Trendline Trade Manager Demo

Trendline Trade Manager Demo

Full version:

Purpose: For traders who trade manually on the trend. Advisor allows you to easily manage your transactions.

Application: Add to the chart trend line or a horizontal line and rename it according to the parameter, such as “sell”. A detailed description is available in the video.

Act: Advisor recognizes the trend line and trades based on the selected mode (touch / sample). It also automatically sets the TP / SL line item and in accordance with the input parameter and uses a trailing stop if necessary.

Using parameters

1?. The value of True / False

  • Box Positioning: the location of the panel, True – on the right side, False – on the left side.
  • Trailing stop: trailing stop, True – enabled.
  • Trade mode: trade regime, True – trade on the touch, False – trade on the breakdown after the candles.
  • Alert mode: alarm mode, True – notifications are enabled, False – deactivated
  • Shutdown the line after hit: line shut down after tripping, True – to enable the option, False – disable

2. Tone settings

  • B uy line name:? Specify the name of the signal to buy, and enter the name in the parameters of the trend / horizontal line (example: buy) >> specify the name is case-sensitive
  • Sell ​​line name: select the signal name for sale, as well as enter a name in the parameters of the trend / horizontal line (for example: sell) >> specify the name is case-sensitive

3. Settings money management

  • T ake profit in pip -? Take Profit in pips
  • Stop loss in pip – Stop Loss in pips
  • Maximum trade to enter – the maximum size of the transaction
  • Position size (Lot) – lot size
  • Trailing in pip – trailing stop in pips
  • BEP in pip – breakeven in pips

??4. General Settings

  • M agic number -? The magic number
  • Slippage – Slippage
  • Dashboard font size – font size on the panel

5. Color Settings

  • B ox color:? Color panel
  • Line color for buy: the color of the line to buy
  • Line color for sell: the line color for sale
  • Line color for hit buy: the color of the line to buy such a change after a trip (when the Shutdown mode)
  • Line color for hit sell: the color of the line for sale to such a change after a trip (when the Shutdown mode)


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Eurusd maintains neutral attitude in short term

Eur / usd: maintains a neutral attitude in the short term

According to forecasts, “forecasters” UOB Group, EUR / USD will maintain a neutral attitude in the short term and can continue to trade in a range of 1.0555 / 1.0700.

Key points

“Contrary to our expectations decline, EUR In mostly traded in a sideways channel with a slight rise and closed in the green zone. Positive attitude can lead to continued growth at this stage, but a steady rally above 1.0700 seems unlikely (slight resistance is expected to 1.0680).

Yesterday the EUR reached a low of 1.0600, but he was able to recover quickly. Indicators are now mainly kept in the flat, and we continue to anticipate trade between 1.0555 and 1.0700, at least in the next few days. “

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Eureka OpgtsFx

eureka OpgtsFx

custom indicator eureka OpgtsFx designed to alert traders when a correlation trend in time frames of the day (D1) up to month (MN). The principle is based on the assumption underlying trend dominates the market. The indicator is designed to save the traders from being eaten by big sharks of the financial industry. The indicator is suitable for swing trading as well as for long-term trading due to their specificity, when traders can wait for days, weeks or even months before you take profits on the market.

Principle of operation

He takes readings from month timeframe and uses them as a decisive factor for trading on the following timeframes. After that, he goes for weekly timeframe for confirmation of what is said on the results of a larger timeframe. If they match, the indicator is switched on daily timeframe to find suitable signal. If the signal has not been confirmed, it is necessary to wait, because only after the onset of the signal appears is a high probability of successful trading session.

When the signal is still there, the indicator will move to timeframes H4, H1 and M15, to carry out detailed market entry.

timeframes: Daily, weekly and monthly.

Currency pairs: It works with all currency pairs, without exception, with 4 or 5 digit quotes. Do not have any preferred currency pair.

Although this indicator and can be used to produce unprecedented results in the presence of many years of trading experience, disciplined trader, his approach and caution are also important. It is not for day traders, except for those who want to change course, and a good student. Day, a swing and a long-term trade have significant differences, which should be considered carefully and learn, if a trader wants to share the good stories. In order to make use of this indicator is appropriate, added a number of features.


  • Chart Text Color – color of the text on the chart, by default – DeepBlueSky
  • Buy Now Order Color – color of a buy signal, the default – Lime
  • Sell ​​Now Order Color – color sell signal, the default – Red
  • Color = Wait, do not buy / sell yet! – the color signal to refrain from buying / selling
  • “No Trade” Color – the color in the absence of transactions by default – Thistle
  • Indicator name’s color – the color of the name of the indicator, the default – Magenta
  • Other color – other colors by default – Yellow
  • Results’ text color – the color of text results, by default – White
  • Text size 1 – size of the text 1, the default – 11
  • Text size 2 – 2 text size by default – 16
  • Font-face 1 – Type 1 font, the default – Arial Bold
  • Font-face 2 – 2 font type, default – Times New Romans
  • By Default, All Time-Frames TRADING SIGNAL Are Turned ON – by default, all trading signals are included on all timeframes, to disable them enter false
  • Select ‘false’ To Turn OFF TRADING SIGNAL On D1-TF – set false to disable trading signals on D1 timeframe, the default – true
  • Select ‘false’ To Turn OFF TRADING SIGNAL On WK1-TF – set false to disable trading signals timeframe W1, by default – true
  • Select ‘false’ To Turn OFF TRADING SIGNAL On MN1-TF – set false to disable trading signals timeframe MN1, the default – true
  • Set ‘false’ to TURN OFF the ALERTS On Any Time Frame – Set to false to disable notifications on all timeframes, by default – true
  • Set ‘false’ to TURN OFF the SOUNDS On Any Time Frame – Set to false to disable the audio signals on all timeframes, by default – true
  • Select True to Send / Receive Email Alerts For TRADING SIGNALS – set false to disable sending alerts by e-mail when a trading signal, the default – true
  • Select True to TURN ON Multiple Orders’ ALERTS – Set to true to turn on multiple orders, the default alerts – false
  • Select ‘True “to turn off the Indicator – Set to true to disable the indicator, default – false
  • Activate Start-Trading Hour (Select True) – allow the use of the start of trade, default – false
  • Set time to start trading (0-23: 24hr-Clock) – select the start of trading time in 24-hour format by default – 0
  • Activate Stop-Trading Hour (Select True) – authorization to use trade end time, default – false
  • Set time to stop trading (0-23: 24hr-Clock) – specify the trade end time in 24-hour format by default – 0

Thank you for your interest in this product.

Eureka OpgtsFx

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CBR can to support initiative for release of

CBR can to support the initiative for the release of the banks with the base license from the IFRS reporting

The Bank of Russia is ready to consider the release of the banks with the base license from the statements according to international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and can support him. This was stated by the head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Elvira Nabiullina at a meeting of the Association of Banks “Russia”.

“We are ready to consider this issue. If we see that for counterparty banks with a base license this reporting (IFRS – Ed.). Is not of interest, the regulator has its opportunity to receive information about the status of these banks – then we can support this initiative, “- she said, adding that the proposal requires detailed consideration.

Since 2018 the Central Bank will introduce a proportional control of the banking sector. In particular, it provides for the creation of two-tier banking system in Russia: banks with a universal license (minimum capital requirements in the amount of 1 billion rubles) and banks with a base license (the minimum amount of own funds amount to 300 million rubles).

Banks with a universal license will be able to carry out a full range of banking operations and will need to comply with the full list of regulatory requirements. For credit institutions with the basic license will apply simplified regulation, they will not be able to conduct operations with foreign legal entities, foreign entities which are not legal entities under international law, as well as foreign individuals.

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DSS Divergence Trader

DSS Divergence Trader

Convergence occurs when higher maxima and minima higher upward trend further confirmed by the appearance of lower lows on our indicator that helps to confirm an increase in momentum and more likely to continue the trend. And vice versa for a downtrend.

Divergence occurs when there are higher highs upward trend, are not supported by the appearance of lower peaks in our display, hence the main pulse signals are reduced, and therefore the reversal may occur. And vice versa for a downtrend.

These trading methods were combined with double-smoothed Stochastic. The indicator is similar to stochastics, except that the indicator uses a double exponential smoothing.

This gives the trader a more rapid response to price changes, which also smooths the irregular movement of conventional stochastic. In conjunction with the detection signals of convergence and divergence, we get an indicator DSS Divergence Convergence.


  • Customizable size chart.
  • Ability to change the graph colors, arrows and lines.
  • Selecting alerts to be sent.
  • Opportunity to trade in any market and time frame. (A more accurate signals appear at higher timeframes such as H1)



  • EMA Period – EMA settings for small graphics
  • Stochastic Period – Stochastic settings for small graphics


  • Indicator Trend Lines – if true will display trend lines, while false will not.
  • Bull DSS Line Color – The color of the bull DSS
  • Bear DSS Line Color – The color of the bear DSS


  • SoundFile – use an audio file that is stored in the Program files folder > mt4 > sounds
  • PlaySound – if true will be made audible warning to the false will not.
  • MessageBox – if true will appear pop-up messages, at the false will not.
  • SendeMail – If true, messages will be sent by e-mail, when false will not.
  • SendMobile – if true will send alerts to a mobile device, at a false will not.

DSS Divergence Trader

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Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

EUR / USD. 22.08. The pair shows high volatility

The pair has already moved a long time in a rather broad sideways range 1,1690-1,1845, ranging from the lower to the upper border. Yesterday the pair rose sharply to the level of 1.1827 with the overall weakening of the US dollar due to the resignation of some members of the White House. However, to overcome the 1.1830 level it failed, and the euro fell to 1.1742.

Increased volatility for the pair will continue until the conference in Jackson Hole, which starts on Thursday. The main speakers of the meeting will be the heads of central banks of the euro area and the United States.
Analyst from company ForexMart

USD / JPY. 22.08. Consolidation above 108.50

Currency pair USD / JPY is consolidating above the 108.50 level in the field of local price lows. The beginning of the week the couple spends in a narrow range above the designated line. Most likely, we will soon see an increase in the direction to the round level of 110.00, located in the 23.6 Fibonacci.

On H4 the pair is trading within a price corridor 108.50-109.30. In the case of break of the top border, waiting for the capture of the nearest target 100.00. Next on the line is 111.00. A buy signal yet.
Analyst from company ForexMart

The analysis of commodity currencies on August 22


Last night, Brent has lost about 3% in value, falling to $ 51.27 after a sharp rise up to a maximum of $ 52.86 per barrel. Impaired assets was caused by the statement Minister of Oil of Kuwait about the possible completion of the transaction and OPEC OPEC + after March 2018. This issue will be raised at the next OPEC meeting in November.


With the reduction of quotations of oil, the dollar / ruble passed to the correction. Quotes pair rose to the level of 58.89 rubles. weakening of the ruble is not as much as the Russian currency continues to be supported by the payment of the tax period. Today is expected to remain low volatility instrument trading.
Analyst from company ForexMart


The dynamics of oil prices and determines the movement of the pair dollar / loonie. Yesterday, the Canadian dollar has grown steadily in the area of ​​1.2545, but today, under the influence of the oil decline, the loonie fell back to the level of 1.2590. At 15:30 Moscow time, it is expected to yield data on retail sales in Canada. When the positive statistics should consider selling the pair.

AUD / USD. 22.08. “Doji” above 0.7900

The currency pair AUD / USD candlestick pattern has formed a “doji” on the daily chart above support level 0.7900, today adjusted to the trend line. Bulls focus on 0.8000 and is likely to test it this week. The market took a wait due to a lack of economic news and ahead of the Fed’s summit at the end of the week.

On the four-hour chart after a series of “doji” Australian formed a large bearish candle, dropping to the 0.7900 line. Technically, there are prerequisites to decrease, however, due to divergent signals on D1 and H4 of the transaction in the pair are not considering, waiting for further price movement.

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Cyborg Verton

Cyborg Verton

Advisor is based on the theory of probability that the price always tends to return to its mean. The robot first determines the direction of the main trend through a number of built-in indicators, and then calculates the corridor, where the price fluctuates most of the time and opens a position with the trend within the planned corridor.

One of the features of the adviser is that the robot is able to trade on different pairs of a series of transactions. You can run the robot on dozens of currency pairs and it will open positions on different pairs and, as if he traded only one pair. Closing all orders occur when a certain percentage of the total profit. To implement this method, it is necessary that the identifier orders for all currency pairs were similar. In order to trade independent series of transactions on different currency pairs, the order ID should be different.

In those cases, when the robot stands up against the main trend that is on the sharp price reversal, EA opens locks the position of the trend. If after opening the locks item price reverses and goes in the opposite direction, it opens another position locks, again in the direction of the price, and so on until, until the entire series of transactions can not be closed with a certain percentage of profit.

By default, the robot is configured to couple GBPUSD with period M30, you can customize the robot for any couple. In the strategy tester you can get a distant view of the adviser as multicurrency testing robots in MT4 impossible. Also not considered news in the strategy tester.

To work function StopNews in the terminal settings, you must add the following URL address –


  • AutoSettings – automatic setting flag advisor (to disarm while optimizing the parameters and use their own settings);
  • FirstOrder – Flag permission to open the first in a series of transactions;
  • TakeProfit Profit as a percentage of the deposit;
  • StopLoss – stop-loss as a percentage of the deposit;
  • LotExponent – lots factor in a series of transactions;
  • AutomaticStep – permission flag to the automatic calculation step between orders;
  • FixedStep – fixed pitch between the orders, if automatic calculation does not apply;
  • Depth – number of candles to automatically calculate the pitch between orders;
  • Delimiter – separator pitch between orders for automatic calculation results;
  • Slippage – allowable slip;
  • MM – automatic calculation of the lot;
  • Lot – fixed lot;
  • RiskPercent – the percentage for the automatic calculation of the lot;
  • MagicNumber – Orders identifier;
  • MaxTrades – the maximum number of orders;
  • PercentageLock – % Of the total volume of a series of transactions for the nomination of the first orders of locks;
  • MagicLock – ID locks orders;
  • MinLock – the minimum number of open positions in a series of locks for the opening of the first order confirmation display unit;
  • MaxLock – the maximum number of orders for the discovery of the first locks orders without confirmation display unit;
  • MaxDistanceLock – permission flag for the opening of locks order at price deviation from the first position in a series of transactions for a certain number of points;
  • MaximumDistanceLock – the number of items price variance;
  • PercentageProfitLock – % Return, in which all orders are closed;
  • CorridorLock – corridor, which opens opposite locks warrant on the basis of the swing;
  • LotExponentLock – multiplier locks in a series of orders;
  • MaxLotLock – maximum lot in the series;
  • MaxTradesLock – the maximum number of locks in a series of orders.


  • Recommended deposit for the most secure trading from $ 1000 per 0.01 lot starting.

Cyborg Verton

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