Headline News

Headline News

– Greek Prime Minister Tsipras “very optimistic” after a meeting with Merkel, Hollande and Juncker at the EU summit, declared that “we can make a formal announcement soon.” Ekathimerini reports that Tsipras held “constructive and positive” talks with Merkel, came to an agreement on the objectives of deficit and privatization, but no other “key aspects” in the framework of the Eurogroup .Peregovory continue next week. EU representative Dombrovskis less optimistic, said on German TV that “progress is not good,” he sees no possibility of coming to an agreement this month, but possibly in May. Merkel said that everything should be done in order to prevent Greece remain without money. At today’s meeting of the Eurogroup Greece will not be the main issue, the Minister of Finance of Latvia curled Reirs. Bloomberg poll shows that the probability of a Greek exit from the euro zone estimated audience of 30%. Most economists believe that Greece could default and remain in the Eurozone.

– The representative of Japan’s ruling party Yamamoto said that the Bank of Japan may increase incentives next week, as the economy slows down. Japanese Finance Minister Aso said that the country is no longer in a state of deflation, expects that the Bank of Japan to fully meet its mission of monetary easing. The head of the Bank of Japan Kuroda said that the trend in inflation is gradually improving.

– PricewaterhouseCoopers warns about the risk of a sharp increase in bad debts in China amid slowing economic growth. China National Development and Reform Commission said that large-scale infrastructure projects will be accelerated, the frequency of monetary policy changes to increase.

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EMO PRO Robust Strategies

EMO PRO Robust Strategies

Advisor EMO-PRO – automatic multiple timeframe strategy for trading in Forex, which includes enhanced management of orders from discovery to time out of the deal. It consists of eight different strategies. Transactions average frequency and semi-scalping. Advisor is simple to use, easily configurable, designed for as long as possible in the market to achieve the established profit goals.

It trades on the set of pairs.

  • Do not use floating deal more (-50) pips per trade
  • Use a stiff stop-loss and take-profit virtual and stop loss
  • It does not martingale.
  • Do not semi-martingale
  • It does not sell to the grid.
  • Do not use arbitration.
  • Without adjustment of test results.

custom settings

  1. Recommended pair CADCHF, EURCHF, EURCAD, AUDCAD, AUDCHF, AUDNZD, or NZDCHF. We recommend using 4 pairs, maximum of 6 pairs.
  2. Recommended timeframe M30 or H1

Description parameter

  • useMM: True / false – use money management
  • Buy / sellmtd: Method for Solving the opening of the transaction 0 = easy 1 = exponential, smoothed 2 = 3 = linear-weighted
  • Buy / sellLots – setting item, if useMM = false, enter the lot size (recommended for the opening balance of $ 500 – $ 1,000 to use 0.01 – 0.03 of the lot, with a starting balance of $ 1,000 – $ 10,000 to use 0.03 -. 0.3 Such lot is optimal for good results and long-term work.
  • BalanceRiskPercent – risk as a percentage of the balance, if useMM = true, recommended 4% – 30%. This lot is optimal for good results and long-term work. NOTE If you sell two pairs with a value of 20%, then 10% of the set on the first couple and 10% for the second. If you trade in four pairs with the risk value of 20%, for each pair must be set to 5%. We recommend using 4 pairs, maximum of 6 pairs.
  • Maxspread 187/188/20/58/120/123/127/192 : The maximum size for a spread input (recommended 4-6 pips)
  • Maxspread 216: the maximum size for a spread output (recommended 2-3 pip)
  • Buy / SellStoploss: a fixed stop-loss
  • Buy / SellTakeprofit: fixed take profit
  • virtual stoploss: virtual stop loss should be less than a fixed
  • virtual Takeprofit: virtual take profit, should be less than a fixed
  • Buy / sellprd: EMO period indicator, the default 5
  • Buy / sellprc: The price used to calculate the indicator EMO; 0 – the closing price, 1 – the opening price, 3 – at least 4 – the average price of 5 – typical prices 6 – Weighted
  • Buy / selldev: Standard deviation indicator


  1. Advisor is not suitable for working with American brokers, NFA rules are not respected.
  2. Replace the computer / VPS time to UTC (0), turn off daylight savings time. EA trades based on this time.
  3. The recommended shoulder from 1: 200 to 1: 500
  4. It is strongly recommended to advisor or VPS virtual hosting 24/7, because it uses the virtual stop loss / take profit.

version comparison

LITE version
PRO version
It consists of 4 strategies It consists of 8 strategies
It is recommended to use up to 2 pairs Suitable for up to 6 pairs
When the system of money management, position size calculation used in fixed proportions based on a percentage of equity When the system of money management, using the calculation position size based on volatility and percentage of own funds

Testing and analysis of the history of

The strategy is tested for stability:

  1. Testing for quality stories with tick data for at least 99% in 9 years.
  2. Good results on different pairs
  3. Good results for different timeframes
  4. The good results of the stress test of Monte Carlo (random selection and omission of more than 20%, the random spread broker from 2 to 6 points)
  5. Good distribution of monthly earnings history
  6. Good value for the profit to loss
  7. money management system using Super SQN strategy (qualitative assessment strategies)

from the author

I Fajar Alam (Fajar Alam), trade on the Forex market for the past 9 years. After retiring from the investment company where I worked part-time, this is my first step in creating your own small investment firm and trading in actual accounts. I need to sell only 30 copies of my advisor to start his own firm. Of course, I will always support my 30 friends who have purchased this strategy. Then the adviser will not be sold, it may be only available for rent.

Buy only advisors with in-depth analysis and testing on historical data for at least 9 years with quality tics 99% and a spread of more than 2 pips (good strategies have all this time to show the vitality with good results at high spreads).

monitoring access my profile: https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/bangjejefx/seller

EMO PRO Robust Strategies


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PnF Chart

PnF Chart

This indicator displays a graph of tic-tac-toe (PnF graphics) in the indicator window. These graphs only show the changes rates that more than specified threshold value (cell size). This allows you to hide the noise and focus on the underlying trend.

Time is not taken into account. It takes into account only the price movement. That’s why the schedule tic-tac-toe is not synchronized with the main schedule, to which it is attached.

For more information on schedules tic-tac-toe can be found in Wikipedia.

The indicator operates in two modes:

  • CLOSE – the construction schedule are taken into account only the closing price;
  • HIGH_LOW – accounted for only high / low prices.

The magnitude of the threshold may be specified in two ways:

  • PIPS – in the amount of pips;
  • ATR – ATR as a current value indicator (note that the current value of ATR changes when re-initialization or restart indicator!).

Other features include:

  • You can make changes to the rotation;
  • You can change all the colors used in the display;
  • You can turn on / off the grid;
  • You can move a chart and change the scale using the keyboard.


  • W, S, A, D – movement graphics;
  • Q, E – increase / decrease;
  • G – show / hide grid.

Please note that this indicator does not work in the strategy tester.
PnF Chart

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Oil futures rise on Tuesday

oil futures rise on Tuesday

Tuesday the National Hurricane Center
US issued a tropical
Storm warning: on the coast
Texas Oil coming
storm. More than 45% of the processing capacity
US oil industry
located along the coast of Mexico
Bay. At this news the world’s quotes
“Black gold” rose. At 11.58 MSK
Barrel of Brent with delivery
in August worth $ 64.05.
US crude WTI
again crossed the mark of 60
dollars and cost $ 60.43 for

US crude oil is associated with the threat
Hurricane and profits in Brent quotes
It is due to steady demand in the
petroleum products (e.g., gasoline) in
Asia. In the first four months of this
, the Chinese demand for gasoline has grown in
YoY to 0.23 million barrels per
day (19.8%), Indian – on 69 thousand
bpd (16.9%). It is growing in demand
other Asian countries: Pakistan
– about 33.9%; in the Philippines – by 12.8%;
in Thailand – by 8.8%.

for today’s local decrease,
analysts still consider the potential
rise in oil prices limited due
the continuing oversupply of raw materials to

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Forget Fed talk about rise of interest rates

Forget the Fed: talk about the rise of interest rates in the UK market is heating up

Improving the economy,
strengthening labor market and hawkish
comments of officials of the central
Bank – all this is happening in the US, but in
Our focus should be
United Kingdom, where the talk about growth
interest rates are becoming louder
lately. Martin Uil, one of
the most militant members of the monetary
Bank of England Committee, said this
week that the country should prepare for
increase the cost of borrowing is already
in August, according to Financial Times. increase
Rates may not be imminent, but it has
significant reasons, as they say
economists. They emphasize the difference
opinions of the members of the Monetary Committee
policies that have recently been
unanimous in their decision to keep
rates at record low of 0.5%.

Moreover, the conditions on
labor market are better than
expected. The data published on
last week showed that the pay
workers in the UK have become longer
– wages rose at the fastest
pace in nearly four years – only
over the past three months. "there is
enough momentum in the labor market
now and it can be assumed
that growth will continue", – says Simon French,
an economist at the investment
Company Panmure. "As for the decision
at the rate we have to look at everything,
say that some members of the Bank
England", – he added.

Inflation, which is now
well below the 2% target of the Bank of England
(Rose to 0.1% per annum in
May), and analysts say it is no
no crushing factors to raise
rates. But Will says FT, that growth
wages and low
unemployment indicate
tightening of the labor market, and probably
need a response, even if inflation
It was low for longer than
expected due to lower oil prices.

Another member of the Bank
England, Kristen Forbes last month
wrote in the London Evening Standard, that the low
Inflation – a temporary phenomenon, and that
Monetary policy should be
tightened, because the economy
It is recovering from the financial crisis. "AT
While it seems that the picture
Committee vote split again
In the near future, there is still time until the moment when the majority of
votes will be given in favor of the increase
rates"He said Jane Foley, senior
a currency strategist at Rabobank. "the
Yet, strong data
Wages in conjunction with the recent
hawkish comments from Forbes and now
– from Huila intensified speculation in the market about
that the Bank of England may raise
interest rates by year-end".
– she said. Speculation about
increases in market interest rates continue,
helping to make a push against sterling
the major currencies this week.

Nevertheless, analysts
do not expect the Bank of England will make its
progress before the Federal Reserve
system, which has long been keeping in
voltage markets – all hinting and hinting,
that soon raise base rates. "I
I think that they (the Bank of England policy)
want to see the first action of the Fed,
to assess what impact this will
markets"- French said. The Bank of England,
as the Fed keeps rates at record
lowest level since the beginning of the world
the financial crisis, to support

"I expect
UK to raise rates in February
– after the Fed – said the chief economist
Bank Berenberg Bank Holger Schmieding. –
Britain is closer to the area
euro, so she probably watches
carefully at what the Fed does. there is
some fear, so Mark Karni wants
more confidence and solves little
wait until rates will not increase

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Veles RSI with MA

Veles RSI with MA

RSI lamp standard, using custom based on a signal line MA.

It can be used as a more accurate (noise eliminating price movement) actuation signal.

Description parameter

  • PeriodRSI – period RSI
  • PriceRSI – used in the RSI price
  • LevelRSI – RSI level
  • Average – period of the signal line
  • Method – use method MA

Veles RSI with MA

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Most Wall Street on Wednesday lowered its triple

Most Wall Street on Wednesday lowered its triple quotes

American indexes fell on Wednesday: impact
the largest drop in the last year
US GDP. Analysts had expected an increase of 1%
but in fact it turned out that the GDP added
only 0.2%. Against this background, DJIA fell
to 0,41%, S P 500 lost
0.37%; Nasdaq Composite fell
0.63%. US Federal Reserve also not made clear in the
the question of raising rates.

Corporations, too, affects the market

So, Twitter continues
fall: the company’s revenue has fallen short
the expectations of experts, whereby the service
microblogging lost another 8.9% in prices.

US Steel said goodbye
with 12% of capitalization: in the first quarter
all of a sudden the company recorded
loss and reduced annual forecast

Casino Wynn Resorts Ltd lowered
the value of its shares by as much as 17% due
disappointing statements I
quarter. The company decided to
cut dividends on securities

financial indicators for the I quarter
allowed GoPro shares jump

In short,
run-loss volatility and / acquisitions
the US stock market significantly

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