Report for Investors

Report for Investors (Report to Investors)

?Hello dear investors, today profit was + 0.43% are open transactions on EURGBP, while in loss

Hello dear investors, today profit was + 0.43% are open transactions on the EURGBP, while in loss

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London after Brexit need to return $ 11 billion

London after Brexit need to return $ 11 billion stored in the EU bank

Earlier media reported that the European Union intends to demand from London to pay € 60 billion as earlier commitments.

?UK will require the EU after the secession of the community to return to her? 9 billion ($ 11 billion), which are stored in the European Investment Bank. About this newspaper The Sunday Times, citing expert-legal opinion, made at the request of the Government before the start of negotiations between London and Brussels on Brexit conditions.

?The document, prepared by a lawyer from the ruling Conservative Party, Martin Howe, notes that “the government not only has no legal obligation to pay anything to Brussels, but the EU should also restore the UK its interest in the capital of the European Investment Bank,” the newspaper notes. According to the calculations of British lawyers, we are talking about? 9? 10 billion.

Earlier media quoted European negotiators reported that the European Union intends to demand from London to pay € 60 billion as earlier commitments, including on pensions of EU officials. Later, the British newspaper reported that British Prime Minister Tereza Mey is not going to pay for the multi-billion dollar “bill Brexit».

Formal negotiations between London and Brussels should start after the British Parliament will Mei respective powers

According to the latest British media, the launch of the bill Brexit procedure has a good chance of approval by both houses of parliament on Monday.

Thus, the very next day, March 14, the Prime Minister during his speech in the House of Commons may announce that it has sent to Brussels, notice of the beginning of the implementation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on European Union, starts the process of two years of negotiations on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU /?

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Eurusd aim bulls became 1 0800

Eur / usd: aim bulls became 1.0800

Eur / usd: aim bulls became 1.0800

End of the week EUR / USD started consolidating near 5-week highs reached earlier today at 1.0774.

The pair rebounded from the level of 1.07 after the euro was supported thanks to hawkish comments from the ECB’s Nowotny, said overnight that the ECB could start folding easing policy in ways other than the Federal Reserve, in particular – may begin to increase interest rates on deposits.

In addition, the euro encouraged by the election results in the Netherlands, where the far-right populists led by Wilders were defeated. This gave investors hope that Le Pen will not be able to go to the authorities. As a result, these trends are somewhat eased concerns about political problems in Europe.

However, the players do not lose caution and observe it on the eve of the G-20 meeting of finance ministers.

Technical levels on EUR / USD

Omkar Godbol, FXStreet analyst, writes: “the psychological level of 1.08 Breakthrough (neckline of an inverted model of the head-and-shoulders) will make the purpose of 1.0829 (the high of February 2) and 1.0873 (maximum of 8 December). The breakdown of support at 1.0762 (session low) would open the way to 1.07 (psychological level) and 1.0645 (50-DMA)

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Germany Schaeuble EU tries to make process Brekzita

Germany, Schaeuble: EU tries to make the process Brekzita as painless as possible for Britain

-This decision was wrong, but we respect his
-EU tries to make the process Brekzita as painless as possible for Britain
-Urge to invest more money in Europe, it would be wrong
-Greece can remain in the euro zone, if it will be competitive

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Usdjpy can not determine direction

Usd / jpy can not determine the direction

Throwing USD / JPY, trampling in 40-45 pips. range, and then passing the red, the green zone, due to the inability of the pair to determine the vector direction.

Currently trades take place on neutral territory, in the area of ​​111.35. Perhaps investors are activated after the release of manufacturing activity in the US data.

Even the dollar, drifting in the flat, could not help the couple recover from the lows. But the optimistic stock markets reflects the recovery of risk appetite and limits the demand for yen. All this causes a pair of consolidation.

Today, the focus of the players will be US reports, as well as performances Fed members: the head of the New York Fed Dudley, Philadelphia Fed Harker and Richmond Fed Lacker

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Unitral Trend and Reversal

Unitral Trend and Reversal

Powerful tools by professionals for professionals

Unitral Trend Indicator & Reversal contains a complex algorithm to display trends and the pivot point at an early stage with high accuracy. Development department Unitral Finance has invested a lot of time to bring this indicator to perfection. Despite the highly complex logic, the results are provided in a simple and understandable way. You do not even need to configure.


  • Clearly and accurately shows the trends and reversals
  • It works on all timeframes and symbols
  • The indicator is able to correct itself
  • Color and size indicator display change setting

Input parameters

  • DISPLAY SETTINGS – display settings
    • Trend (Show / Hide) – show / hide trend
    • Reversal (Show / Hide) – show / hide reversal
    • Calculated Bars (min 500.) * – the number of bars for the calculation

* Minimum value “Calc. Bars” is equal to 500, it is necessary to calculate the representative results. If you select a lower value, the meter automatically uses the value of 500.

Unitral Trend and Reversal

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US index futures are traded in outset before

US index futures are traded in the outset before the report on employment

Futures for US indices do not show uniform dynamics on the eve of the US employment report.
By 13:15 GMT, futures for the Dow fell 0.04%. DJI ended the day at night was down 0.03%.
Futures on the S P 500 rose by 0.03%. Futures on manufacturable Nasdaq 100pribavil 0.04%.
It is expected that a key report on employment in the US will increase the number of new jobs.
Also at 15:30 MSK will be published data on the average hourly wage in the United States.
Fed officials Yellen and Fisher speak today with a speech.
According to the forecast rate of, the probability of a rate hike of 68% in June.
Shares (NYSE: IBM) fell by 2% on the sale of Warren Buffett-thirds of its stake in the company.

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