Experts expect growth in sales of Nokia smartphon

Experts expect growth in sales of Nokia smartphones

Experts point out that for many years, Nokia has lost a significant share of the smartphone market, and sales through existing HMD rights are unlikely to help to restore it quickly. But analysts believe: sale of the Finnish company still grow

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Channels for prices

Channels for prices

The indicator builds horizontal channels. If the price breaks the boundary of the channel, the channel shifts. The boundaries of the channel are support and resistance levels, and the zones bordering the channel boundaries may be used as perekuplennosti and pereprodannosti zone. Indicator Channels for prices perfectly It operates at a sideways trend paired with indicators such as the Stochastic, RSI and working as a confirming indicator.

display Setting very simple (you can not change anything) and consists of two units:

  • Block 1 setting for grid spacing timeframe in which the expert is set.
  • Block 2. Customize the color of the indicator solution.

Read the indicator may be in the strategy tester, as well as you can download a free trial version (Only EUR / CHF and EUR / GBP, timeframe M1 and M30)

hopefully indicator Channels for prices will be useful for you and if so, put a finger up to me as the author would be very nice! Thank you!

Channels for prices

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Time Filter Extended

Time Filter Extended

TimeFilter indicator allows you to visually choose bitmaps (GoodHourOfDay, BadHoursOfDay, GoodDayOfWeek, BadDaysOfWeek), which correspond to the modulo filter intraday trading signals Standard Library.

In addition, it is possible to enable and disable trading ranges in string form. And when you connect to an expert to use the factor Volume of trade. string format: [week day]: [first hour] – [last hour]. Examples of use in the screenshot and video.


  • BadDaysOfWeek – bit field forbidden days.
  • GoodDayOfWeek – bit field the permitted day of the week.
  • BadHoursOfDay – bit field forbidden hours.
  • GoodHourOfDay – bit field the permitted hours.
  • time filter ban interval – string intervals trade bans.
  • time filter allow interval – string trade permits intervals.
  • lot factor – a factor Volume of trade.
  • lot factor allow interval – string intervals Volume of permission changes.
  • time filter hours shift – hour shift (hours).
  • future bars – bar displaying the number of future values ​​of the indicator.

The use of temporary filters during trading operations allows to take into account the characteristics of each of the sessions.

Time Filter Extended


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Expert works with tics, calculate volatility works in the working corridor volatility. After that determines the deviation of the price from the price level of balance, and starts the operation in the direction specified in the settings and at the appropriate levels, which are also defined in the settings.

Setup (default) is displayed in the screenshot (2014.01.01-2014.11.01). To work in real mode, you must optimize the month of ticks, then you can work. But before the work it is necessary to optimize all the ticks! Setting to optimize available. Suffice it to optimize adviser once, for example, in the past month. After that, it shows excellent results on forward-term (one year).

It is recommended to run on liquid forex pairs with low spreads and use the VPS. You can start using it with a lot of $ 100 and 0.01.


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Euro what are you doing Again you fall

Euro, what are you doing? Again you fall?

And again, the euro fell to
nine-month low on Wednesday after
a sharp decline in output data
Industrial orders in Germany.

According to Reuters,
investors do not want
to take the risk, prompting fears
on the crisis in Ukraine, but because
universally support the dollar and pressured
the euro.

Wednesday also accelerated
decline of the euro, when it became known that
the number of industrial orders in Germany
in June fell the most since September,
2011 due to the geopolitical crisis.
Now, these risks do companies
more cautious when entering into

After the release of statistics
the euro fell to $ 1.3349, the lowest value
November. Now he is trading at
$ 1.3364.

As a result, reduce
Dollar updated 11-month high to
a basket of currencies. The dollar index rose
already before 81.65, higher than the maximum value
since September last year.

"We went back to
Medium-term trend of increasing
dollar", – the analyst said Jesper
Bargmann from Nordea Bank. For some
, the euro is likely to be even
decline against the dollar due to the difference in
forecasts for monetary policy
in the US and the euro zone, as the expert said.

The dollar is stable today
the yen is at about 102.58.
Euro as the yen fell to 0.15% – to

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Likemeter expert 4

Likemeter expert 4

Employment expert Likemeter expert 4 based on the signals of a custom indicator Likemeter 4.

entry points are defined by the values ​​Likemeter 4 indicators.
Closing a position occurs when the profit target levels, and

Input parameters

  • Period Main – input parameter Period Main Likemeter 4 indicator;
  • Period Signal – input parameter Period Signal indicator Likemeter 4;
  • Reverse Signal – change indicator signals to the opposite;
  • Stop Loss – loss level in the fixing points;
  • Take Profit – level of profit in points;
  • Fixed Lot – Lot fixed value;
  • Variable Lot – AC Lot as a percentage of free margin.

The screenshots shows the results of backtesting.
Testing was conducted with EURUSD and timeframe in M30
mode, the “Every tick” for the period from 01.07.2013 on 03.08.2014. used
fixed item 0.1, stop loss equal to 700 counts, take profit
equal to 300 points, Period Main value equal to 35, Period Signal equal to 5, Reverse Signal equal to false, the spread of 20.

Likemeter expert 4

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Bank of America Merrill Lynch Use correction

Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Use correction euros and pounds for new sales

In the medium and long term, Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the bull in the US dollar. In the short term the bank sees high US currency risk of correction, especially against the euro and the British pound sterling. “In both cases, the alleged kickbacks are a good opportunity for sales”, – said currency strategists at Bank of America Merrill Lynch: «In euro / dollar medium-term objective is in the 1.2787 / 1.2694. Ultimately, the single currency should fall within the range of 1.22 / 1.18. Sterling in the medium horizon should fall to 1.5722 and then to 1.5000 figure. ” Cross the euro / pound exchange rate looks as renewed medium-term bearish trend that emphasized yesterday’s bearish reversal candle. Breakthrough 6-week channel at 0.7872 confirms a downward trend for the purpose at the level of July 2012 lows at 0.7756. Potentially, prices could fall even lower, experts believe BoAML. Source: Forexpf.Ru – Forex Market News

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