Ministry of Finance will buy shares of VTB and

The Ministry of Finance will buy the shares of VTB and Rosselkhozbank 239 billion

Ministry of Finance
Russia plans to spend on VTB and
Rosselkhozbank 239 billion rubles.
The funds will be used to increase
capital of credit institutions
first level.

The Ministry of Finance will buy shares
VTB and Rosselkhozbank to 239.04 billion
rubles. For the purchase of shares directed
NWF returned after
these credit institutions execution
as well as of "Bank of Moscow" and VTB 24
obligations to repay the subordinated
credits (loans) to Vnesheconombank
RIA Novosti reported with reference to the report

Previously, loans were
granted in accordance with the law
"On additional measures to support the
Russian financial system".

Shares are not involved
on the open market and are not part of
any stock indices, because
that the share issue will take place
first. Because of this, in the documents are not
subject to the requirements for the inclusion of
shares of legal entities in the quotation
a list of at least one stock exchange
and lists of securities used
for the calculation of stock index – RTS

Recall the two banks –
VTB and Rosselkhozbank – fell in July
under the EU sanctions and the United States that prohibit
medium- and long-term organizations
financing in these countries.

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Screencast film about exchange in Chicago true

Screencast: A film about the exchange in Chicago – a true and lively exchange

In today’s video tutorial you will see how one city can simultaneously meet nine thousand brokers. This is not an instructional video, as Today ends a difficult week off, so you can relax and watch a movie. At this time, I offer a full movie on the stock exchange in Chicago.

Chicago is still about 10% percent continue to trade in "stock pit"Despite the progress and the emergence of electronic trading. This is a film about how the Chicago traders trade in the operating room. Many revelations, examples and interviews with employees of the Exchange.


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Stock Europe smiles and waves

Stock Europe smiles and waves

major stock indexes in Europe or
remained at yesterday’s levels, or
grow, because they still have
support the recent decision of the ECB. news
from Ukraine will also be a lot to decide.

European morning trading DJ Euro
Stoxx little weak – lost
0.02%, which in principle is in the range
normal fluctuations. CAC 40 and DAX rose
0.03%. Today, the packet was received in the morning
new sanctions against Russia, but
enter them while not in a hurry – and these
news, shares of European companies
did not crumble rapidly.

Financial Sector (BNP Paribas added
0.06%; Societe Generale rose
0,33%, Commerzbank grown fat on
0.62% and Deutsche Bank firmed

on Scottish troubles, 0.10% added
even the FTSE – mostly
through banks. HSBC Holding up
0.07%, shares of Royal Bank of Scotland added
0.98% and Lloyds Banking pulled up
by as much as 1.70%. The order and the British
mining sector.

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Not all cat Shrovetide Alibaba continues to fall

Not all cat Shrovetide: Alibaba continues to fall

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd
lowered their quotes
the second day in a row, as well as all
Chinese stocks listed in the US. it
It comes amid concerns
second over a slowdown in growth
largest world economy.

Alibaba yesterday lost 3%
$ 87.17 in the US
auction. Total progress starting at $ 68,
offered per share
during the IPO, slowed
to 25%.

shares of most
Chinese companies fell after
as the “Beige Book” showed serious
problems of the economy. Meanwhile,
90% Alibaba sales are
namely China.

I recall the first
business day after the IPO
action “Chinese miracle” added
as much as 38%, placing the next record.
Alibaba has become one of
the most valuable companies in the US
exchanges. Timoti Griski, Director
Investment in the company Solaris
Asset Management, said by telephone: “Heath
on the stock exchange is now serving companies,
services. And it was at this point
timed Alibaba «performance»,
which, as you might expect,
It turned Incredible! “.

Last week
Alibaba earned $ 21.8
billion – and broke the record for the IPO,
established at the time by another
Chinese debutant – Agricultural
Bank Of China Ltd for 22.1 billion (2010).

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Oil prices held above $ 86

Oil prices held above $ 86

MOSCOW, Oct. 29 – Prime. Prices for Brent crude held on Wednesday above $ 86 per barrel.

By 9:27 MSK futures for Brent rose by 0.44 dollars to 86.47 dollars per barrel, while futures for WTI – by 0.37 dollars to 81.79 dollars per barrel, according to Reuters.

On Tuesday, the American Petroleum Institute (API) reported that US crude stocks rose 3.2 million barrels to 375.1 million barrels in the week ended Oct. 24, which is generally in line with expectations of analysts, who expected increase of 3.4 million barrels.

On Wednesday, their data will publish the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) (18.30 MSK).

On Wednesday a two-day meeting of the Fed. It is expected that the US regulator will announce the end of the program of buying bonds, known as quantitative easing. At the same time, officials continue to say that in no hurry to tighten policy by raising the key rate.

“Today the focus and EIA (decision) of the Committee on the Federal Open Market operations, but both events are unlikely to be driven on the price of $ 1 or $ 2, – said a senior economist at Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp Takayuki Nogami. – Any movement is likely to be in the range of $ 1. “

In his view, the Fed will not call any certain terms increase the key rate.

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European stocks rose EURUSD weakens

European stocks rose, EUR / USD weakens

stock markets this morning lost
position, but straightened after
as it became aware of the fact that English,
and European regulators left
interest rates unchanged. Till
It is a press conference, Mario Draghi (she
It continues until 17.30 MSK) briefed
You indexes. To date, the Stoxx
Europe 600 index rose by 0,90%, DAX
It added 1.41% SAS 40 firmed 1.30%.
British National FTSE index
100 added 0.51%.

I slid down to 0.58% in relation to
dollar and is now trading at 1.2414.

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Europe Wednesday Energy and Miners wore green

Europe Wednesday: Energy and Miners wore green, oil – red

at yesterday
trading in Europe reigned fun and
diversity. The composite index Stoxx
Europe 600 was almost unchanged.
The index of the largest companies Dow
Jones Euro Stoxx 50 decreased by 0.07%. FTSE
dipped too little (0.03%) CAC 40 lost
0.2% but more added DAX
seriously: 0.55%.

In Major work
shares power engineers and miners. RWE
and EON, supplying
the lion’s share of power in Germany,
was added 3% and 1.7% respectively. A BHP
Billiton rose 0.8% in London after
yesterday’s decline. Anoglo
Amerikan played even more – 1.4%.

Tour Operator
Thomas Cook fell by 18% in
the news of the resignation of General
Director of the company.

among the major
losses – and even Seadrill, stocks
which are traded on the stock exchange in Oslo. She is
had fallen by as much as 18%, because
rig operator temporarily
I ceased to pay dividends.

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