Interactive Stop Loss Demo

Interactive Stop Loss Demo

Demo version Adviser Interactive Stop Loss. This version is specifically designed for visual backtesting with a tester advisers. In addition, the advisor can also work on a demo account.


Since the strategy tester does not allow to open orders during backtesting, in the EA were added buttons for opening orders, as well as the input field to set the stop-loss.

Important! During testing, the advisors to the tester user events are not processed. Therefore, events such as clicking on an advisor’s controls, as well as the order opening the buttons will not be processed. To change the operating advisor or opening orders in test mode the tester modes should be put on pause, and then press the right buttons. After disabling the pause adviser will handle all keystrokes, as it would do on a real or demo account.

The adviser works on the strategy tester, as well as on a demo account. it is recommended to purchase the full version of the advisor for a full trade:

Interactive Stop Loss Demo

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Name Audicon It stands for sound proof and is an indispensable tool for private and professional traders.

Audicon will not let you miss any change in the status of your orders.

Sound files can be downloaded in the section “Comments”.

Main functions:

  • Enter the event information you want to receive.
  • Specify the preferred form of the notice: a sound, message, or email.
  • Select your favorite sounds.
  • Enjoy fully automated notification service.

If you have further questions, leave a comment in the discussion or to contact us directly.


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VR Watch list and Linker DEMO

VR Watch list and Linker DEMO

Full version

Limitation of the demo version:

  • two tools only.
  • Buttons are disabled, Load, Save, Filter.

VR Watch list and Linker – is a professional list of trading tools, which significantly expands the trader the possibility of reducing the chore of finding trading tools. If the main trading instrument is no trading signals and complete calm, with the help of Watch list and Linker trader can pick up a few other tools for the trade.

On the stock market trader to trade the beginning conducts research (Research), selects 2-5 financial instruments, which will most likely receive a quality signal from the trading system. During the trading period, a trader is only 2-5 with these tools. Thus, the trader is focused only on a narrow list of tools, holds the key to all the information and the situation in general.

Navigation in the program is possible with a mouse or keyboard:

  • Navigating the characters up / down is done by clicking the mouse on the name of the instrument or buttons on the keyboard Up, Dw.
  • Move to the top of the list when you press the Home button.
  • Move to the bottom of the list when you press on the End key.
  • Removing tools from the window there is a mouse click on the button with the symbol (+) or by pressing the Delete button.

Linking graphs:

  1. Adjust schedules according to your trading system (indicators, period, scale, color schemes) in the Watch list box, click on the Link button and choose a color.
  2. In the graphs that you want to link to the selected Watch list, click the button with the same color.

The selected instrument software displays the information:

  • Short name of the instrument (EURUSD),
  • the full name of the tool (Euro vs US Dollar),
  • instrument type (Forex, CFD, Metals, CFD Index),
  • floating spread (~) or fixed (fix),
  • spread size,
  • value of one pip trading instrument with an accuracy of up to 4 digits (0.0000)
  • required collateral / margin and the currency margin
  • the minimum and maximum amount for opening a position.

Each tool in the Watch list has:

  • the delete button in the form of (+)
  • button with the name of the tool and the tip (tool type)
  • Ask a price of 1.23650 format
  • Bid price in the format | 65 |,
  • the value of the ATR,
  • value Net (Net change).


  1. download all the characters from the terminal window review of the market,
  2. maintain their own lists,
  3. upload previously stored sheets,
  4. remove sheets,
  5. filter by type of trading tools (Forex, CFD, Metals, CFD Index),
  6. Running multiple copies of the program on different schedules link errors windows only to its copy.

Indications ATR (ATR) – is the average scale of the price of the maximum and minimum number of days, helping to select the tools that are well run. For example: The value of 560 means that the average over the last 5 days of the instrument went about 560 points, on the basis of this we can infer how this tool is now interested traders and how much profit we can expect a period of one trading day.

Indications Net (Net change) – This growth / falling of the price as a percentage of the current day, helps to identify the trader tools where there is movement.


At the first start program in the trading account may require a large amount of Internet traffic and time, in my case when the program starts at 507 trading instruments require 150 MB of Internet traffic and 5 minute data.

Button menu:

Update – by pressing the button in the Watch list the entire list of tools to be loaded, which is currently in the main window of the MetaTrader Market Review. To download the full list of tools that provides a broker, you need to “market survey” of the terminal window, right-click and select “Show all symbols”.

Filter – by pressing the button to open the filter menu in which you can filter the instruments:

  • Symbol – filter on interesting currency or more characters present in the name of the tool. For example, specifying “EUR” – the filter will display all of the currency pairs, which have a currency (EUR); specifying a character “A” – the filter will show all of the tools whose names contain the symbol (A). For this type of two fields made filter. The fields are case sensitive, ie “eur” filter does not find anything, but will by “EUR”.
  • Price – filter display tools with the price range. In the “Minimal” is introduced the minimum price of the instrument, in the “Maximal” – max.
  • Volume – the volume filter. For MetaTrader 4 use tick volume.
  • Margin – Filter by the required margin / collateral.
  • ATR – filter for maximum scatter / course price, it helps to take away the tools that go the specified number of points.
  • Buttons (Forex, CFD, CFD Index, Futures, Metals) – shows all the tools of the selected type.
  • Reset – resets the filter. If the filter is set for a value, the inscription on the button “Filter” will be tinted red.
  • Ok – applies the filter.

Save – opens a menu for entering the name of the current layout tools and click to save it. By default, the program suggests a name in the format “date. hour-minute-second” (the number of characters to store the total number of characters from a broker). You can enter any name for the sheet, following on Windows file naming rules (prohibited characters /, ,:, *,?, “?<. >, | ). If the list already exists, the program will offer to replace it or enter a different name.

Load – opens a list of previously stored sheets, clicking on the name will be loaded with the selected list by clicking on the Delete button, the sheet is removed.

The sheets are stored in the files / Watch_Linker terminal folder in CSV format, which can be opened EXCEL program.

Link – allows you to choose one of three colors to indicate the program which windows schedules to synchronize with the current sheet instruments.

input box — / — and “Add symbol” button allows you to add the missing in the tool list.

Program settings:

  • Prefix – A unique set of symbols for each copy of the program should have its own.
  • X Position – Position on the X axis
  • Y Position – Position on the axis Y.
  • List Size – The height of the sheet, if 0 then the height adjusts automatically.
  • Price Update Speed ​​- Update rate of price data 50-1000, 1 second is equal to 1000. For low-end PCs 300-500 is recommended for powerful PCs 100-500.
  • Correction tick size – Correction value of the item. Some brokers set value is 10 times less or 10 times from the terminal values. You can adjust the value of one point by writing 1 or 10, or 0.1.
  • Days ATR – The number of days to calculate the ATR readings.
  • Skins – The color scheme of the program. It may be selected from the already prepared or created by users of the tabernacle Manual.
  • Color Button Menu – Color menu buttons.
  • Color Button Menu Border – Color bezel menu buttons (when clrNONE button is convex).
  • Color Button Menu Text – Text Color on the menu buttons.
  • Color Button Menu Press – The color of the menu button is pressed.
  • Color Button Forex – Forex color for the buttons.
  • Color Button Cfd- Color buttons for CFD.
  • Color Button Cfd Index- buttons Color CFD Index.
  • Color Button Metals- Color buttons for Metalls.
  • Color Button Futures- Color buttons for Futures.
  • Color Button Border- color fringing tool buttons.
  • Color Button Text- the text color on the keys.
  • Color Button Choise- text color to the selected characters.
  • Color Button Trade Disabled – which trade instruments Color prohibited.
  • Color Edit Fon- Background color input fields.
  • Color Edit Border- color fringing input fields.
  • Color Edit Text- the text color in the input fields.
  • Color Fon Text Info – the color of text in the information box.
  • Color Fon Background – The background color of the program.
  • Color Fon Border – Color fringing program background.
  • Color Price UP – The color of the rising price.
  • Color Price DW – Color of falling prices.
  • Color Price NONE – Color price unchanged (at clrNONE not taken into account).
  • Color Atr UP – Color growing Atr.
  • Color Atr DW – Color falling Atr.
  • Color Atr NONE – Atr color unchanged (at clrNONE not taken into account).
  • Color Net UP – Color growing Net change.
  • Color Net DW – Color incident Net change.
  • Color Net NONE – Net change color unchanged (at clrNONE not taken into account).
  • Color Link A – The color of the link A.
  • Color Link B – Link color B.
  • Color Link C – Color link C.

For programs running technical support:

Skype (chat): Trading-Go or Voldemar227

VR Watch list and Linker DEMO


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High Frequency Candles

High Frequency Candles

This tool creates high-candles with periods ranging from 30 seconds to 2 seconds in the last 60 seconds.

So you may want to consider in detail what happened at the last minute. This tool is primarily intended for the high hand scalping.


  • New candles are slightly different from the original. Hopefully in the future I will be able to solve this problem.
  • Candles are only visible on new incoming ticks. If you try to use this tool, for example, on a Sunday, you will not see any high-candles.

Councilor parameters:

  • candleSeconds: Period of one candle (from 2 to 30 seconds).
  • candleOffsetIndentation, if necessary, you can adjust the value of the price of candles in pips. Sometimes the bid price is a little different from the last drawn candles. (Maximum values: -50 pisov up to +50 pips).
  • useOwnColors: If you want to use a custom color, set this parameter to ‘true’.
  • colorUp: The color of the candles on which the closing price above the opening price.
  • colorDown: The color of the candles on which the closing price below the opening price.
  • autoChartShift: New spark plug should be slightly longer than the distance from the last drawn candle in the MT4.


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PipFinite Trading Simulator

PipFinite Trading Simulator

Pipfinite offers unique, high-quality and affordable trading tools.

Our tools can not fit your trading style, so we strongly recommend that you start getting to know them a demo version for MT4. Please test indicator before buying.

Product reviews are welcome. We hope that the light will be useful to you.


This tool is a combination of trade simulator and panel for real trading. Two powerful tools for the price of one!

Trade Simulator – Create and practice your strategy with the help of the test on the history of the strategy tester MetaTrader

real trade panel – Perform your strategies in the real market using the same function as in the trade simulator.

Limitation of free trial version:

  • Only 3 of the transaction in a single simulation
  • One indicator is attached

Purchase the full version to remove the functionality restrictions

The main functions of the simulator shown in this video


PipFinite Trading Simulator – is a complete solution for improving your manual trading. Although the actual trade is the best way of learning, to obtain sufficient experience can take months or even years. The simulator allows you to speed up the training, saving you time and effort. Simply select any date in the past and start again from the market that day.

  • Simulator Trade and Commerce panel combined in one powerful tool
  • You can significantly improve simulation using manual trading skills
  • Perform your strategies in the real market with confidence, using it as a commercial panel
  • You can improve your strategy / system
  • You can gain confidence in trading and decision-making
  • Select any tool, timeframe and time period for the simulation
  • You can use any standard or custom MetaTrader indicator
  • You can use the templates
  • You can slow down, speed up or pause the simulation at any time
  • You get charts balance / equity, and access to trade stories
  • Trading results can be saved as HTML-report


Features found in testing on the history and forward the same test. This helps users to get acquainted with the interface and execute trades in the real market with ease.

  • Simulator that runs on real markets
  • Trade and pending orders
  • Stop-loss and take-profit
  • modification of orders
    • quick edit
    • Transactions list box
  • Automatic and manual translation into the black
  • Trailing Stops
  • Partial closure of orders
  • A window with a list of transactions and detailed information on each of them
  • multiple line orders averaging
  • Setting item size
  • Displays the profit of money and points
  • Instant translation of graphics from the foreground to the background and back
  • Adjustable color and position of the window
  • Adjustable simulation speed
  • Adjusting the default settings before modeling
  • Moving a window with the mouse
  • user-friendly interface
    • Setting scale simulator at your schedule
    • Warning error on the screen
  • The initial default value can change before starting the simulation

Links to video

Watch in high definition format

  • Dashboard (link)
  • market orders (link)
  • pending orders (link)
  • modification of orders (link)
  • Modification of Orders via transactions list (Click Here)
  • breakeven (link)
  • Trailing Stop (link)
  • averaging line (link)
  • Modification  (link)
  • Closing orders (link)

How to improve results

Other tools to help you in your trading, you can find here.

PipFinite Trading Simulator


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This script builds two trendlines. To start you need to drag

it to the chart (drag it). Construction of lines depends on the

what point in time the script was thrown. For proper operation of the script

it is necessary that on the chart to which is attached the script was visible

the current bar.


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GTC Panel Demo

GTC Panel Demo

Commerce and dashboard for a quick trade on Forex, CFD and Futures!

Note: GTC-Panel Demo – This is a demo version of the Commerce and dashboard GTC-Panel. The demo version will allow more familiar with all the features and interface panel, to evaluate its work, acquire skills of working with it and make the right choice program.

you can purchase the full version of the panel here:

Restrictions in the demo

GTC-Panel Demo works only on demo accounts, currency pair “USDCAD“And with its identifier (magic number order). In the paid version of the product all no restrictions.

Moving panel

To move the panel anywhere in the graph, the mouse pointer align with the line GTC-Panel header, click the left mouse button, hold it in this position, move the bar to a different location.

Input parameters:

  • Language: Language support for English, Russian
  • Calculation of the lot: Calculation of the lot
    • Manual: The lot size is set manually
    • PercentDeposit: The lot size is set automatically. The percentage of the available resources (the “Percent“)
    • PercentStopLoss: The lot size is set automatically. The percentage of the level of Stop Loss (parameter “Percent“)
  • Limit the maximum lot: Limits the maximum lot
    • Deposit: Maximum lot installed manually limited to available funds
    • Market: Maximum lot installed manually on the market is limited
  • Risk Percent: Percentage of available funds or the level of Stop Loss
  • Auto Trailing ModeAuto Trailing Stop option (on the panel ‘Auto‘)
    • Volatility: Trailing Stop is calculated from the current market volatility
    • Fractals: Trailing Stop being Indicator Fractals
    • Parabolic: Trailing Stop being on the indicator Parabolic
    • BarExtrimum: Trailing Stop is carried out by the local minima and maxima (number of bars is determined by the parameter ‘Count of bars extremum‘)
  • Distance mode: The distance from the price
    • AutoDis: The distance is automatically calculated from the current market volatility
    • ManualDis: Distance is set manually (parameter ‘Distance‘)
  • Distance: The distance in points from the prices (if the parameter is set distance ‘Distance Mode’ = ‘ManualDis’)
  • Step trailing stopStep Trailing Stop
  • Add the maximum spread: Adds the maximum spread in order to sell (option works Fractals mode, Parabolic or BarExtrimum)
  • First Breakeven: Expose order to breakeven at Trailing Stop (When the profit values ​​in said first exposes order to breakeven then occurs warrant modification of these parameters). First Breakeven It does not work in Fractals mode, Parabolic, BarExtrimum.
  • Time Frame Calculation: The period for calculating
    • CURRENT: Calculation of the current period
    • M1, M5, M15…: The calculation is made for a set period (parameter is needed to calculate Volatility, Fractals, Parabolic, BarExtrimum)
  • Count of bars extremum: The number of bars for the calculation of ‘BarExtremum
  • Parabolic StepParameter ‘Step’ for the Parabolic indicator
  • Parabolic MaximumParameter ‘Maximum’ for Parabolic indicator
  • Order comment textThe wording of the warrant comment
  • Slippage: The maximum allowable deviation of the price for market orders
  • Order magic number: The magic number order (in the demo this option is not available)
  • Step Scale FixedStep fixation graph (percentage specifies 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25%)
  • Time scale: Displays on the timeline scale
  • price scale: Display the chart of the price scale
  • Show Comment: Show log on the panel (Comments are displayed in the upper left corner of the chart)
  • Time of the comment: Comments Show Time
  • print Info: Print logs on the panel of experts in the journal
  • Check the closing of the market: Check the closing of the market
  • Write log file: Recording logs on the panel a separate file
  • Screenshot: Save the image of the current chart after the opening of the order
  • Save setting: Save the settings panel

Features of the program in the strategy tester

Due to the limitations of the work of some functions in the tester client terminal strategy, GTC-Panel Demo in the strategy tester does not work.

GTC Panel Demo


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