Professional LED moving averages with zero delay.

Indicator MAi – this nonretarded set of moving averages.

thanks MAi you will finally be able to trade in real time without delays, your transaction will be more accurate and efficient.

List of moving averages and combinations with an average of Hull available below in the section of code.

You can run multiple instances of the indicator MAi simultaneously for all timeframes. Thus it is possible to test and compare the results with different settings.

Like all of our indicators in MAi integrated technology “Testing of the runner on the story“.

The program can work in two automatic modes:

1. Runner Mode

Activated when run on indicator chart or visual testing.

You can test / adjust the light on the stories with the included “slider” with up to 32,767 bars.

During visual testing you can run on the chart indicator and easily adjust the input parameters.
The tester (Only) of the slider mode, you can go out pressing the <Esc>.

Allowing you to easily switch between timeframes in the selected position, and compare the results.

Watch the video of the “switching” in HD

2. Expert mode

Activated when starting from the EA indicator using “iCustom” function.

It is intended for use only advisor, testing with a runner off.

built-in indicator “error checking“That allows to see and correct problem areas.

Tested and works well in our advisor PointerX.

Watch the video of “testing” in HD

All this makes the light easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders.

How to trade on MAi?

It’s very simple. If MAi line goes up – buy, if goes down – sell.

Also, there are other options (two copies with different settings – when one line crosses another, as well as the use of other indicators).

It is recommended to run multiple instances of indicators on different timeframes with different settings to achieve the best results (M5, M15, H1, H4).

for programmers

You can turn indicator advisors:

enum method
   SMA = 0, / * SMA (Simple_MA) * /
   LWMA = 1, / * LWMA (Linear_Weighted_MA) * /
   SWMA = 2, / * SWMA (Sine_Weighted_MA) * /
   LSMA = 3, / * LSMA (Least_Squares_MA) * /
   TRIMA = 4, / * TRIMA (Triangular_MA) * /
   ILRS = 5, / * ILRS (Integral_of_Linear_Regression_Slope) * /
   EMA = 6, / * EMA (Exponential_MA) * /
   DEMA = 7, / * DEMA (Double_EMA) * /
   MDEMA = 8, / * MDEMA (Median_DEMA) * /
   TEMA = 9, / * TEMA (Triple_EMA) * /
   REMA = 10, / * REMA (Regularized_EMA) * /
   T3 = 11, / * T3 (Tillson) * /
   EMA_Hull = 12, / * EMA_Hull * /
   DEMA_Hull = 13, / * DEMA_Hull * /
   TEMA_Hull = 14, / * TEMA_Hull * /
   REMA_Hull = 15, / * REMA_Hull * /
   T3_Hull = 16, / * T3_Hull * /

Teams for the current and last values ​​for MQL4:

double maiCur = iCustom (NULL, MA_TF _, “MAi”, MA_MTD_, a_st_, a_sm_, a_vf_, a_lam_, 1,0,1);
double maiPrev = iCustom (NULL, MA_TF _, “MAi”, MA_MTD_, a_st_, a_sm_, a_vf_, a_lam_, 1,0,2);
if (maiCur>maiPrev) buyMAI_ = true;
if (maiCur<maiPrev) sellMAI_ = true;

  • NULL = current character
  • MA_TF_ = enum_timeframes
  • “MAi” = path / name of the custom indicator compiled
  • MA_MTD_ = method (from 0-16 in this order)
  • a_st_ = display step
  • a_sm_ = smoothing
  • a_vf_ = v_factor (volume ratio)
  • a_lam_ = lambda
  • 1 = last bar (use 1 for more accurate results, because the zero bar is not yet complete)
  • 0 = line index
  • 1 (2) = offset

Input parameters MAi

In order from left to right: name [default value], min-max value.

If you accidentally enter a smaller or greater value will be used the value of min-max.

  • Method [LSMA] – indicator method
  • Step [25] 0-100 – step indicator
  • * Smooth [0] 0-100 – smoothing lines
  • * V_factor [1.0] 0.0-50.0 – volume ratio
  • * Lambda [0.3] 0.0-100.0 – lambda (for REMA, REMA_Hull)
  • LastBar [0] 0-6000 – Display the last bar (from left to right in descending order 0 – last)
  • PastBars [100] 1-6000 – bars on the history (to the left)

* Depending on the nature of moving may not be available for some methods

Additional Information

Demo version shows the main features and ease of use MAi.

For unlimited version MAi or to use an indicator in the Expert Advisor, you should buy or rent the full version.

Are you satisfied with our work? Share with everyone and leave your review.

If you need assistance in using our trading instruments, or if you have difficulties or questions, please contact me.





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ID Values ​​of trendlines and bars

ID Values ​​of trendlines and bars

The indicator shows the exact operational
values ​​from one to six trend lines extending over / under the right bars, and / or the High and Low of three bars. If needed, displays in its table near the same value, increase or decrease for your indent.

Additionally, there are:

  • Automatic change indicator values ​​output by the number of decimal places according to the displayed pairs of trading terminals.
  • Automatic color change in the trend lines of color, similar values ​​outputted on them. This feature can be enabled or disabled on
    your discretion.
  • Ability to output not only marks the last, but all the previous ones.
  • Disable display indicator information on rows with the bars, if it is not needed at the moment.
  • Disabling marks O
    trend lines, if from ID Values ​​of trendlines and bars you enough to see only the High and Low bars.

If the trend lines are not set the indicator, but the setting of the show is on, the corresponding lines will be dashes.

The default display shows the exact values ​​of the trend lines above / below zero (current) and the first (the previous before the current one) bars, whether through any point of the selected line held. To display the value of the line above / below a long-standing bar, put it in a room NumberLastBarTrendline parameter. Instead of the values ​​of the first bar will appear at the desired data. Mark of zero will not be changed.

If there is no line over the desired bar, then its value is not in the indicator table. 

Updates are available for the indicator, which increase comfort
work with it and extend its capabilities (without prejudice to the previously established properties). All changes can be
found in the “What’s New”.

Before purchasing, you can get acquainted with the working properties
analyzer, tested in real conditions of its free version “Free ID Values ​​of trendlines and bars“.

The names of the lines for the indicator:

To display knew for some lines and some lines of his table, he must display the data, there are two ways:

  1. Copy the entire name of the desired trend line on the chart
    its properties (or remember) and enter it in the properties of the analyzer.
  2. Change the desired names trend lines in their properties to: 
  • u1 or u2 or u3 – the name for the top three lines (Up from the word);
  • d1 or d2 or d3 – titles for three bottom lines (from the word Down).

Seeing the graph line names u1, u2, u3 and / or d1, d2, d3, the analyzer will display the values ​​on them automatically.

In the application of the second method is necessary, in the name of the trendline indicator properties.

Custom Properties ID Values ​​of trendlines and bars:

Show Values ​​of Trend Lines Selection of the number of rows in the display table to display the trend line values.
Show High And Low of Three Bars true – show in
Table maximums and minimums of three bars.
false – do not show.
NumberLastBarTrendline room bar
after zero (current) over / under
trendline. Default = 1 – the first left after the current.

to display
Older values ​​set number
of the bar, over / under which the
desired portion of the trend line.

NumberLastBar number of the last
bar to display the values ​​of High and Low candles. The default is 2, which means
show the value of the last three bars,
including zero (current).

to display
Older values ​​set number
the title bar. His High and Low will be displayed instead of the eldest of the three most recent.

Indent from lines of resistance Number of items of indentation resistance lines (row lines) to display price indented marks. If
required to add to the value of the distance in points placed
a positive integer, if you take away, the
negative. Default = 0, ie no indent.
Indent from lines of support Number of points
indentation on the support lines (lower
lines) to output values ​​indented. If you want to add, put
positive integer, if taken away, negative. Default = 0.
Indent from High of Bars To increase or decrease the price bars on the stamp High indent you. Default = 0.
Indent from Low of Bars For
increase or decrease the price of marks Low bars indent you. Default = 0.
Change colors of the trend lines true – automatically change color
trend lines, on which the indicator displays the values ​​in their
lines into equal specified in the parameters Color for values ​​of resistance and Color for values ​​of support (I.e. on the colors of rows in the table).
false – do not change.
Color for values ​​of resistance Text color
the output value of the upper line, and if the parameter Change colors of the trend lines selected true, lines with the names: u1, u2 and u3.
Color for values ​​of support The color of the text to display the values ​​of the lower lines, and if parameter Change colors of the trend lines selected true, lines with the names: d1, d2 and d3.
Color text for values ​​of bars Text color output High and Low values ​​of the bars.

Note: when installing the indicator on the chart should be noted that originally specified in the properties of the indicator color used for light backgrounds. However, you can easily change them on your own.
ID Values ​​of trendlines and bars

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By leaps and bounds 2 5 euro reached its peak

By leaps and bounds: 2.5, the euro reached its peak | Boris Fedotov

By leaps and bounds: the euro reached its peak in 2.5 years

In contrast to the flagging dollar, the euro continues to grow
and strengthened. Immediately after the summit in Jackson Hole, the euro reached a peak in the
two and a half years against the dollar. Despite the fact that Mario Draghi is not
I made any loud statements about monetary policy
the euro area, he openly said that with the strengthening of the European economy –
it is more than obvious. Although, in principle, it was clear and without it
hints. It is logical that after the central bank EUR Summit strengthened even more. morning
Monday EUR rose to $ 1.1926 to the USD.

Another reason for the stability of the euro currency is
that investors have decided not to take drastic measures to the forthcoming meeting
The ECB announced for September. It is expected that at the congress of “Super Mario”
can make important statements about the future of the euro area monetary policy.
For example, about possible plans to start buying assets folding.

In addition, it is only natural that investors
now much more concerned with the next event in the United States and its impact on
economy – namely Harvey hurricane that broke the oil system
Gulf of Mexico and further brought down the dollar.

Like it or not, one thing is clear – the euro will be saved
stability, at least in the short term. Today it is one of
the most obvious trends in the currency market.

Learn how you can earn on the growth of the euro by clicking on the link:

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EDIT head of VTB 24 was not included in updated

EDIT: The head of VTB 24 was not included in the updated composition of VTB Management Board members

The Supervisory Board of VTB Bank elected a new member of the Board of the credit institution. It does not included the head of VTB 24 Mikhail Zadornov VTB and member of the board and the Holding Company “VTB Capital” Victoria Vanurina, reported today in the press service of VTB.

In total 14 people were elected to the board. The new face of the board was Anatoliy Pechatnikov. He became a member of the Board as Deputy President – Chairman of the Board of VTB Bank.

The press service of the credit organization clarified that the printers will oversee the retail business of VTB Group.

In addition, the bank stressed that the board can not be considered completely formed in connection with the upcoming addition of VTB 24 to VTB.

Mikhail Zadornov became a member of VTB Management Board at the end of December last year. As head Zadornov, VTB24 has held since mid-2005.

Victoria Vanurina became a member of VTB Bank Management Board in 2011. Vanurina previously served as senior vice president of VTB Bank. VTB Group is working since 2008 and is engaged in the development of the investment business.

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ZigZag Breakout

ZigZag Breakout

The essence of strategy is in the open position on the breakdown of Extrema, which draws on the chart ZigZag indicator. For the smooth operation needs VPS-server, the recommended minimum deposit – 1 000 units of base currency. Advisor use timeframe M5-H1 and highly currency pairs with a small spread / Commission (e.g., EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF).


  • Has predictive algorithm based on pricing models levels stop-loss and take profit;
  • Pyramiding has customizable features, hedging and netting of orders;
  • Accompanying the position can be one of three types: single closure, unidirectional or multidirectional basket orders;
  • Maximum compatibility between a functionality that allows you to change the initial strategy of opening orders for themselves;
  • It can be used with any trading strategy, manual or automatic (advisors) if set MagicNumber = -1.


  • It works on opening prices minute candle;
  • Responsible FIFO rules, if not used pyramiding, net hedging;
  • Designed for real trading on today’s market conditions;
  • Use pending orders and real feet;
  • It does not depend on the type of merchant account or broker;
  • It works with both small and large amounts of deposits;
  • Resistant to the break connection, gepam, slippage and spread widening.

expert system

The algorithm collects price patterns on the history of statistics further movement which is based the forecast depending on the levels of stop-loss and take-profit. For his work quotes should be pumped up for at least one year before the beginning of the test period / optimization on all currency pairs and all timeframes in which the adviser will be installed. The younger the timeframe, the more the price patterns Advisor will identify, respectively, will receive more signals about the changing trends.

Main settings

  • BuildingForecast – the number of patterns to construct prediction set 2 to 7, when -1 is not used;
  • x1, x2 … x16 – weighting coefficients set from 0 to 100;
  • StartWorkingTime, EndWorkingTime – work on time;
  • OpenPositions – orders opening strategy;
    • SingleOpen – a single opening;
    • Grid – Net orders;
    • Pyramiding – pyramiding;
    • Hedging – hedging of the symbol;
  • OppositeDirection – open position signal in the opposite direction;
  • OpposingPositions – allow multi-directional positions;
  • VolumeCalculation – method of calculating the trading lot;
    • Manual – specify the initial auction itself;
    • Balance – calculation of the balance of trade of the lot;
    • Equity – on equity;
    • FreeMargin – from the free margin;
  • InitialVolume – initial item or% depending on the selected method;
  • VolumeBehavior – the behavior of the lot;
    • SameVolume – the same lot;
    • IncreaseVolume – increase lot;
    • DecreasesVolume – reduction lot;
  • OrderOpenStep – the initial step of opening orders;
  • OrderStepBehavior – behavior warrants the opening step;
    • SameLevel – similar levels;
    • IncreaseLevel – step increase;
    • DecreasesLevel – step decrease;
  • ClosingPositions – strategy of closing orders;
    • SingleClosing – single closing;
    • UnidirectionalClosing – closing unidirectional basket orders;
    • MultidirectionalClosing – multidirectional closing of the basket of orders;
  • TakeProfit – takeprofit, -1 when not in use;
  • StopLoss – stop loss at -1 is not used;
  • Breakeven – breakeven positions at -1 is not used;
  • TrailingStop – trailing stop -1 when not in use;
  • MagicNumber – magic number at -1 Advisor will work with absolutely all orders;
  • OrdersComment – comment to the transactions;
  • Visualization – display the information on the chart.

ZigZag Breakout

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Channels for prices

Channels for prices

The indicator builds horizontal channels. If the price breaks the boundary of the channel, the channel shifts. The boundaries of the channel are support and resistance levels, and the zones bordering the channel boundaries may be used as perekuplennosti and pereprodannosti zone. Indicator Channels for prices perfectly It operates at a sideways trend paired with indicators such as the Stochastic, RSI and working as a confirming indicator.

display Setting very simple (you can not change anything) and consists of two units:

  • Block 1 setting for grid spacing timeframe in which the expert is set.
  • Block 2. Customize the color of the indicator solution.

Read the indicator may be in the strategy tester, as well as you can download a free trial version (Only EUR / CHF and EUR / GBP, timeframe M1 and M30)

hopefully indicator Channels for prices will be useful for you and if so, put a finger up to me as the author would be very nice! Thank you!

Channels for prices

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Sberbank plans to convert one of Komi areas on

Sberbank plans to convert one of the Komi areas on non-cash payments

Sberbank CEO German Gref and the head of the Komi Republic Sergey Gaplikov on Friday signed an agreement on cooperation in the fields of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). In particular, it is intended to implement the project on transfer Kortkeros region of Komi to electronic payments, told German Gref.

“We have signed an agreement on comprehensive cooperation, including cooperation in the development of all types of contactless payments. And in the Komi Republic is one of the areas we have agreed to make a non-cash area “, – he said.

Gref said that such a project to transfer to cashless and contactless payments using a multi-function card is implemented in Zelenogorsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory). “And we will continue this cooperation in the Komi Republic in one of the areas at the request of the head of the republic. And I hope that will also bring positive results “, – he said.

According to the press service of the head of the region, in the agreement, in particular, identify areas of cooperation in the field of information and payment services, and the development of cashless payments in the territory of the region, creation of a single payment and identification tool – “Komi Republic Resident Card”. In addition, the document provides for the implementation on the basis of Kortkeros district project on introduction of modern payment instruments and technologies.

“As the largest financial and credit structure in the country, the Savings Bank has and related resources, and tools to implement in the region a number of collaborative projects, both large and small, very different direction. And what is very important, is actively expanding its presence in the Republic of Komi, the Savings Bank continues to focus on the social aspect of the activity. These trends, among others, included in the agreement “, – said the head of the Komi Sergey Gaplikov.

SPIEF is held in St. Petersburg from 1 to 3 June. This year the events of the forum are united slogan “In search of a new balance in the global economy.” TASS is the general information partner and the official SPIEF photochemical agency. In addition, the Agency operates the presentation area of ​​the forum.

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