Asia Pacific stock markets traded in different

Asia-Pacific stock markets traded in different directions on Tuesday

in the Asia-Pacific Sales
We passed relatively smoothly, despite
the strong Chinese industrial drawdown
statistics. The composite index of the region
added 0,2%, Nikkei
lost 0.3%;
Hang Seng
weak 0.4%.
Very slightly, but rose Shanghai
Composite (0.1%)
and S P / ASX
(+ 0.2%).

Japanese stock index negative
influenced the strengthening of the yen against the dollar:
securities of the largest exporting companies
We lost in the price. For example, Nissan
quotation to 0,7%, Honda
– by 1%.

the stock market is extremely quiet
reacted to the reduction of PMI
with the February data. Some
Analysts attribute this to structural
the adjustment of the economy, therefore,
the trend in the stock market in Mainland China
It is still “bullish”. recent
Shanghai 10 Index sessions continuously
I grew up and added during this time of 12%. Exactly this
longest rally in almost 23 years old.

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Volume POC

Volume POC

Indicator Volume POC It displays important levels. You can use it as an independent trading system.

The notification feature at the closing of the candle allows you to get some idea of ​​the direction of the market.

Graphical display is simple and effective. Levels are displayed on the analysis of the history of the market volume.

These levels are reliable entry points and support and resistance levels.

The indicator can be used on very short timeframes. It is suitable for those who commit short-term operation.

However, the recommended timeframes D1, W1 and MN.

When used properly, you can easily find the key price levels.

Input parameters

  • TimeFrame – analyzed period
  • 0 = Open / Close, 1 = High / Low (buffer status)
  • Sound and popup setup – the sound settings and pop-ups (ON / OFF, wav)

Volume POC


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Euro second day grows on statistics from Germany

Euro second day grows on statistics from Germany

The euro rose
today in European trading to $ 1.10,
but now (to 17.30 MSK) again rolled
to the level of 1.0971. On Wednesday, the driver lifting
the single currency again, like yesterday, was
Germany. Today came here optimistic
data on business sentiment that
added optimism to investors for
economic recovery in the euro area.
IFO indicator for March
It was higher than the consensus forecast and
It showed the strongest value for
the last 8 months.

but traders
predict that the 1,1-trillionth
QE program launched
ECB in March, most likely, will put pressure
the single currency and will not let her go
in a long rally.

“The German data
certainly encouraging, but I do not think
they will change much in the fate of the euro
in the near future “, – he says
Peter Kinsella, currency strategist
Commerzbank. – “ECB started
print money, and upward movement of the euro
– a temporary phenomenon. I doubt that
these his achievements will be saved. ”

investors cut long positions
dollar after the “dovish” Fed speeches
last week, the currency moved away from
multi-year highs, and continues to
slowly go down. At 17.39 MSK pair
USDJPY fell to 119.59?,
rose to

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M30 EA

M30 EA

This EA trades on the 30 minute time frame. Stop Loss is not in use. If you have $ 500 in the account, you can trade 0.01 lot. With a score of $ 5000, it is possible to trade 0.1 lot.

For best results it is recommended to trade on the EURUSD and use a broker with a narrow spread.

Trailing stop this EA can be set. There is also an option to hide the levels of stop loss and take profit from the broker.


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Samsung and IBM want to use Bitcoin technology

Samsung and IBM want to use Bitcoin technology

samsung Electronics
It works in conjunction with the IBM
over the use of Bitcoin technology
to develop new applications. By
about Bitcoin itself there is a great
question: for it is twice last year
He fell, and the prospects of its format
Digital currency is very vague. But here
software lies in its
basis may involve a variety of
Company: banks, mobile operators,
payment systems, manufacturers
phones. The technology can be modified and
adapted for accurate and instant
fixing in the ownership changes
any asset with a mobile
phone or WAN
computers. This greatly facilitated
I have all kinds of online transactions.

research unit
Samsung, based in
Silicon Valley is now investigating
the use of the underlying technology
Bitcoin, blockchain, for
development of more effective ways
identification. In general, this
technology is very promising and may
applied in various fields.
Cryptocurrency – only the first option
its use. The essence of technology in
that the information is not stored on
any particular server and is available
anywhere and everywhere. Blockchain possible
adapted to direct (cheap)
money transfer and storage of files
(Music, video, library). Now it
all require the purchase or hundreds of servers,
or rent space in the cloud storage.

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Following objectives in USDJPY EURUSD SocGen

The following objectives in the USD / JPY, EUR / USD – SocGen

Japanese data show a steady acceleration in the purchase of foreign bonds and stocks by Japanese investors … .otmechaet SocGen.

“This is – a source of comfort for the yen bears, but at night the movement in USD / JPY broke the recent range and has exposed a clear risk to the short yen. USD / JPY 117 is a potential target «, SocGen.

For the euro, SocGen notes the recent improvement in euro area data.

SocGen sees 1.1070 in EUR / USD, as the next upside target.

PS: Just do not forget about the free $ 15 in the binary options. (The campaign ends on March 31!)

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PFG Stochastic MultiTimeFrame

PFG Stochastic MultiTimeFrame

Indicator graphically displays the values ​​and the intersection Stochastic on all timeframes.

You can select the required timeframes.

Stochastic indicator parameters are also adjusted.

New versions will be added to the color selection, size and location.


  • Period k: period% K Stochastic indicator
  • Period d:% D Stochastic period indicator
  • Slowing: slowing Stochastic indicator
  • TimeFrames: in which time frames are displayed and the intersection value Stochastic indicator (specify timeframes in line separated by commas, for example, 1,5,15,30,60).

PFG Stochastic MultiTimeFrame

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