Mysteries of forex market

Mysteries of the forex market

So long ago, I did not read interesting posts about the mysteries of the forex market. Well, probably not to expose people to the show really worthwhile ideas and thoughts. I’ll try to lay out and discuss-ideii them with you.

To begin with, I’m not going to show the indicators, because I believe that all the lights are a stupid idea, but no, there is a group that is not quite the usual indicators. I am very interested in the mysteries of the market, and if I have found what that relationship statiticheskuyu it should appear on any currency pair, on any timeframe and even stocks and indexes. If the relationship is not working somewhere, I am such a relationship is not interesting.

Many of these dependencies, you can dig on the Internet, I do not claim to exclusivity. But I would like to discuss-them who their uses, etc.

So while preparing the next piece of information to express their interest.

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Symbol Bull Bear Strength

Symbol Bull Bear Strength

The indicator shows the strength of bulls and bears to various characters.

Timeframes for which the power is displayed, you can adjust: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN1, etc ..

The indicator supports automatic and manual scrolling, allowing you to quickly and easily identify the bear and bull symbols. It also supports custom character sets.

Note: at the first start indicator terminal is likely to be missing download historical data from the server. This is normal behavior.

Versions are available for both MetaTrader 5, and for MetaTrader 4. The cost is $ 20 each. If you are interested in a version for MetaTrader 4, write to me. Please note that the version of MetaTrader 4 available manual scrolling and automatic works only when the market is open.

Symbol Bull Bear Strength

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Holy Trend

Holy Trend

Holy Trend defines the trend and its strength.


  • defines the trend
  • Determines the strength of the trend
  • Easy to use
  • fast signals
  • All timeframes
  • It is not redrawn after the close of the candle
  • Requires no configuration
  • It can be used on the charts Renko
  • It can be used in conjunction with an indicator Holy Renko
  • Alerts, emails and push-notification
  • User’s Guide (in English)


  • The indicator is both long and short strokes, as well as the correction of
  • Bars of different sizes indicate the strength of the trend
  • support and resistance lines can switch roles


  • Requires no configuration

Holy Trend

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Swing House

Swing House

Classic swing trading adviser


  • The absence of potentially harmful trade practices:
    martingale, grid, sittings out, etc ..
  • Resistance to reoptimization.
  • Reliable protection deposit rigid stop loss in transfer
    breakeven and closing at the end of the day.
  • Only one open position at a time.
  • Trade pending orders to reduce the risk
  • Simplicity: “plug and play” – downloaded and bidding!

Adjustable parameters:

  • Lot – the value of a fixed asset.
  • FreeMarginPercent – the percentage of available funds for the calculation
    working lot. If equal to 0, using a fixed lot.

KSL KTP coefficients and determine at what distance from the opening price will be set Stop Loss and Take Profit. Are set separately for SELL and BUY. If the value of KTP and KSL are zero, TP and SL orders are placed at a distance of 100 pips from the opening price.

  • NoLoss – the size of current profit, in which position
    transferred to breakeven. If the value is zero NoLoss function bezubytka not
  • NoLossShift – shift relative to the price level bezubytka
    opening position.
  • CloseTradeDay – if true: closed at the end of the trading day
    all items are deleted all orders.
  • StartHour – start time.
  • StopHour – end time.
  • ExpHour – the expiry of pending orders.
  • CloseHour – the forced closing of positions.


  • Working symbol – EURUSD.
  • Working timeframes – M5, M15, M30. necessarily
    availability of loaded D1 history.
  • Deposit – from 100 USD. Recommended size
    lot – from 5 to 10% of free margin accounts.
  • The period of the forward-tests – 12 months. Frequency of floating optimization: 1 or 3 months.
  • Broker with tight spreads and the presence of minimal lot 0.01.
  • Suitable for a single trade or for use in
    composition of portfolio trading advisors.

The average number of trades per year: 130.

Swing House

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AcChannelMTF – multiple timeframe version of indicator AcChannel ( Characterized by the fact that it is now possible to display on the chart also a channel with a larger timeframe. This makes it possible to implement the strategy of “three screen” when the first analyzes the trend on higher timeframes (H4, D1, W1, MN), and then on the smaller. When the coincidence of these trends should open position.

The use of the indicator is very simple: when the channels on both charts in the same direction, we can make a deal.

Input parameters

  • PeriodTF – period of the senior timeframe
  • ChannelColor – channel color
  • ChannelColorTF – the color channel of the senior timeframe


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Likemeter expert 4

Likemeter expert 4

Employment expert Likemeter expert 4 based on the signals of a custom indicator Likemeter 4.

entry points are defined by the values ‚Äč‚ÄčLikemeter 4 indicators.
Closing a position occurs when the profit target levels, and

Input parameters

  • Period Main – input parameter Period Main Likemeter 4 indicator;
  • Period Signal – input parameter Period Signal indicator Likemeter 4;
  • Reverse Signal – change indicator signals to the opposite;
  • Stop Loss – loss level in the fixing points;
  • Take Profit – level of profit in points;
  • Fixed Lot – Lot fixed value;
  • Variable Lot – AC Lot as a percentage of free margin.

The screenshots shows the results of backtesting.
Testing was conducted with EURUSD and timeframe in M30
mode, the “Every tick” for the period from 01.07.2013 on 03.08.2014. used
fixed item 0.1, stop loss equal to 700 counts, take profit
equal to 300 points, Period Main value equal to 35, Period Signal equal to 5, Reverse Signal equal to false, the spread of 20.

Likemeter expert 4

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Reversal Trading

Reversal Trading

EA trades based MACD patterns and certain points and perekuplennosti pereprodannosti.

Advisor works only on EURUSD pair to M15 timeframe.

The system is improved by more than 10-year history (2005-2016).


  • Easy to use and has no complicated settings
  • not martingale
  • not mesh
  • not scalping
  • Optimized for the pair EURUSD


Conditions of Buy and Sell – Terms for Buy and Sell:

  • Fast EMA – a period of rapid EMA MACD indicator
  • SLow EMA – during the slow EMA MACD indicator
  • MACD SMA – period SMA signal indicator MACD
  • Exit point – period moving average
  • Start Trading hour – time of the start of trading, the hour
  • Stop Trading hour – during the Trade Deadline, Hour

Trade management – Management of commercial operations:

  • Start LotSize – initial lot size (minimum lot size permitted by your broker)
  • Distance – The spread for EURUSD from your broker
  • Slippage – Slippage in pips

Reversal Trading

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