Largest market in world has fallen and you did

The largest market in the world has fallen, and you did not even notice!

would the animals were shares – the market is now
I would have failed. The diagram below,
shows the change in the index, which
It monitors the global population
animals in the long term –
by analogy, for example, the index S P
500. Global Life Index Planets
which released an updated release
this week, the World Wildlife Fund
(WWF), to monitor the size
3038 species of reptiles, birds, mammals,
amphibians and fish.

To tell,
Life shows that the index is low
the results mean much to downplay
scale of the tragedy. More than half of the species
vertebrates lost planet
between 1970 and 2010 (in the
same period almost doubled
the world’s population). Diagram
begins with the level at which
was the diversity of vertebrate species in

Largest market in world has fallen and you did

index shows a decrease of 52% between
1970 and 2010. Trends were built on
10380 populations of 3038 vertebrate species
animals. The white line shows the value
index and shaded areas –
95% -s’ confidence limits. On the y-axis of the unit adopted the level in 1970. A source:
WWF, 2014.

This chart is becoming more
I understood, and its construction is more familiar
financial analysts than defenders
environment. Post research
group has no relation to the minimal
economy than to the environment: not only
that animal populations are
a valuable natural system, so more
and in many cases they are
sell products (e.g.,
free-living fish).

than two human generations
the number of vertebrate animals
halfway down “, – says CEO
WWF Director Marco Lambertini.
– “We ignore this fact, but it has
great danger to ourselves! “.

people receive from natural resources
more than the Earth can provide
– most recently, just two months
ago, humanity crossed the line
consumption, which replenishment
energy, resource and food
base naturally no longer possible
– resources market has crashed! The corresponding diagram is – below.

Largest market in world has fallen and you did

This diagram is called "Humanity consumes more than the Earth can provide". The abscissa years. The vertical axis – the number of the planet Earth, which is required to ensure a painless consumption. Green Zone – a natural "chelovekoemkost" Earth. Red line – consumption (or anthropogenic load). Source: WWF, 2014.

meet the modern requirements,
which mankind makes today
natural resources, we need more than one Land,
and approximately one and a half. And that is not all:
if all people in the world would be the same
lifestyle, like a typical American,
ensure that all needs could
not less than 3.9 of our planet.

Last week, many referred to the
alarms received from Barack
Obama on climate change. TO
Unfortunately, according to WWF reports
climate change effects only
even begin to be felt. A loss
the past four decades are explained
very different reasons.

drivers extinction of wildlife: 37%
provides operation (e.g.,
overfishing, “overfished”)
31% reduction in species diversity
“Satisfied” habitat degradation,
and home to 13% of species had been destroyed as a
fact. Global warming is responsible
in only 7.1% of the current reduction
species biodiversity, and especially
all this species sensitive to climate
(E.g., tropical amphibians).
Hardest hit biodiversity
in Latin America – and no wonder, when
present a pace of destruction of tropical

sustainable socio-economic
of people do not develop
production and produce more oil.
It is necessary to pay more attention to resources,
otherwise our descendants will simply
nowhere to live. And now, today
life on earth – is, unfortunately, not
“Bull” market.

Tom Randall, environmental columnist, columnist for Bloomberg. Translation – MilkySun.

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Bugs in new law will make all of us to Travel

Bugs in the new law will make all of us to Travel Abroad

a bill that personal
Russian data should be stored on
servers in Russia, strongly
underfulfilled, says Russian
Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev.
Remind Putin signed a law that
required to keep data centers at
the Russian Federation personal data
Russians treated the Internet any
resource and any program.

The fact is that
if you accept it in its current form –
problems will not be just a lot, but very
a lot of. Rather, if you sit at home and do
does not stick out – then no problems
absolutely. In all other cases, you
still have to sit at home and do
keep a low profile. Technically
view after the adoption of the law a ban
It gets a very large category of habitual
citizens activities. try them

ban iPhones:
Of course, products
Apple directly prohibited
will not be. However, the cloud systems
data storage, including iCloud,
are already in a precarious legal
Status: hardly anyone from the leadership
Apple comes to mind
move the server in Russia.

Obtaining visas.
The Schengen zone, United Kingdom, USA –
all these and other states in which
It requires a visa anyway
collect, process and store data
Russians applying for a visa.
Data storage systems are organized
not on the servers at the embassy:
it is a more complex system. Therefore,
in fact, after the law
receiving and processing documents
visa from the embassy will
illegal activity, and therefore,
visas and we can not see, and relax at the resorts
Krasnodar region and in the Crimea, and not
our scientists to work in Europe
universities, and in general, it is necessary to house

Internet shops.
This is a separate category of activity,
which can be pretty darn reasonable:
not so rare was the situation when
Russian boutiques sold from 1000% strength
premium items ordered on eBay
or on Aliexpress. From the moment
adoption of the “bench” of the law will close:
not everyone wants to shop online
contact with the separation information
servers and institution for Russia
separate “rooms”.

tickets and hotels outside of Russia
When planning independent
Travel can not do without armor air-
and r / w tickets, without the booking of hotels and for
this necessarily share their
data. In this case, you do not think that
every small Italian or
English otelchik on the beach
lead his on a server somewhere in
Tambov region?

Export of Russian brides
the border is finally over, and have
support Russian manufacturer.
As well as keep on gourmet websites
their personal pages with the aim of overtones
they are now the motherland can only be
in the presence of the bourgeoisie Russian
servers, and it’s not every bourgeois can

Farewell, free calls to other
city ​​and country. Goodbye, convenient and
reliable, secure information
service. If the law is adopted in the present
edition, Skype among
First get a harsh legislative
a kick in the direction of our country’s borders.

But not so
bad, and the “Great Russian Wall”
speak still early. well
it is possible that the newly formed
expert advice on communication technologies
Russian deputies to denounce all
the pros and cons of the new law and will
make the necessary changes
so as to satisfy all parties

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Complete Pending Orders N Grid System MT5

Complete Pending Orders N Grid System MT5

Complete Pending Orders Grid System opens any combination of pending orders Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy
Limit and Sell Limit and closes all existing pending orders. Just drag the script to schedule the required currency pair.

Before you install all pending orders window opens enter the input parameters:

  • DeleteAllPendings – if true, all pending orders (for this currency) are removed.
  • BuyStop – when true open warrant Buy Stop.
  • SellStop – when true open order Sell Stop.
  • BuyLimit – when true open warrant Buy Limit.
  • SellLimit – when true open order Sell Limit.
  • InitLot – the initial auction.
  • LotCoeff – at a value of 1, all pending orders have the same size lots.
  • InitStep – the difference between two consecutive orders in points.
  • StepCoeff – a step coefficient.
  • NumOfOrders – the number of orders.
  • Slippage – allowable slippage.
  • MagicNum – the magic number.


  • When DeleteAllPendings = true script deletes the existing pending orders for the current currency pair.
  • Do not forget to allow automated trading on the “Expert Advisors” tab ( “Tools” ->”Settings”).

Complete Pending Orders N Grid System MT5

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In Venezuela wants to create unified system of

In Venezuela, wants to create a unified system of three exchange markets

yesterday President
Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro announced that
The country has created a single currency system,
which will consist of three exchange
markets for the different needs of the state
and individuals, including the will

According to him,
The official dollar rate still
It will be held at the level of 6.3 bolivar,
that is calculated for food
and health services. But now
will still function system
Sicad-1, intended for the purchase of currency
importers at a reduced rate.

Sicad-2 system, where the application for purchase
currency could do all the physical
person actually converted to the exchange.
“This is a new system in the auction
which may involve both
public and private sector,
it will work through the system
public and private exchanges “, –
Maduro said, speaking in front of Parliament.

The president
added that the presence and work of three
currency markets will be in Venezuela
a temporary solution until you improve
The situation with the country’s economy.

In the last 10
years, the country has strict limits
the purchase and sale of foreign currency by physical
and legal entities. Free exchange bolivars
and get dollars at the official
the course was an individual is impossible,
and legal persons had
use a complex system of purchase
currency auctions. official exchange rate
dollar at the same time dozens of times different
of course on the black market.

A pair of VEF / USD
(Venezuelan bolivar / US
USD), according to,
It is trading at 0.2327 to the October 6

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Chinese government indicates Alibaba where she

The Chinese government indicates Alibaba, where she belongs

the government announced the commission,
that is experiencing a crisis of confidence in Alibaba
Group Holding Ltd. This is due to the inability of
Control shady sellers of counterfeit
products, bribery and introducing
errors in selling shares on the sites,
controlled by Alibaba.

unfriendly Report of the State
Committee on Industry and Trade
accused Alibaba that
Corporation allows sellers
act without the necessary licenses,
run unauthorized trading
point that copy products
famous brands and sell counterfeit goods.
Alibaba employees accused
that regularly took bribes, and
e-commerce giant is not corrected
systematically manifest shortcomings
in customer feedback.

in the report
said: “For a long time
Alibaba does not pay enough
attention to their illegal operations
platforms, not solve problems efficiently.
Alibaba is not only facing
with the most serious crisis of confidence with
Since its inception, it also
negative impact on other
Internet operators who are trying
work legally. ”

Bob Kristi,
Alibaba representative, said,
that the company could not immediately
to comment on the allegations. On
meeting with Chinese officials in July
company representatives acknowledged that
on existing technical platform
problems and promised to strengthen the activities
control and improve cooperation with
regulatory authorities.

Until now report
not published: may he long
silenced, so as not to have a negative
impact on the Alibaba IPO, the past
in September and which attracted a record 25

Kong Arete Research Service LLP,
Li Mu Zhi, in a telephone interview
Bloomberg agency said:
“Now the Commission is teaching Alibaba
lesson and show us where it is
a place. Probably, many Chinese
government agencies are now not very happy
high status of Jack Ma, his initiatives
in the financial sector, and most importantly –
growing influence in the retail sector
trade. ”

Last week, Dzhek Ma said in the press,
that Alibaba will provide
authorities about their users data
systems only if there is
investigation of serious crimes
– such as terrorism. “In other
cases, we do not provide information,
in accordance with our guarantees and
user agreement “, –
said Alibaba founder in

Now the largest
technology company operating in China
to improve its reputation on
West. For example, for work on
international platform markets
carefully banished fake: in front
the IPO has been removed
9,000,000 commodity items that violated
intellectual property rights.

In December,
Alibaba reported that
to block counterfeit goods
It was spent for two years already $
160.7 million.

Chinese authorities deny this
information and say that trade
Alibaba platform is still
booming sales of counterfeit goods:
counterfeit cigarettes and alcohol, objects,
threatening public security
(E.g., knife).

the number of sellers, “for example, has no license TaoBao
for the sale of goods. Fake deals
cheat and false negative rating
Comment Spam also cause
questions from the Commission.

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Problem in US market mysterious phenomenon bonds

The problem in the US market: the mysterious phenomenon bonds returned

It seems that investors are not
can get enough American
government bonds. Despite the fact that the head
Fed Janet Yellen hinted strongly
Last week, the regulator can
to raise interest rates in June,
Investors went out and bought more
bonds. The yield on 10-year Treasury
bonds, which was
at the level of 2.11% last week, fell
to 1.94% during the press conference Yellen
on Wednesday. And it still varies
around these levels. Typically, the yield
Bonds has always lowered when prices

But here’s the problem: the situation
the market should be fully
the opposite – when the Fed increases
rates, bond yields should
go up. Alan Greenspan once
I dubbed this "mystery". He was
concerned about this 10 years ago, because
that complicating the Fed’s job.

Former Fed chief
used this word in February 2005,
to describe the fact that the long-term
Treasuries lost yield,
Although the Fed raised short-term rates.

Current chairman
Yellen Federal Reserve System
I have not yet spoken about this “enigma”
bonds. But you’d be surprised if she does not think about it. The fact is that usually
raising rates on short-term
loans made to
keep the economy and financial markets
from overheating. The yield on 10-year-olds
government bonds is an important reference
point for consumers and investors.
It also affects the rates on mortgage

many financial
experts believe that the long-term
interest rates were too low
long – they say it is from the middle
2000s. In their view, low rates
helped to create a bubble in the market
property, which led to a great
failures in the sector, and the Great Recession
major crisis credit sector.
Of course, Yellen would like to avoid such
terrible consequences.

But low yields
long-term bonds are often
a sign of economic weakness. If
The Fed wants to raise interest rates,
when the market is concerned about the slowdown
economy, it can once again become
problem. Simply put, the bond market
The Fed seems to be saying that the economy is still
not strong enough to adequately
to respond to the increase in rates –
even the smallest.

And another warning
by CNN-Money: Yellen may
"speak" a higher yield
bonds than it actually is. This
trick often used Greenspan. After
his mention of the “puzzle” of bonds
in 2005, the yield on 10-year bonds
It grew from about 4% to 4.7% for
a few weeks.

The Fed is still there
$ 4.5 trillion on its books. Despite
that the Fed is no longer buying new
bonds, it still reinvests
principal payments on bonds. Yellen
again said last week that
The Fed will continue to reinvest in the market
bonds, until he feels that
“Economic conditions are sufficiently
appropriate to start raising
rate. ”

Of course, worry about
many bonds – even among foreign
customers – in particular, China and
Japan – there is a large volume of Treasury
US bonds as the market
The US is still considered the safest
market in the world to invest their money. In addition, bonds
become even more attractive
now, when Europe began their ransom
The program of quantitative
easing (like the one held
Fed up of the previous year). profitability
European bonds even lower than the
rates on US debt securities. but this
mystery can not last indefinitely.
Sooner or later, the bond market or
The Fed itself will signal that
it’s time to change something.

If the 10-year bond
stay at such a low level when
The Fed will start tightening monetary
policy, there is a risk that short-term
interest rates will be higher than the long-term
interest rates. This phenomenon economists
called inverted yield curve.
And it’s not very good – it happens
before every recession in the last 50

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Volume POC

Volume POC

Indicator Volume POC It displays important levels. You can use it as an independent trading system.

The notification feature at the closing of the candle allows you to get some idea of ​​the direction of the market.

Graphical display is simple and effective. Levels are displayed on the analysis of the history of the market volume.

These levels are reliable entry points and support and resistance levels.

The indicator can be used on very short timeframes. It is suitable for those who commit short-term operation.

However, the recommended timeframes D1, W1 and MN.

When used properly, you can easily find the key price levels.

Input parameters

  • TimeFrame – analyzed period
  • 0 = Open / Close, 1 = High / Low (buffer status)
  • Sound and popup setup – the sound settings and pop-ups (ON / OFF, wav)

Volume POC


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