Fed plays in soap bubbles

Fed plays in the soap bubbles

Yesterday’s speech of US Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen, as well as a press conference the president of the ECB, did not bring any surprises. Yellen said that while the American regulator, there are other possibilities for maneuver, the need to raise rates available. The Central Bank decides to create a stable financial system that will be able to adjust the “bubble” in the market. The possibility of artificially pierce the bubbles raising rates needle in this case it is better not to use.

way, monetary policy within
US remains the same: the price of the shares and
bonds remain at the same level,
and if investors want to inflate
“Bubbles” and then – let them inflate
their health until they burst themselves.
Yellen said that the main purpose of the Fed
now – to support the labor market and
Inflation in the pre-planned
level. Of course, there are problems:
increasing risks in the financial system
– the main ones. However, to minimize the
These risks should be other measures, not
touching monetary policy.

Fed raising rates decided
strengthen bank regulation. rather
all, it will negatively affect their
profit. In this case, Yellen said that
strengthening the stability of the financial
system due to the growth of unemployment and
lower inflation (as it happened
be at higher rates) – unambiguously
is not an option that would be today

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FTSE leave Sberbank and VTB in their indexes

FTSE leave Sberbank and VTB in their indexes

British index
FTSE provider decided to leave
Sberbank and VTB in their indexes,
the company said.

FTSE previously stated
the possibility of excluding from the index
shares of the two banks due to sanctions
the European Union.

provider viewed
two options: remove paper
VTB and Sberbank of index calculation
after the new share issue
or not to increase the weight of these banks
indexes after the new issue, after
to begin consultations with the Investor
about sanctions duration.

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Wall Street is awake session was positive

Wall Street is awake: the session was positive

session in the US as several previous ones,
We ended on a positive notes. On Wednesday
All investors’ attention was focused
on the publication of “minutes” of the Fed meeting.
Everyone expected rise or not rise
interest rate. after quite
unambiguous rhetoric participants
the meeting was clear: all prone to
early tightening of monetary
politicians. In early trading this led
a decrease in the indices, but in the evening
environment (as Moscow time – to
they played early Thursday morning) is
negative movement.

from the statistics
Yesterday was published back speaker
oil reserves for the week they fell
to 4.474 million barrels after rising 1,401
million barrels last week.

«Blue chips» DJIA on
Following the session stronger at 0.3355%. Grown and S P
500 (0.25%), but the high-tech
Nasdaq lost

Futures on crude oil Light
rose 1.7% (up to 96.07
dollars per barrel). December futures
gold decreased by 0.1% (to 1 295.2 dollar
per troy ounce).

individual stocks, it may be noted
quotations ritylerov Lowe’s rise
and Target
(Respectively 1.6% and
1.8%). In the black and Home Depot after
his triumphant quarterly
report (+ 2.3%).

Never mind
affairs at Microsoft
(-0.8%) and McDonalds

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Euro what are you doing Again you fall

Euro, what are you doing? Again you fall?

And again, the euro fell to
nine-month low on Wednesday after
a sharp decline in output data
Industrial orders in Germany.

According to Reuters,
investors do not want
to take the risk, prompting fears
on the crisis in Ukraine, but because
universally support the dollar and pressured
the euro.

Wednesday also accelerated
decline of the euro, when it became known that
the number of industrial orders in Germany
in June fell the most since September,
2011 due to the geopolitical crisis.
Now, these risks do companies
more cautious when entering into

After the release of statistics
the euro fell to $ 1.3349, the lowest value
November. Now he is trading at
$ 1.3364.

As a result, reduce
Dollar updated 11-month high to
a basket of currencies. The dollar index rose
already before 81.65, higher than the maximum value
since September last year.

"We went back to
Medium-term trend of increasing
dollar", – the analyst said Jesper
Bargmann from Nordea Bank. For some
, the euro is likely to be even
decline against the dollar due to the difference in
forecasts for monetary policy
in the US and the euro zone, as the expert said.

The dollar is stable today
the yen is at about 102.58.
Euro as the yen fell to 0.15% – to

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Russian indices added around 1 5 percent on improvement

Russian indices added around 1.5 percent on the improvement of the external background and technical factors

MOSCOW, August 11. / ITAR-TASS /. Russian stock indexes on Monday coming up on the improvement of the external background and technical factors. MICEX / MICEX index / in the first half of trading on the Moscow stock exchange rising by 1.48 percent and amounted to 1368.2 points, while the RTS index increased by 1.84 percent to 1192.18 points / as of 13:40 MSK / previously rising above 1200 points. Both indicators have reduced morning gains.

Mood early in the day supported the improvement of the external background, the lack of news on new sanctions and technical factors. The decision to leave the MSCI indices in their shares of Sberbank and VTB is also a favorable effect on the largest representatives of the banking industry. Analysts do not rule out the continuation of growth of the Russian market in the week, but pay attention to the need to keep track of important technical levels and geopolitics – these factors can change the mood for the worse.

Director of Analytical Department IG "Nord Capital" Vladimir Rozhankovsky says that if on Monday, Friday’s positive sentiment will find its continuation, it is likely to see a good rebound both on Russian stock indices and on the ruble, which he sees as the main investideyu in the coming days. "In fairness it must be admitted that the Russian economy is now really looks weak and structurally unbalanced, despite the relatively high energy prices. Therefore, we emphasize that the expected rebound could be purely technical nature"- warns an expert.

"The MICEX index after the dynamic rebound late last week in the coming days will try again to gain a foothold in the range of 1360-1400 points. However, the main determinant remains volatile geopolitical situation assessment by investors, so that the dimensions of the index movement is not expected"- analyst BFA Bank.

Specialist in Criminal Assets Management Department "Veles Management" Yuri Timoshenko pointed out that if the indices foothold in the conquered territories of this morning, the upward correction has a chance to last for 2-3 weeks, and targets for the rebound indices RTS and MICEX will perform the levels of 1270 and 1420 points respectively.

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A detailed look at current Asia

A detailed look at the current Asia

Shares of Asian companies
rose after the US
data on consumer confidence and
industrial orders have strengthened
optimism about the largest economy
world. Metyu Shervud, head
Sydney Investment and Analysis
Agency Perpetual Ltd., said
in an e-mail: “The American
economy strengthens and progresses.
The Fed continues to support monetary
policy. ” According to Sherwood, interest
US rate regulator
will continue to remain at record low
level for at least
two years.

MSCI index added 0.3%
currently traded within 1% of
six-year high.

KOSPI added
0,3%, TOPIX grew by 0.1%. Hang
Seng firmed 0.1% and Shangai
Composite virtually unchanged.

on S P 500 today is not
change, remaining very high.

As for individual companies, Boral
Ltd, an Australian manufacturer
building materials, rose by as much as 4.5%. it
much higher than forecast evaluation. Kawasaki
Kisen Kaisha Ltd, the third largest
consignor in Japan, he added
3.3% on their statements of withdrawal on
10% -s’ dividend in five years.

BYD Co., the manufacturer
electric cars, added 5.8%: China will provide
funding for the construction of peculiar
“Gas stations”, which will be
electric charge.

not bad things in the technology sector.
Thus, the Taiwanese manufacturer of displays
for TVs and smartphones, Innolux
Corp., up 6.8% on their
positive reports. In the third quarter
the company will increase profits by more
complex devices, including displays for
cars and public

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Trader enough to read Twitter to beat market

Trader enough to read Twitter, to beat the market

In a world where information
It is in huge numbers everywhere
and always plentiful, traders are always
trying to make a profit, and constantly
looking for some hidden benefits.
Many of them are betting that 140 characters
– that’s all it takes to beat

some professionals
a lot of money in the world rely on
Twitter and other social media to
gain an advantage in a competitive
struggle. The markets in the past year
spun when someone hacked
Twitter-Account and Associated Press
posted bogus tweets about the explosion in
White House, showing how powerful
It can be power of words and how many millions
USD can lose / earn
almost instantly.

Some with the help of
Twitter always manage to leave behind
a main part of the traders – just
they are always up to date news and global
events, and the velocity of propagation
messages in the network microblogging times
It proved its efficiency and
efficiency. And there is, it turns out,
special programs for tracking
news on Twitter.

"Our systems can
analyze and record this Tweet
less than a second from the time when
he was placed", – says Pol Hotin,
founder of the management company
Investment Cayman Islands
The Atlantic Ocean. "Analysis of
sets of recent data and news on the net
Twitter gives us a distinct advantage
over other investment managers".
The program analyzes the messages in
Twitter, determining the relevance and
the mood in the society and in the market to
time to formalize a deal.

The publication RIA Novosti
also notice a tendency to use
Twitter to traders and participants of the environment
markets. From the latest news on
English version – news that
that investment managers
develop software
for the monitoring of large volumes of tweets
in real time. This allows
to respond to the information before
it reaches the general public.

entrepreneurs and
Traders are also using Twitter, to
keep track of their competitors and identify
the mood of consumers.

In the end, manage
market can also be using Twitter –
Example with fictitious reports of
Explosions in the White House has already been given in
beginning of this article.

Another incident occurred
in March 2013, when the Royal
Caribbean cruise ship arrived in the US
with 105 passengers on board, which
faced with the outbreak of norovirus.
An hour later, after appearing in the headlines
this news the price of shares in Royal Caribbean fell
by 2.9 percent.

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