ATR Volatility Alerts

ATR Volatility Alerts

ATR Volatility constructing the graph based on volatility and ATR indicator notifies the user when crossing the upper or lower threshold (purple and brown lines in the screenshots) set by the user. The graph displays circles when the volatility of ATR crosses the upper threshold or below the lower threshold up downwards.

This tool was developed specifically at the request of one of our customers. We hope you enjoy it.

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You can customize the notification email, message or sound an alert for the following events. Please note that for the use of e-mail notifications, you must configure SMTP recipient and in MetaTrader 4 settings.

  • ATR volatility crosses the set upper threshold (purple circles, to adjust your currency pairs)
  • ATR volatility crosses the lower threshold set (brown circles, to adjust your currency pairs)


  • ATR Period (Default = 20): the number of bars to calculate the indicator
  • Upper ATR alerts threshold: upper threshold ATR (purple line)
  • Lower ATR alerts threshold: lower threshold ATR (brown curve)
  • Allow alerts ?: if false, the notification will not be used
  • Alert when volatility above upper threshold: if true, the indicator will notify the upper threshold intersection
  • Alert when volatility below lower threshold: if true, the indicator will be notified of the crossing of the lower threshold
  • Turn on alerts message – message
  • Turn on alerts sound – sound notification
  • Turn on alerts email – email alert

ATR Volatility Alerts

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Buy and Sell Moments

Buy and Sell Moments

This indicator shows the arrow Buy (the Aqua color) or a Sell (color Magenta) in a time when the expected bullish or bearish trend is local (for the current timeframe).

A huge advantage is that the indicator is not input parameters. This will allow you not to spend your time and get rid of their difficulty settings for different timeframes and currency pairs. This universal light, but works best on timeframe H1 and below.

Buy and Sell Moments

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Custom CCI Diver

Custom CCI Diver

This indicator is designed for binary options. Built on the author’s divergence CCI indicator.

Signal to buy:

  • The appearance of the graph down arrow.

Buy signal:

  • The appearance of the graph up arrow.

Input parameters

  • History – The number of bars for the calculation history.
  • Period CCI – Technical Period indicator CCI
  • Up border – overbought boundary to calculate the divergence
  • Down border – oversold boundary to calculate the divergence
  • Priceprice calculation indicator
  • Alerts – Alert.
  • EmailAlerts – Notification by e-mail.
  • NotificationAlert – Notification to the mobile phone.

timeframe: Any.

Currency Pair: Any.

ExpirationDepends on the timeframe, a signal is issued until the end of the candle which was a signal.

Example M5 timeframe expiration of 5 minutes.

The indicator is not redrawn, and not delayed.

Custom CCI Diver

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Multi Covariance Pro

Multi Covariance Pro

Multi Covariance Proindicator, coefficient calculating covariance currency pairs. we can estimate the covariance of several instruments with the help of this program.

Item display

  1. Covariance_Period1 – Period covariance calculation coefficient setting unit of the first tool
  2. Pair1 – 1st tool for calculating the coefficient covariance
  3. Pair2 – 2nd tool to calculate covariance coefficients
  4. TF1Timeframe for the calculation of covariance coefficients of the first tool setting unit
  5. Covariance_Period2 – Period covariance calculation coefficient setting unit of the second tool
  6. Pair3 – 3rd tool to calculate covariance coefficients
  7. Pair4 – 4th Tool to calculate the coefficient covariance
  8. TF2Timeframe for the calculation of covariance coefficients tools second setting unit

Multi Covariance Pro

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Demand of foreign investors in BFL can support

The demand of foreign investors in the BFL can support the ruble in the long term – CBR

The demand of foreign investors in the federal loan bonds (OFZ) is stable in the long term could support the ruble, according to the quarterly information and analytical materials Bank of Russia “Financial Review: The conditions for monetary policy.”

The regulator notes that the demand caused by the persistence of high interest rates and sagging ruble exchange rate volatility.

Indicator carry-to-risk on the currency pair dollar-ruble (the ratio of the difference of internal and external to the volatility of rates) is currently one of the best among all developing countries. In addition, the increased buying OFZ bonds by foreign investors largely explained as increased global demand for risky assets, “- the document says the Central Bank.

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Multi Symbol Price Divergence

Multi Symbol Price Divergence

Analysis of price co-movement of the many tools in one, and
the same time comfortable and more graphically when quotes
They are in the same chart window on a common price scale. For this purpose
multi-indicator analysis of price differences was developed Multi Symbol Price Divergence for use in the terminal MetaTrader 5.

external parameters indicator can specify to 5 symbols for analysis.
Total along with the current symbol characters may be analyzed 6
at the same time. The indicator will determine whether there is entered in the parameters
characters on the server and add it to the Market Overview window (Market Watch).
If you want fewer characters, it is enough to leave an empty value. If you want to include from time to time a different number of characters that can be
just add a space in front of the name, that would mean that
the program does not find this symbol on the server.

For the price of each character can be included inversion. That is, when the
inversion for the price symbol will
inverted. This can be useful when the list used for the
Analysis characters are present, for example, with pairs USD (U.S. dollar). The dollar may be a base currency and quoted. For example, in the currency pair EURUSD the dollar is the quote currency, and the currency pair USDCHF – base. In this case, if the current symbol in the chart EURUSD, then USDCHF You can enable inversion, thus obtaining a more convenient representation of price analysis. 

In addition to the parameters to select the characters and the inclusion of inversion there are
additional options for selecting data presentation modes. Below
you can see the complete list of the external parameters of indicator:

  • Draw Type – type of graphic
    construction. one of the three can be selected: LINES, BARS and CANDLES.
  • Start Price Divergence – This parameter specifies the data display mode, meaning
    which is that there is a point / points on
    which (s) prices of all characters will fit closely. This enables
    track difference in prices during the period until the next
    point. one of the five modes you can choose from the drop down list: Vertical Line (Vertical line) Month (month), Week (a week), Day (day), Hour (hour).
  • Two Colored Bars / Candles –  if for plotting the selected mode BARS or CANDLES,
    then enabling this option you can specify a two-color mode
    Data display. That is, the bars / candles are geared up to be
    displayed in a lighter color than the bars / candles, which are aimed
  • Symbol 02 – the second character. By default, the GBPUSD.
  • Inverse Symbol 02 – the inversion of the second character.
  • Symbol 03 – the third character. By default, the AUDUSD.
  • Inverse Symbol 03 – the inversion of the third character.
  • Symbol 04 – the fourth character. By default, the NZDUSD.
  • Inverse Symbol 04 – the inversion of the fourth character.
  • Symbol 05 – the fifth character. By default, the USDCAD.
  • Inverse Symbol 05 – the inversion of the fifth character.
  • Symbol 06 – six characters. By default, the USDCHF.
  • Inverse Symbol 06 – inversion of six characters.

If parameter Start Price Divergence is selected Vertical Line,
then the graph will be installed vertical green line
moving that you can specify the program, at which point the clamp prices
all characters.

A more detailed description can be found on my website: Multi-LED Multi Symbol Price Divergence.

Multi Symbol Price Divergence


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Citi recommends for short NZDUSD

Citi recommends for short NZD / USD

Analyzing various options within the currency pairs rates among Big Ten in the short term (within 1-2 weeks), Citi analysts offer their choice. So, the idea of ​​the week from CitiFX is to sell the New Zealand dollar protivdollara US (NZD / USD) at the level of $ 0.8130, focusing on the reduction of up to $ 0.7975 with a stop loss at $ 0.8220. Source: Forexpf.Ru – Forex Market News

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