MTF Accumulation Distribution

MTF Accumulation Distribution

Multiple timeframe standard version indicator Accumulation / Distribution (AD, A / D).

Input parameters:

  • TimeFrame – used timeframe:
    It can take any of ENUM_TIMEFRAMES enumeration values.
  • TimeCorrection – use time correction:
    May have a value of true or false (first look at the screen shot: the first indicator is set to true, the second – false.
  • VolumeType – used volume.
    It can take any of the values ​​ENUM_APPLIED_VOLUME listing.

You can simultaneously use multiple copies of the indicator on the same graph.

Version MTF (multiple timeframe) is very useful for developers. Made with the help of their own optimized MTF converter.

When testing the strategy tester, use the Every tick mode.

MTF Accumulation Distribution

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Advisor AcSar – fully automated adviser, working on the basis of the latest version of Parabolic SAR indicator.


  • Lots– starting auction
  • MaxLots – maximum lot
  • Multiplier – the number is multiplied to the next item in an unsuccessful transaction
  • StepSAR– Parabolic SAR indicator step
  • Slippage– allowable slippage

Advisor optimized for the pair EURUSD timeframe for H4.


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Unitral Trend and Reversal

Unitral Trend and Reversal

Powerful tools by professionals for professionals

Unitral Trend Indicator & Reversal contains a complex algorithm to display trends and the pivot point at an early stage with high accuracy. Development department Unitral Finance has invested a lot of time to bring this indicator to perfection. Despite the highly complex logic, the results are provided in a simple and understandable way. You do not even need to configure.


  • Clearly and accurately shows the trends and reversals
  • It works on all timeframes and symbols
  • The indicator is able to correct itself
  • Color and size indicator display change setting

Input parameters

  • DISPLAY SETTINGS – display settings
    • Trend (Show / Hide) – show / hide trend
    • Reversal (Show / Hide) – show / hide reversal
    • Calculated Bars (min 500.) * – the number of bars for the calculation

* Minimum value “Calc. Bars” is equal to 500, it is necessary to calculate the representative results. If you select a lower value, the meter automatically uses the value of 500.

Unitral Trend and Reversal

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Professional LED moving averages with zero delay.

Indicator MAi – this nonretarded set of moving averages.

thanks MAi you will finally be able to trade in real time without delays, your transaction will be more accurate and efficient.

List of moving averages and combinations with an average of Hull available below in the section of code.

You can run multiple instances of the indicator MAi simultaneously for all timeframes. Thus it is possible to test and compare the results with different settings.

Like all of our indicators in MAi integrated technology “Testing of the runner on the story“.

The program can work in two automatic modes:

1. Runner Mode

Activated when run on indicator chart or visual testing.

You can test / adjust the light on the stories with the included “slider” with up to 32,767 bars.

During visual testing you can run on the chart indicator and easily adjust the input parameters.
The tester (Only) of the slider mode, you can go out pressing the <Esc>.

Allowing you to easily switch between timeframes in the selected position, and compare the results.

Watch the video of the “switching” in HD

2. Expert mode

Activated when starting from the EA indicator using “iCustom” function.

It is intended for use only advisor, testing with a runner off.

built-in indicator “error checking“That allows to see and correct problem areas.

Tested and works well in our advisor PointerX.

Watch the video of “testing” in HD

All this makes the light easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders.

How to trade on MAi?

It’s very simple. If MAi line goes up – buy, if goes down – sell.

Also, there are other options (two copies with different settings – when one line crosses another, as well as the use of other indicators).

It is recommended to run multiple instances of indicators on different timeframes with different settings to achieve the best results (M5, M15, H1, H4).

for programmers

You can turn indicator advisors:

enum method
   SMA = 0, / * SMA (Simple_MA) * /
   LWMA = 1, / * LWMA (Linear_Weighted_MA) * /
   SWMA = 2, / * SWMA (Sine_Weighted_MA) * /
   LSMA = 3, / * LSMA (Least_Squares_MA) * /
   TRIMA = 4, / * TRIMA (Triangular_MA) * /
   ILRS = 5, / * ILRS (Integral_of_Linear_Regression_Slope) * /
   EMA = 6, / * EMA (Exponential_MA) * /
   DEMA = 7, / * DEMA (Double_EMA) * /
   MDEMA = 8, / * MDEMA (Median_DEMA) * /
   TEMA = 9, / * TEMA (Triple_EMA) * /
   REMA = 10, / * REMA (Regularized_EMA) * /
   T3 = 11, / * T3 (Tillson) * /
   EMA_Hull = 12, / * EMA_Hull * /
   DEMA_Hull = 13, / * DEMA_Hull * /
   TEMA_Hull = 14, / * TEMA_Hull * /
   REMA_Hull = 15, / * REMA_Hull * /
   T3_Hull = 16, / * T3_Hull * /

Teams for the current and last values ​​for MQL4:

double maiCur = iCustom (NULL, MA_TF _, “MAi”, MA_MTD_, a_st_, a_sm_, a_vf_, a_lam_, 1,0,1);
double maiPrev = iCustom (NULL, MA_TF _, “MAi”, MA_MTD_, a_st_, a_sm_, a_vf_, a_lam_, 1,0,2);
if (maiCur>maiPrev) buyMAI_ = true;
if (maiCur<maiPrev) sellMAI_ = true;

  • NULL = current character
  • MA_TF_ = enum_timeframes
  • “MAi” = path / name of the custom indicator compiled
  • MA_MTD_ = method (from 0-16 in this order)
  • a_st_ = display step
  • a_sm_ = smoothing
  • a_vf_ = v_factor (volume ratio)
  • a_lam_ = lambda
  • 1 = last bar (use 1 for more accurate results, because the zero bar is not yet complete)
  • 0 = line index
  • 1 (2) = offset

Input parameters MAi

In order from left to right: name [default value], min-max value.

If you accidentally enter a smaller or greater value will be used the value of min-max.

  • Method [LSMA] – indicator method
  • Step [25] 0-100 – step indicator
  • * Smooth [0] 0-100 – smoothing lines
  • * V_factor [1.0] 0.0-50.0 – volume ratio
  • * Lambda [0.3] 0.0-100.0 – lambda (for REMA, REMA_Hull)
  • LastBar [0] 0-6000 – Display the last bar (from left to right in descending order 0 – last)
  • PastBars [100] 1-6000 – bars on the history (to the left)

* Depending on the nature of moving may not be available for some methods

Additional Information

Demo version shows the main features and ease of use MAi.

For unlimited version MAi or to use an indicator in the Expert Advisor, you should buy or rent the full version.

Are you satisfied with our work? Share with everyone and leave your review.

If you need assistance in using our trading instruments, or if you have difficulties or questions, please contact me.





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Channels for prices

Channels for prices

The indicator builds horizontal channels. If the price breaks the boundary of the channel, the channel shifts. The boundaries of the channel are support and resistance levels, and the zones bordering the channel boundaries may be used as perekuplennosti and pereprodannosti zone. Indicator Channels for prices perfectly It operates at a sideways trend paired with indicators such as the Stochastic, RSI and working as a confirming indicator.

display Setting very simple (you can not change anything) and consists of two units:

  • Block 1 setting for grid spacing timeframe in which the expert is set.
  • Block 2. Customize the color of the indicator solution.

Read the indicator may be in the strategy tester, as well as you can download a free trial version (Only EUR / CHF and EUR / GBP, timeframe M1 and M30)

hopefully indicator Channels for prices will be useful for you and if so, put a finger up to me as the author would be very nice! Thank you!

Channels for prices

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Night Raven Martin

Night Raven Martin


Adviser to the use requirements: For operation of the adviser needs low spread (recommended spread – 1) and minimal slippage!

This EA represents scalper which operates on signals that are generated by such indicators: Bollinger Bands, Stochastic and Moving Average.

Works Adviser on terminal time 00:05 08:00, the default time is set to close all orders 9:00 (can be changed).

Optimal settings:

  • Slow MA period for the buy – 288.
  • fast MA period for the buy – 280.
  • Slow MA period for CELL – 192.
  • fast MA period for CELL – 180.

Settings Night Raven Martin

Dynamic settings lot (lot which increases in accordance with increasing deposit)

  • Dynamic lot: use dynamic lot – true; do not use a dynamic lot – false.
  • lots: a given lot.
  • Use MaxLot: use dynamic restriction growth Lot (user).

The rest of the user settings are intuitive and do not require description.

If you need more information, you can contact with me at any time.

I give two screenshots:

  1. NightRaven turned off dynamic lot.
  2. NightRaven enabled dynamic lot.

Besides all of the above is possible in its sole discretion to enable or disable the function of Martingale.

Night Raven Martin


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Omega Scalping System Trend Histogram

Omega Scalping System Trend Histogram

The indicator is a complex four-way histogram. Opening position in a predetermined direction may coincide with primary colors of all pixels vertically. The color point is fixed after the close of the current bar and is not redrawn. The initial parameters are set for M15 timeframe. I recommend to use in conjunction with other indicators system “Omega”.


  • Maximum bars to calc – calculating the number of bars indicator (to save PC resources)
  • 1st ind period – period calculating a first indicator
  • 1st ind smoothing period – first indicator smoothing period
  • 1st ind smoothing method – method of smoothing the first indicator
  • 2nd ind period1 – second calculation period indicator
  • 2nd ind period2 – second calculation period indicator
  • 2nd ind price1 – Price used the second indicator
  • 2nd ind price2 – Price used the second indicator
  • 2nd ind mul – second coefficient indicator
  • 2nd ind calc mode – calculating a second mode indicator
  • 3rd ind period1 – third calculation period indicator
  • 3rd ind period2 – third calculation period indicator
  • 3rd ind period3 – third calculation period indicator
  • 3rd ind period4 – third calculation period indicator
  • 3rd ind price1 – Price used the third indicator
  • 3rd ind price2 – Price used the third indicator
  • 3rd ind price3 – Price used the third indicator
  • 3rd ind price4 – Price used the third indicator
  • 3rd ind mode – mode of calculation of the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing1 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing2 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing3 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing4 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing5 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing6 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind mul1 – third coefficient indicator
  • 3rd ind mul2 – third coefficient indicator
  • 4th ind period1 – fourth calculation period indicator
  • 4th ind period2 – fourth calculation period indicator
  • 4th ind smoothing – the fourth indicator smoothing method
  • 4th ind price – used the fourth indicator price
  • Arrows up symbol code – character code histogram up
  • Arrows down symbol code – character histogram down code

Omega Scalping System Trend Histogram

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