A new oil field in Belarus proved to be too small

A new oil field in Belarus proved to be too small countries will continue to depend on Russia

“Belorusneft” oil field discovered in the territory of the country within the intermediate block regional RECHITSA-Vishanskogo Pripyat Trough fault and called the name of Uholka. There, at a depth of 5218 meters is kept, stored 1,695 million tons of oil. The company notes that the mine is in a remote place, so long a day is pumped there is only 39.5 tons of “black gold”. How this will affect the future of the Belarusian energy, “MK” learned from the experts.

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Sergei Pikin, director of the Energy Development Fund: “This is a very small field. Even if Belarus starts to get out of oil, it will be enough only for internal use and is not for everyone and not for long. Minsk both bought and will buy Russian oil and gas discovery will not affect the situation “

Sergey Suverov, head of analytical department of the Criminal Code of “BK-Savings”: “Despite the fact that the field is small, it is unlikely Belarusians will be able to extract this oil alone. Most likely, they will need Russia’s help, that can only lead to the strengthening of our cooperation in this sphere “

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Central Bank revoked licenses of two banks and

Central Bank revoked the licenses of two banks and one NGO

Central Bank revoked the licenses of two banks – Chelyabinsk "reserve" and Moscow "Anelik RU"As well as from NGOs "continent Finance" from Moscow.
The regulator report said that the activities of JSC "Reserve" It was associated with "increased credit risk". The Central Bank said that the bank’s management has repeatedly sent the requirement to create the necessary reserves.

"In June and July this year as part of supervisory activities by the Bank of Russia revealed the operation of the credit institution, designed to replace the highly liquid assets of dubious quality assets", – emphasized in the Bank of Russia, noting that the bank was trying to hide the loss of part of the capital.

The regulator added, the bank administration "effectively removed itself" on the decision of problems.

In its turn, "Anelik RU", Which is the processing center of one of the payment systems, violated the legal requirements by not providing to the supervisor full details of its operations. In addition, the Bank was engaged in dubious transactions connected with the withdrawal of money abroad and cashing them, told in the CB.

Non-bank credit organization "continent Finance" also he paid the price for what did not provide full reporting to the Central Bank. In addition, the controller experts found the NCO questionable operation for buying and selling of precious metal coins, whose ultimate goal is cash withdrawal.

Of the three companies only "Reserve" and "Anelik RU" They are members of the deposit insurance system. At the time of withdrawal of the license "Reserve" It took 415 th place in the country’s banking system, "Anelik RU" – 524-e, and NGOs "continent Finance" located on the 568-th line rating.

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London after Brexit need to return $ 11 billion

London after Brexit need to return $ 11 billion stored in the EU bank

Earlier media reported that the European Union intends to demand from London to pay € 60 billion as earlier commitments.

?UK will require the EU after the secession of the community to return to her? 9 billion ($ 11 billion), which are stored in the European Investment Bank. About this newspaper The Sunday Times, citing expert-legal opinion, made at the request of the Government before the start of negotiations between London and Brussels on Brexit conditions.

?The document, prepared by a lawyer from the ruling Conservative Party, Martin Howe, notes that “the government not only has no legal obligation to pay anything to Brussels, but the EU should also restore the UK its interest in the capital of the European Investment Bank,” the newspaper notes. According to the calculations of British lawyers, we are talking about? 9? 10 billion.

Earlier media quoted European negotiators reported that the European Union intends to demand from London to pay € 60 billion as earlier commitments, including on pensions of EU officials. Later, the British newspaper reported that British Prime Minister Tereza Mey is not going to pay for the multi-billion dollar “bill Brexit».

Formal negotiations between London and Brussels should start after the British Parliament will Mei respective powers

According to the latest British media, the launch of the bill Brexit procedure has a good chance of approval by both houses of parliament on Monday.

Thus, the very next day, March 14, the Prime Minister during his speech in the House of Commons may announce that it has sent to Brussels, notice of the beginning of the implementation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on European Union, starts the process of two years of negotiations on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU /?

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Forecast for coming week Summing up views of

The forecast for the coming week: Summing up the views of a number of analysts from leading banks and brokerage firms, as well as forecasts

EUR / USD. Calendar upcoming week any special economic and political events is not checked, and possibly more than 50% so analysts supported almost half oscillators D1, inclined to the lateral movement of the pair. The second large enough group of experts (40%) believes that the couple should a second test the height of 1.1000. And only 10% of the experts believe that the pair will go immediately to the south. However, their view is supported by graphical analysis and almost half of the oscillator on the H4, indicating an overbought the pair. Moreover, in the medium term it expects fall for 65% analysts. Near term support is 1.0850, medium-term goal – to return to the zone 1.0500-1.0680;

– With regard to the future of GBP / USD, there trend indicators on the D1 insist on continuing sluggish, upward trend, which began in the last decade of April. With this view agree 30% of the experts believe that the pair have to break through the 1.3000 bar. An alternative view is represented by 70% analysts trend indicators 60% and 90% oscillators H4. They all insist on selling this pair, the nearest support is 1.2755. If we move to the medium-term forecast, the number of bears supporters among analysts already exceeds 80%, and as a main objective stated level of 1.2100.

– USD / JPY. After an impressive leap up the couple in the first half of last week and rather strong pullback in the second, the indicators were diametrically opposed – on the D1 they actively vote for the purchase of a pair, and H4 – for its sale. Analysts also are unable to reach any consensus: a third of them for the pair falling, one-third – of its growth, and the remaining third – for a sideways trend. At the same time, about 60% of the experts believe that, with the support in the 111.60-111.79 area in the next few weeks, the pair still has to try to conquer the height of 115.50;

– and the last couple of our review – USD / CHF. As her schedule last week was similar to the chart USD / JPY, so similar and indicators predictions about its future: on the D1 – purchase, at H4 – sale. But as experts and graphical analysis, then, in their view, the pair must first will fall to 0.9940-0.9960 area, then fight back to the level of 0.9990, and then go back into the zone 1.0050-1.0100.

Roman Butko, NordFX

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US Dollar Index Now

US Dollar Index Now

The utility calculates and displays the Index USD (USDX DXY), without requiring any information from the broker. That is, even if your broker does not provide all the necessary data for the pairs, the USD index is still displayed in the MetaTrader 5 terminal.

Principle of operation

The utility obtains prices from the web service, then calculates and displays the index USD. The index is useful in determining the strength (or weakness) of the US dollar. With an increase in the index interface turns blue. By reducing – in red.


  1. Open MetaTrader 5 and connect to your trading account.
  2. Buy and download the utility US Dollar Index Now from the site or from the tab “Store” in the “Tools” window.
  3. Open the “Tools” -> “Settings” -> “Advisors” and check the “Allow WebRequest for the following URL”.
  4. Add http://webrates.truefx.com the list of allowed URL.
  5. Open any schedule.
  6. Drag the utility US Dollar Index Now at the chart. It can be found in the “Navigator” tab in the “Expert Advisors“.

US Dollar Index Now

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Experts expect growth in sales of Nokia smartphon

Experts expect growth in sales of Nokia smartphones

Experts point out that for many years, Nokia has lost a significant share of the smartphone market, and sales through existing HMD rights are unlikely to help to restore it quickly. But analysts believe: sale of the Finnish company still grow

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Channels for prices

Channels for prices

The indicator builds horizontal channels. If the price breaks the boundary of the channel, the channel shifts. The boundaries of the channel are support and resistance levels, and the zones bordering the channel boundaries may be used as perekuplennosti and pereprodannosti zone. Indicator Channels for prices perfectly It operates at a sideways trend paired with indicators such as the Stochastic, RSI and working as a confirming indicator.

display Setting very simple (you can not change anything) and consists of two units:

  • Block 1 setting for grid spacing timeframe in which the expert is set.
  • Block 2. Customize the color of the indicator solution.

Read the indicator may be in the strategy tester, as well as you can download a free trial version (Only EUR / CHF and EUR / GBP, timeframe M1 and M30)

hopefully indicator Channels for prices will be useful for you and if so, put a finger up to me as the author would be very nice! Thank you!

Channels for prices

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