Likemeter expert 4

Likemeter expert 4

Employment expert Likemeter expert 4 based on the signals of a custom indicator Likemeter 4.

entry points are defined by the values ​​Likemeter 4 indicators.
Closing a position occurs when the profit target levels, and

Input parameters

  • Period Main – input parameter Period Main Likemeter 4 indicator;
  • Period Signal – input parameter Period Signal indicator Likemeter 4;
  • Reverse Signal – change indicator signals to the opposite;
  • Stop Loss – loss level in the fixing points;
  • Take Profit – level of profit in points;
  • Fixed Lot – Lot fixed value;
  • Variable Lot – AC Lot as a percentage of free margin.

The screenshots shows the results of backtesting.
Testing was conducted with EURUSD and timeframe in M30
mode, the “Every tick” for the period from 01.07.2013 on 03.08.2014. used
fixed item 0.1, stop loss equal to 700 counts, take profit
equal to 300 points, Period Main value equal to 35, Period Signal equal to 5, Reverse Signal equal to false, the spread of 20.

Likemeter expert 4

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Citi recommends for short NZDUSD

Citi recommends for short NZD / USD

Analyzing various options within the currency pairs rates among Big Ten in the short term (within 1-2 weeks), Citi analysts offer their choice. So, the idea of ​​the week from CitiFX is to sell the New Zealand dollar protivdollara US (NZD / USD) at the level of $ 0.8130, focusing on the reduction of up to $ 0.7975 with a stop loss at $ 0.8220. Source: Forexpf.Ru – Forex Market News

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Free Account Details

Free Account Details


Account details Information script will allow you to receive the following account details:

  • Account number
  • account Name
  • Account currency
  • The company (broker) accounts
  • used by the server
  • leverage
  • Stop Out level
  • Account balance
  • Own funds
  • margin accounts
  • Available funds in the account
  • graphic symbol on which the script is installed
  • lot size
  • The minimum allowable lot
  • step bid
  • The maximum allowable lot
  • Meaning teak
  • tick size
  • spread
  • Stop Loss level
  • Swap long position
  • Swap of short positions
  • initial margin
  • the maintenance margin
  • required margin
  • whether trading is allowed?

Free Account Details

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Money Management Draw

Money Management Draw

The indicator helps to build levels Buying and selling, line of take-profit and stop-loss for future transactions. The indicator automatically calculates risk reward ratio, as well as the levels of take-profit and stop-loss points. You only need to build a line, using four keys. For building purchase line, Move your mouse to the desired level and press B on keyboard. For building line sale, Move your mouse to the desired level and press S on keyboard. For building line take-profit, Move your mouse to the desired level and press T on keyboard. For building line stoploss, Move your mouse to the desired level and press L on keyboard. press D. The calculated values ​​are displayed in the top left hand corner about buying and selling functions to remove all lines.


  • BuySellColor – color line for buying and selling levels
  • BuySellWidth – line thickness for buying and selling levels
  • BuySellStyle – line style for the buying and selling levels
  • TakeProfitColor – color line for take-profit level
  • TakeProfitWidth – line thickness for level takeprofit
  • TakeProfitStyle – line style for the level of take profit
  • StopLossColor – color line for the level of stop-loss
  • StopLossWidth – line thickness for the stop-loss level
  • StopLossStyle – line style for the level of stop-loss

Money Management Draw

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M30 EA

M30 EA

This EA trades on the 30 minute time frame. Stop Loss is not in use. If you have $ 500 in the account, you can trade 0.01 lot. With a score of $ 5000, it is possible to trade 0.1 lot.

For best results it is recommended to trade on the EURUSD and use a broker with a narrow spread.

Trailing stop this EA can be set. There is also an option to hide the levels of stop loss and take profit from the broker.


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