US index futures are traded in outset before

US index futures are traded in the outset before the report on employment

Futures for US indices do not show uniform dynamics on the eve of the US employment report.
By 13:15 GMT, futures for the Dow fell 0.04%. DJI ended the day at night was down 0.03%.
Futures on the S P 500 rose by 0.03%. Futures on manufacturable Nasdaq 100pribavil 0.04%.
It is expected that a key report on employment in the US will increase the number of new jobs.
Also at 15:30 MSK will be published data on the average hourly wage in the United States.
Fed officials Yellen and Fisher speak today with a speech.
According to the forecast rate of, the probability of a rate hike of 68% in June.
Shares (NYSE: IBM) fell by 2% on the sale of Warren Buffett-thirds of its stake in the company.

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Demand of foreign investors in BFL can support

The demand of foreign investors in the BFL can support the ruble in the long term – CBR

The demand of foreign investors in the federal loan bonds (OFZ) is stable in the long term could support the ruble, according to the quarterly information and analytical materials Bank of Russia “Financial Review: The conditions for monetary policy.”

The regulator notes that the demand caused by the persistence of high interest rates and sagging ruble exchange rate volatility.

Indicator carry-to-risk on the currency pair dollar-ruble (the ratio of the difference of internal and external to the volatility of rates) is currently one of the best among all developing countries. In addition, the increased buying OFZ bonds by foreign investors largely explained as increased global demand for risky assets, “- the document says the Central Bank.

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Oil prices are at previous level

Oil prices are at the previous level

oil prices stabilized on Wednesday as investors awaited news from Vienna, where OPEC and other exporting countries members discussed the likelihood of extending the raw material production rate in the first quarter of next year.

Crude oil brand Brent LCOc1 rose 10 cents a barrel to $ 54.25. US crude CLc1 was flat at $ 51.47.

Both brands sroy oil gained more than 10% of the May lows, which reached less than $ 50 per barrel, up by consensus that the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and other producers will maintain strict limits on oil production in an effort to stop global overproduction.

OPEC has promised to cut supply by 1.8 million barrels per day until June of this year, and is expected to decide on Thursday to extend the reduction to nine months.

"It may be three, six or nine months"- quoted by the Iranian news agency the words spoken by Iranian Oil Minister, Bijan Zanganeh

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VEB will sign 10 agreements with innovative companies

VEB will sign 10 agreements with innovative companies to finance projects

Vnesheconombank plans to sign at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum more than 10 agreements with innovative companies to finance their projects, including a project to create a flying motorcycle, he said in an interview with Tass Bank Sergey Gorkov.

“We are signing here in the forum for more than ten agreements with innovative companies to develop new innovative projects”, – he said bitterly. According to him, it is a project to build a flying motorcycle, development of free Wi-Fi networks in public places and small satellites.

As reported recently, Sergey Gorkov, a lecture to students of Kazan (Volga) Federal University, VEB plans to present at SPIEF, which will be held June 1-3, a flying motorcycle design.

According to him, this is a Russian design, in which VEB has invested, and it is a completely new and promising form of transport: it is not a drone, a device that is capable of carrying a person, while 20 km at a speed of 80 km / h.

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By leaps and bounds 2 5 euro reached its peak

By leaps and bounds: 2.5, the euro reached its peak | Boris Fedotov

By leaps and bounds: the euro reached its peak in 2.5 years

In contrast to the flagging dollar, the euro continues to grow
and strengthened. Immediately after the summit in Jackson Hole, the euro reached a peak in the
two and a half years against the dollar. Despite the fact that Mario Draghi is not
I made any loud statements about monetary policy
the euro area, he openly said that with the strengthening of the European economy –
it is more than obvious. Although, in principle, it was clear and without it
hints. It is logical that after the central bank EUR Summit strengthened even more. morning
Monday EUR rose to $ 1.1926 to the USD.

Another reason for the stability of the euro currency is
that investors have decided not to take drastic measures to the forthcoming meeting
The ECB announced for September. It is expected that at the congress of “Super Mario”
can make important statements about the future of the euro area monetary policy.
For example, about possible plans to start buying assets folding.

In addition, it is only natural that investors
now much more concerned with the next event in the United States and its impact on
economy – namely Harvey hurricane that broke the oil system
Gulf of Mexico and further brought down the dollar.

Like it or not, one thing is clear – the euro will be saved
stability, at least in the short term. Today it is one of
the most obvious trends in the currency market.

Learn how you can earn on the growth of the euro by clicking on the link:

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EDIT head of VTB 24 was not included in updated

EDIT: The head of VTB 24 was not included in the updated composition of VTB Management Board members

The Supervisory Board of VTB Bank elected a new member of the Board of the credit institution. It does not included the head of VTB 24 Mikhail Zadornov VTB and member of the board and the Holding Company “VTB Capital” Victoria Vanurina, reported today in the press service of VTB.

In total 14 people were elected to the board. The new face of the board was Anatoliy Pechatnikov. He became a member of the Board as Deputy President – Chairman of the Board of VTB Bank.

The press service of the credit organization clarified that the printers will oversee the retail business of VTB Group.

In addition, the bank stressed that the board can not be considered completely formed in connection with the upcoming addition of VTB 24 to VTB.

Mikhail Zadornov became a member of VTB Management Board at the end of December last year. As head Zadornov, VTB24 has held since mid-2005.

Victoria Vanurina became a member of VTB Bank Management Board in 2011. Vanurina previously served as senior vice president of VTB Bank. VTB Group is working since 2008 and is engaged in the development of the investment business.

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Friday US stock futures are falling European

Friday: US stock futures are falling, European indexes have grown, and Asian behaved differently

On Friday, June 27, US stock futures
show a slight decrease during
opening, as is expected to publish
data on consumer sentiment
in the country. Before the opening of the futures trading
The Dow 30 suggests reducing the
0.10%, futures on S P 500
“Sags” in the 0.14% and futures
Nasdaq 100 signals
0.10% drop.

share market is expected to increase
activity securities Dupont Fabros
Technology (after the announcement of Pioneer
that the decrease in the level of sales
seeds modified maize will
a reduction in operating profit
the second quarter). Also projected
that “stir up” the stock Manitowoc
(On the background information about the
that the shares of Relational Investors LLC,
premarket added
directly 12.22%). After the resounding debut
market on Thursday premarket
notes the rise of stock GoPro
(3.13%). Concerning
income, rose by 2.91% shares of Nike
(In the message of light
huge sales of clothing and footwear).

Europe’s day was uneventful,
against the background of short stature: DJ
Euro Stoxx 50 added 0,19%, CAC
40 grew by 0,26%, DAX
“Ate” 0.2% and FTSE
– only 0.15%.

He showed mixed
traffic: Hong Kong’s Hang
Seng added 0.1%, and Japanese
Nikkei 225 collapsed

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