Morgan Stanley is waiting for rebound on pounds

Morgan Stanley is waiting for a rebound on the pounds to sell

Pound / dollar (GBP / USD) tested the 200-day moving average at $ 1.6665, which suggests a correction to the recent sharp decline, analysts say Morgan Stanley. Nevertheless, the bank looking for strengthening of the dollar in the coming sessions, so traders Bank will use any rebound to $ 1.6750, to restore a bearish stance with a view to $ 1.6260 with a stop at $ 1.6850. GBP / USD is now trading at $ 1.6696.

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Daily Economic Digest from Forex ee

Daily Economic Digest from

Daily Digest of economic

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Monday, June 5

Couple GBP/ USD It continues to consolidate in early European
Trading in the level 1.2870 area after today’s opening with a bearish gap. On
Pound remains today one of the most talked about currencies in the market, as
several important events continue to alarm investors. It seems that the British
the bulls were unable to hold on to their gains Friday, allowing the pair to move away from the area
1.2890-2900 as another terrorist attack hit the UK
Last weekend, thereby weakening the pound on the market. At the moment, the grouping
“Islamic State” has claimed responsibility for this terrorist
attack. Moreover, investors continue to be cautious in the run-up
elections in the United Kingdom, to which there are only 4 days. according to the latest
polls, the conservative position improved slightly in recent years, yet
Still they were not able to significantly increase the gap between its main opponents – Labor
Party. On the other hand, the market continues to discuss the positive data on
construction in the UK and the disappointing figures from the US labor market,
that supports the pair on Monday. Now the market’s attention remains
It focused on the index of business activity in the UK services sector in the
While the index of business activity in the non-manufacturing sector of the US from the ISM
also provide investors with short-term trading opportunities in SA
trading session.

Couple EUR / USD He retreated from the highs of this
year, fixed at 1.1285 after weak data on the change in the number
engaged in non-agricultural sector of the US. On Friday, the pair met
substantial support from the bulls after a report on US employment in May reflected
performance weaker than market expectations, thus forcing the retreat of the dollar
across the board. Also, the dollar’s sharp retreat due to the fact that by
NFP release time investors
We have already priced in a positive result, since a change in the number of
US non-farm employment in the sector by ADP, presented last
Thursday, indicated the possibility of a significant increase in jobs in the market
US Department of Labor. However, despite the negative data from the US, the dollar managed to slightly
recover against its major counterparts in the Asian session, as
as the chances of the Fed’s tightening of monetary policy at the June meeting are
quite high. Looking ahead, euro area today will introduce only minor
reports at the time, the US economy will release the index of business activity in the non-manufacturing
sector of the ISM, which attract most of the attention of the market.

After opening with a
bearish gap at the beginning of this week a couple AUD / USD
It regained its upward trend, which started on Friday amid
disappointing data from the US labor market. The pair remains
near its 7-day highs, marked at the level of 0.7487 this morning after
how the Australian economy has published positive data from the labor market.
Additional support received from the Australian Chinese data from the sector
services that were above market expectations. However, moderate
US dollar recovery, and low copper prices further limit
income couples. Further, today the focus will remain on macroeconomic
data from the US, but any sudden movement of the pair are unlikely today, as
Investors are preparing for the RBA decision on interest rates, which is scheduled
the next Asian session.

This morning
couple USD / JPY It traded with a small
bullish bias after a sharp decline, marked last Friday. Looks like,
bulls in the US dollar today are in fighting mood, restoring
a small portion of its losses after a strong sell-off on the buck on weak
Data on changes in the number of people employed in non-agricultural sector of the US, as
the likelihood that the Fed will raise its benchmark interest rate at the June meeting exceed
80%. In addition, the pair received further support during the Asian session
after positive Chinese data provoked a surge of interest
traders to the more profitable assets. However, further recovery remains
limited, because the markets are still discussing the recent terrorist act,
It happened in London, thereby keeping the-haven assets in the trend. Today
investors will focus their attention on the macroeconomic data from the US unit,
including the index of business activity in the non-manufacturing sector from the ISM
and several minor reports, which will be able to set short-term trend
pair in the CA’s trading session.

Main events
of the day:

The index of business activity in the UK services sector
– 11.30 (GMT +3)

The index of business activity in the non-manufacturing sector
From US ISM – 17.30 (GMT +3)

Support and resistance for the major currency pairs:

1.1177 C 1.1335

P. S. USDJPY 109.43 112.19

1.2820 C 1.2938

0.9553 C 0.9751

AUDUSD 0.7345 P.
S. 0.7493

0.7028 C 0.7204

1.3434 C 1.3568

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and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,

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The Safe

Universal expert for real MT5 platform accounts. The position is opened and closed at the intersection of the MACD and the signal, a market order after closing the signal candle. Opening a position is possible both with the trend of the older period, and in kontrtrend. Closing position, depending on the settings, there is a view of profit.

Saving deposit provides innovative feature “Safe” (UseMacdHighLowZeroClose – true, UseLevelProfit – false). After the last transaction opening differentiated (in parts) of long position, the closing signal gap occurs at the intersection and MACD signal and the intersection to be greater than 0; position for closing the short intersection must be below 0.

In the settings there is a date and time, the inversion signals avtolot increase position, a revolution position, the real and virtual Take Profit, Stop Loss, Without Loss, Trailing Stop Loss and closing function of some or all positions with minimal margins.

The screenshots presented the work of the expert for the period 2010.01.01 – 2015.09.08 with activated function “Safe” and AutoLotK – 0,25. Deposit (0.01 + 0.02 + 0.04) * 1250 * 2 = 175. Gains 9583.13 (5476.07%) or more than 80% per month. Min. 425.76% margin level.

The list of external parameters adviser

  • StartDate – start date D1 works
  • StartTime – start time in D1
  • StopDate – Date of completion D2
  • StopTime – stop time in D2
  • UseInversion (false / true) – change the value of the signal on opposite
  • UseTimeFrames1 (false / true) – take into account the direction of the trend on TF1
  • TimeFrames1 – TF1
  • TimeFrames2 – TF2
  • Lots – the initial amount to open positions
  • RateDepositForLots – the size of the deposit in the account currency as Equity / RateDepositForLots * Lots * AutoLotK variable formulas for calculating avtolota
  • AutoLotK – rate of change of the initial volume as Equity / RateDepositForLots * Lots * AutoLotK variable formula for calculating avtolota
  • PeriodFastEma – a period of rapid EMA
  • PeriodSlowEma – a period of slow EMA
  • PeriodSignalSma – period SMA
  • PriceMacd – price constant
  • UseMacdHighLowZero (false / true) – MACD signal TF2 to the opening of long positions below 0, for closing position is greater than 0. Long Mirror for short positions
  • UseMacdHighLowZeroClose (false / true) – MACD signal TF2 to the close position just above 0. Long Mirror for short positions
  • UseOpenLong (false / true) – Only Long
  • UseOpenShort (false / true) – Only Short
  • DistanceAvr -% minimum distance between transactions for differential. opening position
  • LotsFactor – factor of the next trade volume
  • LimitAvr – the number of transactions
  • NumLimitAvr – serial number of the transaction to set the new take-profit
  • TakeProfitAvrNew – the new value of Take Profit
  • NumberIncrease – the number of transactions to increase the position
  • StepIncrease – minimum distance between transactions%
  • VolumeIncrease – the volume of transactions
  • UseCandleCloseIncrease (false / true) – signal in a closed candle
  • UseCloseTimeFrames1 (false / true) – closing position feedback signals on TF1
  • UseCloseTimeFrames2 (false / true) – close position signal to reverse TF2
  • UseLevelProfit (false / true) – take into account the profits Level Profit at the closing position of the reverse signal on TF2 after the last transaction diff. opening position
  • LevelProfit – minimum profit in% to the closing position of the reverse signal on TF2
  • UseRealStop (false / true) – apply real stops
  • StopLoss – Stop Loss in%
  • TrailingStart – profit level for the installation of the trawl in%
  • TrailingStop – protective trawl distance from prices in%
  • UseCandleCloseTrailingStopLoss (false / true) – set the candle on the closed trawl
  • TrailingStopWithoutMoving (false / true) – not move after installation trawl (Without Loss)
  • TakeProfit – take profit in%
  • Slippage – Slippage
  • OrderTypeFilling – order execution method
  • MarginLevel – the minimum margin level for closing the position
  • PercentLotsMarginLevel – the percentage of reduction position when the minimum margin level
  • OrderId – orders index
  • LineName – line name Wirth. warrants
  • LineStyle – line type Wirth. warrants
  • LineColorLoss – color line Wirth. Stop Loss
  • LineColorProfit – color line Wirth. Take Profit
  • LineWidht – line thickness Wirth. warrants


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Swing House

Swing House

Classic swing trading adviser


  • The absence of potentially harmful trade practices:
    martingale, grid, sittings out, etc ..
  • Resistance to reoptimization.
  • Reliable protection deposit rigid stop loss in transfer
    breakeven and closing at the end of the day.
  • Only one open position at a time.
  • Trade pending orders to reduce the risk
  • Simplicity: “plug and play” – downloaded and bidding!

Adjustable parameters:

  • Lot – the value of a fixed asset.
  • FreeMarginPercent – the percentage of available funds for the calculation
    working lot. If equal to 0, using a fixed lot.

KSL KTP coefficients and determine at what distance from the opening price will be set Stop Loss and Take Profit. Are set separately for SELL and BUY. If the value of KTP and KSL are zero, TP and SL orders are placed at a distance of 100 pips from the opening price.

  • NoLoss – the size of current profit, in which position
    transferred to breakeven. If the value is zero NoLoss function bezubytka not
  • NoLossShift – shift relative to the price level bezubytka
    opening position.
  • CloseTradeDay – if true: closed at the end of the trading day
    all items are deleted all orders.
  • StartHour – start time.
  • StopHour – end time.
  • ExpHour – the expiry of pending orders.
  • CloseHour – the forced closing of positions.


  • Working symbol – EURUSD.
  • Working timeframes – M5, M15, M30. necessarily
    availability of loaded D1 history.
  • Deposit – from 100 USD. Recommended size
    lot – from 5 to 10% of free margin accounts.
  • The period of the forward-tests – 12 months. Frequency of floating optimization: 1 or 3 months.
  • Broker with tight spreads and the presence of minimal lot 0.01.
  • Suitable for a single trade or for use in
    composition of portfolio trading advisors.

The average number of trades per year: 130.

Swing House

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Screencast film about exchange in Chicago true

Screencast: A film about the exchange in Chicago – a true and lively exchange

In today’s video tutorial you will see how one city can simultaneously meet nine thousand brokers. This is not an instructional video, as Today ends a difficult week off, so you can relax and watch a movie. At this time, I offer a full movie on the stock exchange in Chicago.

Chicago is still about 10% percent continue to trade in "stock pit"Despite the progress and the emergence of electronic trading. This is a film about how the Chicago traders trade in the operating room. Many revelations, examples and interviews with employees of the Exchange.


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A detailed look at current Asia

A detailed look at the current Asia

Shares of Asian companies
rose after the US
data on consumer confidence and
industrial orders have strengthened
optimism about the largest economy
world. Metyu Shervud, head
Sydney Investment and Analysis
Agency Perpetual Ltd., said
in an e-mail: “The American
economy strengthens and progresses.
The Fed continues to support monetary
policy. ” According to Sherwood, interest
US rate regulator
will continue to remain at record low
level for at least
two years.

MSCI index added 0.3%
currently traded within 1% of
six-year high.

KOSPI added
0,3%, TOPIX grew by 0.1%. Hang
Seng firmed 0.1% and Shangai
Composite virtually unchanged.

on S P 500 today is not
change, remaining very high.

As for individual companies, Boral
Ltd, an Australian manufacturer
building materials, rose by as much as 4.5%. it
much higher than forecast evaluation. Kawasaki
Kisen Kaisha Ltd, the third largest
consignor in Japan, he added
3.3% on their statements of withdrawal on
10% -s’ dividend in five years.

BYD Co., the manufacturer
electric cars, added 5.8%: China will provide
funding for the construction of peculiar
“Gas stations”, which will be
electric charge.

not bad things in the technology sector.
Thus, the Taiwanese manufacturer of displays
for TVs and smartphones, Innolux
Corp., up 6.8% on their
positive reports. In the third quarter
the company will increase profits by more
complex devices, including displays for
cars and public

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Citi sells EUR for purpose of $ 1 22 and stop

Citi sells EUR for the purpose of $ 1.22 and a stop at $ 1.32

Citigroup upgraded its trading recommendations, slashing short position in the euro versus the South African rand, increasing short positions in the euro against the US dollar. The purpose of this trade in the euro / dollar is $ 1.22, and a stop-loss set at $ 1.32. Citigroup allocates 15% of its capital on the trade. "Recently, the dollar strengthening is required to increase interest rates in the United States, which had a negative impact on local stock markets. It may continue in the short term, as the dollar’s rally and rising bond yields accelerated"- noted strategists at the US bank. EUR / USDseychas trading at $ 1.2890. Source: Forexpf.Ru – Forex Market News

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