Stock Europe again went into negative

Stock Europe again went into the negative

stock markets entered the longest
YTD period of continuous
reduction of quotations. Session on Tuesday
is the sixth in a row, ending in
red zone. The main reason for distrust
Investors – Greece. yesterday international
creditors received another offer
from Athens, which does not correspond to their
requirements. I reflected on the mood
European investors and the negative
macroeconomic data from China.

Stoxx Europe 600 yesterday
lost 0.39%. FTSE 100 eased
0.53%; CAC 40 decreased by
0.15%; DAX down 0.58%.

As for individual stocks, then 2.7%
Deutsche Securities lowered quotes
Telecom. Deutsche Bank goes through
investigation of clients’ operations. In his
offices are searched, so
capitalization of the largest German
creditor yesterday decreased by 2.5%.

HSBC Holdings yesterday
He became a major newsmaker credit
sector: he announced the reconstruction,
plans to cut costs and staff.
The logical consequence of minus 1% of the market

sector also dipped. Societe Generale reduced
evaluation of securities and Anglo American Plc
Rio Tinro c “buy” to
“Keep”. The result – the loss of capitalization
2% and 1.3% respectively.

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BetterMA – simple indicator showing the moving average.

Unlike conventional MA, BetterMA paints the line in three colors:

  • green – if the MA is growing,
  • Red – if the MA is reduced,
  • yellow – the transitions from growth to decrease and vice versa.


  • PeriodMA – period moving average;
  • Price – the price at which to build moving (opening, closing, typical, etc.)
  • MethodMA – type of moving average (simple, exponential, etc.)
  • Shift – offset.


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IMF suddenly broke off negotiations with Greece

IMF suddenly broke off negotiations with Greece on Thursday night

evening of the International Monetary Fund
suddenly withdrew their representatives
from Brussels, where once held
rescue program round of talks
Greece from bankruptcy and a Classified
defaulting on its debts.

IMF explained this step by the fact that the negotiations,
in fact, stuck in place, and differences
the parties are too big, and these
differences relate to minor,
and the basic provisions of the transaction. Press Secretary
IMF, Gerri Rays, said that until
agreement, the parties are too far away. Now the IMF is waiting for steps forward on Greece.

growing: last night the president
EU Donald Tusk in the strongest possible terms
He commented that “the time for games is over.”

source WSJ
field say that it is quite possible,
meeting in Brussels was the last
attempt to make a deal possible.

June ends Assistance Program
Greece, and at the same time the country should be
to pay EUR 1.6 billion to the IMF. analysts
and political circles believe that Athens
I can not find the money, if not
get help from the new “trio”
(European Commission, ECB, IMF). June 18, a regular meeting of eurozone finance ministers, and many market experts expect that on it will decide the fate of Greece.

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All will remember that in a closet Pope Carlo for the painted hearth
turned out to be a magic door through which Pinocchio with your friends entered into the world,
filled with new, hitherto unknown possibilities.

If we talk about the platform MT4 and MT5 opportunities that these “doors” there
whole series, just look at the tabs at the bottom of the terminal. One of them
It called “Market“, which fully reflects its purpose, because it leads
it is a shopping center on the “shelves” where you can find hundreds of products, very
useful for those who call themselves traders.

To be more precise, it is now in the internet-shop located on the portal, you can buy more than 5000 products, including more than 700
indicators, more than 400 robots advisers, scripts, etc. program, as well as
dozens of specialized financial books and magazines.

MetaTrader Market officially opened in early 2012, and by
middle of last year there were sold 6300 “goods” worth more than
half a million dollars. The number of sellers offering their products,
close to a thousand, and the number of customers has far exceeded 25,000
human. In my opinion, these are impressive figures clearly indicate that
that in this hypermarket sell really useful and necessary things traders.

Frankly, I’m not a big fan of paying for any money, and because
I prefer to download all sorts of different advisors on the Internet for free. But with
on the other hand, no – stress, no! – Free of advisers not
bring me a penny of profit. Moreover, draining a couple of deposits, I realized,
that experiments on their own time to finish the purse, and therefore decided
make an excursion to the “Market” by MetaQuotes.

What I liked?

1. The fact that it is easy to sort the products by category. For example, “MT4 –
advisers – popular, new, free, paid “(note, free too
there is!). Passing through this filter chain, you quickly find what you

2. The fact that for each product there is a lot of information, not only
“Model” fragments Steytment and copyright description, but also the full data
online monitoring and comments of those traders who have already purchased or
just tested this EA or indicator. And this information is much
more objective than advertising texts praise the product seller.

3. The fact that before (as himself rhyme), buying or adviser
light, they can be totally free to test. And here there are still
two digits, which also allow the quality of the product, – a
data about how much has been downloaded demos and how much has been made real
shopping (activations). If, for example, has been downloaded demos in 1000, after which
1000 was the real shopping, this suggests that the quality and price
commodity traders granted the requests by 100%. If the purchases turned out 0, then,
certainly purchase this EA or indicator is not necessary.

4. As already mentioned, I stingy (or greedy?) And do not throw
money. For this reason, “Market” was attractive to me by the fact
that the products can be offered there not to acquire, and … to rent – on
month, six months, a year. Rented – experienced – like it – buy it. Did not like
– forgotten, no great loss!

5. And one small but very pleasant detail – an opportunity
dispel myths. Among the traders there is a legend that if you buy Advisor
value of 10, 20 or 30 thousand dollars, it is bound to be the
magically “Grail”, which will bring you to many millions. And here it is appropriate
remember all the same Pinocchio, who at some point in their wooden
Life was on the Field of Miracles in Land of Fools. Here’s to us did not happen
like, “Market” offers us to satisfy their curiosity and free
test counselors worth tens of thousands of dollars. I’m not going to them
nor blame nor praise. Just test and decide if they are worth the money,
that they ask for.

And finally, let me pour into the barrel of honey a couple of spoons of tar (as well as the
without them!).

Spoon №1: the average purchase price in the “Market” is about 85
North American dollars. This, of course, not a hundred, and even more so, not thousands,
but also money. So, before you make a purchase, we strongly advise
take advantage of all the opportunities that offers “Market” to their
buyers to assess the quality of the goods.

And spoon №2: how to say the creators of the service, a key concept in the “Market”
Activation is. That is, buying a product, you do not buy the product (another
so imagine the rhyme), and (quote): “acquired the right to use it
unlimited number of times, but on a limited number of computers. one
Activation means that you can use the product on the same computer without
any restrictions. On another computer, you will not be able to download a copy of this
product, and if you manually transfer the file to another machine, it also will not open. “

Well, what can I say? I think that those who are familiar with the term “copier”
can only grin mischievously. Especially because these “copiers” can
no problem to buy in the same “market“.

Believe me, I have nowhere call. I’m just trying to
weigh all the “pros” and “cons” in terms of stingy trader. Because the truth is,
as usual, lies somewhere in the middle, and finding it, we will surely be able to save
(And maybe even make) a lot of money.

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The most effective adviser – not one whose graph shows the best results, and one that has a compliance test results and the actual results and always puts the foot. And most importantly, that the profit always won in the fight against loss!

How often did you see that the graphics testing consistent with the actual work? Many will answer – never!

The big problem is that those test graphics that you see often does not correspond to the actual state of affairs. Charts that are listed here, as close as possible to this state of affairs.

Description Expert settings

  • OnWithdraw – allows for testing virtual shooting means when the earnings of 100%, is used for a long historical testing in order to maximize the linearity of the results.
  • MousAll – this option
    when tested in Custom mode, it indicates how many months going optimization.
  • SplitterData – this option
    when tested in Custom mode,
    how to force the work interruption,
    to find a more stable entry point.
  • SplitterMousDay
    – this option is used
    when tested in Custom mode,
    what day of the month takes place a forced interruption of work, is used to find a more stable entry point.
  • trades_min – this option is used
    when tested in the mode Custom
    for a minimum of filter transactions.
  • ElementerOpt
    – this option is used
    when tested in Custom mode,
    easy mode
  • LotRounding – this option is used
    to specify the number of digits to round lots.
  • AccountBalanceForRisk – this option is used
    To be able to specify psevdobalans, from which the calculation of the lot; if the parameter is zero, the real balance is used.
  • Risk – This parameter is used
    To be able to specify the rule for determining the lot depending on
    deposit. This avoids fitting on a long history. Do not use the parameter
    the risk of deposit or funds – is a great way to display beautiful graphics. Any expert in which
    there is no risk, and there is an entrance to the market a fixed lot – 100% fit. This is justified by the expert
    the use of a risk of deposit and not from the media.
  • PeriodWork – basic time period in which the expert works.
  • PeriodMini – a period from which repelled an expert in the analysis of the position for its correction.
  • PeriodMakro – the period for which it is determined the main trend.
  • SelfStopOn – allows to install the actual stop for the position or installs a virtual stop.
  • CriticalDrawdown – indicates the critical drawdown, after which you need to be closed in the red, or stop or a virtual stop.
  • OnSymbol – work permits or forbids.
  • SymbolWork – if disabled, the expert will modify the existing position, and the new will not open.
  • WorkLong – are allowed to work on the BUY.
  • WorkShort – are allowed to work on SELL.
  • LimitSeria – limitation of the total number of positions, if 0 – then is not limited.
  • LimitSeriaB – limiting the total number of positions in the
    BUY, if 0 – then is not limited.
  • LimitSeriaS – limiting the total number of positions on the SELL, if 0 – then is not limited.
  • StepDog – forced at least dogonku.
  • LevelTP – level take profit (can operate with a level of 10-15, and it is possible with large levels 10 – 100, depending on the purpose).
  • LevelCorridor – channel level.
  • LengthMini – small period moving average, used to dogonku.
  • MethodMini – the method of moving average, used to dogonku.
  • AppliedPriceMini – apply to the price.
  • LengthMakro
    – a period of great MA, is used to dogonku.
  • MethodMakro – the method of moving average, used to dogonku.
  • AppliedPriceMakro – apply to the price.


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PipTick Heiken Ashi MT5

PipTick Heiken Ashi MT5

PipTick Heiken Ashi – this is our version of the indicator Heiken Ashi. Unlike competing products, this indicator offers ample opportunities for the calculation of candles Heiken Ashi. It can be displayed in a classical form, or smoothed.

This indicator calculates the Heiken Ashi to the moving average in four ways:

  • SMA – Simple Moving Average
  • SMMA – smoothed moving average
  • EMA – Exponential Moving Average
  • LWMA – linearly-weighted moving average

Main characteristics

  • The indicator shows the Heiken Ashi classic or smoothed form.
  • A great tool for easy trend assessment
  • It works on all timeframes (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN)
  • The indicator is not redrawn
  • Ready for testing
  • Adjustable parameters (color, period MA …)
  • Very fast calculation
  • Designed for MT4 and MT5

Input parameters

  • Indicator_Mode – Choosing a classic version or the smoothed indicator
  • MA1_Method – The moving average method for the calculation of Heiken Ashi: SMA, SMMA, LWMA and EMA
  • MA2_Method – The moving average method to calculate smoothing: SMA, SMMA, LWMA and EMA
  • MA1_Period – Period moving average to calculate the Heiken Ashi
  • MA2_Period – Period moving average to calculate smoothing
  • Color_Up_Bar – Color bars Heiken Ashi up
  • Color_Down_Bar – Color bars Heiken Ashi down

output parameters

  • PipTick HA Low / High – Showing values Low for up bar and values High for bar down
  • PipTick HA High / Low – Showing values High for up bar and values Low for bar down
  • PipTick HA Open – Showing values Open bars Heiken Ashi
  • PipTick HA Close – Showing values Close bars Heiken Ashi
  • PipTick HA Direction – Bar type Display Heiken Ashi number 0 bar up means, 1 is a bar down

For more information, visit PipTick Heiken Ashi.

PipTick Heiken Ashi MT5


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Gendhis EURUSD

Gendhis EURUSD

Scalper Gendhis EURUSD – is a fully automatic expert who monitors the speed of price movements and uses a filter on Bollinger Bands. Advisor sets the pending orders to the upper or lower Bollinger and waits for the breakdown of these levels.

This EA is only for pairs EURUSD.


Not all brokers are suitable for use by the advisor. Broker is needed with a low spread, low brake level and the time of execution of orders less than 100 milliseconds.

  1. Broker with a 5-digit quotes.
  2. It is recommended to choose the ECN-broker with low spreads and fast execution.
  3. The minimum leverage of 1: 300.


  • Fixed Lots: Used only when UseMM (money management) = false.
  • Money Management: Set to True to use the automatic lot size.
  • Risk percentage: Risk as a percentage of the balance, 10.0 – 10% percent of the balance.
  • Max Spread: The maximum spread, in which the adviser is allowed to trade (in pips)
  • Stop Loss: Stop Loss in pips as large as possible.
  • Start Trailing: The distance from the opening price of the order before the trailing (in pips).
  • Step Trailing: The distance from the current price for the trailing (in pips)
  • Start Hour: The hour of the opening of orders
  • Stop Hour: Hour of end opening orders

Gendhis EURUSD

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