have five years to repay the loan for the
the thing that he does not have.

But Apple
Watch do have a crystal
sapphire screen and “Ceramic
Sapphire lenses coating “on the reverse
side for heart rate sensors

8 Things that have forgotten to tell presentation

“Vso_prekrasno” -part.
Skipping the official part of the event
– it’s not always a bad thing. For example, Cook,
presenting new Apple products,
I missed a universal resume,
which should have been in the beginning.
This is the very thing which tells about
how many phones sold, what new
Stores were opened and other zamylivat
Eye charts and graphs. Before
go to product demonstrations, Cook
briefly said. “Everything is fine” Excellent,

8 Things that have forgotten to tell presentation

Probably the biggest news in
Apple-Land in the past
time was hacking accounts Jennifer
Lawrence and other celebrities in the iCloud.
The timing of this was, of course,
far from ideal from the point of view
Apple’s reputation. Company
He has promised to strengthen security mechanisms
iCloud, however this can
be enough. However, Eddi Kyu,
which manages the software
Apple, took quite a lot of
time talking about the safety of the system
Apple Pay (basic meaning
protection – that the financial information
It is not stored in the cloud system, and
the device, and securely guarded
print master finger). And even if the
not take into account iCloud, past
scandal could damage health
Apple application that
It involves downloading personal information
very intimate.

8 Things that have forgotten to tell presentation

iBeacon. how
Only Apple has begun to talk
Work with retailers, banks and other
companies on the platform Apple Pay, it
time to turn to iBeacon. Wireless
Apple technology is developed
in its own stores and encourages
Other retailers use
technology that smartphone owners
You could receive coupons or other things,
sent to their phone. It is yet
practically does not work. Mobile
payments could ensure the development of
iBeacon, but the presentation
It did not have a single mention
about the technology.

8 Things that have forgotten to tell presentation

iPad: sale
“Pills” are affected, and provided
iPhone c large screen
You could make the deal even worse.
Of course, you can think of a lot of data,
to show why the iPad for business
more important than the iPhone. but
to buy a new iPad (including
a new 12.9-inch model), you have to
to wait until early next year.

8 Things that have forgotten to tell presentation

It seems, Apple buried
his famous offspring. The company went
far ahead compared to the time
10 years ago. Today on iTunes, you can download free U2 album,
presented by the clock may play
many different other songs. But
iPod cryptic name
way has not been uttered
once. It’s a shame. Because the original
AppleWatch – it actually
the same iPod Nano. Oh well,
watch – even more basic, though
its quite attractive
retro charisma. The only official
about the iPod news came
today, after all the official
presentations, and she says that Apple
stops the release of iPod
Classic. Well, RIP. scroll
this wheel – and look forward to what will happen next.

Mark Milian, Marketwatch columnist. Translation – Odillia.

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