MICEX and RTS to opening of trading decreased

MICEX and RTS to the opening of trading decreased by 0.2% and 0.5%, respectively

The MICEX index at the opening of trading the Moscow stock exchange fell compared to the previous closing of trading on 0,2% and amounted to 1,988.64 points.

RTS index decreased by 0.5%, to 1107.42 points.

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Mysteries of forex market

Mysteries of the forex market

So long ago, I did not read interesting posts about the mysteries of the forex market. Well, probably not to expose people to the show really worthwhile ideas and thoughts. I’ll try to lay out and discuss-ideii them with you.

To begin with, I’m not going to show the indicators, because I believe that all the lights are a stupid idea, but no, there is a group that is not quite the usual indicators. I am very interested in the mysteries of the market, and if I have found what that relationship statiticheskuyu it should appear on any currency pair, on any timeframe and even stocks and indexes. If the relationship is not working somewhere, I am such a relationship is not interesting.

Many of these dependencies, you can dig on the Internet, I do not claim to exclusivity. But I would like to discuss-them who their uses, etc.

So while preparing the next piece of information to express their interest.

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Concern General Electric wants to hold IPO of

Concern General Electric wants to hold IPO of its finpodrazdeleniya

American multidisciplinary group General Electric Co. It plans to hold an initial public offering of its financial unit – Synchrony Financial – at the end of July. According to the mood of the company, to gain from the sale of shares to be $ 3.1 billion.

To accomplish placement, General Electric plans to sell 125 million shares (this is 15% of the total) unit serving private clients in North America. Value per share – $ 23-26. The securities will be placed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s capitalization is estimated at about $ 20 billion.

As explained by the source
the company plans to sell a financial
business are included in the company’s strategy
reduction of non-core assets and
concentration of efforts in producing
industrial equipment.

Previously, GE was looking for applicants
for the purchase of units, issuing
household appliances and lighting.
This business has brought the company $ 381 million in
Last year, or less than 2% of the total
operating profit.

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Wall Street is awake session was positive

Wall Street is awake: the session was positive

session in the US as several previous ones,
We ended on a positive notes. On Wednesday
All investors’ attention was focused
on the publication of “minutes” of the Fed meeting.
Everyone expected rise or not rise
interest rate. after quite
unambiguous rhetoric participants
the meeting was clear: all prone to
early tightening of monetary
politicians. In early trading this led
a decrease in the indices, but in the evening
environment (as Moscow time – to
they played early Thursday morning) is
negative movement.

from the statistics
Yesterday was published back speaker
oil reserves for the week they fell
to 4.474 million barrels after rising 1,401
million barrels last week.

«Blue chips» DJIA on
Following the session stronger at 0.3355%. Grown and S P
500 (0.25%), but the high-tech
Nasdaq lost

Futures on crude oil Light
rose 1.7% (up to 96.07
dollars per barrel). December futures
gold decreased by 0.1% (to 1 295.2 dollar
per troy ounce).

individual stocks, it may be noted
quotations ritylerov Lowe’s rise
and Target
(Respectively 1.6% and
1.8%). In the black and Home Depot after
his triumphant quarterly
report (+ 2.3%).

Never mind
affairs at Microsoft
(-0.8%) and McDonalds

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US market in thought

The US market in thought

US stocks
We finished the session in positive territory on Monday,
despite the fact that there remains tense
the situation in Ukraine and the Middle East,
which limits the growth of the US

Economic growth in the
Germany is likely to remain
weak in the coming months, according to
leading indicators published
on Monday, the Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development. Data
Paris research organization
suggest that the growth of most
developed economies will remain near
the current level, while the contribution of large
emerging economies in the global
economic growth will be smaller in
compared with the period after the start
The 2008 financial crisis. As a result,
This combination of global growth is unlikely
to significantly accelerate this year.

From the market events today
still waiting:

At 18:00 MSK will be known
the number of open jobs in June.

At 22:00 MSK, there are data
on the value of the Treasury budget in July.
Economists expect the deficit at
previous month.

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Screencast film about exchange in Chicago true

Screencast: A film about the exchange in Chicago – a true and lively exchange

In today’s video tutorial you will see how one city can simultaneously meet nine thousand brokers. This is not an instructional video, as Today ends a difficult week off, so you can relax and watch a movie. At this time, I offer a full movie on the stock exchange in Chicago.

Chicago is still about 10% percent continue to trade in "stock pit"Despite the progress and the emergence of electronic trading. This is a film about how the Chicago traders trade in the operating room. Many revelations, examples and interviews with employees of the Exchange.


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Not all cat Shrovetide Alibaba continues to fall

Not all cat Shrovetide: Alibaba continues to fall

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd
lowered their quotes
the second day in a row, as well as all
Chinese stocks listed in the US. it
It comes amid concerns
second over a slowdown in growth
largest world economy.

Alibaba yesterday lost 3%
$ 87.17 in the US
auction. Total progress starting at $ 68,
offered per share
during the IPO, slowed
to 25%.

shares of most
Chinese companies fell after
as the “Beige Book” showed serious
problems of the economy. Meanwhile,
90% Alibaba sales are
namely China.

I recall the first
business day after the IPO
action “Chinese miracle” added
as much as 38%, placing the next record.
Alibaba has become one of
the most valuable companies in the US
exchanges. Timoti Griski, Director
Investment in the company Solaris
Asset Management, said by telephone: “Heath
on the stock exchange is now serving companies,
services. And it was at this point
timed Alibaba «performance»,
which, as you might expect,
It turned Incredible! “.

Last week
Alibaba earned $ 21.8
billion – and broke the record for the IPO,
established at the time by another
Chinese debutant – Agricultural
Bank Of China Ltd for 22.1 billion (2010).

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