Report for Investors

Report for Investors (Report to Investors)

?Hello dear investors, today profit was + 0.43% are open transactions on EURGBP, while in loss

Hello dear investors, today profit was + 0.43% are open transactions on the EURGBP, while in loss

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Visual trend indicator and power converter in the form of bar charts and tables on the main chart, schedule changes and trends in currency analysis unit on the secondary chart window. Analyzes 28 currency pairs formed from 8 Majors (EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, CHF, NZD).

opportunities indicator

  1. Determines the direction and strength of the trend and currency symbols, and building on the basis of this multi-colored bar graph, table, informing the numerical value and schedules
  2. It shows the relative position of the change in trends and rates in real time.
  3. In the form of graphs represents the history trends of each currency pair, on which the indicator.
  4. Analyzes exchange according to one of the selected modes (analysis unit)

The analysis unit

It consists of a list of the analysis and buttons. The default mode of analysis, you can specify parameter Analisis. Use the Next and Prev buttons you can switch the mode of analysis, using the button, you can turn the Revs Sort rating.

analysis modes: 

  • Rate Converter (parameter Analysis = 1);
  • The strength of the trend of currency (parameter Analysis = 2);
  • Rating symbol (parameter Analysis = 3);
  • Power symbols trend (parameter Analysis = 4).

Examples of strategies to trade with this indicator

  1. Buy the strongest and sell the weakest characters;
  2. To buy or sell the characters that present the strongest or the weakest currency;
  3. The intersection of trend lines – a change of position, the closing position;
  4. Buy currency if the trend force more than a certain level (e.g. 50 to M15 graphics);
  5. Buy / sell symbol if the strength of the trend over / under a certain level (eg 50 for M15 graphics).
  • For proper operation of the indicator you need to open all of the characters in the browse window.
  • Some time is required to load the data for all currencies with the broker’s server, so the schedule can be changed until all data has been loaded.
  • In the strategy tester works only in a static state.

Item display

  • MAPer – The period of the moving average is used to determine a trend;
  • MAMode – The method of constructing the moving average;
  • GridCount – The number of lines in the grid histogram with positive and negative sides;
  • FixGridValue – Secure nets upper value defined value. 0 – automatic mesh value;
  • ShowValue – Show values ​​of the currency trend strength histograms;
  • SizeFont – font size chart of signatures;
  • Analysis – analysis room. Values ​​from 1 to 4;
  • LineWidth – line thickness. Values ​​of 1 and more;
  • LimitCountedBars – Limiting the study of history bars. Can be decreased to increase the rate;
  • clrXXX – Colors currencies.


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Oil prices stabilized on background unconvincing

Oil prices stabilized on a background unconvincing speech Trump

In the oil market March 1 at 11:00 GMT, Brent crude oil price was $ 56.37 per barrel, decreasing by 0.2%. Market participants expect the publication of oil stocks in the United States, which is projected to have to make 3.079 million barrels during last value 0.564 million barrels.

According to the data released today, Russia in February to cut production volumes to 11.1 million barrels per day.

In general, analysts say that the performance of Donald Trump, the US Congress has not caused serious fluctuations of oil prices, as the US president is not informed about the plans to build the level of extraction of raw materials in the United States. At the same time, the expectations of the oil market players based on the specifics of the president’s speech, but Donald Trump has limited appeal arguments abstract nature.

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UPRYSE measures the correlation of forces of buyers and sellers.

The indicator defines the area where you can easily see the difference between buyers and sellers.

The product works on any symbol and period. Never redrawn!


  • As part of the trading system
  • In combination with other indicators
  • Scalping
  • Trend following
  • Long-term trading

Never trade against divergence. Recommended timeframes – D1, H4 and H1.


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Free Denderit Scalper

Free Denderit Scalper

Free Denderit Scalper – is a free version of the advisor Denderit Scalper. This version allows you to trade with disabilities. It trades only the minimum allowable lot and opens no more than 4 orders.

Free Denderit Scalper – multicurrency EA, working on different characters in the M1 or M5 timeframes.

Advisor uses to trade high-risk trading strategies like the Martingale. It works with take-profit and Elman neural network. Stop-loss is not used.

It may work on other major pairs.

Advisor is based on the 42 input and 2 output nodes of the neural network, as well as the sigmoid function of automatic learning in real life. Trade is almost every candle. Denderit Scalper learns candle stories and predicts the next candle.

Particular attention should be paid to the output node. It uses a single layer of the neural network and is more effective if there is confirmation of a trend change, and that the price will not return to its previous value.


  • Minimum shoulder – 1: 500.
  • The minimum initial deposit – only $ 1000.
  • Use the M1 or M5 timeframe.


  • MaxSpread: Maximum spread, in which trade is allowed.
  • Slippage: Allowable slippage for opening orders.

Parameters and functions in the free version is limited.

Free Denderit Scalper

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London after Brexit need to return $ 11 billion

London after Brexit need to return $ 11 billion stored in the EU bank

Earlier media reported that the European Union intends to demand from London to pay € 60 billion as earlier commitments.

?UK will require the EU after the secession of the community to return to her? 9 billion ($ 11 billion), which are stored in the European Investment Bank. About this newspaper The Sunday Times, citing expert-legal opinion, made at the request of the Government before the start of negotiations between London and Brussels on Brexit conditions.

?The document, prepared by a lawyer from the ruling Conservative Party, Martin Howe, notes that “the government not only has no legal obligation to pay anything to Brussels, but the EU should also restore the UK its interest in the capital of the European Investment Bank,” the newspaper notes. According to the calculations of British lawyers, we are talking about? 9? 10 billion.

Earlier media quoted European negotiators reported that the European Union intends to demand from London to pay € 60 billion as earlier commitments, including on pensions of EU officials. Later, the British newspaper reported that British Prime Minister Tereza Mey is not going to pay for the multi-billion dollar “bill Brexit».

Formal negotiations between London and Brussels should start after the British Parliament will Mei respective powers

According to the latest British media, the launch of the bill Brexit procedure has a good chance of approval by both houses of parliament on Monday.

Thus, the very next day, March 14, the Prime Minister during his speech in the House of Commons may announce that it has sent to Brussels, notice of the beginning of the implementation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on European Union, starts the process of two years of negotiations on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU /?

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Today EURUSD upward movement was that "discourage" its position in the past two days, but I think to trend upwards is far, although you can try to go on the rollback, on Signal system yet

Today in EURUSD was moving up that "discourage" their positions in the past two days, but I think to trend upwards is still far, although you can try to go on a pullback on the system signals yet

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