Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

The indicator uses ten indicators classical indicators for calculating the rising or falling trend of the current currency pair on the majority principle for all timeframes.

Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

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How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

How to make friends with freeloaders, beggars, wastrel and hog

finance – under your own
control. But if your friends are
bad financial habits against
or even you yourself – that your friendship or
your bank account is threatened
trouble. Do not be surprised. Just
Recall, for example how much money you
monthly squander bars,
sent there by your initiative
numerous friends and acquaintances
just good friends. Or vice versa
– how many times have your friends help you
with money, not a good form in you
habit irresponsible attitude
to finance. In general, now I will tell
you all about how in a clever and tricky
divide the eggs in different baskets. Well,
that is, to keep friends and money in different
baskets. I mean, you understand me.

Friend freeloader

How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

Not all riders just ask you
to pay their mortgage. Most often they swim
smaller, but are imposed on your wallet
a little thinner. “I had a friend who
constantly talking about what she
not enough money. “- says Jill
Jacinto, financial journalist. – “One
during the brunch, she mentioned that
our other friends often come to the rescue
and treat her drinks, dinners and other
other excesses. I realized where
it tends to, and immediately as if by chance
dropped, I focused on the economy,
because I have to save up for a major

secret – in intelligible and understandable explanation:
“I made a light-hearted face and said,
that these days we all have certain
money problems, and by the way, not
slukavila. Extra money we do not “, –
says Jill.

the fact that you are trying to save, can
talk to your simple-minded friend
by pulling out your money on the little things,
and it does not hurt him. You can
avoid awkward situations and one more
strategic way: Dating
where there will not be any reason for a friendly
the annexation of part of your cash. Free
or a very cheap way of entertainment
It can be very interesting and enjoyable:
cycling or rollerblading, visiting
museums, walking around the city. And finally,
another way: you can select an event
for which you have to pay in advance (for example,

Unemployed friend

How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

You can be a great success
career, but if your friend is constantly
out of work or earns
penny – friendship can and disorder.
The reason is simple: it just will not be able
you company wherever you like
relax, and if he is also to riders
not applicable – you can just one
the perfect moment to discover friendship
dried out by itself.

. It is useful to understand why each
It is in such a deplorable situation.
Maybe you can solve the problem,
make a recommendation, get a job,
eventually. Maybe the person does not
enough punch qualities, but he
while a gold worker
underrated, hungry, cold and
offended by this cruel world. In that
case, you just have to help him. But
If help does not work – there are
other ways to keep calm
friendship further. For example, invite
him to his tea glass, or again
is found in places that are not
It involves spending money. You will
spend time together, to give each
another note, while avoiding uncomfortable

Each Motte

How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

Surely many of you have friends,
that fall into this category. they
expensive hobby, they go in the magnificent
trip, relax in the best nightclubs,
left on sale at the mall
most of his salary – and
This live wonderfully in
removable Khrushchev, have no
savings and, coming home from posh
club, consider fines for tomorrow
travel to work. The funny thing is that
next to these people, we feel it is
themselves poor, even knowing full well that
our financial situation is much
stronger. But this lifestyle makes
We feel, even for a short
moment that passes by us
almost everything.

Ketrin Krouli said: “Very often,
such friends unconsciously trying
buy your friendship. At the same time they are thin
Handling: you can feel
self-controlled. ” harm is
that such friends, and you know how
induce unnecessary but nice spending.

. Chatter with sverhrastochitelnymi
friends can be from time to time
funny, especially if they spend their
money and for you too. But never
do not try to keep up with them in terms of
costs – is not the best way
impact on the status of your
bank account. Do not think that
It has imposed a special bond
support each other in any adventure,
including a night club that you can not
afford. Can agree on
a certain monetary limit that
both of you can spend on a joint
entertainment – usually it works. Well
and again our universal advice – just
walk in the fresh air, do not give others a chance to spend one polzarplaty


How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

The downside of extravagance: one-miser.
Their advice is also not necessary to listen to. If
they focus exclusively on the
how to save money, it may
take strange and painful form.
It should be a little bit not follow miser
– and here he is tenacious compresses grasping
legs are the cheapest and the most dreadful
things that can be found only in general:
used car that falls apart
on the run; clothes that barely moves
two – three washing; meat with a shelf life,
expiring in two hours – in general,
that’s all.

Friendship should not be a miser with
cause someone a sense of guilt. And
it is not necessarily bleak.
Take a walk with him in the discount store
or the flea market – and suddenly you too
will find it for himself something interesting?
And be sure to try to “cure”
miser, persuading him to spend money
something that will help them earn,
eg. This may be a new suit,
bought for an interview, and can
be – MBA degree.

I have everything. Now you can safely
friends, even with people who have the most
disgusting and harmful financial

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Ruble is awash with oil Ministry of Finance and

The ruble is awash with oil: Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank in a depression

A record fall in prices
oil led to the fall of the ruble against the
dollar. WTI crude oil has fallen in price
immediately by 4.5% – day record drop
for 2 years. It seems that such a drastic reduction
It was due to the new IEA report.

At the same time the dollar
again expensive – in a pair USD / RUB ratio
It came to 41 rubles. Experts predict
In the near future the dollar may
rise in price by 2 rubles.

It is not the first week
Oil prices fall in the trade
session, especially sudden changes occur
against the publication of new economic
data and reports. Even yesterday, oil
immediately fell by 4.5%, and since the early fall
(Since June), oil prices fell
already at 20%. Analysts say oil
and will continue to fall, losing in the price of another
up to $ 10 per barrel.

This afternoon, oil
Brent crude fell to $ 83.85, is now trading
at $ 84.69 per barrel.
The fall provoked by the data
international energy
agency, which downgraded
global demand for oil at the end of 2014
year to 0.2 million b / d – to 92.4 b / s. And this is the worst
the figure for five years. It is, in its
turn, has revised its forecasts
after the announcement by the Saudi
Arabia, which “has no objection
decrease to $ 80 per barrel “in the coming
two years.

According to the newspaper The Wall
Street Journal, after such a fall in prices
oil in the US will drop the price of gasoline
approximately 15% ($ 3.17 a gallon for about
33.9 rubles. per liter), some even say,
that the price will be even lower – up to $ 3 per gallon.
In Russia, the price of gasoline (according to Rosstat
on 10/06/14) averaged 33.2 rubles. and
price increases.

Dollar on Wednesday took
another milestone – 41 rubles. for one dollar.
This happened in early trading when
individual transactions took place above the mark
41 rubles, and it became a new absolute

Ruble is awash with oil Ministry of Finance and

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is still
sells the currency of international reserves.
Yesterday, for example, the Central Bank raised border
currency corridor by 35 cents – up to 45.7
Ruble. It turns out that for shifting 5
kopecks spend $ 350 million accumulated
interventions – experts estimate. But
this support is not enough. Ministry of Finance
during the month promises to connect
to support the ruble, he starts spending
currency deposit auctions – reports
Head of the Ministry Anton Siluanov.

Where that is the “bottom” of the ruble
– no one can guess. By
results of the “Times” edition of the survey,
experts gave disappointing forecasts
– “bottom there.”

deputy chief management
Treasury Bank of Settlements and Savings
Ivan Farafonov believes that the “bottom” – this
“42,5-43 rubles to the dollar.” He also said,
that the central bank to support the ruble
in addition to the need to change interventions
standards (for example, limit the open
currency position) to prevent
banks to buy large speculative
amounts of foreign currency.

“It is not excluded that ruble
It may go down in value even before the 42-43 USD / RUB. –
predicts the deputy director
Investment and Trade Department
“Absolut Bank” Andrei Zaitsev. – But,
the feelings, the situation in the market should
change. This may contribute
tax payments and the sale of foreign currency
earnings by exporters. He also said,
that now it is impossible to say at what
marks fall of the ruble will stop.

“Bottom” as such, no,
– sums up the analyst of the Criminal Code “Alfa Capital”
Andrew Schenck. – To what level can
fall in oil price to say exactly
it is impossible, but we can see the short-term
and lower levels, than we see
now. In the meantime, the price of oil falls,
will be reduced and the ruble. Especially because
demand for the dollar remains high and
the problem of dollar liquidity shortage
– urgent. “

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Environment in Europe has passed sad

Environment in Europe has passed sad

Yesterday, European stock
index fell for the seventh session
contract. Stoxx Europe 600 finished
trading lower by 3.2%. FTSE
lost 2,83%, CAC 40 – 3.62%; DAX
– 2.87%. All 18 European indexes
Union finished the trading day

experts explain
such a fall so that investors evaluated
disappointing statistics from the US
(Reduction retail sales 0.3%) and
corporate reporting, which season
It is now in full swing.

pharmaceutical company Shire
Plc fell by 22% – this was, perhaps,
the loudest fall in Europe over
yesterday. This occurred against the background
News that Abbvie,
It may refuse to purchase
Irish Pharmacy and trade
worth nearly $ 55 billion
It fails.

very confident
falling banking sector, especially smartly
They have shown themselves peripheral players:
National Bank of Greece lost 11%
Banco Popolare SC – 8,1%.

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Reverse Bar

Reverse Bar

Reverse Bar indicator paints reversal bars according to the trading strategy B. Williams, described in the book “Trading Chaos 2″.

  • Bar bearish painted in red or pink. (Red – a stronger signal)
  • Bullish divergent bar turns blue or blue color. (Blue – a stronger signal)

It is recommended to use on the timeframes H1 and more.

Reverse Bar

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Bugs in new law will make all of us to Travel

Bugs in the new law will make all of us to Travel Abroad

a bill that personal
Russian data should be stored on
servers in Russia, strongly
underfulfilled, says Russian
Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev.
Remind Putin signed a law that
required to keep data centers at
the Russian Federation personal data
Russians treated the Internet any
resource and any program.

The fact is that
if you accept it in its current form –
problems will not be just a lot, but very
a lot of. Rather, if you sit at home and do
does not stick out – then no problems
absolutely. In all other cases, you
still have to sit at home and do
keep a low profile. Technically
view after the adoption of the law a ban
It gets a very large category of habitual
citizens activities. try them

ban iPhones:
Of course, products
Apple directly prohibited
will not be. However, the cloud systems
data storage, including iCloud,
are already in a precarious legal
Status: hardly anyone from the leadership
Apple comes to mind
move the server in Russia.

Obtaining visas.
The Schengen zone, United Kingdom, USA –
all these and other states in which
It requires a visa anyway
collect, process and store data
Russians applying for a visa.
Data storage systems are organized
not on the servers at the embassy:
it is a more complex system. Therefore,
in fact, after the law
receiving and processing documents
visa from the embassy will
illegal activity, and therefore,
visas and we can not see, and relax at the resorts
Krasnodar region and in the Crimea, and not
our scientists to work in Europe
universities, and in general, it is necessary to house

Internet shops.
This is a separate category of activity,
which can be pretty darn reasonable:
not so rare was the situation when
Russian boutiques sold from 1000% strength
premium items ordered on eBay
or on Aliexpress. From the moment
adoption of the “bench” of the law will close:
not everyone wants to shop online
contact with the separation information
servers and institution for Russia
separate “rooms”.

tickets and hotels outside of Russia
When planning independent
Travel can not do without armor air-
and r / w tickets, without the booking of hotels and for
this necessarily share their
data. In this case, you do not think that
every small Italian or
English otelchik on the beach
lead his on a server somewhere in
Tambov region?

Export of Russian brides
the border is finally over, and have
support Russian manufacturer.
As well as keep on gourmet websites
their personal pages with the aim of overtones
they are now the motherland can only be
in the presence of the bourgeoisie Russian
servers, and it’s not every bourgeois can

Farewell, free calls to other
city ​​and country. Goodbye, convenient and
reliable, secure information
service. If the law is adopted in the present
edition, Skype among
First get a harsh legislative
a kick in the direction of our country’s borders.

But not so
bad, and the “Great Russian Wall”
speak still early. well
it is possible that the newly formed
expert advice on communication technologies
Russian deputies to denounce all
the pros and cons of the new law and will
make the necessary changes
so as to satisfy all parties

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This indicator calculates the value of the indices DeMarker oscillator AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD in a single window.

Input parameters:

  • DeMarkerperiods: Periods for calculating DeMarker oscillator values ​​for each index.
  • aud: Hide / show (True / False).
  • cad: Hide / show (True / False).
  • eur: Hide / show (True / False).
  • gbp: Hide / show (True / False).
  • jpy: Hide / show (True / False).
  • nzd: Hide / show (True / False).
  • usd: Hide / show (True / False).
  • chf: hide / show (True / False).
  • ColorAUD: AUD text color.
  • ColorCAD: Text color CAD.
  • ColorEUR: EUR color of the text.
  • ColorGBP: GBP text color.
  • ColorJPY: Text color JPY.
  • ColorNZD: Text color NZD.
  • ColorUSD: Text color USD.
  • ColorCHF: text color CHF.
  • fontsize: The size of the text index.
  2. You can customize the color, style and width of each index.

Note: This demo version. It only works on M1 chart. When you try to run the schedule on a larger timeframe will the alert with the following message: “This is a DEMO version that only works in 1 minute charts” (This demo version works only on M1 chart). You can purchase the full version CurrencyDeMarker.

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