Results of week Kuroda was not impressed markets

Results of the week: Kuroda was not impressed markets and Yellen continues reassuring

Global financial markets continue to comprehend decisions on monetary policy the US Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan.

The Fed left the federal funds rate unchanged after a meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee on Wednesday, but made it clear that the increase in borrowing costs may occur in December, when labor market conditions continue to improve.

At the same time, the US central bank has reduced the number of expected rate increases this year from two to one and predict a less aggressive interest rate rise in the next two years.

The next meeting of the Fed’s monetary policy is scheduled for the beginning of November and mid-December. Economists believe that the rate hike is unlikely in November largely because the meeting will take place just a few days before the US presidential election.

Markets are currently estimated at 15% probability of a rate hike at the November meeting, according to the forecast of the Fed rate by The chances of its increase is about 60% in December.

The Fed’s decision came shortly after the Bank of Japan kept interest rates unchanged at 0.1% and announced that it will be more flexibility to manage the rate of growth of the money supply, as quickly as possible to achieve the acceleration of inflation to the 2% target.

Japanese regulator moves from target to expand the monetary base targeting the yield of government bonds (JGB). The Central Bank intends to change the amounts of JGB purchases to increase the slope of the curve and keep the yield on 10-year bonds around zero.

However, investors skeptical about the ability of the Bank of Japan to achieve an inflation objective with the new measures. Some experts believe that the Japanese regulator end effects tools.

In contrast, the Federal Reserve continues to justify the market expectations regarding the timing of the next increase in US interest rates.

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Pending Order Panel

Pending Order Panel

Pending Order Panel – automated trading panel that automatically sets pending orders.

Input parameters

The user must enter:

  1. Price – the price
  2. Lot Size – Lot Size
  3. Stop Loss – Stop Loss
  4. Take Profit – Take Profit
  5. Pending Order Type – the type of pending order
  6. Trailing Stop – trailing stop
  7. Trailing Step Stop – move the trailing stop

Types of pending orders: Buy Limit, Buy Stop pending orders to buy or Sell Limit, Sell Stop pending orders for sale.

Principle of operation

  • Panel automatically sets the pending order when the above input parameters are met.
  • It also provides alerts if something is out of limits.
  • Pending orders are converted into market orders, if the necessary conditions.

Pending Order Panel

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1. According to statistics, 90% of the restaurants closed in the first year after opening.

2. Tuesday – is the most productive day of the week.

3. Every day the world comes about 33 new products, 13 of them – toys.

4. Every day about 65 people become millionaires.

5. Coffee is the second most sold in the world of commodities after gasoline.

6. About 80% of all toys in the world are produced in China.

7. The main income of the company "McDonalds" bring drinks, and, regardless of the location of the country.

8. Baby goods stores stacked as low as possible to the floor so the children can see them.

9. About 20% of millionaires never attended university.

10. Company "american Airlines" I was able to save about 40 thousand dollars, removing only one olive salad, serve business class passengers.

11. Pleasant smells in the store in most cases artificial, they are created by the air fragrances designed to entice the customer to buy. Especially effective this method operates on the hungry visitors.

12. In the fast food establishments often include fast music as a kind of music visitors eat their food faster and therefore faster release space for new customers.

13. founders "Google" Larri Peydzh and Sergey Brin in 1998 to sell "Google" company "Yahoo" for $ 1 billion, but "Yahoo" He refused if such a purchase. 7 years later, in 2005, "Google" already worth $ 80 billion, with an annual profit of $ 1.5 billion.

14. In the 20th century Russian businessman Nikolai Shustov conceived to promote their new cognac in Moscow restaurants. To this end, he hired young people who went to the taverns and demanded "Shustov’s brandy"Where, naturally, it did not receive. Such bogus visitors staged a scandal and uproar, expressing their dissatisfaction. As a result of such actions, Moscow innkeepers learned of a new cognac and began to purchase it from a creative entrepreneur.

15. Annual advertising services market turnover of half a trillion dollars. For comparison, the annual turnover of tobacco in the world is about $ 400 billion, 100 billion less.

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Former head of Uber Kalanik considering options

The former head of Uber Kalanik considering options to return to the company

Former CEO of online taxi service Uber Travis Kalanick considering options for how to return to his post, said the publication Information, citing sources familiar with the situation.

Kalanik received a letter from the investors with the requirements of the resignation and after negotiations agreed to leave his post in June. Kalanik remains in Uber Board of Directors.

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Double bottom barrel

Double bottom barrel

OPEC may cut oil production even more than previously stated. Everything will depend on market conditions. But, according to experts, the prices on expectations of reduced production has grown so much that OPEC may eventually opt out of the production level of freezing – just in accordance with market conditions.

Organization of – Petroleum Exporting Countries may reduce production below the previously stated limits.

“We estimate the market at the end of November in Vienna, and if the 700 th. Barrels. is not enough, we will go further “, – the Minister of Energy of Algeria Noureddine Butarfa said, reports Reuters.

In late September, the OPEC countries have adopted the limitation of the production decision at the level of 32,5-33 million barrels. in a day. According to the organization, in August, OPEC was producing 33.23 million barrels, and in September set a new record -. 33.75 million barrels. when the current quota of 30 million barrels. / day. But this quota for a long time no one country does not adhere to the cartel, if countries such as Saudi Arabia and Angola, production decreased, Nigeria and Libya, on the contrary, have increased.

The decision to commit taken, but no documents have been signed. Russia, which participated in the negotiations, withdrew its delegation before in Algeria began discussing the fixing of production. In September, the volume of oil production in Russia increased by 4% compared to August and amounted to 11.11 million barrels. in a day. Similar figures the Russian oil sector demonstrated only in the USSR period.

Russia (which is not a member of OPEC) said it will wait for the decision of the cartel. The head of the Russian Ministry of Energy Alexander Novak said earlier that the freezing level of production in Russia’s interest. “At the current level,” – said the Minister. At the same time Russia also updates production records.

The idea of ​​fixing the level of production occurred in the beginning of the year, when Russia, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela have offered to freeze production at January’s volume level.

The agreement fell through because of Iran who has announced that he wants to achieve dosanktsionnyh production levels. US and EU sanctions have limited Iran’s oil exports and, consequently, production. Dosanktsionny level version of the Islamic Republic of Iran – is 4 million barrels. in a day. Now Iran is close to this level, and says that it is ready to support measures to stabilize the oil market. However, such statements of Iran did the last time.

On the one hand, the production level of frost is now in the interests of a number of OPEC countries (such as Venezuela and Algeria), but the main thing – the organization leader, Saudi Arabia.

“Now the Saudis are no longer willing to continue strategic game aimed at inflicting maximum damage on other players in the oil market due to the retention of low prices,” – says the managing director of “BCS Ultima” Vitaly Bagamanov.

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Oil soared in price by OPEC’s promise to limit

Oil soared in price by OPEC’s promise to limit production

Oil prices went up sharply on Wednesday after sources Reuters reports that the OPEC countries still have agreed for the first time in eight years, to limit production for the sake of increasing the cost of black gold.

The US dollar has not changed much in a basket of currencies, but fell to a five-month low against the Norwegian krone Norway although not included in the cartel miners, but is a major supplier of oil. The Russian ruble has appreciated to 63.12 per dollar, while the decision to the OPEC announcement quotes were at 63.77; Russia, too, is not a member of OPEC.

Members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, meeting in Algeria have agreed to limit the production of oil, starting in November, about a million barrels a day.

US crude has risen by 5.2 percent.

The decision of the cartel supported shares of energy companies from the index S P 500, sets the tone for the entire session in the US stock market.

Prior to the evening news was dominated by pessimism about the prospects for the first since 2008, this kind of pact, although economic difficulties are forcing an unconditional leader of the cartel to Saudi Arabia to make concessions to Iran, whose position is the key to a compromise.

"But still need to see how many barrels actually disappear from the market", – said Maykl Uittner, who is in charge of the oil market research in New York otdeleniiSociete Generale (PA: SOGN).

"But this is potentially a very important decision … I think the importance is primarily in the fact that they were able to agree".

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Stochastic oscillator based on the indicator.


  • Kperiod – period (the number of bars) for calculating line% K.
  • Dperiod – averaging period for calculating the line% D.
  • slowing – slowing.
  • method – the method of averaging (simple, exponential, smoothed, linearly weighted).
  • price – for the calculation of the price (0 – Low / High, 1 – Open / Close).
  • Coefficient_K – dynamics factor.


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