Spain including prostitution and drug trafficking

Spain including prostitution and drug trafficking in the calculation of GDP

Starting this Thursday,
Spain included in the calculation of GDP
and income from illegal activities – namely, prostitution and drug trafficking.

Thus, speaking
the language of the nominal GDP, prostitution
and drugs will be equal to this
sectors such as education, creative
activity, energy, or

according to
the first assessment carried out by the National
Institute of Statistics (INE), Eurostat,
European statistical agency
Union, through this experiment,
Spanish GDP could increase by 2.7%
4.5%, i.e. in the amount of from 27 to 45 milliardov

Some experts believe
that this initiative will increase the
national wealth by 3%. Education in Spain
is 3.03% of GDP, supply
electricity – 3.7%, oil industry
– 2.6%, agriculture – 2.4%, the
Portal «Bolsamania».

at startup
prostitution and drug trafficking in
economy, Spain will join the
Estonia, Austria, Slovenia, Finland,
Sweden and Norway – countries that
already taxing these activities.

However, if the inclusion of the theory
official statistics so-called
‘Shadow economy’ can play
positive role for the European
countries, some analysts warn
that the initiative will not improve the overall situation.

"Is not
solution to the economic downturn in Europe.
If people are forced to work illegally, it makes no sense to talk about healthy
economic recovery"
, He warned
Athanasios Vamvakidis this summer, the main
a currency strategist at Bank of America Merrill
Lynch in Europe, CNBC reported.

Translated from Spanish: Alice_F

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    Bugs in new law will make all of us to Travel

    Bugs in the new law will make all of us to Travel Abroad

    a bill that personal
    Russian data should be stored on
    servers in Russia, strongly
    underfulfilled, says Russian
    Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev.
    Remind Putin signed a law that
    required to keep data centers at
    the Russian Federation personal data
    Russians treated the Internet any
    resource and any program.

    The fact is that
    if you accept it in its current form –
    problems will not be just a lot, but very
    a lot of. Rather, if you sit at home and do
    does not stick out – then no problems
    absolutely. In all other cases, you
    still have to sit at home and do
    keep a low profile. Technically
    view after the adoption of the law a ban
    It gets a very large category of habitual
    citizens activities. try them

    ban iPhones:
    Of course, products
    Apple directly prohibited
    will not be. However, the cloud systems
    data storage, including iCloud,
    are already in a precarious legal
    Status: hardly anyone from the leadership
    Apple comes to mind
    move the server in Russia.

    Obtaining visas.
    The Schengen zone, United Kingdom, USA –
    all these and other states in which
    It requires a visa anyway
    collect, process and store data
    Russians applying for a visa.
    Data storage systems are organized
    not on the servers at the embassy:
    it is a more complex system. Therefore,
    in fact, after the law
    receiving and processing documents
    visa from the embassy will
    illegal activity, and therefore,
    visas and we can not see, and relax at the resorts
    Krasnodar region and in the Crimea, and not
    our scientists to work in Europe
    universities, and in general, it is necessary to house

    Internet shops.
    This is a separate category of activity,
    which can be pretty darn reasonable:
    not so rare was the situation when
    Russian boutiques sold from 1000% strength
    premium items ordered on eBay
    or on Aliexpress. From the moment
    adoption of the “bench” of the law will close:
    not everyone wants to shop online
    contact with the separation information
    servers and institution for Russia
    separate “rooms”.

    tickets and hotels outside of Russia
    When planning independent
    Travel can not do without armor air-
    and r / w tickets, without the booking of hotels and for
    this necessarily share their
    data. In this case, you do not think that
    every small Italian or
    English otelchik on the beach
    lead his on a server somewhere in
    Tambov region?

    Export of Russian brides
    the border is finally over, and have
    support Russian manufacturer.
    As well as keep on gourmet websites
    their personal pages with the aim of overtones
    they are now the motherland can only be
    in the presence of the bourgeoisie Russian
    servers, and it’s not every bourgeois can

    Farewell, free calls to other
    city ​​and country. Goodbye, convenient and
    reliable, secure information
    service. If the law is adopted in the present
    edition, Skype among
    First get a harsh legislative
    a kick in the direction of our country’s borders.

    But not so
    bad, and the “Great Russian Wall”
    speak still early. well
    it is possible that the newly formed
    expert advice on communication technologies
    Russian deputies to denounce all
    the pros and cons of the new law and will
    make the necessary changes
    so as to satisfy all parties

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    Complete Pending Orders N Grid System MT5

    Complete Pending Orders N Grid System MT5

    Complete Pending Orders Grid System opens any combination of pending orders Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy
    Limit and Sell Limit and closes all existing pending orders. Just drag the script to schedule the required currency pair.

    Before you install all pending orders window opens enter the input parameters:

    • DeleteAllPendings – if true, all pending orders (for this currency) are removed.
    • BuyStop – when true open warrant Buy Stop.
    • SellStop – when true open order Sell Stop.
    • BuyLimit – when true open warrant Buy Limit.
    • SellLimit – when true open order Sell Limit.
    • InitLot – the initial auction.
    • LotCoeff – at a value of 1, all pending orders have the same size lots.
    • InitStep – the difference between two consecutive orders in points.
    • StepCoeff – a step coefficient.
    • NumOfOrders – the number of orders.
    • Slippage – allowable slippage.
    • MagicNum – the magic number.


    • When DeleteAllPendings = true script deletes the existing pending orders for the current currency pair.
    • Do not forget to allow automated trading on the “Expert Advisors” tab ( “Tools” ->”Settings”).

    Complete Pending Orders N Grid System MT5

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    WY Parabolic Searcher E MT4

    WY Parabolic Searcher E MT4

    Expert – assistant. Multicurrency. Multiperiodny. Multiznakovy. Detects parabola degree “n” of various kinds with the top of the far candles, and candles near. To search uses the method srednemodulnogo deviation medians. It has many customizable options. Simple and easy to use tool. For this product is facilitated WY Pattern Searcher P6 E MT4.

    Indicator – version

    expert Settings


    • Show Basic Spline – Displays a basic spline
    • Show Help Spline – Spline auxiliary display
    • Show Spline Labels – display the names of the splines (adjusted later)
    • Use Following Spline – including following mode (dorisovki formation as it is formed)
    • Play Warn. Sound On Detect – beeps at regular formations detected
    • Play Warn. Sound On Following – beeps when current formation dorisovki
    • Play Warn. Sound On Following Break – beeps when changing current formation
    • Clean Old Splines – removes any formation with graphics but the last Splines In Memory
    • Splines In Memory – to leave the past in the chart formations
    • Font Size – the size of the text splines
    • Font Y Coordinate Accumulation – shift on the Y coordinate of the text relative to the anchor point
    • Font X Coordinate Accumulation – the shift of the text on the X coordinate with respect to the anchor point

    Enable / disable search different types of parabolas:

    • Searching PARABOLIC (a) – search parabola with vertex near the far candles and extension in a horizontal line
    • Searching PARABOLIC (b) – search for parabolas with the vertex at the far candles
    • Searching PARABOLIC (s) – search for parabolas with the vertex at the near candles

    The parameters of a single parabola with the name “Par Name.”:

    • “Par Name.” Label – name of the formation
    • “Par Name.” Label Color – the color of the text names
    • “Par Name.” Main Spline Color – the color of the main spline
    • “Par Name.” Help Spline Color – the color of the auxiliary spline
    • “Par Name.” Help Dot Color – the color of the auxiliary dashed lines
    • “Par Name.” Help Spline Y – auxiliary spline is spaced upward a specified number of points
    • “Par Name.” Min Points Size – minimum value of Y-axis of the spline in paragraphs
    • “Par Name.” Max Points Size – the maximum value of the spline on the Y axis in points
    • “Par Name.” Min Bougie Size – the minimum value of the spline on the X axis in the candlelight
    • “Par Name.” Max Bougie Size – the maximum value of the spline on the X axis in the candlelight
    • “Par Name.” Exponent – the highest power of the unknown parabola (2 – standard parabola)
    • “Par Name.” Relative Lengthening Left – to extend the initial spline on the left side of (1.0 – 2 times the elongation)
    • “Par Name.” Relative Lengthening Right – to extend the initial spline on the right side of (1.0 – 2 times the elongation)
    • “Par Name.” Average Deviation Of Peaks – relative deviation of the average peak (High and Low)
    • “Par Name.” Maximum Deviation Of Peaks – relative maximum deviation of the peaks (High and Low)
    • “Par Name.” Average Deviation Of Medians – relative average deviation medians

    WY Parabolic Searcher E MT4


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    Strength indicator calculates fractal and displays numbers indicating the number of bars on both sides, located below / above a given fractal (10 displays all values ​​over 9).

    Indicator calculates fractal type 4: Classical and HighestHigh LowestLow and further LowestHigh and HighestLow. In my view, they are more important.

    Type calculated fractals can be specified in the input parameters of the indicator. The indicator operates through OnTimer () function, the refresh rate is specified in the input parameter “Seconds”. Parameter “Bars” defines the number of bars for the calculation.

    The indicator has two features:

    • If two adjacent competitive fractal have equal values ​​- the first fractal is considered as more important indicator.
    • Immediately after the formation of a fractal set the maximum permissible value at this point. In the event of changes in the situation to adjust the value indicator.

    Note: The work of the demo versions of the indicator can be seen by running it as an expert in strategy tester in the visualization mode.


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    Problem in US market mysterious phenomenon bonds

    The problem in the US market: the mysterious phenomenon bonds returned

    It seems that investors are not
    can get enough American
    government bonds. Despite the fact that the head
    Fed Janet Yellen hinted strongly
    Last week, the regulator can
    to raise interest rates in June,
    Investors went out and bought more
    bonds. The yield on 10-year Treasury
    bonds, which was
    at the level of 2.11% last week, fell
    to 1.94% during the press conference Yellen
    on Wednesday. And it still varies
    around these levels. Typically, the yield
    Bonds has always lowered when prices

    But here’s the problem: the situation
    the market should be fully
    the opposite – when the Fed increases
    rates, bond yields should
    go up. Alan Greenspan once
    I dubbed this "mystery". He was
    concerned about this 10 years ago, because
    that complicating the Fed’s job.

    Former Fed chief
    used this word in February 2005,
    to describe the fact that the long-term
    Treasuries lost yield,
    Although the Fed raised short-term rates.

    Current chairman
    Yellen Federal Reserve System
    I have not yet spoken about this “enigma”
    bonds. But you’d be surprised if she does not think about it. The fact is that usually
    raising rates on short-term
    loans made to
    keep the economy and financial markets
    from overheating. The yield on 10-year-olds
    government bonds is an important reference
    point for consumers and investors.
    It also affects the rates on mortgage

    many financial
    experts believe that the long-term
    interest rates were too low
    long – they say it is from the middle
    2000s. In their view, low rates
    helped to create a bubble in the market
    property, which led to a great
    failures in the sector, and the Great Recession
    major crisis credit sector.
    Of course, Yellen would like to avoid such
    terrible consequences.

    But low yields
    long-term bonds are often
    a sign of economic weakness. If
    The Fed wants to raise interest rates,
    when the market is concerned about the slowdown
    economy, it can once again become
    problem. Simply put, the bond market
    The Fed seems to be saying that the economy is still
    not strong enough to adequately
    to respond to the increase in rates –
    even the smallest.

    And another warning
    by CNN-Money: Yellen may
    "speak" a higher yield
    bonds than it actually is. This
    trick often used Greenspan. After
    his mention of the “puzzle” of bonds
    in 2005, the yield on 10-year bonds
    It grew from about 4% to 4.7% for
    a few weeks.

    The Fed is still there
    $ 4.5 trillion on its books. Despite
    that the Fed is no longer buying new
    bonds, it still reinvests
    principal payments on bonds. Yellen
    again said last week that
    The Fed will continue to reinvest in the market
    bonds, until he feels that
    “Economic conditions are sufficiently
    appropriate to start raising
    rate. ”

    Of course, worry about
    many bonds – even among foreign
    customers – in particular, China and
    Japan – there is a large volume of Treasury
    US bonds as the market
    The US is still considered the safest
    market in the world to invest their money. In addition, bonds
    become even more attractive
    now, when Europe began their ransom
    The program of quantitative
    easing (like the one held
    Fed up of the previous year). profitability
    European bonds even lower than the
    rates on US debt securities. but this
    mystery can not last indefinitely.
    Sooner or later, the bond market or
    The Fed itself will signal that
    it’s time to change something.

    If the 10-year bond
    stay at such a low level when
    The Fed will start tightening monetary
    policy, there is a risk that short-term
    interest rates will be higher than the long-term
    interest rates. This phenomenon economists
    called inverted yield curve.
    And it’s not very good – it happens
    before every recession in the last 50

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    Asian markets rise Nikkei updated 15 year record

    Asian markets rise, Nikkei updated 15-year record

    Asian indices ended the day with growth.
    The sensation of the day – the Japanese Nikkei,
    which is added 1.1% and for the first
    the last 15 years was trading above $
    20000 points. MSCI Asia Pacific rose
    0.6%; Hang Seng added 0.3%;
    Shanghai Composite firmed 2.4%.
    Only Australian S P / ASX
    200 finished the day in negative territory, dropping

    another Japanese growth index for
    experts, is
    In March the first time in three years fixed
    the surplus balance of foreign trade.
    The volume of Japanese imports in monetary
    terms decreased sharply, and the attenuation
    yen against several major currencies has helped
    to increase export earnings.

    Wednesday rose Japanese banks and brokerage
    Company: Nomura Holdings added
    4.5%; Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group added

    the Chinese market due to the high
    Market expectations are likely to grow
    volumes stimulate authorities. Shanghai
    Composite today renewed a seven-year
    maximum. Increased shares of commodity and
    Energy Chinese companies.

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