Asia today rose on reports of Japan’s GDP but

Asia today rose on reports of Japan’s GDP, but there are strong losses

On Wednesday morning, the closure
the main shopping areas
Asia-Pacific region
We observed the growth of stock indices.
Rates are rising due to the good
mood that created yesterday
European rally and positive data
of Japan’s GDP. This writes
today the publication Financial Times.

While the market is waiting for new
signals about dates Federal Reserve raising interest rates
(Which may occur after the publication
protocol the April meeting of the FOMC),
Asian markets generally exhibit
friendly growth. Composite stock
Asia-Pacific region MSCI Asia Pacific Index has grown today
0.2% – to the level of 153.41. Japan’s Nikkei 225 rose
to the closing of trading on 0,85%, Chinese
Shanghai Composite – 0.70%, South Korea’s Kospi –
0.88%. But at this time the Australian
S P / ASX 200 falls to 0.09% and Hong Kong
Hang Seng – 0.68%.

Japanese economy
I quarter increased by 2.4% in annual
terms, although the average The experts
Wall Street Journal predicted growth of only

Yesterday, the yen lost in
cost and rose against this background
Japanese exporters – Panasonic Corp.
rose by 1,8%, Konica Minolta Inc. – at 1,6%, Trend
Micro Inc. – by 2.8%. But at the same time fall
stock quotes, video game producers
– Sony Corp. It lost 0.6% and the Nintendo – 1,6%.

The biggest drop
showed Chinese manufacturer
Solar Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd.,
which before this year showed
probably the best growth in the Hong Kong
stock market. Shares of the company collapsed
by 47% on Wednesday, reducing capitalization
the company’s $ 18.6 billion. According to
MarketWatch The, the reasons for the fall are not yet clear, but
it is known that yesterday also fell sharply
shares of other Chinese companies from the
same sector – Yingli Green Energy, they fell
just 37% in trading in New York.

Market price
auto components manufacturer Takata
Corp. It fell by 11.3% after the news about
that the number of recalled vehicles because of
defect in airbags Takata

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Wise Men Indicator demo

Wise Men Indicator demo

Indicator displays the graph signals according Bill Williams strategy.

The demo version of the indicator has the same features as the paid, except that it can only work on a demo account.

  1. Signal “Origin sage” is formed when there is a reversal bar angulation. The bullish reversal bar – which has a lower low and the closing price of the top half. Bearish reversal bar – higher high and the closing price at the bottom half. Angulation formed when all three lines Alligator intertwined, but the price is substantially gone up (or down). Deystvitelnіy reversal bar indicator corresponds indications AO (Awesome Oscillator).
  2. Signal “second sage” – shows where you need to increase the position if the graph continues the momentum in our chosen direction.
  3. Signal “blue light special” – shows an entry point into the market at a better price than at the moment of signal.
  4. Signal “A third sage” – is the third entry point into the market according to the Bill Williams strategy. When the price moves in the direction of the trend fractal breakthrough is an important signal. Formed and implemented only after the first two “wise men”.
  5. Signal “Fractal breakthrough” – a fractal signal, which is formed outside the Alligator’s mouth. Perhaps the first signal to enter the market.
  6. Indicator displays on the graph line angulation (if any) when a reversal bar that allows you to visually determine the degree of divergence of prices and the Alligator lines.

Filtering topping bars on fractals allows you to find a neat entry point. the corresponding switch is provided in the settings.


  • The number “1” in a circle of green – a bullish reversal bar (in red circle – a bearish reversal bar);
  • The number “2” in a circle of green – signal “Second sage” to buy (in red circle – a signal to sell);
  • Square green – signal “blue light special” to buy (red – for sale);
  • The number “3” in a circle of green – signal “third wise man” to buy (also signal “Fractal breakthrough”) (in red circle – a sell signal).

Wise Men Indicator demo

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Madrogolden filter

Madrogolden filter

The indicator is a trading filter based on the standard RSI indicator, DeMarker, Momentum, MACD, Force Index and Moving Averages. Open position with the appearance of two or more signals of the same color (blue – buy, red – for sale). When the opposite signal to refrain from trading.

At the bottom of the indicator is a pulse signal. Krsany color indicates downward momentum, blue – up pulse. pulse signals emanate from a standard indicator Momentum, which is in the terminal Metatrader 5. The pulses have up values ​​above 100. Values ​​below 100 indicate impulse down.

Going up, we can see the trend signal emanating from the Force Index and Demarker indicators. The red color indicates a downtrend, blue – upward trend. About uptrend Force Index talk value greater than 0 and values ​​above 0.5 Demarker. Signal a downtrend appears when values ​​Demarker recess 0.5 and Force Index is below 0.

Following are indicators of crossing signals. These signals may be used as confirmation of the trend signal. Indicators reflecting these signals: Relative Strength Index, Moving Average Convergence Divergence and the Average Directional Movement Index. Alarms are triggered as follows:

  • intersection upwards – above 50 at RSI MACD is above the previous value and MACD ADX + Di > -di.
  • intersection downwards – at RSI below 50 MACD is below the previous value and MACD ADX + Di <-di.

And the last arrows are based on the Moving Average indicator. These arrows show the direction of the intersection of two moving averages.

An indicator:

  • macdfast = Corresponds to the fast EMA MACD indicator.
  • macdslow = Corresponds to the slow EMA MACD indicator.
  • macdsignal = Signal value for the SMA MACD indicator.
  • rsi = Value calculation Relative Strength Index.
  • momentum = Momentum calculation period for the indicator.
  • demarker = Demarker calculation period for the indicator.
  • adx = Adx calculation period for the indicator.
  • forceindex = Calculation period for the indicator Force Index.

Madrogolden filter

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Experiment 1 1000 or Can turn $ 10 into $ 10 000

Experiment 1: 1000 or Can turn $ 10 into $ 10 000 ???

Hello everyone who has looked at my blog !! Let’s get acquainted! My name is Andrey. I have 4 years in trading, there is a good opyt and practical and theoretical. Mastered a lot of information, a lot of things tested, tested, Squeezer, painted, etc .. I work not only on Forex, but also on the MOEX (Moscow Exchange). At present I am engaged in investing and trading professionally, though not so long ago I had another occupation, another job, another sector of the economy, and possibly even other thoughts on this subject. But everything flows, everything changes …

I decided to start this blog simply because I want to share the information with someone else who is in the subject line. And if specifically, I decided to do a project in which I will try to turn on a live account of $ 10. In any whatsoever substantial money using the tools offered by contemporary reality. I plan to publish a newsletter once a week, though, if there is interesting information along the way, then of course more often.

So what we have today. Today I have the account of $ 20 already, because My project began in March. It started of course with a cent account, where my $ 10 dollars in 1000 seemed to me :))))) And then slowly grew by about pace: + 7% in March, 19.2% in April and + 35% in May + a little in June. And here we have 20 bucks.

Because the growth rate is not interested in taking into account the amount that I have, I have now transferred the money to the standard account in dollars. And that could somehow trade my shoulder = 1: 1000. My risk in this kind of work is obvious and is extremely high, because 20-dollars only enough for 6 – 10 transactions ((But the possible profit potential is higher of course see what happens.!

In the near future, I plan to connect the monitoring of on-line, in the signals, etc .. It will be clearer.

Good luck to all !!!

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On Wednesday US stock markets showed increase

On Wednesday, the US stock markets showed an increase, while the Nasdaq rose to a new high

yesterday American
stock markets closed in positive territory after
a sharp decline on Tuesday, as
reports Bloomberg. So, by the end of
trading the index Dow Jones Industrial Average rose
0.67% – to the level of 18162,99, Standard Poor’s 500
grew by 0.92% – to the level of 2123.48, but the index
Nasdaq Composite rose by 1.47% – to the level of 5106.59.
The index showed new highs at the end of
trades and all thanks to the growth of Apple shares
(1.87%) and the Microsoft (2.19%).

On Wednesday, the value of shares
Broadcom Corp. rose by 22%, when the
News of the impending purchase of the manufacturer
Semiconductor company Avago Technologies
Ltd. Shares of Intel Corp. increased by 1,83%, Nvidia Corp. and
Micron Technology Inc. – more than 2.9%. The leaders
growth were noted as Visa (+ 1,39%)
and Goldman Sachs (+ 1,3%).

Growth stocks maintained appeared optimistic
talks about market participants
Greece with its creditors. I said yesterday,
that Athens begin to develop the project
agreements with creditors. Looks like,
the government agreed to make
changes in the pension system and
has come up with a long-term solution to the problem
Greek debt.

"main picture
market – jump up on news
Greece, – says Managing Director
Robert W. Baird Co. Maykl Antonelli. – At the
time traders focused on two
factors – the development of the situation in Greece
and actions of the Federal Reserve".

Yesterday also rose
shares of Bank of America Corp., Citigroup and JPMorgan – more
than 1%.

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Stochastic 3TF VI Martingale

Stochastic 3TF VI Martingale

Expert Stochastic 3TF VI Martingale a series of “multiple timeframe trading system with increased volume position.” Here is a brief description. A more detailed description of the test results and their analysis in the form of an article can be read on my blog TRADING WAY.

In this version, the expert added to the possibility of the protective level Stop Loss in bezubytka zone. It is also possible to include a function of controlling the volume of positions such as the Martingale, where in the case of a losing trade should be opened with the volume of unprofitable transactions multiplied by the specified parameters in the external factor.

The expert can be used in semi-automatic trading. The position can be opened manually, and to provide expert support positions. Since trade Martingale method can be dangerous, the position can be closed manually when the current income over past losses.

It uses one standard indicator Stochastic. Signals for open positions are made on formed bars of these three parameters in expert timeframes. modification level Trailing Stop is produced by the maximum / minimum current timeframe. As a rule, this is the minimum time frame specified in the parameters.

List of expert settings:

  • Magic Number – the magic number (ID expert transactions).
  • Deviation – slippage in points.
  • Timeframe 1 – the first timeframe.
  • K% Period – period of the curve K% Stochastic indicator for the first timeframe. If you specify zero, the indicator with this timeframe will not be considered.
  • D% Period – period of the curve D% Stochastic indicator for the first timeframe.
  • Slowing – smoothing period Stochastic indicator for the first timeframe.
  • Timeframe 2 – second timeframe.
  • K% Period – period of the curve K% Stochastic indicator for second timeframe. If you specify zero, the indicator with this timeframe will not be considered.
  • D% Period – period of the curve D% Stochastic indicator for second timeframe.
  • Slowing – smoothing period Stochastic indicator for second timeframe.
  • Timeframe 3 – third timeframe.
  • K% Period – period of the curve K% Stochastic indicator for third timeframe. If you specify zero, the indicator with this timeframe will not be considered.
  • D% Period – period of the curve D% Stochastic indicator for third timeframe.
  • Slowing – smoothing period Stochastic indicator for third timeframe.
  • Take Profit – the level of profit-taking, which is calculated in points from the opening price of the position. At zero Take Profit installed will not.
  • Stop Loss – protection level, which is calculated in points from the opening price of the position. At zero Stop Loss installed will not.
  • Trailing Stop – a step in the points for the modification of the protective layer toward profit. The level is calculated from the highs (High) bars for Sell positions and lows from (Low) bars for Buy positions. At zero modification of the protective layer is performed.
  • Reverse – in this parameter, you can specify whether to use the position reverse, if there is a signal in the opposite direction. The value true indicates that the revolution position will be at the opposite signal.
  • Break Even Stop Loss – distance, in points, which must pass the price to install Stop Loss to breakeven. A value of zero disables this feature.
  • Break Even Offset – distance, in points, on which will be installed Stop Loss bezubytka in the region with respect to the current price position.
  • Lot – position volume (lot).
  • Martingale Coefficient – with a losing position will be opened next multiplying by this factor. If the value is less than or equal to 1, the volume equal to the specified positions in the parameter Lot.
  • Volume Increase – the amount, which will increase the volume of the position if the condition is true. If you set a value of zero, the volume capacity will not be made.
  • Volume Increase Step – distance in points which must pass the price on the price of the last transaction of the current position to the condition of the increase in volume was the true position.
  • Initial Deposit – This parameter is used to define which
    the value of the deposit size to include dynamic analysis of the lot to open
    position. Thus, the volume of open positions will be proportional
    The deposit amount, which allows the expert to increase faster
    profit. A zero value in this parameter disables the dynamic calculation
  • Maximum Lot Size – here you need to specify
    the maximum amount for the open positions. Perhaps, after reaching
    it is advisable to deposit a certain quantity proportional to stop
    calculation of the lot. Some traders use such tactics to
    aggressive acceleration of the deposit, starting with a small amount, then to
    move into a more conservative mode, not increasing risks for the growth of


to open a position signal is considered to be true if the following conditions are fulfilled:

For positions BUY:

  • In all of these time frames in expert parameter curve K% Stochastic indicator above the curve D%.
  • In an open position in the expert starts work unit capacity volume position. The increase in volume is carried out only if the price moves in a profitable way and reaches a level that is calculated for BUY positions as: last price plus the specified number of points in the parameter Volume Increase Step. Formed the closing price bar must be higher than the calculated level.

For the position SELL:

  • In all of these time frames in expert parameter curve K% Stochastic indicator below the curve D%.
  • In an open position in the expert starts work unit capacity volume position. The increase in volume is carried out only if the price moves in a profitable way and reaches a level that is calculated for SELL positions, as the last transaction price minus the specified number of points in the parameter Volume Increase Step. The closing price of the bar should be formed below the calculated level.

Additional parameters and features:

The expert has additional options:

  • On / Off Info Panel – enables / disables the display of the right-hand side of the graph information and trade panel.
  • Setting “On The Fly” – setting ( “on the fly”) enables / disables control parameters online trading panel.

On the different symbols (graphics) can be placed various experts in this series, and they will not interfere with each other.

Here’s one expert testing results Stochastic 3TF VI Martingale. It is possible to use custom criteria to optimize the parameters (Custom Max). The formula I’m not going to disclose.

To get the same result may be on the hourly (H1) timeframe, the symbol EURUSD, the default settings.

Stochastic 3TF VI Martingale

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US indexes rose slightly on Tuesday

US indexes rose slightly on Tuesday

Tuesday basic
Wall Street indices closed in a very
a weak positive territory. Nasdaq reached
another maximum. day trading
calm, trading volume was
below the average. After oil rose
Power Sub S P
500, but a sharp increase limited dollar
large growth due to suppression
Exporting companies.

DJIA added
0.13%; S P 500 rose by 0.06%;
Nasdaq slipped up on

investors yesterday was due to the fact
that there had been no serious
events associated with Greece, and all
eagerly await Thursday. However,
the situation could change at any time
(Do not forget about the verbal
intervention), and thus investors
hurry to radically change the compositions
their portfolios. Greece itself is not
It should be particularly strong influence directly
US stock markets, but by
it depends on the position and movement of the euro

of the best on the results of yesterday’s
day trading companies – AT T Inc,
which increased by 2.5%. Facebook
Inc added 3.7%, reaching
close to its record value
at $ 87.88 per share.

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