Europe Wednesday Energy and Miners wore green

Europe Wednesday: Energy and Miners wore green, oil – red

at yesterday
trading in Europe reigned fun and
diversity. The composite index Stoxx
Europe 600 was almost unchanged.
The index of the largest companies Dow
Jones Euro Stoxx 50 decreased by 0.07%. FTSE
dipped too little (0.03%) CAC 40 lost
0.2% but more added DAX
seriously: 0.55%.

In Major work
shares power engineers and miners. RWE
and EON, supplying
the lion’s share of power in Germany,
was added 3% and 1.7% respectively. A BHP
Billiton rose 0.8% in London after
yesterday’s decline. Anoglo
Amerikan played even more – 1.4%.

Tour Operator
Thomas Cook fell by 18% in
the news of the resignation of General
Director of the company.

among the major
losses – and even Seadrill, stocks
which are traded on the stock exchange in Oslo. She is
had fallen by as much as 18%, because
rig operator temporarily
I ceased to pay dividends.

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Following objectives in USDJPY EURUSD SocGen

The following objectives in the USD / JPY, EUR / USD – SocGen

Japanese data show a steady acceleration in the purchase of foreign bonds and stocks by Japanese investors … .otmechaet SocGen.

“This is – a source of comfort for the yen bears, but at night the movement in USD / JPY broke the recent range and has exposed a clear risk to the short yen. USD / JPY 117 is a potential target «, SocGen.

For the euro, SocGen notes the recent improvement in euro area data.

SocGen sees 1.1070 in EUR / USD, as the next upside target.

PS: Just do not forget about the free $ 15 in the binary options. (The campaign ends on March 31!)

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Stock Europe ended Tuesday in red zone

Stock Europe ended Tuesday in the red zone

In Tuesday, June 2,
European stock markets closed
in the red, the indices after trades have fallen
up to two-week low. European
investors are closely watching all
the situation around Greece talks
and lenders, Bloomberg reported. Yesterday
the composite index of the largest companies
region Stoxx Europe 600 fell by 1% – up
396.45, a fall during the session 1.3%. British
FTSE 100 lost 0.36%, French CAC 40 – 0.41%,
German DAX – 0,94%. Greek stock
Index yesterday fell 2.47%.

Prime Minister of Greece
Alexis Tsipras said yesterday that
Government sent to creditors
a new proposal for reform, which
It contains a number of serious concessions to the country.
A evrokreditory, in turn,
agreed its position on Greece and
They are now working on the final
formulations. But while the far side
by reaching agreement, they say
specialists. Nevertheless, Greece
just three days before the next
payment of the debt to the IMF (all must pay
nearly € 1.6 billion in June).

The euro against the dollar
yesterday rose on the news from Greece –
2%, which is bad for stocks
European exporters and
automotive companies.
Volkswagen and Daimler capitalization decreased
more than 1.5%.

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Stock Europe again went into negative

Stock Europe again went into the negative

stock markets entered the longest
YTD period of continuous
reduction of quotations. Session on Tuesday
is the sixth in a row, ending in
red zone. The main reason for distrust
Investors – Greece. yesterday international
creditors received another offer
from Athens, which does not correspond to their
requirements. I reflected on the mood
European investors and the negative
macroeconomic data from China.

Stoxx Europe 600 yesterday
lost 0.39%. FTSE 100 eased
0.53%; CAC 40 decreased by
0.15%; DAX down 0.58%.

As for individual stocks, then 2.7%
Deutsche Securities lowered quotes
Telecom. Deutsche Bank goes through
investigation of clients’ operations. In his
offices are searched, so
capitalization of the largest German
creditor yesterday decreased by 2.5%.

HSBC Holdings yesterday
He became a major newsmaker credit
sector: he announced the reconstruction,
plans to cut costs and staff.
The logical consequence of minus 1% of the market

sector also dipped. Societe Generale reduced
evaluation of securities and Anglo American Plc
Rio Tinro c “buy” to
“Keep”. The result – the loss of capitalization
2% and 1.3% respectively.

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Indices of Old World grew on Wednesday

Indices of the Old World grew on Wednesday

Yesterday, at the end of a volatile session up
major European stock indexes.
Investors remain cautious
Waiting for a potential rise in interest
Rates in the United States. Market participants are waiting for more
and performances of the ECB, Mario Draghi:
Today he will hold a press conference
after the completion of the next meeting
European regulator.

Stoxx Europe 600 rose
0.27%. FTSE 100 added
0.41%; DAX – 0,32%; CAC 40 –
0.3%. The experts do not build illusions about
This small growth. Many of them
said that after a strong fall
before and on the background of global high
Stock volatility was evident
expected to rebound upward.

individual companies and sectors, rose
Yesterday, shares of pharmaceutical companies.
For example, GlaxoSmithKline grown
2.3%. Banks increased their capitalization:
BNP Paribas SA added
0.5%; Sanpaolo SpA rose

Oil downturn affects the energy
sector. BP Plc fell
1.2%; Royal Dutch Shell lost
0.3% capitalization.

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Wall Street indexes rose on Friday

Wall Street indexes rose on Friday

On Friday, US stock indices
finished the session in a major key, and at the end
Time is also increased. The main event
week will be the Fed meeting and the high
volatility in the markets, including
stock, mainly associated with expectations
this event.

Dow Jones rose by Friday
0.63% for the week gained 2%. leader
index was the McDonalds, stocks
which rose 2.3%.

500 firmed 0.45%; for the week rose
2.1%. Rose the most basic
sectors, led by high-tech
and pharmaceutical companies. A fall
Oil afield energy sub-index
in the negative.

Friday rose by 0.54%; at
During the week – by 3%. 1.3% increase in
Friday Internet giant Alibaba Group
Holdings. Impact on well-being
high-tech index and the situation
With Apple: at auction on Friday
the company added 1.46%.

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Almost all of European stock markets rose on

Almost all of the European stock markets rose on Monday, except for the markets of London and Athens

yesterday stock
Europe completed trades mainly in
Green Zone due to positive
corporate reporting, but the British
and Greek stock markets closed
red. Consolidated Stoxx Europe 600 index rose
0.8%. Following the auction, the German DAX
It rose 1.19%, France’s CAC 40 – at
0.75%, Britain’s FTSE 100 fell 0.11%, the Greek
ASE – on
16.23%. The market opened yesterday in Athens later
five weeks of forced inactivity and
immediately collapsed by almost 23%. quotes
Greek banks shares in Piraeus Bank SA and
National Bank of Greece fell by 30%.

European shares fell quotes
commodity producers and automakers
– all because of weak reports from China that
once again confirmed the weakening
Chinese economy. shares of Anglo
American on Monday fell by 4%, Glencore –
to 3,7%, BHP Billiton – to 3,9%, Rio Tinto – 2.2%.
Paper PSA Peugeot Citroen fell by 1.5%.

HSBC and Commerzbank banks which yesterday revealed
its quarterly reports,
Conversely, increased by 0.3% and 2.3% respectively.

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