ALRMA trend indicator for MT4

ALRMA trend indicator for MT4

ALRMA – linear regression coefficient indicator.

Input parameters

  • Period LRMA – the number of bars to calculate the indicator;
  • Price calculate LRMA – the price used to calculate the indicator;
  • Period signal moving average – the number of bars for the calculation of the signal line;
  • Method signal moving average – method of calculation of the signal line.

This indicator was created to as closely as possible to determine the direction of price movement. With it is possible to quickly and accurately identify a given time interval value and strength of the trend.

Linear regression is a statistical tool used to predict future prices based on past data. Least squares method is used to construct the “most appropriate” straight line passing through a series of values ​​of price points.

As the basis of the indicator taken coefficient of linear regression equation. This indicator is a good use for automated trading.

ALRMA trend indicator for MT4

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Putin Russia to take measures to stabilize ruble

Putin: Russia to take measures to stabilize the ruble

BEIJING, Nov. 10. / TASS /. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the authorities are taking measures to stabilize the ruble is still possible currency intervention. “Our financial authorities are taking the necessary measures (for the stabilization of the ruble exchange rate), – he said the APEC CEO Summit. – The Central Bank continues the policy of inflation targeting, and will do it further. “

Putin also assured that he will not impose restrictions on the movement of capital in Russia. “We are not going to impose restrictions on the movement of capital”, – he said the APEC CEO Summit.

The President noted that the Russian authorities are paying great attention to the formation of a favorable business environment and implementation of the best practices of investor relations at regional and municipal level.

“The main thing – that the positive changes noted entrepreneurs and investors themselves, including – foreign,” – said Putin. He said that compared with 2010, Russia twice improved its position in a certain ranking Doing Business.

The President stressed that in order to attract investors and reduce their risks as well as co-financing institutions for development projects will be used, part of the reserves accumulated in sovereign wealth funds. It will also improve access to credit.

According to Putin, finalized project financing mechanism designed to support large-scale long-term projects. “Next year predbankovskoe finance companies will drive this new structure as the Industrial Development Fund,” – he said.

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European stocks rose EURUSD weakens

European stocks rose, EUR / USD weakens

stock markets this morning lost
position, but straightened after
as it became aware of the fact that English,
and European regulators left
interest rates unchanged. Till
It is a press conference, Mario Draghi (she
It continues until 17.30 MSK) briefed
You indexes. To date, the Stoxx
Europe 600 index rose by 0,90%, DAX
It added 1.41% SAS 40 firmed 1.30%.
British National FTSE index
100 added 0.51%.

I slid down to 0.58% in relation to
dollar and is now trading at 1.2414.

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RF invited China to mine coal in Siberia and

RF invited China to mine coal in Siberia and Yakutia

Russia and China signed "roadmap" for the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the coal industry, according to the Ministry of Energy. "Road map" It provides for the participation of China’s largest companies in projects in Russia.

Russia called China coal mine in Siberia and Yakutia

In particular, the parties will establish the exchange of new coal conversion technologies. It is also about supplying the Chinese mining and other equipment in Russia, an increase in coal supplies from Russia to China. The Russian projects will be able to participate China Shenhua and China Coal.

Chinese companies are considering a draft Mezhegey coal-mining complex on Mezhegey coal deposit in Tuva, annual capacity of 7 million tons of coal per year. Responsible executors of the project are "Evraz" and China Coal.

There is the possibility of joint development of the Elga coal complex in Yakutia with the participation of "Mechel" and Shenhua. Chinese corporation interested in developing Omsukchansky coal basin, including the construction of infrastructure in the Magadan region together with "East mining company".

Shenhua is considering a project "TSA-Logistik" coal supplies to China by rail. AT "roadmap" also included a project "Rostec" and Shenhua to develop the field and project Ogodzhinsky En + Group of Zashulanskomu coal deposit,

Sberbank, "Vnesheconombank" and China Development Bank are going to determine the order of lending projects included in "roadmap".

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HP On Chart Trading Pending Order Panel Demo

HP On Chart Trading Pending Order Panel Demo

This panel allows users to set the pending orders. With its help, you can adjust the order while working on the graph.

  • This panel allows users to enter their trade value.
  • This is an easy to use panel, from which the user can quickly place pending orders.

Input Parameters panel:

  1. Price – price to place a pending order.
  2. Type – type of pending order (Only BUY LIMIT to the demo version).
  3. lot Size – lot size for order (0.01 in the demo).
  4. Risk% – risk percentage for a warrant (2 in the demo).
  5. Stop Lossstop-loss.
  6. Take Profit – Take Profit (0 in the demo).
  7. Trailing Start (TSS) – Activation trailing function in pips (0 in the demo).
  8. Trailing Stop (TS) – It designed to protect profit, allowing to keep the transaction open in profit as long as the price is moving in the right direction, and the deal will be closed in case of change of the direction of price movement by a certain percentage.

HP On Chart Trading Pending Order Panel Demo

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Manipulation of courses will cost banks $ 3 3

Manipulation of courses will cost banks $ 3.3 billion

Manipulation of courses will cost banks $ 3 3

US regulators, the UK and Switzerland ordered five international banks to pay a total of about $ 3.3 billion as part of the settlement of claims in the case of manipulating exchange rates, reports Bloomberg.

The biggest fine of the Swiss UBS AG: a total of $ 800 million Citigroup Inc.. will pay $ 668 million to regulators, JPMorgan Chase Co. – $ 662 million, Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc – $ 634 million, HSBC Holdings Plc – $ 618 million.

Commodities Futures Trading Commission of the United States (CFTC) has fined five above-mentioned banks, totaling $ 1.4 billion: UBS payment will be $ 290 million, Citigroup – $ 310 million, JPMorgan – $ 310 million, Royal Bank of Scotland – $ 290 million, HSBC – $ 275 million, according to the CFTC report.

"Countless individuals and companies around the world are using exchange rates at the conclusion of financial contracts – CFTC spokesman Eitan Goleman. – The market will work only if people believe in the fairness of the process setting the indicative rates".

Banks also pay to the British Office of monitoring compliance with the code of conduct in the financial markets (of FCA) about 1.1 billion pounds ($ 1.75 billion). UBS will pay the British regulator 233,814,000 pounds, Citigroup – 225,575-million pounds, JPMorgan – 222,166-million pounds, Royal Bank of Scotland – 217 million pounds, HSBC – 216,363-million pounds.

The report FCA notes that "ineffective" Control from 1 January 2008 to 15 October 2013 in the bank let them "put their own interests above the interests of clients and other market participants and the British financial system as a whole".

"Banks share information about customer transactions, which must be kept confidential, and tried to manipulate exchange rates G10 countries on the spot market, including in the framework of collusion with traders of other companies, which could put at a disadvantage customers"- FCA said in a statement.

In a similar case Swiss regulator (Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA) ordered UBS to pay 134 million Swiss francs ($ 139 million) in this case. FINMA has initiated litigation against 11 UBS employees.

Barclays Plc British bank. at the last moment refused to agreement on the settlement of claims.

"After talks with regulators and authorities, we have come to the conclusion that in the interests of the company will find a negotiated solution"- said in a statement, Barclays.

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BRICS will create safety cushion for emerging

BRICS will create a safety cushion for the emerging markets

(Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)
continue to work to create a bank
development and conditional currency pool
reserves of the developing countries. If
the global financial system will face
the crisis – must be some
a mechanism that will not allow the economies
developing countries collapse. As
such a “safety cushion” and will
performing joint development bank.

This was stated
Vladimir Putin in Brisbane when
He met with his colleagues on the BRICS.

It should be reminded,
final agreement on the creation
Collective Bank were achieved
even during the summer meeting of the leaders
BRICS countries have already defined a place for
shtamb-flat organization. BRICS
It generates its own financial
institutions, and the total amount of capital,
which will have a development bank,
initially will reach 200 billion

through a single
the financial system will also be simplified
process of mutual credit and
investment, trade and education.
Planned plurality of development
joint projects for the development of a common
environment, including technology,
environmentally friendly agricultural production and other
important areas.

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