USDJPY Yen will play dollar part of losses

USD / JPY: Yen will play the dollar part of the losses

Current trend

The US currency continues to strengthen
against all major currencies. In the first half of the month with USD / JPY reached the key resistance level
121.80, but could not overcome it.

The main catalysts for the movement of currencies today
will be on US data. America will publish a decision on the key interest rate,
held a press conference the Fed, and accompanying statements were made by members of the
Committee on the Federal Open Market. Tomorrow, Japan is to publish an index of business
Active in all sectors, and America – the statistics of the labor market. It is unlikely that the Fed
It will raise its key interest rate, and the next promises will not be able
to support the American currency as before. It is most likely that the demand for
the dollar will fall significantly, against this backdrop, the yen may win back some losses.

Support and resistance levels

In the short term the pair may
repelled from the key and the local maximum resistance and 121.90
rush down to the support level 120.00, 119.50, 118.75, 118.15. but it is worth
Note that the trend remains upward, and get involved in short positions is very risky.
In the medium term, the most likely to continue the upward movement, the breakdown
key resistance 121.90 and testing of new local maxima.

Support levels: 120.65, 120.00,
119.50, 118.75, 118.15, 117.00.

Resistance Levels: 121.90, 122.50,
123.00, 123.70.

trading recommendations

It is recommended to put short positions
key level by local maximum resistance and 121.90 short stop loss
and take-profit at the level of 120.00, 119.50, 118.75, 118.15. on descending
corrections relevant to open long positions with profit taking at elevations
123.00, 123.70.

USDJPY Yen will play dollar part of losses

Dmitry Likhachev

analyst LiteForex
Investments Limited

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SSACD Forecast Limited Edition

SSACD Forecast Limited Edition

SSACD – Singular Spectral Average Convergence / Divergence

Analog MACD indicator based on the method of “caterpillar” Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA).

Version with indicator restrictions SSACD Forecast. Constraints concern a set of parameters and their range.

Specificity of the method

PAS It is an effective treatment method nonstationary time series with unknown internal structure. The method allows us to find previously unknown frequency range and build a forecast on the basis of the discovered regularities, including trends and oscillations of various sizes.

Unlike MACD, using moving averages, the processing results are not PAS time delay relative to the original number. Accordingly, the light delivered from such a typical defect, both hysteresis and more accurately and synchronously reflects the variability behavior price series. Built forecast for the selected “fast” and “slow” price fluctuations into account the totality of the detected different scale factors forming the “wave” behavior of a number of data and can be used to reduce the risks in the strategy.

The typical behavior of signals and interpretation of indicators similar to those of the linear MACD.

Assigning parameters

  1. N: Data fragment – the length of the fragment analyzed a number of prices.
  2. FastTrend High frequency limit– filtering option to select a rapidly oscillating equivalent “average”.
  3. SlowTrend High frequency limit– filtering parameter for isolating the oscillating smoothly equivalent “average“.
  4. Signal SMA period – smoothing the difference between the fast and slow medium
  5. Recalculate period – the update interval of the indicator (s)
  6. BackwardShift – shift the fragment of history back. To set up the model and the forecast according to the known data.

Explanation of the parameters set

High frequency limit It limits the RF noise contribution to the overall variance of a number of prices. To a rapidly oscillating middle it is 0.5 – 1.5, for a slow 1.5 – 4. The value depends on fragment length. All oscillations, whose contribution does not exceed this level will be filtered out.

BacwardShift It designed for calculation of displacement along the row of data in order to compare with known prognosis and selection price indicator parameters.

P.S. Visualization of the individual trends along the price chart is available with the indicator SSA Trend Predictor.

SSACD Forecast Limited Edition

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Moscow Exchange began trading futures on Chinese

Moscow Exchange began trading futures on the Chinese yuan

According to
Exchange press service, starting from 17 March
trading in futures on the currency pair
“China’s yuan-ruble» – CNY / RUB. By
According to representatives of the Moscow Stock Exchange,
launch a new futures trading explained
increase in the volume of trading on the yuan
exchange, growth exchange transactions of yuan-ruble
on the Russian currency market and
forming demand operation
Hedging of foreign trade contracts
between Russia and China.

Last year,
yuan trade on the Moscow Stock Exchange
increased 8 times – up to 395 billion rubles
(48 billion yuan). Most
exchange operations was in October 2014
year – amounting to 541 million yuan.

The fact that the run
futures trading on the yuan, the exchange said last Thursday. Period of execution
futures – 15th of March, June, September
and December.

"We expect that the new
tool will be liquid, it takes
a worthy place in the line of emergency
Moscow Exchange contracts, as well as
will increase
trade turnover between Russia and China".
– said deputy chairman Andrei Exchange

the futures market of the Moscow Stock Exchange traded currency futures ten: USD / RUB, EUR / RUB, EUR / USD,

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Head of Bank of Japan sees no signs of currency

The head of the Bank of Japan sees no signs of currency war

Japanese regulator on Friday rejected
opinion that the general fashion
central banks in the monetary program
stimulation due to “currency
war. ” He does not notice the competitive
exchange rate devaluation.

Central banks
all over the world, including Asian
Japan’s neighbors – South Korea and India –
following in the footsteps of Japan and the eurozone, weakening
its monetary policy for
stimulation of slow growth.

He noted that he sees no sign
tension between developed and
emerging economies in terms of
movements in exchange rates. He does not feel
much excitement over the fact that
many countries are rushing to devalue
their currencies to gain at their expense
exports a competitive advantage.

Fed policy, the Bank of Japan and the ECB aims
to achieve a single goal –
price stability, rather than the fact that
derail its own currency “, – says
Kuroda, paying no attention to the freshest
example – the euro to fall to 12-year-old
low against the dollar on this
week after the launch of QE program
from the ECB.

pain emerging economies
adds two divergent policy
the main central banks of the world – and the Fed
ECB. It creates unpredictable
perpendicular to each other flow
on world markets. Kuroda noted that
central banks, including the Bank of Japan,
can learn much from the Fed’s exit
of the incentive program. but
head of the Japanese regulator stressed
that he himself will sustain its
huge stimulus program and
even expand it with features of appearance
changes in the upward price trend.

These statements and internal news
Yen slightly passed the positions against
Dollar: USDJPY at the moment
11.18 MSK trading at 120.90?.

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GTC Panel Demo

GTC Panel Demo

Commerce and dashboard for a quick trade on Forex, CFD and Futures!

Note: GTC-Panel Demo – This is a demo version of the Commerce and dashboard GTC-Panel. The demo version will allow more familiar with all the features and interface panel, to evaluate its work, acquire skills of working with it and make the right choice program.

you can purchase the full version of the panel here:

Restrictions in the demo

GTC-Panel Demo works only on demo accounts, currency pair “USDCAD“And with its identifier (magic number order). In the paid version of the product all no restrictions.

Moving panel

To move the panel anywhere in the graph, the mouse pointer align with the line GTC-Panel header, click the left mouse button, hold it in this position, move the bar to a different location.

Input parameters:

  • Language: Language support for English, Russian
  • Calculation of the lot: Calculation of the lot
    • Manual: The lot size is set manually
    • PercentDeposit: The lot size is set automatically. The percentage of the available resources (the “Percent“)
    • PercentStopLoss: The lot size is set automatically. The percentage of the level of Stop Loss (parameter “Percent“)
  • Limit the maximum lot: Limits the maximum lot
    • Deposit: Maximum lot installed manually limited to available funds
    • Market: Maximum lot installed manually on the market is limited
  • Risk Percent: Percentage of available funds or the level of Stop Loss
  • Auto Trailing ModeAuto Trailing Stop option (on the panel ‘Auto‘)
    • Volatility: Trailing Stop is calculated from the current market volatility
    • Fractals: Trailing Stop being Indicator Fractals
    • Parabolic: Trailing Stop being on the indicator Parabolic
    • BarExtrimum: Trailing Stop is carried out by the local minima and maxima (number of bars is determined by the parameter ‘Count of bars extremum‘)
  • Distance mode: The distance from the price
    • AutoDis: The distance is automatically calculated from the current market volatility
    • ManualDis: Distance is set manually (parameter ‘Distance‘)
  • Distance: The distance in points from the prices (if the parameter is set distance ‘Distance Mode’ = ‘ManualDis’)
  • Step trailing stopStep Trailing Stop
  • Add the maximum spread: Adds the maximum spread in order to sell (option works Fractals mode, Parabolic or BarExtrimum)
  • First Breakeven: Expose order to breakeven at Trailing Stop (When the profit values ​​in said first exposes order to breakeven then occurs warrant modification of these parameters). First Breakeven It does not work in Fractals mode, Parabolic, BarExtrimum.
  • Time Frame Calculation: The period for calculating
    • CURRENT: Calculation of the current period
    • M1, M5, M15…: The calculation is made for a set period (parameter is needed to calculate Volatility, Fractals, Parabolic, BarExtrimum)
  • Count of bars extremum: The number of bars for the calculation of ‘BarExtremum
  • Parabolic StepParameter ‘Step’ for the Parabolic indicator
  • Parabolic MaximumParameter ‘Maximum’ for Parabolic indicator
  • Order comment textThe wording of the warrant comment
  • Slippage: The maximum allowable deviation of the price for market orders
  • Order magic number: The magic number order (in the demo this option is not available)
  • Step Scale FixedStep fixation graph (percentage specifies 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25%)
  • Time scale: Displays on the timeline scale
  • price scale: Display the chart of the price scale
  • Show Comment: Show log on the panel (Comments are displayed in the upper left corner of the chart)
  • Time of the comment: Comments Show Time
  • print Info: Print logs on the panel of experts in the journal
  • Check the closing of the market: Check the closing of the market
  • Write log file: Recording logs on the panel a separate file
  • Screenshot: Save the image of the current chart after the opening of the order
  • Save setting: Save the settings panel

Features of the program in the strategy tester

Due to the limitations of the work of some functions in the tester client terminal strategy, GTC-Panel Demo in the strategy tester does not work.

GTC Panel Demo


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MACD Swing High Single Time Frame Indicator

MACD Swing High Single Time Frame Indicator

MACD Swing High Single Time Frame Indicator – an advanced LED-based Swing High and the MACD trading strategies.


  • Displays the calculated values ​​and the MACD Swing High Swing Low graphics with the values ​​on all timeframes.
  • Specify the scan settings for ideal conditions for the formation of the bar to calculate the Swing High.
  • Set the number of bars before the current bar to verify the criteria of an ideal bar.
  • Set the number of bars after the current bar to verify the criteria of an ideal bar.
  • See graph MACD indicator on various timeframes with the calculated MACD Swing High.
  • See Swing Low points on the graph, or with values.
  • Change the color of text blocks and graphics lines.

Input parameters

  • FAST_PERIOD: fast moving average.
  • SLOW_PERIOD: slow moving average.
  • sIGNAL_PERIOD: signal period moving average.
  • aPPLIED_PRICE: type of prices (Close Price, Open Price, High Price, Low Price, Median Price, Typical Price, Weighted Price).
  • SWING HIGH: enable / disable the Swing High calculation.
  • LEFT_BAR_PERFECT: check the conditions for the formation of an ideal bar to the left of the current bar.
  • LEFT_BAR_NUMBER: number of bars before the current should be checked. Enable this option if you have included the previous one.
  • RIGHT_BAR_PERFECT: check the conditions for the formation of an ideal bar to the right of the current bar.
  • RIGHT_BAR_NUMBER: how many bars should be checked after the current. Enable this option if you have included the previous one.
  • PLOT_LINE: enable / disable the Swing High at the hospitality line graph.
  • LINE_WIDTH: Swing High line width.
  • LINE_COLOR: Swing High color line.
  • ARROW_SIZE: Swing High resolution pixels.
  • aRROW_COLOR: color Swing High point.
  • MACD_LINE: show / hide the MACD line on the graph.
  • MACD_LINE_WIDTH: MACD line width.
  • MACD_LINE_COLOR: color MACD line.

MACD Swing High Single Time Frame Indicator

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Conclusions on USD EUR AUD and other of COT report

Conclusions on the USD, EUR, AUD, and the other of the COT report.

Below are the main leader of the COT report on the week, as provided for Scotiabank.

Main topics: USD bullish, holding short positions against the dollar. EUR continues to be a major part of this position, but now the short AUD position is almost the same as the JPY.

EUR Bearish set its $ 24.2bn net short positions of the largest among other currencies.

Investors added a short position on the JPY, GBP, and CHF during the week

CAD is relatively modest compared with $ 5.9 billion of net short positions AUD.

Conclusions on USD EUR AUD and other of COT report

PS: Just do not forget about the free $ 15 in the binary options.

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