Tringle Arbitrage Mt5

Tringle Arbitrage Mt5

Indicator tringle Arbitrage Renders the overlay of three currency pairs. I recommend using pairs which form a closed triangle, for example: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP. This makes it possible to implement trading strategies on “Statistical arbitrage” and “Pair Trading“.


  • Major_1 – the name of the first currency pair – majors (e.g., EURUSD)
  • Major_2 – the name of the second currency pair – majors (e.g., GBPUSD)
  • Kross – the name of the third currency pair – the cross (e.g., EURGBP)
  • Calc_Period – period for mathematical calculations (recommended from 10 and above)
  • mirror_Major_1 – set to true, if necessary, the specular reflection Major_1
  • mirror_Major_2 – set to true, if necessary, the specular reflection Major_2
  • mirror_Kross – set to true, if necessary, the specular reflection Kross

Increasing the Calc_Period reduces noise quotes.

This is the first version of the indicator. Please email comments and suggestions to enhance the capacity and functionality. I will make sure to completion.

Tringle Arbitrage Mt5

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Smart Grid Executor Demo

Smart Grid Executor Demo

Smart Grid Executor Demo is designed to operate on the platform MetaTrader 4. Only I only work on demo accounts.

The product works before the end of 2014.

It is recommended to follow the trend.

Recommended shoulder >= 1: 500.

Full version:


  1. Multi Advisor.
  2. Timeframe – only H1.
  3. Powered by 4- and 5-digit quotes.
  4. It works with martingale.
  5. Automatic magic number for pairs in the list.
  6. Automatic multiplier.
  7. Working with ECN.
  8. These two parameters (Two settings information).

Input parameters

  • LongTradeNew – enable / disable the trades for purchase.
  • ShortTradeNew – enable / disable the trades for sale.
  • HighLow – to sell at the maximum, to buy at a minimum.
  • Trend – follow the trend (recommended).
  • Normal – the default trades around the clock.
  • Signal – after the input audio signal (input after the tone).
  • CandleX – entrance to the candle (entrance to the candle).
  • MartiPlain – simple martingale.
  • Sensitivity – sensitivity.
  • Parameter – sensitivity.
  • BreakTF – pause (break).
  • Break – the duration of the pause.
  • Hedge2 – True = initial lot * 2 if the number of opposite transactions >2, false = initial lot.
  • Stepper – number of points without the factor 1 + 1 = factor; 2 = 1 + 1 + factor etc.
  • Lotmax – the maximum amount.
  • Lot – the initial auction.
  • PipStep – the minimum distance between orders.
  • Takeprofit – TakeProfit (Average + TP2), TakeProfit (TP2)
  • TP – Take Profit 1.
  • TP2 – Take Profit 2.
  • MaxTrades – the maximum deals.
  • slippage – slippage.
  • InformationL – show the information on the chart.
  • InformationR – show the information on the chart.
  • StartDay – the first day of trading advisor.
  • StopDay – graduation day.
  • MagicNo – the magic number.
  • DEFAULT – parameter optimization.
  • EURUSDPipDivider – parameter optimization for EURUSD.
  • GBPUSDPipDivider – parameter optimization for the GBPUSD.
  • USDCADPipDivider – parameter optimization for USDCAD.
  • USDJPYPipDivider – parameter optimization for USDJPY.
  • EURJPYPipDivider – parameter optimization for the EURJPY.
  • NZDUSDPipDivider – parameter optimization for the NZDUSD.
  • AUDUSDPipDivider – parameter optimization for AUDUSD.
  • EURGBPPipDivider – parameter optimization for EURGBP.
  • CADJPYPipDivider – parameter optimization for CADJPY.
  • USDCHFPipDivider – parameter optimization for USDCHF.
  • GBPJPYPipDivider – parameter optimization for GBPJPY.
  • CADCHFPipDivider – parameter optimization for CADCHF.

Smart Grid Executor Demo

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S P500 Is up trend will continue

S P500: Is the up-trend will continue?


US stock indexes rather sensitive
responded to comments Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen and other representatives
the US central bank’s last economic symposium in Jackson Hole. “AT
Fed expected to moderate GDP growth in real terms, continued
recovery of the labor market and the acceleration of inflation to 2% in the next few years.
On the basis of these prospects the Federal Reserve’s economy continues to consider appropriate
a gradual increase in rates over time “, – said Yellen.

Janet Yellen expressed confidence that “the arguments
in favor of raising key interest rates have increased in recent months. ”

Market participants reacted to the controversial speech by Janet
Yellen, as She also pointed out that interest rates are likely to remain close
historic lows in the next year, and possibly longer.

More specifically spoke Fed Vice Chair Stanley
Fisher, who believes that the US central bank may raise rates
next month.

However, Fischer added that "we can not
to say until we see the data".

Now, market participants will closely monitor the
coming from the US macroeconomic indicators, to assess the probability of
increase in US interest rates at a meeting of the Committee on Open Market
Fed, scheduled for September 20-21.

In mid-August, US stock indices reached
time highs. For the first time since December 31, 1999, all three indices
DJIA, D P500, Nasdaq reached record levels in one day.

Higher oil prices, fears of a weakened
the state of the world economy after the referendum on Brexit, Fed comments
according to which “short-term economic risks are reduced” for the economy
The United States, as well as a low probability of interest rate hikes in the US in the coming months
contributed to preservation of positive dynamo of American stock indices. Now
The situation has changed in the market.

On Friday (12:30 GMT) report will be published on
the number of new jobs outside agriculture in the USA (NFP) for August,
which can increase the chances that the Fed is likely to start operations
in the near future. the growth rate is expected to be 180 000 new jobs
places. Strong data on the number of jobs will increase the likelihood of imminent
rate hike, which will strengthen the US dollar and a negative impact on the US stock
market as increase the cost of borrowing to buy shares.
The recent rally may be questioned.

According to CME Group, interest rate futures indicate
21% chance of a rate hike in September, while on Friday the probability
It was 33%, and Thursday – 21%. The probability of a rate hike at the end of the year
It is about 52%.

At the same time, Janet Yellen said in a
the long term it is believed that "when the central bank decides to increase
interest rates, which means that the country’s economy and the company showed
very good results". This speaks in favor of preserving the positive
the dynamics of the US stock market. Bull market when the recession fades, but it can
preserved at a moderate and smooth raising rates.

Thus, the relative prospects intrigue
interest rate increase in the US persists

S P500 Is up trend will continue

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Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich supported proposal

Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich supported the proposal to reset the export duty on wheat

Agriculture Ministry proposal to reset the export duty was supported at the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, said the ministry and the attendee.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in the case of a positive decision of the Government, the fee will be reset to July 2018.

The representative Aliya Samigullina Dvorkovich confirmed the discussions duties at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister, noting that the final decision rests with the chairman of the Russian government.

Now in Russia operates a floating export tax on wheat, which is 50 percent of the customs value of minus 6,500 rubles per tonne, but not less than 10 rubles per ton.

The export duty was introduced in Russia in the summer of last year to curb grain exports in the event of a sharp drop in the ruble. Earlier this year, the authorities began to actively discuss the possibility of canceling or resetting the current export duty, as it came, and to remove from under it some high-quality varieties.

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MetaCOT 2 Movement Index TFF MT5

MetaCOT 2 Movement Index TFF MT5

MetaCOT 2 – a set of indicators and specialized tools for analyzing CFTC Commission reports (U.S. Commodity futures trading commission) directly in the terminal MetaTrader. This indicator analyzes the reports Traders in Financial Futures (TFF) and is analogous to the classical Movement Index, calculated for the COT reports.

Movement Index was first introduced by Steve Breeze and described in his book “The Commitments of Traders Bible: How To Profit from Insider Market Intelligence”. Very quickly it became popular with traders who analyze the CFTC reports, and has become a classic, and in many ways a unique tool to find drastic changes, leading to an imbalance between the positions of market participants. The indicator is best suited to swing trading.

The indicator shows the change in the relative positions of the participants in the form of bar graphs, expressed as a percentage. It ranges from -100% to + 100% and is calculated on the data display TFF Index or Willco Index. a reversal signals occur when the absolute value of the indicator exceeds a threshold level equal to default 40%.

While other indicators MetaCOT series are indicators trends, Movement Index is an indicator pulse, those. it shows a sharp change in the positions of market participants. Thus, the indicator becomes indispensable for analysis in conjunction with other indicators MetaCOT series. In addition, Movement Index is not available in other programs that provide access to the CFTC reports.

More details about the method of calculating this indicator can be found in the article Project Meta COT – New Horizons CFTC Report Analysis in MetaTrader 4.

The following are the basic parameters of the indicator and their meaning:

  • Source of Report – view TFF report. There are two types of reports: only futures (Futures Only) and futures and options (Futures And Options);
  • Group of Traders – Group members TFF report;
  • Period – calculation period or Willco COT index. Recommended values ​​are: 26, 52 and 156 weeks;
  • Movement Period – The period between two index points. The default is 6 weeks;
  • Movement Type – Type of index calculation. The indicator can be calculated as in the classical TFF index, and the Willco;
  • Critical Value – The critical value, exceeding which, the indicator will indicate the likely change in trend.

This indicator is used to analyze the product markets (metals, oil and gas, food, feed). For the analysis of financial markets (currencies, indices, bonds), use the TFF series of indicators, in particular, you can use the indicator Movement Index D-COT.

For the indicator need to download and install the CFTC reports to your computer, which you need to use a specialized utility installation MetaCOT 2 Install CFTC Reports MT4 reports.
More detailed information on the values ​​of the indicator settings can be found in the blog “MetaCOT 2: Settings and Possibility”.

MetaCOT 2 Movement Index TFF MT5

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This is a demo version of the indicator TOMA, a limited character USDCAD. The full version is available on the indicator page
A clear vision of the trend is the key to successful trading. Indicator TOMA (Trend of MA) shows the trend line behavior nuances constructed on the moving average. The indicator shows the direction of the trend, gives signals about the strength of the trend, the possibility of changing the motion and confirm the start of a new trend.
Experienced traders say for sure trade is quite a moving average. Indicator Trend of MA will help you understand the practical use of MA in trade, to build and improve their own strategies.

When you imagine the price movement as the moving average, it becomes important that the behavior of the line with respect to history. Indicator demonstrates update minima / maxima of the line and constructs a trend line for the data. Using a trend line, its direction and color, as well as the mapped signals, you will see the points of origin, approval and change of trend. Use these points as reference when building their strategies. For visual evaluation of the movement forces are lines similar B.bands. Classic Bands strategies applicable to TOMA indicator.

The indicator is not redrawn, works on any instrument and any timeframe.

display line

  • TREND – a trend line that is based on MA. Displayed in three colors. The blue color means confident the upward movement, the downward red confident and gray uncertain movement and a possible change of direction.
  • MAXHIGH – line delineating mA maximum for the period. Coloring is similar TREND
  • MINLOW – line indicating the minimum MA for the period under review. Coloring is similar TREND
  • UPPER BAND, LOWER BAND – upper and lower framing line. Visualize the relative growth of minima / maxima.
  • MA – moving average, on the basis of which make building

displayed signals

  • Possible change of trend – red / blue thin needle about MAXHIGH / MINLOW line indicates a possible direction
  • trend change confirmation – thick red / blue arrow around TREND line, indicating a steady trend
  • Fixed momentum – yellow check mark beside BAND lines. Denotes an increase in the distance between MAXHIGH and MINLOW. It confirms the trend.
  • Completion pulse – approximately BAND yellow cross lines. Denotes shortening the distance between MAXHIGH and MINLOW and sliding movement. Often it is the birthplace of a new trend.


  • MA_METHOD – type of moving average
  • MA_APPLIED – the price at which it is considered average
  • MA_PERIOD – MA period
  • MA_SHIFT – MA shift
  • DEPTH – depth review of the history of
  • BAND_DISTANCE – the value of indent Band
  • ARROWS_LIMIT – the maximum number of displayed signals


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Ministry of Finance in favor of reforming system

Ministry of Finance in favor of reforming the system of coefficients in the CTP

Ministry of Finance is ready to launch a review of the system of coefficients in the CTP, which are used in the calculation of the cost of the policies. This made several public statements said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev, the fact that such discussions agency "Interfax" He confirmed the deputy head of the Financial Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance Vera Balakirev.

She said that "while discussions on a possible reform of the system of coefficients in CTP just begun, conducted in-depth discussion, we examine a range of ideas and proposals. Only specific agencies can offer to prepare after their analysis, to achieve some clarity on the appropriateness of these or other ideas about changes in the approaches to the reform of the coefficients in the CTP".

The purpose of such reforms – the creation of a more transparent, simple and fair system of coefficients, said V.Balakireva. She called the current grid of regional factors "too cumbersome".

CTP existence of another factor, "bound" to the power of the car, the representatives of the Ministry of Finance seems to be ineffective, and the impact on the amount of damage – unproven.

"On the other hand, so far they have not taken into account when calculating the cost of the policy CTP intensity of utilization of transport, including the persons who are the professional drivers. And this factor just has a significant impact on the statistics of loss, a significant effect of this factor on accident statistics"- he added V.Balakireva.

However, she said that a review of the coefficients will not lead to overall increase in tariffs in the CTP, also will not change the width of the range of tariff corridor.

A source familiar with the discussions initiated by the Ministry of Finance, explained "Interfax", what "CTP current statistics shows that, while maintaining the existing system of tariff factors CTP prices will inevitably need to increase, although it is not desirable".

According to him, "a range of new ideas for reforming the grid of coefficients in the CTP until really wide – from the abolition of a number of factors before their replacement or upgrading. Revolutionary enough, for example, looks like the idea of ​​removing legislative perimeter of tariff factors, regional factors in the CTP to ensure that the insurers themselves could they establish and apply in the territories, if they prove on the basis of the statistics need this" (Currently, all operating in MTPL tariff rates fixed by law, so the introduction of regional factors can be left to the discretion of the insurance community in agreement with the decision of the regulator This can be a step towards the liberalization of tariffs in the CTP.).

In turn, the executive director of the Russian Union of Insurers (RSA) Evgeny Ufimtsev said the agency "Interfax", what "Ministry of Finance formulated no proposals to change the tariff coefficients in CTP union did not get statistics on this subject have not requested the SAR agency".

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