CloseAndDeleteAll Pro

CloseAndDeleteAll Pro

script CloseAndDeleteAll Pro It designed to close all trades and delete all pending orders for the selected symbol.

Just drag it to the chart, and it is:

  • Sort the transaction to reduce the lot (the first will be closed the biggest deal);
  • Sort the order of the distance from the current price (at first will be deleted most neighbors orders);
  • Enables TradeBooster for the speedy dispatch of all trade orders (only if you use it);
  • Make sure that all transactions are closed, the order removed, and exits.

The script is free and fully functional, even if you do not use TradeBooster.
CloseAndDeleteAll Pro

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Divergent Averaging

Divergent Averaging

adviser Divergent Averaging (Version MT5) Divergent is composed of counselor and averaging module. As an input signal for the first use of the divergence peaks MACD indicator and peaks generated. Signal for the averaging of transactions is the presence of volatile bar towards the loss.


  • It can run on any timeframes and tools
  • The calculation of risk per trade for all currency account and tools
  • 8 position control modes
  • Flexible adjustment of the operating time
  • Works both in single-player mode, as well as in averaging mode
  • The clever system for calculating averaging lots

Recommendations when using averaging module

  • Use a separate account
  • Choose an account with maximum leverage and a minimum level of StopOut
  • The decrease in profit target increases survivability account

Attention! When working with the maximum loss is calculated by averaging up to StopOut level. Keep this in mind in the work and use only the amount you can afford to lose


Working hours

  • Single hour mode – The operating mode in one fixed hour. Designed for expert optimization and analysis of the individual results of each hour. To optimize the set from 0 to 23 in increments of 1
  • Hour range mode – mode of operation in the time interval. Initial h is always less than the final
  • Custom hours mode – Mode of operation for individual hours from the list. For every single hour it is possible to set the key parameter Min distance. Parameter string format: 5/7; 6/8; 11/10; 12/09, wherein hour / Min distance; hour / Min distance

trading logic

  • Fast EMA – The period of the fast moving average indicator MACD
  • Slow EMA – The period of the slow moving average of the indicator MACD
  • Type price MACD
  • Min time between macd peaks – The minimum time between the MACD peaks in the model (see. Screenshots)
  • Max time between macd peaks – The maximum time the entire model
  • Min distance between chart peaks – The minimum distance between the peaks on the graph (see. Screenshots)
  • Slippage
  • Spread filter – Transactions can not be opened if the current exceeds a predetermined value spread

Risks and position control

  • Risk per trade – Risk per trade. It depends on the predetermined StopLoss. If 0, the use of a fixed volume value Volume. It is used only in single-player mode
  • Volume – The total volume of positions. Ignored if set Risk per trade or Target first trade
  • Equity step – Step binding agents to the volume. It can only be used with a fixed volume
  • TakeProfit1 – Take Profit of the first part of the position. Position is divided into 2 equal parts. Rounding in favor of the first part
  • TakeProfit2 – Take Profit of the second position
  • StopLoss – Total Stop Loss position. Ignored if enabled averaging mode
  • Trailing Stop – Meaning Treyling stop. Treyling stop is implemented as a terminal
  • breakeven level – The distance in points, after which the stack is transferred to breakeven
  • Breakeven and Trailing mode – Selecting the position control mode. When working with averaging is controlled by only the first transaction

position control modes

  • 0 – 1 order with TP1, Trailing – No, Breakeven – No
  • 1 – 1 order with TP1, Trailing – Yes
  • 2 – 1 order with TP1, Breakeven – Yes
  • 3 – 1 order with TP1, Trailing – Yes, Breakeven – Yes
  • 4 – 2 orders, BreakEven – No, Trailing – No
  • 5 – 2 orders, Breakeven – Yes for 2 orders
  • 6 – 2 orders, Trailing – Yes for 2 orders
  • 7 – 2 orders, Trailing for second order after first TP

averaging module

  • Averaging mode – Enable or disable the module
  • Bar volatility for averaging – Volatility bar signal to averaging (see. screenshots)
  • Target TP next – The purpose of averaging points in order for the total profit
  • Target first trade – The goal in% for the first deal of the divergence. It is calculated only when both parameters are set: TakeProfit1 and TakeProfit2. If 0, the use of a fixed volume value Volume
  • Target next trades – The goal in% for profit after averaging
  • Averaging distance – Minimum distance, after which begin to open averaging transaction (see. Screenshots)
  • Final SL – stop size in points by averaging the last position. Stop is on account StopOut level (see. Screenshots)

other options

  • Joint use – Sharing. If true, the transaction advisor to open regardless of whether there are more open positions. If false, the transaction advisor is only open when there are no other open positions
  • Trace trades – Trace transactions in the chart
  • Start magic for orders – Unique identifiers for orders opened advisor. Is increased by 1 on each transaction cycle

Divergent Averaging

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European markets rise on speculation

European markets rise on speculation

On Tuesday the European markets noted the rise, as growing
speculation about additional measures easing by
European Central Bank continues to support the European

During European morning trade, DJ Euro Stoxx 50 rose 0.37%, France’s CAC 40 rose by 0.39%, while Germany’s DAX rose 0.89%.

data showed last week that the euro zone economy stagnated in
the second quarter, prompting fears that the recovery in the region is losing

The weak data increased pressure on the European Central
Bank on the implementation of recent measures to strengthen growth after
rates were lowered to its lowest level in June.

Financial stocks have noted the rise as French lenders BNP Paribas (PARIS: BNPP) and Societe Generale (PARIS: SOGN) gained 0.41% and 0.55%, while German Deutsche Bank (XETRA: DBKGn) rose to 0 40%.

Among the peripheral creditors Italian Intesa Sanpaolo (MILAN: ISP) and Unicredit (MILAN: CRDI) increased by 0.42% and 0.67%, respectively, while Spanish BBVA (MADRID: BBVA) and Banco Santander (MADRID: SAN ) rose by 0.19% and 0.51%.

Shares A.P. Moeller Maersk (OTC: AMKAF) jumped 4.09% after the Danish company raised its forecast for full-year profit.

Shares of Thyssenkrupp (XETRA: TKAG) rose 0.25% amid reports that German conglomerate plans to sell some of its businesses.

London’s FTSE 100 rose 0.44%, supported by shares of Tobacco (LONDON: IMT),
higher by 1.82% after the company reported a drop
nine-month net revenue, which fell short of forecasts,
by improving European market.

Mining companies also rose markedly. Stocks Rio Tinto (LONDON: RIO) rose to 0.48%, shares Glencore Xstrata (LONDON: GLEN) increased by 0.60%, whereas the action Vedanta Resources (LONDON: VED) rose by 1.17%.

Stocks Bhp Billiton (LONDON: BLT),
by contrast, fell sharply to 2.88% after the mining giant
He said it plans to separate the company, which will include
assets from aluminum smelters to South African power
plants, to simplify its operations.

The financial sector significantly increased. Shares of Lloyds Banking (LONDON: LLOY) rose by 0.58%, shares of Barclays (LONDON: BARC) rose 1.05%, while shares of Royal Bank of Scotland (LONDON: RBS) jumped 1.48%. Stocks HSBC Holdings (LONDON: HSBA) unchanged, decreasing by 0.01%.

In the US, equity markets pointed to a higher open. Futures on Dow 30 shows a 0.32% increase, futures on S P 500 signals the rise of 0.26%, a ?? while futures Nasdaq 100 indicates an increase of 0.27%.

Today in the US there are reports about the issued building permits,
housing starts and consumer price inflation.

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Salva System EA

Salva System EA

salva EA – an advanced, fully automated system with high math expectancy and profit factor, number of trades up to 96.83%, is tested in the history since 2005. The basis of this strategy – the price chart itself, trade is conducted on the range of price movement. For profit or closing uses dynamic algorithms and filters. Integrated Recycling filter system for entry and exit from the market helps to bring up to 96.83% of transactions in the profit:

  • Checking the direction of trade on the built-in trend indicators;
  • channel Range checking the minimum and maximum values;
  • Output prices Checking of range;
  • time yield, to increase range.

Salva EA works well for most of the following pairs with the default settings:


Work schedule: M1 or M5

The minimum deposit to start: $ 100-200

Advisor Salva EA is already configured to use – simply select a pair and the level of risk!

All default settings – for brokers with the GMT + 2 time (ManualTimeOffsetGMT = 2). If the time zone is different from your broker GMT + 2, you need to make time-zone offset in the settings. This article explains how to do it – (in English).

Best of all the system operates on the broker with fast execution and a narrow spread. It is recommended to use the VPS.

monitoring of account


  • It does not martingale, not arbitration
  • Ready for operation without presetting
  • Always use a stop loss to protect your investment
  • Low slump, high profit factor and expectation
  • Easy to use (it has no complicated settings)
  • The minimum deposit to start: $ 100-200


  • FixedLots – fixed size openable Lot
  • RiskPercent – Interest lot size depending on equity (recommended 5-8%, if you want to quickly increase the deposit, you can put 10-15%, but remember that the subsidence and increase the risk of loss, respectively)
  • TakeProfit – manual exposure TakeProfit. When 0 is calculated automatically depending on the conditions and the current volatility
  • StopLoss – manual exposure StopLoss. When 0 is calculated automatically depending on the conditions and the current volatility
  • VolatilATRFilter – volatility filter factor influences the total number of transactions
  • LimitOrders – the number of transactions simultaneously open in one direction through a specified distance in NextOrdersDist. For a conservative trade, specify LimitOrders = 1
  • NextOrdersDist – distance in points, through which opens the refill order
  • ChannelPeriod – the number of bars for the calculation of the range of price movement
  • ChannelShiftEntry – the number of points for the indentation on the range
  • MinSizeChannel – minimum width range
  • ExitAfterMinutes – after a number of minutes algorithm searches for the ability to close an order for additional filters, provided that the gain greater than the specified ExitMinutesProfit
  • ExitMinutesProfit – after a number of pips the order can be closed by an additional filter
  • ExitChannelDist – on how many points the price should go outside the channel, the algorithm can close the order, provided that profits are greater than the specified ExitChannelPips
  • ExitChannelPips – through how many pips the order can be closed when the price reached the channel,
  • Start_Hour – hour pre-trade
  • Start_Minute – minute start trading
  • End_Hour – hour of trading end
  • End_Minute – Minute Trade Deadline
  • ManualTimeOffsetGMT – manual exposure time zone your broker.
  • DST – If true, take into account daylight saving time
  • Trail_Start – if greater than 0, how many items include Trailing Stop
  • Trail_Size – how far to move trawl
  • Trail_Step – trawl step
  • MagicNumber – Councilor orders identifier. Attention! For each pair expose different MagicNumber
  • OrderComments – no comments for opened orders
  • MaxSpread – the maximum value of the spread, which may be opened when the order

Salva System EA

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Interview with Bernard Madoff organizer of largest

Interview with Bernard Madoff – organizer of the largest ever Ponzi scheme

Criminals defrauded investors at all times, and it is unlikely that they will ever stop.

This is just one of the observations of Bernard Madoff, contained in a recent interview devoted to the issues of integrity of the financial markets and how investors can protect themselves from fraud, similar to Bernard. He described decades of evasion careful examination by regulators and gullible customers and said that retail investors – less informed market participants.

Madoff gets 150 years for the organization of the largest ever Ponzi scheme, stole billions of dollars of their clients and for decades fooled regulators until he was caught and sent to jail.

After the recognition of the crime Madoff was sent to imprisonment in Correctional Complex in North Carolina. After five years in jail Madoff at the meeting with the journalist Marketwatch looked friendly, relaxed and healthy, despite the oppressive atmosphere of the prison.

During a two-hour conversation Madoff told about the good old days on Wall Street, and friendly meetings with different people, such as the Minister of Finance and CEO Goldman Sachs Bob Rabin, and former head of the Commission on the US Securities and Arthur Levitt.

In prison Madoff do not have access to the Internet, the news, he and 60 other inmates in prison learns of TV viewing is allowed from 2 pm until midnight.

A former climber now spends his days caring for the prison telephone system and computers, and says that friends-convicts called him “Director of Communications”.

Marketwatch talked to Madoff on how to avoid the pitfalls of investors and Wall Street fraud attempts.

Journalist (the F) You’ve worked with the most elite Wall Street firms. How it has changed even before you have started the pyramid?

Madoff (hereinafter M) Individual investor – the last person who has any information. The average investor goes against professional financial firms, hedge funds and professional traders and easily frightened to such an extent that he will leave the market.

Where F is safest to invest in these days in terms of the risk of fraud?

M The best opportunity for the average investor – to invest in index funds. They lower fees and more professional management. This is the safest and least attractive area for crooks. If you want to keep the money from a broker, look for a large company, it is a public company. Most likely, they have appropriate procedures and proper compliance with the law. If regulators checked my company, they would have caught me before. That is the way by which you can avoid exposure to risk their money. Or invest the money in mutual funds, which are large enough to protect its investors.

[Madoff avoided the requirements for disclosure of the regulator on the assets of its fund information by selling existing assets on the eve of the deadline for submission of reports. Madoff also rejected calls for an external audit “on the grounds of secrecy”, claiming that it is the exclusive competence of the responsible officer of the company.]

If you are risk averse, you should buy or munipialnye federal bonds. But you will get 2.5% of revenue, that is below inflation. If you are unsure, you should put your money into a savings account, in the end it’s better than losing money, and they will be safe from fraud attempts.

F What if the company says that the investment is too complex to understand?

M Wall Street is not so complicated. If you ask the average hedge fund or an investment firm as they earn money, they will not tell you. Many people think that this is too difficult, and they can not understand it. You should ask good questions, and if you do not understand something, ask your accountant pozadavat questions.

If you do not understand something, do not invest in it. People keep asking me how I was making, and I refused to answer him, but despite this they continued to invest. My investors are shrewd people smart enough to understand what happened and how to make money. Nevertheless invested, even in the absence of any explanation. What is happening should make sense to you. If you do not understand an investment, do not invest in it.

F As an individual investor to know Wall Street and how it works?

M Read a good book, you will have to educate themselves on the market. People are too gullible investors deception began with the dawn of time, and I do not think he’s coming to an end. Resort to qualified consultants. Previously, there were registered consultants who are trained and qualified in various financial investments. Now this system is not. The greatest danger lurking in cases where financial advisor to motivate manipulation investor behavior in any way.

F Your customers consistently receive good returns for several years. No one realized that it was a pyramid until there was a financial crisis and customers have not demanded my money back. As investors find such fraud?

M If the offer sounds too good to be true, then it is a scam. One of the things that allowed me so long to stay afloat – that’s what I had tremendous credibility. I suggested that 11-12% of income, which was not too unusual at the time. Therefore, no one asked me, and I continued.

F How to be sure that your money is actually invested?

M Periodically ask for your money back. What investors should do is to occasionally ask to return the money, whether it’s a hedge fund or other investment firm. They will try to stop you by saying that once again invest money you can not, if you will bring them, but in fact you are likely to always be able to return. Ask to withdraw all your funds every two years to ensure that they are in order. If my clients did this to me, I would have been caught before.

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Inside Bar Indicator

Inside Bar Indicator

Inner Bar (Inside Bar) – a very popular candlestick pattern.

Inside Bar Indicator can be used for Forex trading, binary options and any kind of asset.

This indicator reveals the inner bars on the chart and provides alerts.

Input parameters of the indicator

  • Symbol: icon type displayed on the graph when a pattern Inside Bar
  • CustomCode: character code to be used as a custom icon (works only with Symbol = _Custom)
  • Position: position of the icon relative to the candle (candles above or below)
  • Distance: distance from the top or bottom of the candle to display the icon, in pixels
  • UseAlerts (true / false): inclusion notifications
  • PopAlerts (true / false): notification pop-up window
  • EmailAlerts (true / false): send notifications via email
  • PushAlers (true / false): send push-notifications
  • SoundAlerts (true / false): notification sound
  • SoundFile – audio file for audio alerts.

The size and color of the arrows are set to Color indicator tab.

Inside Bar Indicator can be used with any kind of assets and on any timeframe.

trading rules

The inner bar can be used to trade a reversal or a breakdown.

A reversal can be traded after the rising (or falling) trend when the price reaches the resistance (or support) level. As soon as the inner bar, open transaction in the breakdown of a minimum (maximum) of the preceding bar. Stop-loss can be installed on top of (at a minimum) of the previous bar.

For trade the puncture, the inner bar may appear during an upward (or downward) trend. The deal can be opened as soon as the breakdown occurs the maximum (minimum) of the previous bar. Stop-loss can be set to a minimum (top) of the previous bar.

You can use the Fx Levels indicator to draw levels of support and resistance on the chart:

Inside Bar Indicator

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Lb is 1 5 month low

Lb is a 1.5-month low

On Thursday afternoon, the pound fell to a half month lows against the US dollar.

Cause they see in yesterday’s optimistic data from the US. Economic growth continues to support demand for the dollar, although the Fed policy statement limits the rise.

During the morning
European trade, the pair GBP / USD reached
1.6874, the lowest level since June 12. The pair was likely
likely to find support at 1.6790, the low of
June 12 and resistance at 1.6955, the high of

Lb is 1 5 month low

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