Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

The indicator uses ten indicators classical indicators for calculating the rising or falling trend of the current currency pair on the majority principle for all timeframes.

Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

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Reverse Bar

Reverse Bar

Reverse Bar indicator paints reversal bars according to the trading strategy B. Williams, described in the book “Trading Chaos 2″.

  • Bar bearish painted in red or pink. (Red – a stronger signal)
  • Bullish divergent bar turns blue or blue color. (Blue – a stronger signal)

It is recommended to use on the timeframes H1 and more.

Reverse Bar

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This indicator calculates the value of the indices DeMarker oscillator AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD in a single window.

Input parameters:

  • DeMarkerperiods: Periods for calculating DeMarker oscillator values ​​for each index.
  • aud: Hide / show (True / False).
  • cad: Hide / show (True / False).
  • eur: Hide / show (True / False).
  • gbp: Hide / show (True / False).
  • jpy: Hide / show (True / False).
  • nzd: Hide / show (True / False).
  • usd: Hide / show (True / False).
  • chf: hide / show (True / False).
  • ColorAUD: AUD text color.
  • ColorCAD: Text color CAD.
  • ColorEUR: EUR color of the text.
  • ColorGBP: GBP text color.
  • ColorJPY: Text color JPY.
  • ColorNZD: Text color NZD.
  • ColorUSD: Text color USD.
  • ColorCHF: text color CHF.
  • fontsize: The size of the text index.
  2. You can customize the color, style and width of each index.

Note: This demo version. It only works on M1 chart. When you try to run the schedule on a larger timeframe will the alert with the following message: “This is a DEMO version that only works in 1 minute charts” (This demo version works only on M1 chart). You can purchase the full version CurrencyDeMarker.

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Double Bit Signals

Double Bit Signals

The indicator is designed for any binary options trading
assets. Trade is conducted on the timeframes from M1 to D1. entry points
accompanied by visual and audible alerts.

indicator settings

  •  Searching for signal – search signal, on the current bar – signal appears at channel touch, by the time the bar closes – if the signal appears after the closing price of the candle was not a channel (a more productive mode for metals);
  •  Code arrow “Signal SELL” – Signal color “Sell”;
  •  Code arrow “Signal BUY” – Signal color “Buy”;
  •  Indent arrows (pips) – arrow indentation on the schedule in paragraphs;
  •  The alert signals – and switch off the alert window or switching to a signal;
  •  To create a screenshot of the signal – It makes screenshots when the signal and stores the “File” folder is useful when setting parameters for different assets;
  •  Calculated number of bars – channel parameters, the number of bars indicates how much of the history he takes in processing;
  •  Filter RSI, The period, Overbought Level, The Oversold Level – filter settings, period, overbought and oversold levels.


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Support Resistance Bands MT4

Support Resistance Bands MT4

Multiple timeframe indicator that shows support and resistance lines.

Support and resistance lines are automatically calculated from three larger timeframes.

Traders can use support and resistance to enter the position and updating the stop-loss.

Input parameters

  • bPeriod – use this option to optimize each timeframe indicators;
  • VisibleBars – number of bars (the current), in which the indicator line visible.

Any changes.

Support Resistance Bands MT4

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Diamond Wave

Diamond Wave

This oscillator is calculated on the basis of convergence / divergence of the moving average. This must-have of any trader who wants to improve the technical analysis.

Unlike other oscillators, this tool offers a number of features to filter transactions and a more precise analysis of market conditions. In combination with other agents is a powerful filter that is suitable for any trading strategy.

Principle of operation

The main line is calculated from the difference between fast and slow moving average.

Signal line – a moving average applied to the main line.

Difference histograms are calculated from the difference between the primary and the signal lines.

For further instructions please go to video link


  1. Complete oscillator that can be used as a filter in various trading strategies
  2. indicator settings are fully customizable by the trader needs
  3. Supports 10 different types of moving average
    1. SMA (simple moving average)
    2. EMA (exponential moving average)
    3. SMMA (smoothed moving average)
    4. LWMA (linearly weighted moving average)
    5. DEMA (Double Exponential Moving Average)
    6. TEMA (triple exponential moving average)
    7. TMA (triangular moving average)
    8. T3MA (triple smoothed moving average)
    9. HMA (moving average Hala)
    10. It supports a new type of moving average – FQMA (Fxquickroute Moving Average), that employs improved formula to reduce delays and filtering the trend
  4. Supports 4 drawing modes, customized to the requirements of the trader.
    1. Line Mode – the easiest and most intuitive way to display the divergences
    2. Oscillator Mode clearly shows the strength and direction of the trend
    3. Line With Histograms graphically displays the pulse and divergence
    4. Oscillator With Histogram graphically displays the strength of the trend and momentum
    • Look at the picture by clicking on the link
  5. It helps to see the trend in using the main and signal lines
    1. histograms uptrend painted in dark blue
    2. histograms correction of uptrend painted in light blue
    3. histograms downtrend painted in dark red
    4. histograms correction of the downtrend painted in light red
    • Look at the picture by clicking on the link
  6. It helps determine pulse using the differences in the histograms in “Line With Histograms ” or “Oscillator With Histogram”
    1. The blue bar graph It means bovine pulse
    2. Red histogram It means bearish momentum
    • Look at the picture by clicking on the link
  7. It helps to recognize intersection and change the trend. Intersections may be an early sign change trend
    1. blue dots = Bullish crossover, the trend may change from downward to upward
    2. red dots = Bearish cross, the trend may change from ascending to descending
    • Look at the picture by clicking on the link
  8. It helps identify divergence
    1. The usual divergence Indicated by the letter = “R”, usually talk about reversal
    2. hidden divergence Indicated by the letter = “H”, usually talk about the continuation of the trend
    • Look at the picture by clicking on the link
  9. Built-in filter analysis of the market
  10. The indicator is easy to use and allows to set the other lights on the same window for reading the first indicator data
    • For example: to Diamond Wave can be attached to a classic Bollinger Bands
    • go to link
  11. It works on all cylinders
  12. It works on all timeframes
  13. It works well in conjunction with other indicators
  14. is not redrawn
  15. not converted
  16. The calculation occurs on every tick, but the final settlement is made after the close of the current bar
  17. It has the functions of a pop-up notifications, email notifications, and push-notification
  18. The indicator has external buffers to be combined with an expert


The main parameters are self-explanatory. The following are important parameters

  • Drawing Mode = type indicator display. There are 4 options to choose from. You need to select the appropriate mode
  • MA Method = calculation method used. You can choose from 10 different methods
  • Fast MA Period = number of bars to calculate the faster moving average
  • Slow MA Period = number of bars to calculate the slow moving average
  • Signal Period = period moving average applied to the difference between fast and slow moving averages
  • Bars To Analyze = maximum number of bars used historic

Diamond Wave


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Shepherd Stochastic Alert

Shepherd Stochastic Alert

The indicator generates signals of stochastic valid intersections.

This indicator is easily attached to an adviser.

The indicator works well on all timeframes.

The arrow appears at the intersection of parameter analysis algorithms.

The properties of the indicator

  • Use_System_Visuals – turn on / off the visualization.
  • Stochastic_K_Period – period Stochastic.
  • Stochastic_D_Period – period Stochastic.
  • Stochastic_Slowing – slowing stochastics.
  • Use_Notifications – enable / disable Push-notifications.
  • Use_Alert – enable / disable alerts.
  • Use_E_Mail – enable / disable via email notifications.

Shepherd Stochastic Alert


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