Superman ZigZag EA

Superman ZigZag EA

My strategyTrading signals Superman ZigZag EA advisor based on maxima and minima ZigZag indicator to determine the interval. Advisor sets Buy stop and a Sell stop at the maximum and minimum.

Capital Management: With the majority of orders are used the stop loss to breakeven and trailing stop.

Requirements to broker: Low spread. The minimum trailing stop, take profit, stop loss <= 5 pips.

The best result was obtained in the XAU H4.

Recommended balance500 USD corresponds to 0.1 lot.

Author: I am 41 years old. I worked in a bank 7 years, specializing in the Forex market. Also, I’m a programmer.

Superman ZigZag EA

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Wheel – scalper traded during the day.

With? Ovetnik configured to run on the currency pair USDCHF M15 period.

About? Snaschen function (AutoLots) that automatically help to determine the required size of the lot, depending on the balance.

Before you buy be sure to test the EA in the tester.

?For convenience, the adviser contains the minimum number of input parameters, and requires minimum intervention from the user.


  • Slpp – Stop as a percentage of the channel amplitude
  • Lots – lot size
  • autoLots – automatic detection of the lot size.
  • magic – the magic number of the order.
  • MSpread – the maximum allowable spread.


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Hammeringautomated trading system designed to work on any currency pairs. When trading used modes multicurrency and single currency.

To make trading decisions Advisor uses indicator signals Slope Direction Line.

Description of settings.

  • Profit_Percent_AccountEquity = 0.4; – profit margins as a percentage of available funds
  • Fix_AccountEquity = 0; – compulsory level of available funds
  • FIX_PROFIT = 1000; – compulsory level of profit
  • period = 55; – indicator period.
  • FilterNumber = 2; – filter indicator.
  • ma_method = 3; – averaging method for the indicator.
  • applied_price = 0; – the price used for the indicator.
  • TF = 15; – the period of the graph for the indicator.
  • PAIRS = “EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY”; – a set of currency pairs for multicurrency trading.
  • MagicNumber = 6; – ID advisor orders
  • TrailingStart = 9.5; – Profit level in points. Starting trawl level which occurs after trawl, trawl other words included.
  • TrailingStop = 0.5; – fixed size trawl in the deposit currency
  • TrailingStep = 0.5; – trawl step in the deposit currency
  • LossClose = 2500000; – the level of protection at the loss, close all orders upon receipt of loss in points
  • Lots = 0; – the size of the fixed volume, for k = 0 operates MM (Money management)
  • Risk = 0.3; – the percentage of risk when calculating the amount of the transaction work if Lots = 0.
  • PIP_LOCK = 13; – the level of drawdown starting position at which lokiruyuschaya position in points will be opened.
  • koef_LOT_LOCK = 2; – multiplication factor for the lot lokiruyuschey position.
  • PIP_AV = 13; – the level of drawdown last position (if Lok), wherein the averaging order to be opened
  • Level_Order = 13; – the level of the current price for pending orders.
  • koef_LOT_AV = 2; – multiplier Lot averaging warrant.
  • Slippage = 30; – the maximum allowable slippage
  • MarketWatch = false; – broker operation mode, if the broker does not exhibit the SL and TP, along with open positions and only modification method.
  • ALERT = true; – audible warning of exceeding the maximum lot.
  • Revers = false; – reverse indicator signals

The operating principle of the adviser

Entering the market takes place in the presence of signals from the indicator Slope Direction Line. EA opens the starting position. If the starting position is drawdown in points equal to or more settings PIP_LOCK, – opens lokiruyuschaya position.

Lokiruyuschie or averaging the position of having a drawdown in points greater than or equal PIP_AV parameter will be averaged and pending orders BUYSTOP SELLSTOP. profit fixation occurs by virtual trawling in points. When multi-currency trading are counted by the number of total points for all currency pairs on which there is trade.

Multi-mode forex advisor

For multicurrency Expert Advisor in the external setting PAIRS must be prescribed by a comma those currency pairs, which will be adviser to trade, for example: PAIRS = EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY. This means that the EA will work only on this 4th selected currency pairs, and the Advisor is installed on only one !!! currency pair, as all currency pairs should be open to review of the market.

Monocurrency mode forex advisor

Advisor can conduct trade without multicurrency regime on several currency pairs. To do this, you need to set up PAIRS prescribe that one currency pair, on which he will work. For example, you need to trade on 4 currency pairs with each of the independent trade adviser. To do this, PAIRS setting prescribes the currency pair EURUSD and MagicNumber setting = 1 and set the adviser only in the currency pair EURUSD. The same steps apply for the other 3 currency pairs, setting MagicNumber setting different from the previous (= 2, 3, 4, etc.). So we will set the 4th advisor – one for each currency pair.


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RSI Signals Manager

RSI Signals Manager

adviser RSI Signals Manager trades on the indicator signals RSI. Transactions are made in either direction when the indicator reaches values RSI_Level_Down or RSI_Level_Up. If more light RSI_Level_Up, the chosen direction Short for the initial transaction, if less light RSI_Level_Down, – direction Long. If the Inversion = true, the directions are reversed. Trades are closed for take-profit. Losing processed adviser on the averaging method builds up a network of transactions in the same direction, is calculated bezubytka level and when the price reaches this level, the network is closed for take-profit is also in the black. Advisor quite easily optimized.


  • MAGICB – magic number Long;
  • MAGICS – magic number Short.

The “Trading Hours”

  • Hours_to_GMT_Offset – known server time offset hours from GMT;
  • Hours – If true, EA trades with the parameter Begin_hour hours (GMT) to h End_hour (GMT). When false trades constantly;
  • Begin_hour – hour beginning (we are talking about the initial transactions);
  • End_hour – hour late (we are talking about the initial transactions).

The “Start Installation”

  • Inversion – inversion directions transactions;
  • Deals – the amount of the initial transactions at once;
  • NumbLot – the number of decimal places for a lot of values;
  • Lot – the initial value of the lot for the transactions;
  • TP – Take Profit in points from the opening price or the level of bezubytka;
  • SLPLUS – collective stop loss averaging network;
  • CoefLot – Lot magnification factor with increasing knee in the averaging network. When 1 – Lot does not increase for subsequent transactions in the network;
  • RSI – RSI period indicator. If the indicator is more than 70, chosen direction Short, if less than 30 – Long;
  • RSI_Level_Up – level of the initial opening position Short;
  • RSI_Level_Down – the level of opening of the starting position Long;
  • Step – step-in points, between the tribes of the averaging network;
  • OnOffUnLine – true when switched mode uneven growth step of averaging network;
  • ULsoef – pitch gain coefficient averaging network;
  • MinPauseNetUp – minimum pause in minutes between any Long transactions;
  • MinPauseNetDown – minimum pause in minutes between any Short transactions.

Modes of forced-choice destinations

  • SELL – If true, the direction SELL allowed;
  • BUY – If true, the direction BUY allowed.

TrailingStop and TrailingStep – trailing parameters.

Advisor quite easily optimized for the initial settings, and can be set in different modes according to the trader’s wishes.

RSI Signals Manager

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This EA daily sets 5 buy limit pending orders and pending orders 5 sell limit in a certain time period and at an interval specified in the input parameters.

Advisor will close all pending orders will not work on this day, and re-install the pending orders for the next day.

Stop-loss is not used, all orders have not reached TP will remain open until they reach the TP 15 pips.

Adviser to the use requirements:

  • Timeframe for trade: H1
  • VPS for around the clock due to the broker’s server
  • $ 1,000 per couple (with 0.01 lots)

Parameters for manual adjustment:

  • Start_Hour – hour started at broker time, default is 3;
  • Start_Minute – minute start time of the broker, the default 0;
  • End_Hour – hour finishing work on time broker, the default of 15;
  • End_Minute – minute of the completion of the broker’s time, default 0;
  • Distance_to_Pendings – distance to the pending orders from the price at the specified start time, the default of 15;
  • Second_Pendings_Pips – distance of the second pending order from the pending order price first, by default 5;
  • Max_Buy – the maximum number of pending orders buy limit, default is 5;
  • Max_Sell – the maximum number of pending orders sell limit, default is 5;
  • Lot – lot size, default 0.01;
  • TakeProfit – Take Profit in pips, the default of 15;
  • StopLoss – stop loss, default 0;
  • Magic_Buy – magic number of pending orders for the purchase, by default 57575. Change the value when mounted on another pair;
  • Magic_Sell – the magic number for the pending order to sell, the default value of 57574. Change when mounted on another pair;
  • Slippage – slip in “normal” Pips 4-digit quotes, default 2. Automatically converted to 5-digit quotations.

I wish you a successful trading with the advisor.


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Monster MA

Monster MA

Monster MA – a fully automatic adviser working on the signals Moving Average and the adaptive filter signals. Always puts Stop Loss and Take Profit for the protection of deposits.

Experts do not use arbitrage, martingale, grid strategies, etc.

By default, the expert settings are put to trade the pair GBPUSD timeframe H1, for the rest of the tools necessary to correct the settings.


  • currency pairs: GBPUSD, USDJPY;
  • timeframe: H1;
  • minimum deposit: $ 100;
  • type of account: Any.


  • MagicNumber – Expert orders identifier;
  • MM – a true value of the lot size increases with the balance of the account;
  • MaxRisk – deposit interest use, range from 0.01 to 0.50 (used if the “MM” = true);
  • Lots – fixed lot (used if the “MM” = false);
  • MaPeriod – averaging period for calculating the indicator;
  • MaShiftindicator shift relative to the chart;
  • MaMode – averaging method from 0 to 3;
  • MaPrice – used price from 0 to 6;
  • Indent – indent of the price;
  • TakeProfit – level of profit-taking;
  • StopLoss – loss rate limit;
  • TrailMode – parameter from 0 to 2 (0 is off, 1 pulls up the price, 2 lifts for the last min / max bars);
  • TrailStop – the level of trailing stop.

Monster MA

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If the expert uses a mathematical algorithm analysis of market conditions, which ensures accurate inputs and the most advantageous closing of trading positions.

It works on all major instruments.

Uses fixed levels reduce losses and achieve the desired profit.

expert work is not sensitive to disruptions communication terminal, razdvizhki spreads and slippage.

The present expert system automatically calculate the position of the volume as a percentage of the deposit.

It can work together with other experts, controlling only its position.

It is possible to install an expert on multiple instruments simultaneously.

The expert is able to work well both in small bills, and on a large deposit accounts.

Recommended scheduling periods for installation expert M5, M15, M30, H1.

Expert settings

  • OpenSignal – The value of the input signal into the market.
  • OpenIndex – The value of the calculated index.
  • IndexSignal – The index value to the input signal in the market.
  • IndexCoef – The value of the index coefficient.
  • SignalPeriod – Billing period to the input signal.
  • IndexPeriod – The settlement period of the index.
  • OpenPeriod – The total estimated period of entering the market.
  • MaxOpenOrders – The maximum number of orders.
  • CloseSignal – Meaning of position closing signal.
  • MinClose – The minimum value intermediate position closing signal.
  • IndexClose – Meaning closing position index signal.
  • DrawdownClose – Estimated value of the closing position in the negative zone.
  • ProfitClose – Estimated value of the closing position in the positive zone.
  • PeriodClose – Billing period closing positions.
  • TakeProfit – Significance level desired profit position in paragraphs tool.
  • StopLoss – Significance level loss limit position in paragraphs tool.
  • StopLevelUp – The value stops increasing levels when limits availability.
  • lot – A fixed volume position is used when the system is off automatically calculate the amount of the position.
  • Use_MM – Switching the system automatically calculate the amount of the position.
  • Pct_MM – The value percent of available means for the automatic calculation of the level position.
  • Use_INFO – Inclusion mapping information instrument expert on the graph.
  • SpreadLimit – The maximum allowable spread in paragraphs tool for opening orders.
  • Slippage – The maximum allowable deviation of the price for the open positions.
  • ExpertID – Unique number of positions offered by the expert used to work together with other experts.
  • Order_CommentNote the positions offered by the expert.

Answers to the questions and recommendations of the Trade you are interested you can get, write me a private message or e-mail indicated in the EA.


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