Trendexx EA – fully automatic advisor hour of trading on the forex market. This is a typical “representative type” trend of robots who profit from large movements, with small losses or small get out on zero. Its distinguishing feature is the determination of the trend indicator by the built-volatility. Closing orders can be exposed on the stop-loss and take-profit, or can be used trailing orders or market closing on using its own algorithm. Advisor seeks input on the direction of the trend to “hunt” for large movements.

Expert is designed for long-term performance in different market conditions, but may take some time to return to the profit. As with any system, it is recommended to optimize the parameters every 2-3 months for best results. Optimization should be performed for each tool used separately.


  • Easy to use – minimum settings
  • Advisor does not use such systems as the Martingale, averaging, hedging and arbitrage
  • Always use Stoploss and Takeprofit
  • minimum deposit $ 50
  • Automatic selection of the size of the lot
  • Conservative money management
  • Works around the clock
  • It does not require off on weekends and holidays
  • No need to disable the robot during the news
  • Fully automated trading
  • It works on any pairs
  • Account type – any


  • TakeProfit – fixed take-profit points, 0-off.
  • StopLoss – a fixed stop-loss points, 0-off.
  • TrailingStop – distance trailing, 0-off.
  • CloseOrderMarket – closing of positions on the market.
  • Auto_MM – automatic calculation of the lot (0.01 for every $ 100 deposit). Default – enabled.
  • FixLot – fixed lot. It works only when switched off Auto_MM.
  • Risk – the maximum risk per trade for the calculation of the value of the dynamic of the lot. Suitable values ​​from 0 to 100, default – 1.
  • Digits_5 – It must be enabled, if you have the 5-digit account (enabled – default).
  • Magic – ID for collaboration with other experts.


  • Platform: MetaTrader 4
  • The recommended type of account: any
  • Recommended couples: majors
  • Currency pairs: any
  • Timeframe: M30, H1
  • Working hours: around the clock


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Price Action Strength Indicator

Price Action Strength Indicator

Price Action Strength indicator uses available market data in its purest form (price action) and on that basis determine the effect of market movements. Reading price action and measuring its strength are the subjective factors on the acquisition of this skill will take years. The purpose of this indicator is to make reading price action force as objective as possible.

It is much more advanced indicator, compared to standard oscillators, because in addition to the price movement and its direction Price Action Strength indicator analyzes the characteristics of movement. This allows you to see the market through the eyes of an experienced trader on the price action.

The new version of Price Action Strength uses the same values ​​as version 1.0, but version 2.0 is able to determine market sentiment. There are 2 possible mood:

  • Humor prediction / reversal, which is calculated based on the last peaks / troughs price compared with the value of Price Action Strength;
  • Mood continuation / pulse, the pulse is calculated on the basis of values ​​and Price Action Strength.

The new version is a certain mood is used to generate the arrows on the chart, which indicate the likely direction of future market movements based solely on the analysis of price action.

In the new version, there are 3 kinds of arrows / buffers (one for each direction) in addition to the two buffers that were present in 1.0:

  • strength buffer ‘Strength’ It calculates the relative strength of price action compared with a specified number of past bars (Period). The information is visualized using a line in a separate window. The upward movement of the line indicates the bullish effect of the price action, the downward movement indicates a bearish effect of the price action. The higher the line, the more bullish price action is the strength, the lower line, the more bearish is a force;
  • overlapping buffer ‘Overlap’ It calculates the relative overlap of the current bar compared with the specified number of previous candle (Period). The information is visualized as a histogram. The higher the bar graph, the stronger the strength of price action, taking into account overlapping bars. In other words, the above histogram, the minimal overlap exists between the bars, which means that the price of a particular direction, it does not oscillate, which indicates strong motion;
  • reversal buffer ‘Reversal’ denoted fine up / down arrow. Reversal arrow indicates that the likely price reversal. Signals a reversal produce the most false signals, but if they are true, they predict the strongest movement. When trading these signals it is recommended to use the risk reward ratio is not less than 2;
  • continue buffer ‘Continuation’ denoted by an oblique arrow. Continue arrows indicate that the market is gaining momentum in the corresponding direction. These signals often occur during the current trend. They are intended for use as an auxiliary indication that the market is likely to continue to move in this direction. continuation signals provide the most accurate predictions, but following them market movements are often small. It is recommended to use these signals for building trades with the trend or scalping;
  • confirmation buffer ‘Confirmation’ denoted by the thick arrow up / down. confirmation Arrows displayed when one candle at a time there are signals of a reversal and continuation. This indicates a very probable movement.

Note! All arrows appear at the opening of the candles, on which they are located, and not redrawn!

indicator arrows can be used as an independent trading system, meaning you can make deals with the appearance of the arrows. You can also use the arrows to determine the sentiment in the market, as price action analysis gives a fairly accurate prediction of the likely future direction of the market.

Price Action Strength 2.0 works on all timeframes and symbols, but it is recommended to use higher timeframes (H4 and above), since the principles of price action analysis work better on higher timeframes.

Input parameters

  • Period‘- the number of bars for historical comparisons of current values.
  • 0-line threshold‘- threshold for buffer’ Strength ‘, which is used for determining the mood acknowledgment / pulse.
  • Momentum sentiment candles span‘- the number of spark detection mood acknowledgment / pulse. If within this amount of candles buffer ‘Strength’ commit a certain percentage of positive / negative changes, it will be assumed that the market there is impetus in this direction.
  • Momentum sentiment%‘- percentage of positive / negative changes of buffer’ Strength ‘for a specified number of candles from the previous parameter required for confirmation pulse in this direction.
  • Fractal size‘- fractal dimension in one direction. Used to determine the mood of forecasting / reversal.
  • ZigZag confirmation bars‘- the number of closures needed to comply with ZigZag level to cope with the redraw. Principles of ZigZag indicator used to determine the mood of forecasting / reversal.
  • Depth‘- for the depth of ZigZag.
  • Deviation‘- deviation ZigZag indicator.
  • Backstep‘- the number of bars for the history of ZigZag.
  • Show once‘- if true, the arrow must alternate. For example, after the confirmation of bovine arrow should appear confirming the bearish arrow that could appear next bull confirming the shooter. When the indicator shows all false signals by the mood as they are discovered.
  • Show predicting sentiment change‘- if true the graph shows an arrow predicting mood.
  • Show continuation sentiment change‘- if true the graph shows an arrow to continue mood.
  • Show confirming sentiment change‘- if true the graph shows arrows confirmation mood.
  • Alerts‘- in the true meaning of the appearance of any of the arrows, the indicator will file screen notifications in MetaTrader 4, indicating the name of the character on which the event occurred.
  • Push notifications‘- in the true meaning of the appearance of any of the arrows, the indicator will send push-notifications to the mobile terminal indicating the name of the character on which the event occurred.
  • Emails‘- in the true meaning of the appearance of any of the arrows, the indicator will send a message by e-mail indicating the name of the character on which the event occurred.

Price Action Strength Indicator


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PipFinite Exit Scope MT5

PipFinite Exit Scope MT5

Pipfinite offers unique, high-quality and accessible tools of the trade.

Our tools can not fit your trading style, so we strongly recommend that you start getting to know them a demo version for MT4. Please test indicator before buying.

Product reviews are welcome. We hope that the light will be useful to you.


Exit indicator signals are not intended to enter the market.

The purpose of the indicator Exit – closing transactions to avoid correction / reversal, which are capable of destroying an existing profit or to achieve orders in bezubytka.

This tool help to increase profits and does not come out profitable trades at a loss.

  • Video presentation (Link)


Generates signals to the output, based on the analysis of price action, the volatility and volume.

It serves as an alternative outlet for used trading strategies. It works on any time frame and pairs.

  • It uses a prediction algorithm that minimizes latency, but maintains an acceptable accuracy
  • Types of output signals
    • The first type (Cross Symbol) – The average signal output. It is possible to partially or completely close the deal
    • The second type (Sniper Symbol) – Strong signal output. It is possible to completely cover the transaction, since there is a high probability reversal.
  • Flexible tool can be used in many ways to improve the trading system
  • Exit Application
    • Exit Scope can be used as an alternative exit strategy in your strategy
    • The main exit strategy still depends on the trader’s discretion according to his / her strategy
      • support / resistance zone
      • Reversal signals on price action patterns
    • market conditions
      • In a trending market (Trending markets) – Out of transactions to avoid possible correction
      • When the flat (Ranging markets) – Exit the transaction to avoid a possible reversal
  • settings
    • trend strategy
      • Increase Volume Factor of 1.40 to 2.00. Thus fewer signals will be fed to the output
    • Skalpingovye strategy
      • decrease Volume Factor of 0.50 to 1.30. This will more signals supplied to the output
  • auxiliary tool
    • Confirmation to trade price action
    • An alternative remedy for Breakout Analyzer
    • An alternative remedy for Razor Scalper
    • An alternative remedy for Trend Laser
    • An alternative remedy for Swing Control
    • An alternative remedy for Channel Flow
  • Never redrawn
  • Not late with rendering
  • Never converted
  • Sending a signal is strictly for “open bar”
  • It can be used to develop expert

Links to video

Watch in High Definition format for review

  • output types (Link)
  • application (Link)
  • settings (Link)

Improve their trade

You can find other tools to help you in your trading by link

PipFinite Exit Scope MT5


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Quiet Moon MT5

Quiet Moon MT5

Multicurrency scalper, working at night, making short trades in the low volatility. For profitable trading need a broker with low spreads night.

Working timeframe: M15

Input parameters

  • MagicNumber – Magik number, an identification number for a couple;
  • Slippage – slipping;
  • Lots – lot size;
  • DepoPer001Lot – Automatic calculation of the lot (indicated by the number of lots per unit 0.01) (at 0 the value of the lot Lots parameter);
  • Stop_Loss – Maximum stop, usually closes before the signal;
  • Take_Profit – Maximum Take, usually closes before the signal;
  • AutoTake – Take Profit will be offered, where about to be output from the signal at the change of situation will change dynamically until the deal is closed. Closing Take Profit generally occurs with less slippage than advisor closure;
  • Trailing Start – How many points begins trawl stop;
  • Trailing Distance – The distance from the current rate (points) at which the stop moves after the start of the trawl;
  • Trailing Step – Step trawl;
  • Max_Spread – The maximum spread at which new orders are opened;
  • CurrencyFilter – Filter the opening of transactions on the currency if it has already has a deal in this direction. For example, opened in EURUSD to BUY, then freeze the opening of transactions in other currencies that comprise EUR to BUY, and in USD to SELL;
  • Strategy – Drop-down menu with a choice of strategy:
    • Type1 – Strategy №1;
    • Type2 – Strategy №2;
    • Type3 – Strategy №3.
  • Pending_dist – The distance to which will be on display turn-down order after receipt of a signal:
    • If the value is “0” -will exhibited market orders;
    • If the value is greater than “0” -will exhibited limit orders;
    • If the value is less than “0” -will exhibit the stop order.
  • News Filter – List with the choice of values:
    • High – Filter news with high importance;
    • High & Medium – Filter news from the high and medium priority;
    • High, Medium & Low – Filter news from any importance;
    • OFF – Do not use the news filter.
  • News hour range – How many hours before and after the news not to open new trades.
  • Ignore News – News list, separated by semicolons, to be ignored by the news filter, example: “Bond Auction; Home Sales”

To use the news filter you need to add addresses:

the list of allowed URL to ‘Advisors’ tab.

trading Hours

  • Hour start – early trading hours;
  • Hour end – the end of the trading hours.

days trading

  • MONDAY (Open market trade) – trading at the opening of the market on Monday;
  • MONDAYTrading on Monday;
  • TUESDAY – Trading on Tuesday;
  • WEDNESDAY – Trading on the environment;
  • THURSDAYTrading on Thursday;
  • FRIDAY – Trading on Friday;
  • FRIDAY (Close market trade)trade at the close of the market on Friday.

Parameters in the old village, on the five-digit quotes automatically multiplied by 10

Recommended currency pair:

  • Must be installed on each chart separately.

Quiet Moon MT5

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Acc FastPoint

acc FastPoint

Hey, I give you a good indication. The indicator is very simple to set up for any pair and timeframe thanks to quick-change panel settings, showing good results.

acc FastPoint can be used as a stand-alone indicator or in conjunction with other indicators, I recommend for this Acc PriceBalance.


  • Pounces on a graph indicator
  • Choosing the best options for you Period and Threshold panel quick change parameters
  • A buy signal occurs when there is an arrow below the candle, sell signal when there is an arrow above the candle.
  • Stop loss We put on a few points of extremum, Take Profit at your discretion
  • Attention! Open only when the intended position Take profit at least four times greater than the Stop Loss

As you can see the indicator is very simple to use, but effective.

Main advantages of the indicator Acc FastPoint

  • Never redrawn after the close of the candle
  • Very easy to customize any pair and timeframe thanks to quick-change panel settings
  • Small Stop Loss
  • The ability to use light for writing experts (if you want to email me)
  • The possibility of modifying the indicator for you to write to me this or discussion

Configuring notifications

  • If the Use Alert? set true if used Alert.
  • If the On bar close? set true if the alert is after closing the bar, where there is a signal.
  • If the On bar close? is set to be false then an alert at the first appearance of the signal on the current bar.

Thank you

I will be glad for any feedback and comments on the indicator, write what you need and I’ll do it.

See also my other products, maybe there is something that you enjoy.

Acc FastPoint

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Special singularity

Special singularity

The basis of the advisor is programmable neural network.

The robot trades the net orders. Scalping profit.

Advisor for working on most currency pairs.

work especially

  1. advisor opens warrant volume Upon receiving the input signal Lot. If the order has not been entered and closed the next signal input, increases advisor Lot. Maximum Lot customizable and can not exceed the value Max_Lot.
  2. Advisor uses its own virtual Stop_Loss and Take_Profit, but for insurance can be installed and the usual Stop_Loss and Take_Profit. Can be used TrailingStop.
  3. Advisor works only with their magic number.
  4. Advisor is very easy to use. To start trading fairly minimum deposit.


  1. It recommended of VPS-server.
  2. If you have a small deposit, select the parameter Max_Lot equal to the parameter Lot. In this case, all orders will open the same volume.
  3. You can also make the setting to reduce the drawdown Max_Orders = 1. In this case, the maximum number of open orders will be equal to 1.
  4. The expert uses global variables. Therefore, it is not recommended to trade at the same time and test your advisor.

Input parameters

  1. StopLoss – the level of stop-loss. Recommended value StopLoss = 0.01;
  2. TakeProfit – take profit level. Recommended value TakeProfit = 0.01;
  3. Lot – the amount of market orders. Recommended value Lot = 0.01;
  4. Max_Lot – the maximum amount of market orders. Recommended value Max_Lot = 1;
  5. Max_Orders – Maximum number of open market orders. Recommended value Max_Orders = 20;
  6. step – the minimum distance between adjacent orders. Recommended value step = 0.0005;
  7. Spread – enable / disable the Spread_Max. Recommended value Spread = false;
  8. Spread_Max – maximum spread of market orders. Recommended value Spread_Max = 0.05;
  9. Trailing – enable / disable the TrailingStop. Recommended value Trailing = true;
  10. TrailingStop – the level of the trailing stop. Recommended value TrailingStop = 0.0005;
  11. Magic – magic number of market orders. Recommended value Magic = 999.

The values ​​of the input parameters do not depend on the accuracy of rounding prices. Example: the value TakeProfit = 0.01 is equivalent to 100 counts at four-quotes or 1000 points at five-digit.

Below are the test results from 2010 to 2016.

Yours faithfully, Dmitriy.

Special singularity

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BG Trend

BG Trend

BG Trend – This trade expert to trade the currency pair GBPCHF. Timeframe – H1.

This trend Advisor based ideas of which lies a simple idea – if the price has gone from last significant extremum of a certain number of points, then it is likely that it will take some more number of points in the same direction. The assumption is based on the fact that any price movement has a certain effect. If the price has overcome a great distance from the extreme, it means that the power of the currency movement will allow an adviser to get a profit on the continuation of the movement.

To enter the two indicators used in the market. This is the standard ZigZag indicator, and support / resistance levels.

On the basis of the price chart analysis of indicators determine the optimal parameters for entering the market.

Each order is assigned to the stop-loss. Advisor enters the market two orders, the first closing of take-profit, the second translates to breakeven and trailing stop is activated, which can sometimes take on the market twice as much as possible to draw the size of the take-profit.

For comfortable work I recommend using a deposit of $ 300.

The screenshots testing on historical data for the last year with a different type manimedzhmenta.

Advisor has been tested and other trade instruments, but the best results were obtained just in the GBPCHF.

For best results it is recommended to optimize every three months on the historical period of one year. Configuration files, I will lay out in the “Discussion” section.

Main settings

  • ZigZag: timeframe zigzag, 0-current schedule; Depth; Deviation; Backstep – setting ZigZag indicator. Change is not recommended.
  • SupRes: pivotStrength; maxLookBackBars; pivotPipDiff; zonePipSize – setting indicator support / resistance levels. Change is not recommended.
  • Color_1 – top-level color;
  • Color_2 – the color of the lower layer;
  • input offset from the support-resistance levels in points – the distance in points to / from the nearest level at which the advisor opens warrant;
  • Parameters steps Trailing Stop – the parameters of the trailing stop.
  • transfer to breakeven level (points) – Transfer to breakeven in points;
  • distance trailing – the beginning of the trawl operation;
  • trailing step – step trawl;
  • Trade Parametrs – trade options.
  • Extremum_Step – distance from the nearest extremum points at which the order will be opened;
  • stop loss – stop-loss points;
  • take profit – Take Profit in points;
  • lots worker – working lot avtolota provided that the function is disabled;
  • risk (Lots = Balance * 0.001 * Risk), 0-off – avtolota function;
  • magic – a unique number adviser orders;
  • opening signal when – Alert that tells the trader that the new order was opened.

BG Trend

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