Lb is 1 5 month low

Lb is a 1.5-month low

On Thursday afternoon, the pound fell to a half month lows against the US dollar.

Cause they see in yesterday’s optimistic data from the US. Economic growth continues to support demand for the dollar, although the Fed policy statement limits the rise.

During the morning
European trade, the pair GBP / USD reached
1.6874, the lowest level since June 12. The pair was likely
likely to find support at 1.6790, the low of
June 12 and resistance at 1.6955, the high of

Lb is 1 5 month low

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In my article I describe the current lamentable state of affairs in the Forex theory. The practice seems to have some, but there is no universal describing FOREX unified scientific theory. Describes reasons for creating a new science FOREKSOLOGII.

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Better late than never


Everyone knows the fable Ivana Krylova, “The Swan, cancer, Pike” (1814):

When there is no agreement,
On the way they will not do,
And out of it does not matter, only the flour.

Once Lebed, Cancer yes Pike
Carry baggage from the WHO has
And with all three harnessed to it;
Leather climb out, and all of a cart go there!

Luggage and seemingly easy for them:
Yes Swan breaks in the clouds,
Cancer moves back and pulls Pike in water.
Who is to blame one who is right – not judge us;
Yes, but things are there.

Since the automation of all markets and the forex traders all as "Lebed, Cancer yes Pike" without support and without a base (without fundamental and applied scientific-theoretical basis) try something unintelligible to create such advisor, with “cool” management strategy, which is something doing with Long and shorts. And as a result, many poured deposit. And it does not go … .nichego …… Yes, but things are there.

But only on the forums fludisty verbiage and explain each other …… the importance and usefulness of chatter on the course of the market price. And in addition, the name-calling, and scoff at others, and the bones are washed, wiped his pants … and rather than deal with the case; but things are there!

A successful trader who does not drain the deposit, afraid and trembling, so … not merged its increased capital. He knows from experience that

Capital growth in the past, does not guarantee the capital increase in the future.

But why some drained immediately, others later? There are reared for any last deposit probability of future losses and drain!

1. Causes of constant failures

All is – that all traders! without rigorous scientific theories climb (the water not knowing the ford) into practice!

And for some reason persistently thoroughly study only one schedule and control system “advisers”, has not been studied in detail and in full indulgence traders. All indicators provide signals from the graph, the orders come from the advisor, ie it shows a complete and continuous interaction between the two internal and external systems.

In my first article, "Automaton programming as a new way to create automated trading systems" there are references to the autopilot control helicopter and the movement of the machine in a vector space. This is an analogy with our advisor, see these links, and learn how to properly programmed these analogies interaction of internal and external systems.

Deposit growth – is unique and the only correct interaction of the two systems (market and advisor), plums vice versa.

What is known to this day (indicators, any strategy) … .. it’s not a complete picture, it is a drop in the sea!

99.999% of scientific data, the regularities and laws, formulas, theorems, proofs, conclusions, definitions, and so on Forex. just yet, and nobody knows about it, and think of something to achieve in practice!

Without a complete and comprehensive theory to use practice as stupid as to create a nuclear reactor without SKORPULEZNOGO knowledge of atomic physics, or surgery patients operated without higher medical education, or to drive a car without the knowledge of the theory of traffic rules, or neutralize mine sapper without the knowledge of the business.

The explosion of the reactor and mines, patient death or accident on the road is guaranteed in the future, ie, in our own completely drained:

Carry baggage from the WHO has
And with all three harnessed to it;
Leather climb out, and all of a cart go there!

therefore net force strategies many traders on the fable “The Swan, cancer, Pike” equal zero.

Reasons given:

Luggage and seemingly easy for them:
Yes Swan breaks in the clouds,
Cancer moves back and pulls Pike in water.
Who is to blame one who is right – not judge us;
Yes, but things are there.

So much in the world of smart and talented traders, but no one has created the only correct ADVISOR charge pre-set goals.
For example, the statement of the problem for the development of:

You want to create Advisor with monotonic increase in time deposits, in any financial instrument, 1 minute chart, given Spread = 3 = shoulder 500 and a maximum drawdown 5% and the minimum profit factor 2 and start-up capital = 10000!

That’s it, that this would be possible in the future, we need a global theory of Forex, and not just some kind of long-term practice! Even all the academics and scientists of the world will not help if you do not will be a single underlying theory, and science as such!

It says:

When there is no agreement,
On the way they will not do,
And out of it does not matter, only the flour.

And so as not to suffer in vain to anyone – you need to consent, ie Law or science, or rather scientific consensus of all systems in the EA, working continuously on the market.

Thus, to be able to fix this disagreement market and advisor, need a special science.

It should be strictly scientific – theoretical and applied, including as a “technical analysis” section, as well as new lines of research. It should be collected all the best that could be found …

This science will use and further develop the whole arsenal of scientific and technical methods and tools developed previously for solving a similar nature and complexity of the market advisor from other areas of science and technology.

We call this science FOREKSOLOGIYA.


We give the definition of science:

FOREKSOLOGIYA – this technical science studying in detail all processes in FOREX and exploring phenomena comprehensively all elements (and market advisor) Forex and their interaction.

FOREKSOLOGIYA aimed at developing and theoretical systematization of objective knowledge about forex. The basis of this activity is to collect the facts, their constant updating and systematization, critical analysis and, on that basis, the synthesis of new knowledge or generalizations that describe not only observed in the forex market, but also help to build a cause-and-effect relationships. Theories and hypotheses are supported by the facts or experience, formulated as FOREX laws.

three main directions in scientific research can be distinguished:

  • Fundamental research – it is a deep and comprehensive study of the subject in order to obtain new fundamental knowledge, as well as to the laws governing phenomena it turns out, the results of which are not intended for direct industrial use. Terms of fundamental (nalatyni fundare – «base») reflects the orientation of these sciences in the study of causes, the fundamental laws of nature.
  • Applied research – these studies, which are used to achieve the fundamental science to solve practical problems. The result of the study is the establishment and improvement of new technologies.
  • Scientific research and experimental development (R & D) – are connected with the production of science, thereby providing both scientific and technical and engineering study of the project. Sometimes the results can lead to scientific and technological revolution.

3. Research: its nature and characteristics

any Scientific research – from the creative idea to the finalization of the scientific work – is done very individually. But it is still possible to identify common methodological approaches for the meeting.

Modern scientific and theoretical thinking seeks to penetrate the essence of the studied phenomena and processes. This is possible if a holistic approach to the study of the project, consideration of this object in the origin and development, t. E. The application of the historical approach.

To study in a scientific sense – it means to conduct exploratory research, as if looking into the future. Imagination, fantasy, dream, based on real scientific and technological achievements – this is the most important factors of scientific research.

Study in the scientific sense – it means to be scientifically objective. We can not discard the facts aside just because they are difficult to explain or find their practical application. The fact that the essence of the new science is not always visible to the researcher. New scientific facts, and even the discovery of the fact that their value is poorly disclosed, may long remain in the reserve of science and not be used in practice.

Development of the idea to the stage of solving the problem is usually performed as a planned process of scientific research. Science knows and accidental discoveries, but only planned, well-equipped with modern means of scientific research allows to reveal reliable and deeply know the objective laws of nature. Subsequently the process target and general handling of ideas initial concept continues refinements made, changes, additions, develops scheduled study design.

Scientific research – a purposeful cognition, the results of which appear in the form of a system of concepts, laws and theories.

Treatise – it necessarily purposeful process, the achievement of this goal consciously, clearly defined tasks. This process is aimed at finding new, creativity, the opening of the unknown, on the nomination of the original ideas for the new lighting of the issues. It is characterized by regularity: there are organized, presented in himself the research process and its results. It has an inherent strong evidence, consistent rationale to make generalizations and conclusions.

The object of scientific and theoretical research are not just an isolated phenomenon, the specific situation, but a whole class of similar phenomena and situations, their set.

The goal, the immediate task of scientific and theoretical study are to find the whole range of individual phenomena, to discover the laws that give rise to function, developing this kind of phenomena, ie. E. To penetrate their deepest essence.

The main means of scientific and theoretical research are: a set of scientific methods, fully justified and data into a single system and a set of concepts, strictly defined terms related to one another and forming a characteristic language of science.

The results of research embodied in scientific papers (articles, monographs, textbooks, theses and t. d.), and only then, after comprehensive evaluation used in practice, are taken into account in the process of practical knowledge.

4. Applied result FOREKSOLOGII

Mainly applied practical result FOREKSOLOGII is the creation of a software device, or an automatic control system – the adviser in charge of pre-defined criteria and targets.

We define FOREKSOLOGII, What is the adviser:

Advisor – is a software implementation of the automatic control system (opening and closing) of a plurality of positions of long and short, depending on the external environment (price schedule) to achieve certain goals (growth equity) at a constant constraint (Free Margin).

It can be likened to an automatic control system Wind turbines:


Market – the wind, the wind speed – is the scope of the trend graph, hurricanes and storms – gaps and calm – the flat, number of longs and shorts – the number of blades, and the amount of longs or shorts – is the area of ​​the blades, sweep off the wind,

Friction losses and on the blades and the generator – is spread (Commission and swaps minus), turbulence (swirl air chaotic) – white noise and noise inside ticks bars.

Wind turbines Main: do not care how and where the wind is blowing! he basically does not predict where the wind will blow in five minutes or a day, year.

Also can be likened to an automatic control system rectifiers:


This device converts AC to DC. AC voltage – a variable profit or loss in the EA – at the entrance, we must have positive profit – at the exit,

Signal period – the period from the last local maximum (minimum) up to the current market highs (lows).

The main rectifier: no matter what form the inlet signal: pure sine or square wave, incidental or transient fractal.

Also can be likened to an automatic control system car:


Wheel – the main unit in the implementation of decision-driver solutions.

The trajectory of the winding road – schedule.

Luft steering, the roughness of the road – tick noise minute bars.

Full gas tank with fuel – start-up capital.

Current fuel level – the balance of available funds.

Gas – increasing the position longs and shorts.

Braking – a reduction of positions longs and shorts.

Parking – no position.

Stop – position different directions and are equal.

Turn left -minimum schedule.

Turn to the right – a maximum of schedule.

Directly or Direct smooth road – good trend.

..dalee … You have to complement the … ..

Main machine: no matter what the complexity of the road! it is important to correctly and without crashing it operated by the driver.

To complete the study advisor with "scratch" you can replace it with a black box model.

Black Box – the object, the internal structure of which is unknown or irrelevant within the problem to be solved, but which can be seen in its reactions to external stimuli functions.
Full description of the functions of the “black box” is called its canonical representation. “Black boxes” are characterized by the same canonical representations are considered to be equivalent.
In contrast to the “black box”, “white box” – an object whose inner structure is fully known to us.

The concept of “black box” is widely used in many scientific disciplines, particularly engineering, the study and / or description of any objects that have relatively stable nature (excluding development or modification of the object). This is because the “black box” is a clear presentation of the results of the basic process of human thought – abstraction and the use of “black box” in the description of the object is much easier to understand the meaning.

5. “Black Box” model

Getting to the study of a new, unknown system, we do not know what we are dealing. In this case, the idea of ​​the object of study can give a description of its properties.

functional description system reflects its parameters, the processes and the hierarchy of the system. It provides an opportunity to answer the question, what is the system. In a broader sense, a functional description of the system to evaluate the significance of a particular function and its impact on the environment (communication with other systems). When this function is performed by the system if the system parameters and processes are limited outside, regardless of which system is destroyed or radically changes its properties. For example, a functional description of the educational facilities of the heating system.

morphological description It provides an answer to the question of what elements make up the system. It determines the depth descriptions (item selection, inside which penetrates the description), the composite properties (a method for combining the elements in a system) and the effectiveness of the function, which is affected by distortion and unintended loss of information.

Thus, morphological description reflects the composition of the system and communication between its elements, it allows to build hierarchical systems. For example, imagine a morphological description of the educational facilities of the heating system.

information description It gives an idea of ​​the exchange of information between parts of the system, the system and the external environment. Description gives an indication of the information system of order. This is usually determined by the measure of uncertainty (entropy) or order (negentropy) and system information metabolism (exchange of information with the medium). It is important to remember that for the system especially valuable information, the introduction of the external environment, but we must not forget that not all the information needed by the system. For example, make information description school premises heating.

As you can see, having made three descriptions of the system, we have ordered the information about objects of interest.

The systems approach is a universal method of research based on the perception of the object under study as something whole, consisting of interrelated parts and is simultaneously part of a system of a higher order. It allows you to build a multi-factor model, typical of socio-economic systems, which include the organization. Purpose of the system approach lies in the fact that it forms systemic thinking necessary researchers and increases the effectiveness of decisions.

Nevertheless, in theory, and in practice it is often enough just to have some information about the object. For example, when we do not know the exact time of the current digital value (the problem – not knowing the exact time, the goal – not to miss elsewhere), it is enough to look at the clock, without thinking about their internal structure and the source of energy supply for their operation.

In this example, the appointment of hours (the purpose of their existence) – to show the exact time at any moment, and thus to influence external to him on Wednesday.

Graphically marked interaction with the environment shown in Fig.


Content system in this case is not known (or no interest to the external environment), but it is enough to solve the problem.

In other words, it is important to determine what you need to log on and what should be the output from it, and it does not matter – what’s inside the system. Therefore, the reduced model is often referred to as a model of “black box”.

The term “black box” has been proposed U. R. Eshbi. In cybernetics it allows to study the behavior of systems, ie. E. Their responses to a variety of external factors, and at the same time to disengage to their internal structure. Thus, the system is not taught as a set of interrelated elements, and as an entity that interacts with the environment at their entrances and exits. “Black box” method can be applied in different situations.

This method is used when the inaccessibility of internal processes of the system for the study. For example, a study of the activities of new drugs. “Black box” method used in the study of systems, all the components and connections which are available in principle, but either are numerous and complex, which leads to enormous costs of time and money with the direct study or the study is unacceptable for any reasons. Examples include checking for operational readiness automatic telephone exchange, which is performed by “buzzer”, and not directly test for all the blocks, circuits, and so on. D.

Investigation by the method of “black box” is that made by reacting a preliminary observation of the system with the environment and establishing a list of input and output actions, including significant impact allocated. Then, a variety of inputs and outputs for the study taking into account the available resources and the impact on the system of surveillance of its behavior.

At the next stage the impact on the system inputs and outputs of its registration. In the process of studying the observer and the “black box” form a feedback system, and the primary results of the study – a plurality of pairs of input and output conditions, the analysis of which allows to establish between them a causal link.

At present there are two kinds of “black boxes”. The first type includes any “black box”, which can be considered as a machine, called finite or infinite. The behavior of such “black boxes” known.

The second type are those “black boxes” whose behavior can be observed only in experiments. In this case, implicitly or explicitly expressed hypothesis about the predictability of the “black box” in a probabilistic sense. Without first hypothesis can not be any generalization or as they say, it is impossible to make an inductive conclusion, based on experiments with a “black box.”

Thus, not studied advisor or “black box” – a system in which the input and output variables are known, and its internal apparatus and the processes taking place therein are known. You can only learn the system on its inputs and outputs, but such a study does not provide a complete picture of the internal structure of the system, since the same behavior may have different systems.

It should be stressed that the main cause of the multiplicity of inputs and outputs of the “black box” model is the fact that every real system, as well as any object that interacts with the external environment objects unlimited number of times and on different occasions.

6. Modeling and system definition

Initially, the model is called a kind of aid, object that in a certain situation is replaced by another object. Modeling is a fundamental method of analysis of large and complex systems in the theory of systems.

Each theory – is also a model for understanding the content of the research subject. Models can be created on the basis of the means of knowledge (ways of thinking) – heuristic, hypothetical, conceptual and based on rational and logical means of research – the empirical, theoretical, mathematical.

There are many definitions of models. Particularly successful in this mathematics, created the theory of models. Most often a model to understand an object placeholder, which under certain conditions can replace the original object, reproducing the original properties and characteristics of interest to us. Moreover, there are significant advantages convenience, t. E. The model is displaying in any manner the essential characteristics of objects, processes, and their interactions with real systems. The modeling is based on the principle of analogy.
Analogy – likeness, the similarity of objects in any properties, attributes, relationships.

Convinced of the similarity of the two objects, it is assumed that the functions inherent in the properties of one object to another object, for which they are not established. The method of analogies is that studying one object – model, and the findings are transferred to the other – the original. In other words, the analogy – the output from the model to the original.

The model is a kind of tool for the study of systems and allows on the basis of changes in the underlying assumptions to predict the behavior of the system. Furthermore, the model represents a means of simplifying the object and its study, since it allows to investigate the system in terms of its essential characteristics, abstracting from the adverse effects of the environment.

Additional simplification techniques implemented in the simulation, can be named:

• exclusion from consideration a number of variables – as an exception to non-essential, and due to the aggregation of variables;

• changes in the nature of the variables – both due consideration variables as constants, and due consideration of discrete values ​​as a continuous;

• the changing nature of relationships between elements (replacement of non-linear functions to linear);

• Change restrictions – either by removing restrictions, and by introducing new ones.

Any model is based on certain theoretical principles and implemented specific tools of applied sciences.

In theory, systems are widely used special modeling techniques, which are used in applied computer science. These include:

• simulation dynamic simulation using statistical methods and a special programming language, the interaction of the structural elements;

• situational simulation using methods of set theory, the theory of algorithms, mathematical logic (Boolean algebra) and a special language analysis of problem situations;

• information modeling using mathematical methods Information field theory and information chains.

7. The composition and structure model

How to determine the internal structure of the “black box” when it is needed?

Integrity and isolation as the internal properties of the system nevertheless allow to distinguish its component parts, which in turn (depending on the formulation of the problem) can be represented by component parts and elements.

elements – these are the parts that are regarded as indivisible. The system is divided into elements of different ways depending on the formulation of the problem, aims and specificity in the analysis. Sometimes changing the partition principle, highlighting other elements.

Parts of a system consisting of more than one element, we call subsystems. The division into a subsystem detects interdependent elements with a relatively distinct features, sub-targets that contribute to achieving the overall goals of the system. In any case, when it comes to the subsystem, keep in mind that the selected set of preserves the integrity of the system, as opposed to a group of elements for which this property can not be performed.

Thus, it is not difficult to imagine a model composition of the system. Simple models of the composition are various classifications and unordered lists the components of a system.

The structure of the system is a set of necessary and sufficient to achieve the objective of relations between the elements. At the same time realize a structure, some pattern phenomenon or object, so they say that the structure reflecting the regularities of picture elements of the system connections. In other words, the structure has a plurality of elements which interact in a specific order to perform system functions. The structure defines the organization of the system, the ordering of its elements and relationships.

As it follows from the definition of the structure, to a greater extent it is about links between the constituent parts of the system. It is clear that the links between elements of the system can only speak once defined system model structure, ie. E., After considered the elements themselves.

Between the real parts of any system has a difficult (possibly infinite) number of relationships due to the nature of infinity. However, when we consider some set of objects (parts) as a system, of all the important relationships, t. E. Essential to achieve the goals are just some of them. More precisely, in the model of the structure of the system, we include only a finite number of connections that, in our opinion, are significant in relation to the relevant purpose.

link – a set of dependency properties of one element from those of other elements of the system. Establish a link between the two elements – it means detect the presence of dependency properties.

Interaction – a set of interconnections and relationships between the properties of the elements, when they acquire the character of interaction with each other.

In the philosophy of the doctrine of connections – the basic concept in describing phenomena and processes in a generic and associated whole. Communications appear in the law of causality, unity and struggle of opposites, the content and form, essence and phenomenon.

Communication as a concept included in any definition of the system, describes the emergence and preservation of tselostnostnyh properties of the system, it reflects both the structure and the rules of functioning of the system.

Communications classified by orientation (directional and omnidirectional), the parameters of force (strengths and weaknesses), a management form (subordination and equitable management of communication), the place of application (internal and external), the order of steps (forward and backward).

Thus, the structure of the system – a collection of system components and relations between them in a plurality.

Further consideration is beyond the scope of this article and everything you can in pochepnut Theory of Control Systems.

8. Weierstrass function

All study schedule, everyone knows that he fractals, but its main feature is that the price schedule is stochastic Weierstrass function. Function fractal! Everywhere continuous but nowhere is not a derivative!


Here with some difficulties and have to face the reality of the trader! Here even take the derivative can not be!

Weierstrass function is defined on the whole real line a single analytic expression:


where a – an arbitrary odd number, b – a positive number less than one.

This fractal complexity and the lack of a derivative by definition, gives rise to serious problems in mathematics, when a decision is to be only via a derivative, in differential equations.

9. What is the randomness of price charts and whether it?

Does our world an accident or anything that happens on the forex market, naturally, that is subordinated to the action of known or not yet known by us laws?

At first glance, the very formulation of such a question seems absurd: we all know that there is even a special science – “Probability theory” – the subject of which is precisely the study of random events. However, one should not jump to conclusions – in fact it is not so obvious and simple.

Rather, everything is simple with only the theory of probability. This respected science as one of the branches of mathematics, operates, as well as all the mathematics in general, abstract (ie, false) objects, allowing a person to his daily needs convenient model objects, events and processes in the real world and real relationships.

Thus, the invention is remarkable mathematical model of “random” events may not necessarily mean the existence of this abstraction in real life. For the same reason it is not to be found in the real world mathematical “point,” “straight” line, “infinity” or “continuity” – they are not, it never was and never will.

In fact, all that we perceive as a “coincidence”, is just, its illusion.

The world not only are no coincidences, they are essentially impossible: all the events are caused by, and subject to the laws, which at 99.9999999% we still have not known! Thus, we are not dealing with the accident, and, exclusively – with regularity.

In this way,

“Randomness” of price charts – is a measure of our ignorance of the laws of Forex.

But while our knowledge remains imperfect illusion of randomness will always have a place in our lives. A striking example of this is evidence Weierstrass function.

And so there will always be fairly humble assertion that: ” I know that I know nothing”.

10. On the Forex wind

Wind – unconventional source of energy!


Obviously, no one would dispute the fact that the speed of the wind, or the height and frequency of sea waves in a specific geographic location and at a particular time – are random and virtually unpredictable magnitude, though are generally undulating character.

Despite the fact that all these quantities have pronounced seasonal patterns, we can only have a chance to predict the probability of occurrence of one or another of their values ​​at a given time. This is precisely one of the main problems of the use of such sources, seemingly inexhaustible, “gratuitous” energy of our sun.

Another problem of the use of light, wind energy and marine use is to provide a highly efficient technical means for converting them indeed limitless (by volume and / or capacity), but the “almost imperceptible” energy potential, for example, into mechanical or electrical energy. In some cases this potential is weak, and thus extract energy from it is too expensive (cheaper to buy diesel generator!), While others – too big, break themselves when these converters, designed for some “the average for the region,” energy performance.

However, the useful energy from such sources to extract it is possible, but it all depends on its cost, that is how good is the efficiency (productivity, efficiency) corresponding to a power converter, and the total energy potential of the exploited renewable resource in place transducer installation. It is clear that all sorts of friction and backlash in the mechanical elements such converters will always be present, but the smaller they are, the more likely the emergence of all possible extract any energy or improve efficiency of energy extraction from weak sources.

Quite the same way behave the prices of financial instruments in the Forex market. This highly liquid, ubiquitous and practically permanent process, due to the movements of large and small global socio-economic and monetary waves positioned dilingovye and brokerage institutions it as an inexhaustible source of income – “Come and take it!”

However, as we know, it is easy to say but difficult to do: almost random nature of price movements of different intensity (from one-period “microwaves” to powerful trends in different directions), the presence of transaction costs, spreads, delays in order execution and slippage rates, other “okolorynochnye “factors (including fraud), analogues of which in renewable energy are the friction and backlash in the mechanical elements of the converters – all builds are obstacles that our trading system – the “Converters” market “khalyavnykh” money power – as a rule, can not overcome.

In order to solve the problems encountered in the practical use of natural renewable energy sources, created by the whole scientific institutes and departments at universities, formed by specialized departments in the ministries and departments and branches of the National Academy of Sciences in a variety of countries around the world. These organizations and bodies called upon to contribute to the development of scientific and theoretical basis of alternative energy development and construction of efficient energy converters, porodzhaemoy inexhaustible (in a sense) hydrogen-nukes our sun.

But to solve the problems in the Forex market, arising from the practical use of market power do not create the entire scientific institutes and departments at universities, are not formed specialized departments in the ministries and departments and branches of the National Academy of Sciences in a variety of countries around the world.

And any sensible person would dream of blaming someone in spekulyatizme and blame him for trying “for free” to seize this “gratuitous” energy and then sell it at a price higher than its cost!

Other related to Forex market. Yes, the Forex market can make, in theory, unlimited number and time. This is a theoretical possibility, due to the fact that the currency quotes all the time somehow changed, forming on price charts like a wave – the price increases and decreases, in something like a sea periodic or even tidal waves. But unwittingly they draw attention to themselves and the public, which for the most part, as is known, consists of the envious and traders losers that only because the allegations themselves brokers about the ease and grandeur of earnings in the Forex market hang on him the label of speculative and fraudulent offices, and They call it a game. And those who are closely in touch with the realities of the Forex market, on their own skin feel “easy” to obtain such profits. Recall the gold miners who worked as a curse, and sometimes men casting their lives in hostile mines for nuggets of brilliance reclaimed gold! Today, thanks to scientific and technological breakthroughs, the development of the gold-bearing rocks is conducted on an industrial scale, and no one, can not think of accusing mining companies in spekulyatizme.


Everyone needs to create your wind generator or rectifier, but it does take a very serious study and engage in basic and applied research in Forex.

All exchanges and Forex need is not so much technical as in the scientific and technical analysis.

This science is open to all traders and scholars practitioners and theorists from all the technical and mathematical field.

Fill and top up by a new science ….. their ideas and research!


The application software implementation issues counselor can and should be used “Automata Programming” given in my first article “automata-based programming as a new way to create automated trading systems

If all of a sudden my critics, and other readers who do science in the Forex market does not need, and they want to live in their own way, and as usual, I’ll tell you in advance …. " And you, my friends, no matter how sit down, it’s all musicians not fit".

I write the truth, and the truth, and who will be cutting or stabbing eyes, let them! I thing the article failed to convey the idea, and the idea for the smart and talented, and let the others in the old rivet advisors!

and further….

Monkey to the old eyes became weak;

And the people heard it,

What is evil is not so big hand:

Only standing start points,

Points of half a dozen myself, she took;

Werth Points this way and that:

That temyu to squeeze them, they are at the tail nanizhet,

They sniff, their polizhet;

Points do not act in any way.

"Ugh abyss! – she says – and the fool

Who listens to all human bullshit:

Everything about the points just lied to me;

And much good on the hair is not in them".

Monkey here with frustration and sadness

About a stone so grabbing them

Only spray flashed.

Unfortunately, the train is in people:

No matter how useful thing – the price without knowing it,

Ignorant about her own sense all for better tends;

And if ignorant poznatney,

So he did and still drives.


How to extract the real incomes of the potential energy of the Forex market?

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Breakout Trend Lines

Breakout Trend Lines

An indicator that draws a line on the high and low prices, as well as sloping trendlines. A trend line break, high or low is usually reported about the change (or continuation) of the trend. Once the price is out of line, and the candle closes, the indicator signals the arrow (also, you can turn notifications). This indicator is very simple to use, but nevertheless, there are many trading strategies, which are based on a break of trend lines. The number of candles to determine the trend lines, as well as the maximum and minimum trading range can be adjusted.


  • TradingRange – the number of bars of the trading range, which will be determined by the highs and lows;
  • Distance – minimum distances from one maximum (minimum) to another to construct the trend lines;
  • Shift – shift for determining a breakthrough concerning trading range;
  • EnableAlert – enabling and disabling alerts (true – enabled);
  • TrendLinesColor – color trend lines.

Breakout Trend Lines

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Wall Street is awake session was positive

Wall Street is awake: the session was positive

session in the US as several previous ones,
We ended on a positive notes. On Wednesday
All investors’ attention was focused
on the publication of “minutes” of the Fed meeting.
Everyone expected rise or not rise
interest rate. after quite
unambiguous rhetoric participants
the meeting was clear: all prone to
early tightening of monetary
politicians. In early trading this led
a decrease in the indices, but in the evening
environment (as Moscow time – to
they played early Thursday morning) is
negative movement.

from the statistics
Yesterday was published back speaker
oil reserves for the week they fell
to 4.474 million barrels after rising 1,401
million barrels last week.

«Blue chips» DJIA on
Following the session stronger at 0.3355%. Grown and S P
500 (0.25%), but the high-tech
Nasdaq lost

Futures on crude oil Light
rose 1.7% (up to 96.07
dollars per barrel). December futures
gold decreased by 0.1% (to 1 295.2 dollar
per troy ounce).

individual stocks, it may be noted
quotations ritylerov Lowe’s rise
and Target
(Respectively 1.6% and
1.8%). In the black and Home Depot after
his triumphant quarterly
report (+ 2.3%).

Never mind
affairs at Microsoft
(-0.8%) and McDonalds

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Rusty gold big and small

Rusty, gold, big and small

On Wednesday, the department
New York Mercantile Exchange’s Comex
futures for the December
Gold traded at $ 1.291,00
per ounce. Gold was likely to find
support and $ 1.281,00
resistance at $ 1.298,40.

USD index, which
It tracks the greenback against
a basket of six other major currencies,
changed by 0.03% and traded at
$ 81.62.

Schedule for gold now looks like this:

Rusty gold big and small

Index Silver
changed by 0.20% and traded at
$ 19.873 per ounce, while the index on
copper changed by 0.01% and traded
at $ 3,201 per pound.

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Forex Robot EA

Forex Robot EA

Forex Robot EA – strategy hedged nonuniform grid spacing which is based on the price range. It automatically hedge transaction in turns. Hedging is used to reduce the drawdown and profit maximization. Lot sizes are calculated automatically, so you can see lots of different sizes. Some are small, others are large. At some point Advisor closes all open transactions when the amount of own funds account will be more of the account balance, depending on the calculated profit.

Recommended trading conditions

  • Timeframe: M5.
  • Quotes: only the 3- and 5-Digit (2- and 4-digit allowed).
  • Leverage: up to 1: 200.
  • Initial capital: at least 500 USD for every cent accounts / at least 2000 USD on any netsentovom account.
  • Currency Pair: fully optimized on the USDJPY. Use only one pair and one graph. It is not recommended to use Advisor for more than 1 chart.
  • Account type: micro account or a cent account (or not allowed ECN-ECN).


  • Target Equity: target amount of own funds. It is recommended to add 10% to the current account balance. Upon reaching the target size of funds Advisor Forex Robot will stop operating as long as you do not set a new target value. This feature is designed to give space to your adviser, and also allows you to remove some profit.
  • Conservative Setting: When set to TRUE Advisor will use a conservative strategy. Suitable for capital account less than 2000 USD. If your capital exceeds 2000 USD, you can set this parameter to FALSE and include aggressive trade.


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This converted ColorBars indicator. Now the color of the bars does not depend on the volume and the closing price. Using a dial indicator can increase the thickness of the bar, which is not done in the terminal.


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